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Gulf News’ idea of journalism

BJ Turner of Fort Smith, AR points us to her correspondence with the Dubai-based Gulf News, which is presently on the Gulf News letters page. See the ‘editor’s note’ at bottom: Sad, but true From Mrs. B. J. Turner, Arkansas, US This letter definitely will fall on deaf ears and will not be published in

Buried context

In the HonestReporting communique from Thursday, we raised concern for Associated Press burying the context for last week’s Israeli airstrike just south of Beirut. Lack of context suggests the IDF acts aggressively for no good reason. HR reader Ed F. from Winnepeg adds an important point: In practical terms, burying the context or the Israeli

BBC whitewashes Saudi preacher

BBC reports on a guest preacher at the opening of a new London mosque. BBC presents the preacher — Sheikh Abdur-Rahman al-Sudais, from Saudi Arabia — as an unexceptional leader promoting ‘community cohension’ (sic) and ‘building communities’. But Harry’s Place and MEMRI have the real story on Sheikh al-Sudais, who has made these public statements:

Bummer of a wedding

Via Maariv: A wanted Hamas terrorist was in for an unpleasant surprise on his wedding night – an IDF force interrupted the wedding and arrested him. “Dozens of soldiers suddenly appeared and detained the groom on the dance floor,” the owner of the banquet hall told NRG Maariv. The IDF says the man in question

More on EU-financed Palestinian terror reports that the EU continues to uncover a money trail from European taxpayers to Palestinian terrorists: Bayerische Rundfunk (Bavarian TV) reported that 246 million euro of EU money, granted to the Palestinian Authority by the European Commission, ended up in fully uncontrollable bank accounts. Bayerische Rundfunk said, on the basis of a letter by

New Yorker article on settlers

Barbara Sofer critiques a recent article in The New Yorker by Jeffrey Goldberg, entitled ‘Among the Settlers: Will they destroy Israel?’: A more important problem is the writer’s obvious dislike of his subjects. This from a reporter who interviewed Ahmed Yassin and Hizbullah leaders in Lebanon without expressing antipathy. Let it suffice to say that

Israel’s northern threat

Israel’s northern border heated up this week. Here’s a rundown of what happened: 1) On Monday, a Palestinian group (probably the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) fired a number of rockets from Lebanon toward Israel. At least one splashed down near an Israeli sea vessel in Israeli territorial waters. 2) In retaliation hours

The worst exploitation

The Israeli consul to New England on Palestinians’ use of women suicide bombers: From childhood, Palestinian girls are targeted by the same propaganda campaigns as their male counterparts: school textbooks teach hate, posters of male and female suicide bombers hang on classroom walls, and children trade “martyr medallions” like baseball cards. However, women in Palestinian

Foreigners First

When Washington Post correspondent Daniel Williams was nearly killed by Iraqi insurgents, the paper’s foreign editor, Philip Bennett wrote that covering Iraq is unlike any other war zone: Good reporting is as urgently needed as ever, with lives and the political futures of perhaps two countries at stake. But it has never seemed more dangerous.