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Cruelty to Palestinian children

Remember Mohammed al-Dura? He was the Palestinian boy who, crouched under his father’s protective arms while dodging hostile fire in September 2000, became the most recognizable global symbol of supposed ‘Israeli cruelty’ to Palestinian children: (Some serious questions have since been posed regarding the actual source of al Dura’s death.) Now, with Palestinian children cynically

14-year old terrorist

The third time in the past month that Palestinian children were apprehended after attempting terrorist acts: From Haaretz: A 14-year-old Palestinian boy was detained yesterday near Nablus, carrying an explosive belt. He is the youngest suicide bomber ever to be caught…Abdu told the soldiers he had dreamt of meeting 70 virgins in heaven, as his

Yassin as Jesus

The Brazilian cartoonist Osmani Simanca rehashes the ancient deicide charge against the Jewish people: The insult here to Christians is at least as great as the insult to Jews.

Defending yourself

It’s truly remarkable that on the very same day that US officials were being grilled for not eliminating Bin Laden before 9/11, Israel’s elimination of a Hamas leader was criticized from coast to coast. Just a few of the efforts to whitewash Yassin and castigate Israel: ? LA Times: The Hamas cleric had a moral

HonestReporting obtains correction from BBC

In response to the HonestReporting communique on skewed children’s primers on the Mideast conflict, BBC has changed the wording in two sections of their kids’ website: The lead page no longer claims that “Arab Muslims used to own the land Israel now controls,” but rather that “at the heart of the conflict is a dispute

T-shirt protests

The Governor of West Virginia has demanded that the clothes company Abercrombie and Fitch stop selling a popular T-shirt that plays off on the stereotype of that region as a haven for incest.   Their idea of Palestinian ‘freedom’ apparently includes the elimination of the State of Israel.

Wash Post ombud on ‘T-word’

In the March 17 HonestReporting communique, we critiqued the ongoing double standard at news outlets such as the Washington Post, which described the Madrid bombing as “the worst terror attack in modern Spanish history,” but insisted on calling the nearly-simultaneous (and nearly-identical) Ashdod bombing as the work of Palestinian “militants.” In apparent response to this