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Journalists’ panel at HR mission

Today the HR mission visited the new and impressive building of the Israeli Foreign Ministry. No cameras were allowed in, so unfortunately, no pictures on this post. The highlight of the session was a panel with three journalists — Greg Myre of the NY Times, David Gilbert of CBS News, and Jamil Hamad of Time

Bayefsky speech to UN

Professor Anne Bayefsky of Columbia University delivered a powerful speech at the U.N. conference on Confronting Anti-Semitism yesterday: This meeting occurs at a point when the relationship between Jews and the United Nations is at an all-time low. The U.N. took root in the ashes of the Jewish people, and according to its charter was

Caroline Glick at HR mission

Caroline Glick, columnist and Deputy Managing Editor of the Jerusalem Post, addressed the HonestReporting mission this morning in Jerusalem. Glick delivered a powerful talk on Israel and the West’s confrontation with radical Islam, describing an inherent cultural clash between totalitarian Islamists on one side, and Israel/the U.S. — founded upon individual liberty and democracy —

Itamar Marcus at HR mission

Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Media Watch, addressed the HonestReporting mission this morning. Marcus presented the latest examples of glorification of shahada (death for Allah) and villification of the Jewish people that permeate Palestinian media, including numerous examples that obscenely target young children. Marcus stressed that the concept of shahada is inaccurately translated as ‘martyrdom’,

Lieberman at HR mission

Twenty-five participants landed in Israel yesterday for the first HonestReporting Leadership Mission, a week-long program featuring top speakers and visits to essential sites. One of our first guests was Avigdor Lieberman (bottom), Israeli cabinet minister until two weeks ago, who spoke with HonestReporting mission participants at a scenic courtyard in Jerusalem’s Old City about the

Ambulance abuse

The IDF arrested three wanted Tanzim fugitives riding in an ambulance near Bethlehem. Haaretz reports that one of them, Imad Faraj, a senior leader in the organization, claimed to be suffering from appendicitis. Faraj was taken to Hadassah Hospital and then transferred to the Shin Bet. See this blog entry documenting previous examples of ambulance

Brigades apologize to photojournalist

The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade admits it attacked a Palestinian photographer employed by AFP and the PA’s daily paper, Al-Ayam. Last April, Jamal Arouri’s arms were broken by three masked men; at the time, nobody claimed responsibility or offered a reason why Arouri was targeted. The photographer agreed not to press charges after receiving a written

Hezbollah’s ‘anti-aircraft’ missiles

Analyst Elliot Chodoff on NY Times coverage of yesterday’s Hezbollah skirmish: “Despite an Israeli military withdrawal from southern Lebanon four years ago, Israeli warplanes still fly over Lebanese air space and sometimes draw fire from Hezbollah.” (Israel and Hezbollah Clash, NY Times, June 21, 2004) The Times neglects to mention that sometimes IAF planes draw

Clearing the record

Judging from the advance coverage we’ve seen so far, former President Bill Clinton’s memoirs paint an unflattering portrait of Yasser Arafat. It also debunks the Camp David II revisionist claims by Clinton’s assistant, Robert Malley, who tried blaming the summit’s failure on allegedly inadequate Israeli concessions. After an exclusive interview with Clinton, The Guardian wrote: