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Challenging online jihadists

HonestReporting has challenged the legitimacy of online radical Islamic ‘news’ sites like JihadUnspun and Al Jazeera. Aaron Weisburd at Internet Haganah takes another approach with such sites – he gets them shut down (over 420 so far) by notifying their ISP hosts of the nature of their content. A good article on Internet Haganah from

‘Relative calm’ watch

Israeli security forces thwarted at least ten intended Palestinian terror attacks over the past week’s Passover holiday. Among them: – A woman from the Balata refugee camp caught cheating on her husband was going to carry out a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv to ‘restore her honor.’ (This motivation is becoming a pattern.) – Fatah/Tanzim

Burying Yassin’s Ghost

Military analyst Elliot Chodoff says the Israeli public’s behavior this past holiday week indicates that Palestinian terror has lost: When Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was killed by an Israeli missile, the criticism of the action was heavily seasoned with warnings that this would simply lead to another, heightened, round of Middle East violence. According

More misrepresentation of key surveys

In yesterday’s HonestReporting communique, we mentioned the distortion of the survey results from the EU’s Manifestations of Antisemitism in the EU 2002-2003, which was done to downplay the Muslim perpetrators of most European Antisemitism. Daniel Pipes has found a similarly egregious case of survey sponsors distorting results, and again with the subject matter being Islamic

Worth Reading Today

- The Christian Science Monitor has an interesting report on the war against terrorist money: Nations, police detectives, bankers, and accountants are striving to expose and trim back the shadowy networks that fund militant groups around the world. The international coalition built to attack the sources of terrorist financing has frozen and seized approximately $200

Al Jazeera reporter aided terrorists

In February, HonestReporting questioned the New York Times’ portrayal of the Al Jazeera network as a ‘balanced’ news agency. Now more evidence has emerged that Al Jazeera employees actively support anti-Israeli and anti-Western terrorists: Also on Thursday, the Samaria Military Court indicted a correspondent of the Al-Jazeera Arab satellite television network suspected of aiding Palestinian

Sharon’s Passover Interview

Every year the Israeli Prime Minister gives an extended, candid interview to a prominent journalist, on camera just before the Passover holiday. You can read Ariel Sharon’s recent interview with Ben Caspit at Maariv. Excerpt: Sharon: I gave much thought to the [evacuation] issue until I reached the conclusion that part of the settlement enterprise,

Obsessed with Arab Anger

Important article in the Arizona Republic today debunking the main argument against anti-terror military actions: The accepted worldview is that when fighting terror, one must avoid actions that are liable to enrage the Arab world, however effective and justified those actions might otherwise be. Under this principle, however, Muslim extremists have veto power over any

Remove ‘Jew Watch’

When one performs a search for the word ‘Jew’ in Google, the world’s most popular search engine, a horribly anti-Semitic hate site called “JewWatch” is the number one listing. A concerned individual has started a petition drive to demand Google remove this hate site: Remove Jew Watch Jerusalem Post has an article that provides good

100,000 visitors!

Today BackSpin received its 100,000th visitor — a remarkable pace for a blog that’s only 5 months old. Thank you to our regular readers for making BackSpin the blog for monitoring media coverage of the Mideast conflict!