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BBC radio’s moral nihilism

The BBC’s Today program this morning tackled the issue everyone’s been struggling with: “In the aftermath of the Madrid bombings, we discuss the difference between a freedom fighter and a terrorist.” So who did they bring on the show to clarify this for us? Palestinian hijacker and hostage-taker Leila Khaled, and IRA publicity head Danny

PETA ad campaign

The animal rights group PETA has a new European ad campaign that compares the slaughter of chicken to the murder of Jews in Auschwitz: The text at the top reads: “To animals, all people are Nazis” From Reuters: Paul Spiegel, president of the Central Council of Jews, said he would ask prosecutors to raise charges

Guardian: There are no bad guys

From an editorial at the Guardian after the Madrid bombing: Life stopped in the winter drizzle of Madrid yesterday. Offices, shops and cafes emptied, as funeral candles were lit in moving scenes of solidarity…If cities across Europe were waking up to the fact that they were as much in the crosshairs of an attack on

Mideast democracy oversight

Correction, New York Times, March 14: “An article last Sunday about attempts to create democracy in Iraq misstated the precedent in the Mideast. Iraq would become the region’s second functioning democracy, after Israel, not its first.” The oversight would be understandable if this weren’t a defining characteristic of the entire Mideast — Israel, the region’s

Three new IDF videos

The IDF has released three short videos on the corruption of Palestinian culture, which is probably the most significant force they are really up against: – The Exploitation of Palestinian Children by Terrorist Organizations – Born to be a Shahid (Martyr) – Exploiting Ambulances for Smuggling Explosives – Actual footage of the search for, discovery,

Real Progress on ‘The T-Word’

We’ve just released a new communique that tracks some real success in the HonestReporting campaign to ensure media outlets refer to Palestinian terror as ‘terror’. View the communique here, and sign up above to receive HR communiques by email. Also, see the HR webpage addressing this issue in greater depth: Calling Terror by Its Name

Using children for terror

Haaretz reports another shocking case of Palestinian use of children for terrorist activity: Israel Defense Forces soldiers on Monday caught a 10-year-old Palestinian boy trying to get a large bomb through a roadblock in the West Bank city of Nablus. Border Police sappers managed to safely detonate the device. The boy was reportedly with a

Brits on suicide bombing

It’s not just MP Jenny Tonge who would consider becoming a suicide bomber to kill innocent Israelis if she were a Palestinian. From AP: Just under half of British Muslims questioned in a poll released Sunday said they might consider becoming suicide bombers if they lived in the Palestinian territories, and more than one in

Reuters on Spanish Elections

Reuters headline today: Socialists Score Spectacular Spanish Election Win We’re wondering if Reuters would have described it as ‘spectacular’ if the center-right party had won…

Bin Laden reclaiming Occupied Spain

An article that appeared in The Age (Australia) and London’s Daily Telegraph addresses radical Islam’s ‘claim’ to Spain: Thursday’s bombings have raised an uncomfortable question for Spaniards. Is Osama bin Laden dreaming of exacting revenge for the loss of Al-Andalus, the ancient Moorish kingdom in Iberia? A group said to be close to bin Laden’s