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Classroom ready?

A followup to the HR communique on biased children’s educational materials on the Mideast conflict: ‘Classroom Ready News’ is an educational resource used by schools throughout North America. The most recent weekly edition (.pdf file), designed for grades 8-10, is an overview of Hamas and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. The anti-Israel angle is simply astounding: When

Why the over-reporting of Israel?

In today’s communique to subscribers, we ask for feedback on the question: Why does Israel receive such disproportionate media interest? Is it the convergence of three major world religions in Jerusalem? Is it the fact that Israel is a Jewish nation? Or is it something else entirely? Please share your thoughts on this matter in

Intimidation of Palestinian journalists

This plague continues: Unidentified gunmen broke the arms of Palestinian news photographer Jamal Arouri in Ramallah on Thursday night, in the latest attack on a journalist in the Palestinian Authority-controlled territories. Arouri, 38, who also works for PA daily Al-Ayyam, said two masked men carrying pistols pounced on him as he walked out of his

Arafat Among the Ruins

In today’s New York Times Magazine feature Arafat Among the Ruins, David Reiff brings us up-to-date on the Rais’ situation, from the perspective of Palestinians. Among his collection of anecdotes, it’s remarkable that Reiff brings absolutely no evidence of Arafat’s financial corruption, stating instead that while accusations about shady financial dealings have dogged [Arafat’s wife

Worth reading today

* PLO ‘Foreign Minister’ Farouk Kaddoumi admits the PLO never changed their official charter calling for Israel’s destruction. * Report: How Israel Found Rantissi (Jerusalem Post) Israel managed to find and kill Abdel Aziz Rantisi by placing one of his bodyguards under surveillance, Israel TV Channel 2 reported Monday. Rantisi was dressed in disguise as

Holocaust ‘joke’ at Rutgers

The Rutgers University student humor magazine ‘The Medium’ ran this loathsome ‘joke’ on its cover to mark Holocaust Remembrance Week: See this Google search for articles on the response of local and international Jewish groups, the Rutgers administration, and the editors of the publication. Here’s the Rutgers president’s statement on the cartoon.

Pastrami at The Nation

The Nation has an article on Sharon, ‘Pastrami & Champagne’, that begins with this quote: Three decades ago Winston Churchill’s grandson asked Ariel Sharon how Israel should deal with the Palestinians. “We’ll make a pastrami sandwich out of them,” he replied. “We’ll insert a strip of Jewish settlements in between the Palestinians, and then another

Tommy Lapid on BBC’s Hardtalk

Israeli Justice Minister Tommy Lapid withstood a hostile interview (more like an antagonistic assault) on BBC World’s HardTalk today. Lapid stood up well to host Tim Sebastian on the following issues: Rantissi, Yassin, disengagement, Vanunu, American support to Sharon, and the disapproval of the international community for the Israeli policy of target assassinations. It’s well