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Arafat’s terror ties

The Israeli government has long argued that Yassir Arafat is not merely failing to uproot terror groups — he’s actively supporting them. Some new evidence emerged yesterday (via Ha’aretz): A confession by a member of Fatah’s armed branch in Nablus has shed new light on the extent of Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat’s involvement in

Hanson on Israel support

Victor David Hanson, senior fellow at the Hoover Institute, has a strong new column on his blog: When Should We Stop Supporting Israel Hanson points out the key problems with Palestinian culture that simply don’t exist in democratic Israel, then concludes: for the present, Palestinian leaders shouldn’t be too surprised that Americans increasingly find very

Jewish ‘Right of Return’

Comprehensive report by Jack Epstein in SF Chronicle on efforts to compensate Jews who fled Arab lands after the founding of Israel. Great background on the scope of the problem, how recent changes in Iraq and Libya have altered the equation, reaction from Palestinians, and the latest actions in Congress: In recent months, independent Jewish

Response from/to Parkinson

Thursday’s HonestReporting communique included a critique of an article by Tony Parkinson, international editor of Melbourne’s The Age. In his article, Parkinson made an outrageous comparison between Sheikh Yassin and Leon Klinghoffer, the wheelchair-bound American tourist brutally murdered by Palestinian terrorists nearly 20 years ago. Parkinson wrote to HonestReporting, complaining that we misrepresented his article

World Turned Upside Down

Worldwide media outlets castigate Israel for removing a terrorist leader responsible for hundreds of murders.

Reporting, or demonstrating?

Here’s one of the most biased picture captions we’ve seen in awhile, courtesy of AP: Members of Sydney’s Muslim community hold posters of murdered Palestinian Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin as they pray before marching through the center of Sydney to condemn the killing, in Sydney, Sunday, March 28, 2004. The peaceful march was also

Stephens on media bias

Very good column by Bret Stephens today on a media bias conference in Tel Aviv that was itself biased, with no real critics of media coverage invited. One particularly sharp observation, directed toward the European media: Basically, the European media looks at Israel-Palestine as an occupation story. I know this because more than one senior

Cruelty to Palestinian children

Remember Mohammed al-Dura? He was the Palestinian boy who, crouched under his father’s protective arms while dodging hostile fire in September 2000, became the most recognizable global symbol of supposed ‘Israeli cruelty’ to Palestinian children: (Some serious questions have since been posed regarding the actual source of al Dura’s death.) Now, with Palestinian children cynically