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Europe’s role in disengagement

Mark Heller in the New York Times says now’s the time for the Europeans to step up and really help the Palestinians – to buy the Gaza settlements, before Israel destroys them on the way out: Many other questions remain as well, particularly concerning what will be done with the settlements once Israel evacuates them.

Holocaust Memorial Day

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day. Jerusalem Post has an article that discusses ‘Holocaust inversion’ in the media — portrayal of Jews as Nazi-like persecutors of Palestinian Arabs: The demonization of Jews has historically included accusations of deicide, religious infanticide, blood lust, and – post World War II – Nazi-like behavior. Some present-day cartoons reflect classic

Time: Israel ‘bluffed’ vs. US

Time Magazine claims to have a scoop on the recent Israeli/US negotiations: [Sharon] threatened to cancel his trip to Washington if Bush’s statement didn’t explicitly support his stand on the refugee issue. Late on April 11, his top negotiator, Dov Weissglass, called Secretary of State Colin Powell and said negotiations had reached an impasse. Weissglass

Essential George Will

Outstanding column by George Will today that should not be missed in the frenzy surrounding the Rantisi strike. Will recognizes that Bush’s support of Sharon’s plan is simply an accurate reading of UN Resolution 242 that recognized the right of every state in the region to “secure and recognized boundaries,” which Israel’s 1967 borders were

Lionizing Rantisi

The (UK) Observer has a Rantissi obituary that urges readers to remember the Hamas leader’s softer side: The man who loved the Palestinian children so much that he admitted openly that he was prepared to slaughter Israeli infants to guarantee the future of their Palestinian counterparts – and could see no contradiction… He spoke hate,

Rantisi strike coverage

The IDF killed Hamas leader Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi tonight. Here’s the first item of absurd coverage, two sentences into the main BBC report : The [IDF] attack came hours after a suicide bomber killed himself and an Israeli soldier at the Erez checkpoint just north of Gaza city. The BBC’s Peter Greste in Gaza City

NY Times and WashPost on Bush/Sharon

David Adesnik at OxBlog critiques NY Times and WashPost coverage of yesterday’s Bush statement: No question about it, this morning’s Bush-Sharon press-conference is the top story of the day. But why, exactly? If you get your news from the WaPo or NYT, the answer to that question is far from self-evident. Adesnik nicely boils down

The backlash

Heavy media coverage today of Palestinian anger at President Bush’s support for Sharon’s disengagement plan. Many journalists are far from neutral on this — consider this sentence from a Reuters report: Sharon will fly home on Thursday armed with what he came to Washington for — U.S. “guarantees” he can flaunt in the face of

Reuters wrong on Likud

From a Reuters article yesterday by Jeffrey Heller: Sharon, who in the late 1970s emerged as the architect of a plan to vastly expand the settlements, heads a right-wing party that views the West Bank as part of the Biblical territories of Judea and Samaria, given by God to the Jews. Actually, Likud is a