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A missing colon

On Friday the IDF found Palestinians using a United Nations ambulance to hide away the body parts of fallen IDF soldiers. Check out the Reuters headline: Israel Gunmen Used UN Ambulances to Carry Remains An accurate colon after ‘Israel’ would have made all the difference… Comments to: (Hat tip: Michael D.)

New NYT Jerusalem bureau chief

From NY Post: Steven Erlanger is out as cultural czar at the New York Times, and is being reassigned as Jerusalem bureau chief. Jonathan Landman, one of the few heroes in the Jayson Blair scandal, was made cultural news editor in his place.

CBC Watch

Canada’s National Post has started a column called ‘CBC Watch’. This inaugural edition critiques the Neil Macdonald segment that we ran a communique on earlier this week. In it, Macdonald lent a prominent voice to a Israeli-conspiracy nut by the name of Eugene Bird: Mr. Bird’s implication — that Israeli agents are secretly controlling American

Worth reading today

* Zev Schiff asks if the two Gaza attacks that claimed 11 IDF lives were ‘random incidents, or an operational flaw?’ * Erick Stakelbeck says the Nick Berg murder had ‘nothing to do with Abu Ghraib, and everything to do with the barbaric, pathologically anti-Western nature of militant Islam.’: As more lurid details and photographs

Boston Globe headlines

HonestReporting subscriber Andy S. compares Boston Globe headlines from Tuesday: Item 1: A militant Islamic website showed footage of a group of hooded Arab terrorists killing an American man they had captured, then holding up his severed head for the camera. Headline – Boston Globe – May 12, 2004: “American Beheaded in Video” Item 2:

New HR communique

We’ve released a new HonestReporting communique on Cox News’ coverage of yesterday’s parading of IDF body parts in Gaza: Burying the Distinctions Sign up above to receive HR communiques by email.

Coverage of two atrocities

Maariv International has an overview of media coverage of the two atrocities from yesterday: A day after members of Palestinian factions mutilated the bodies of six IDF soldiers in Gaza, international media outlets worldwide chose to focus on a different story demonstrating the cruelty of Muslim radicals. An examination of international newspapers reveals that the

Nick Berg – another Daniel Pearl?

This AP report raises the possibility that Nick Berg was brutally decapitated because of his being Jewish: Berg’s father said his son was Jewish and had a fringed religious cloth with him, but he did not think Berg wore the clothing in public. Still, “there’s a better chance than not that they knew he was

AJC: Public corpse desecration = Quiet burial

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution draws a moral equivalence between Israel and the Palestinian terrorists’ parading of body parts yesterday. At the very end of today’s AJC report (req. reg.): Judaism, like Islam, requires a burial by sundown of the day that a death takes place, if possible. According to both religions, the failure to bury any