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Tommy Lapid on BBC’s Hardtalk

Israeli Justice Minister Tommy Lapid withstood a hostile interview (more like an antagonistic assault) on BBC World’s HardTalk today. Lapid stood up well to host Tim Sebastian on the following issues: Rantissi, Yassin, disengagement, Vanunu, American support to Sharon, and the disapproval of the international community for the Israeli policy of target assassinations. It’s well

All the (Arab) Rage

We’ve just released a new communique to HonestReporting subscribers, critiquing the media’s overemphasis on Arab emotion: Occupied by Arab Rage To receive HR communiques by email, the moment they’re released, just sign up above. Here’s another in the wave of articles on Arab rage: Palestinians Blame Plight on US, Israel (AP) Mohammed Domeh was relaxing

Reuters journalist responds to criticism

Reuters reporter Jeffrey Heller has responded to HonestReporting’s critique of Heller’s recent articles. (Joining his parents, who also wrote us regarding it.) Tue, 20 Apr 2004 Sirs: Thank you for your comments on my Washington-datelined article. I am sorry you misconstrued my use of the phrase “flaunt in the face of opponents”. I had no

CNN snoopers

JPost reports that a CNN camera crew went a little too far in culling material for a Vanunu story: Police, acting on a tip from security sources, detained a CNN television crew Tuesday filming near the restricted Dimona reactor deep in the Negev. The crew were taken to the Dimona police station and questioned why

Culture of Terror

The NY Times reports on a Hezbollah TV game show, “The Mission,” which glorifies terror and is aired on Al-Manar. One US official dubs it “Name Your Favorite Terrorist.” Speaking of the culture of terror, Reuters reports on a Palestinian DJ who spins tunes for Hamas rallies.

BBC rents flat for Vanunu

The Israeli financial paper Globes is reporting (in Hebrew, req. reg.) that the BBC has rented a luxury apartment in Jaffa for Mordechai Vanunu, the Israeli atomic spy who is due to be released from prison today. The rent: $4,750 per month. Paid for by British TV viewers. Globes states: At this point, it’s not

Over-reporting of Israel, part 2

Here’s a cool page that represents in graphic format the content of the GoogleNews aggregator: NewsMap The more stories about the given topic, the larger it appears on this page. Note the disproportionate prominence of Israel coverage. As of this posting, the topic ‘Sharon Vows to Continue Strikes’ simply dominates the world news. In this

BBC scare quotes

From BBC coverage of a Simon Wiesenthal Center report: The net is being used by racist and “terrorist” groups trying to recruit new members and spread their message… Jewish human rights group The Simon Wiesenthal Center monitors 4,000 websites used by racist, “terrorist” and other extremist organisations. It has been tracking such hate sites for

Thomas needs history lesson

Stefan Sharkansky takes syndicated columnist Helen Thomas to task for this statement in her column today: If President Bush wants to give land away, there is always his 1,600-acre ranch at Crawford, Texas. But he has no right to endorse the Israeli claim to the captured or settled property on the West Bank that belongs