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‘A real journalist’

Jerusalem Post’s Khaled Abu Toameh, born in Tulkarem, is a unique voice of straightforward reporting from the West Bank and Gaza. InContext reports from a talk Abu Toameh gave in Philadelphia on Tuesday. Excerpt: Why is he working for a “right wing Israeli newspaper?” Abu Toameh says he’s always asked. Because he’s a “real journalist.”

Legality of targeted killing of terror leaders

Many of the news stories and editorials following the Yassin and Rantissi strikes denounced the Israeli actions (either directly or through prominent quotations) as ‘extra-judicial’ or ‘illegal’. Here are recent articles that outline the legality of such strikes under international law: * Joshua Muravchik, National Review: given Hamas’ genocidal ideology, the strikes are justified under

Not just Israel

Donald Rumsfeld is not happy with media coverage of Iraq: There are two ways, I suppose, one could inform readers of the Geneva Convention stipulation against using places of worship to conduct military attacks. One might be a headline saying that Terrorists Attack Coalition Forces From Mosques. That would be one way to present the

German Anti-semitism alert

David’s Medienkritik alerts us to this Anti-semitic video clip (req. RealPlayer) from NDR, a regional German public TV channel. The video is scheduled to be broadcast tomorrow night (Thurs., April 29) on the political satire program Extra3. David says: ‘You don’t need to speak German to understand the message of the clip: awful Ariel Sharon

Molly Moore’s hobgoblins

David Gerstman says that Washington Post Jerusalem correspondent Molly Moore can’t escape ‘the hobgoblins of her limited world view,’ as illustrated in Moore’s latest piece on Hamas: Hamas in the eyes of Molly Moore is an invincible entity, able to respond to devastating blows immediately. I don’t blame Israelis for being scared; past experience has

Lileks on Arab Street

Minnesota humor columnist and clear-headed commentator James Lileks on the failed Al Qaeda mega-attack in Jordan: This is just an odd story, for many reasons. It hasn’t gotten much play in the last week. It might not get play in the future because a confession in an Arab state often involves jumper cables. The report

Mark Steyn on Erekat, Palestinian situation

The always-interesting Mark Steyn in UK’s Telegraph, in response to Saeb Erekat’s recent claim in the Washington Post that George Bush ‘took his job’: But, if Bush did “take my job”, it’s because Erekat is not up to it. For 10 years, the world has been trying to give a state to the Palestinians and

Classroom ready?

A followup to the HR communique on biased children’s educational materials on the Mideast conflict: ‘Classroom Ready News’ is an educational resource used by schools throughout North America. The most recent weekly edition (.pdf file), designed for grades 8-10, is an overview of Hamas and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. The anti-Israel angle is simply astounding: When

Why the over-reporting of Israel?

In today’s communique to subscribers, we ask for feedback on the question: Why does Israel receive such disproportionate media interest? Is it the convergence of three major world religions in Jerusalem? Is it the fact that Israel is a Jewish nation? Or is it something else entirely? Please share your thoughts on this matter in

Intimidation of Palestinian journalists

This plague continues: Unidentified gunmen broke the arms of Palestinian news photographer Jamal Arouri in Ramallah on Thursday night, in the latest attack on a journalist in the Palestinian Authority-controlled territories. Arouri, 38, who also works for PA daily Al-Ayyam, said two masked men carrying pistols pounced on him as he walked out of his