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Of missiles and Reuters

Meryl Yourish catches Reuters in the moral equivalence pose once again. In an article describing advances in Israel’s anti-missile program, code-named Nautilus, Reuters can’t help but get a jab in: A laser beam under joint Israeli-U.S. development destroyed a long-range rocket for the first time in a test in the skies over the American Southwest,

Worth reading today

* From Steven Stalinsky (executive director of MEMRI) at National Review: Top ten Arab conspiracy theories * Ha’aretz: Sharon Updating Disengagement Plan * CNSNews: Terrorists striking ‘Islands of Sanity’ such as Gaza crossings * Time Magazine’s Joe Klein on ‘Israel’s New Normalcy’: Some Israelis are beginning to wonder aloud if maybe, perhaps, there has been

Worth reading today

* Is a big new peace plan — including a land-swap with Egypt — in the works? Reuters thinks so. * Itamar Marcus brings us a translated video of the PA Imam praying for Yassir Arafat’s death as a shahid: view video here. Here’s the text: ‚ÄúRegarding the threats of this Nazi mass murderer [Ariel

Nation of its citizens

The next time you see an op-ed accusing Israel of being a ‘racist state’, remember this profile of Salim Joubran, appointed yesterday as a Supreme Court justice of the State of Israel: Salim Joubran, 56, was born in Haifa to a Christian family. He graduated from the Law Faculty at the Hebrew University in 1968

Post-’Bias’ bias

Edward Driscoll at TechCentralStation says that Bernard Goldberg’s book Bias changed the landscape of media bias discussion. The first big difference is a real sea change in how the media discusses the subject. In the past, any claims of bias were responded to with lines such as those Lesley Stahl tried to sell Cal Thomas

Molly Moore’s sources

Joshua Scharf asks some detailed questions regarding WashPost reporter Molly Moore’s Palestinian sources, and concludes: the Post is now in the habit of quoting Palestinian terrorists and terrorist sympathizers without disclosing these connections. If Ms. Moore is aware of them, she has no business omitting them. If she wasn’t aware, well, her sloppiness has now

AP finds terror

The Associated Press refuses to use the words ‘terror’ or ‘terrorist’ to describe Palestinian suicide bombings, because that, AP editors say, would be judgemental and compromise their neutrality. It’s a rock-solid commitment from AP. Except when it isn’t. AP headline yesterday: Arabs fear more terrorist attacks From the article: Jordanians expressed fear, denounced terrorism and

AET letter to Bush

One of the big stories yesterday was a letter from sixty former US diplomats to President Bush, criticizing his support for Ariel Sharon: “By closing the door to negotiations with Palestinians and the possibility of a Palestinian state, you have proved that the U.S. is not an evenhanded peace partner,” the letter said. One of

Update: Melbourne window exhibit

Shortly after we sent out today’s communique on the anti-Israel Melbourne window exhibit, ABC reported that the exhibit has been taken down. Good. But we’ll reiterate the main point from the communique — the key issue isn’t the debate over whether or not ‘art’ or ideological statements that some consider upsetting should be permitted or