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7 recommended books; 3 book reviews

(Via Tom Gross) The first five books deal with anti-Semitism, the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, and in some cases media coverage. All these books have been published in recent weeks. The other two books are new biographies of Yasser Arafat published last fall. ————————————————————— 1. “Those Who Forget the Past: The Question of Anti-Semitism,” edited by Ron

More Arab prisoner abuse

Another damning report of Arab prisoner abuse: ARAB prisoners beaten and tortured, innocent bystanders killed by gunfire – another damning human rights report. But the difference this time is that the violence is being perpetrated not by coalition forces in Iraq, but by the Palestinian Authority, and the victims are its own people. The report,

Media role in Iraq war

A former US Army officer comments on the media’s role in emasculating the US effort in Iraq: The media is often referred to off-handedly as a strategic factor. But we still don’t fully appreciate its fatal power. Conditioned by the relative objectivity and ultimate respect for facts of the U.S. media, we fail to understand

Forthcoming HR report

An HonestReporting critique of media coverage of yesterday’s Rafah disaster, versus coverage of the Iraqi wedding-party incident, is forthcoming. To receive it in your inbox, just sign up above. UPDATE: It’s now online here.

Palestinians try to kidnap NY Times reporter

This was buried at the very end of a long NY Times report from Jerusalem bureau chief James Bennet: In a highly unusual incident, at least three Palestinian men attempted to kidnap this reporter here Wednesday night. The reporter, who had identified himself at Al Najar hospital as an American, was speaking on a cellular

Media’s loss of credibility

An essential post from Instapundit on the ‘seismic’ loss of credibility among mainstream journalists. Glenn Reynolds: I think the trend is too bad — I’d much rather have trusted and trustworthy mainstream journalism than the reverse — but, frankly, the loss of credibility is well-earned, as pretty much any blog reader knows. Case in point:

Rafah headline distortions

The IDF has stated that its forces did not fire directly upon Palestinians in Rafah today. Palestinians dispute this. Whose side in this dispute have these ostensibly neutral news outlets adopted, as illustrated by their headlines? Guardian: ‘Israelis Fire on Rafah Protest’ AFP: ’10 Palestinians killed as Israeli army fires on protest against bloody raid’

Arafat’s official website

MEMRI brings our attention to the official website of Prisedent [sic] Yassir Arafat, complete with pictures and a historical profile. Our favorite section is a page on Arafat’s ‘daily chores’: “Daily Working Hours: Colleagues of Mr. President say that he finds utter pleasure in pursuing all his people’s issues all day long and part of

Maariv catches CNN

Maariv International took on the role of media monitor last night, catching CNN when they suggested — in flashing red letters — that over 10,000 Palestinians have been made homeless in the past few days. CNN adjusted their report later on, and by 9PM were accurately quoting UN figures: During the 9 pm (Israel time