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Erekat double-talk

Palestinian spokesman Saeb Erekat should long ago have been discredited by news agencies. Erekat, after all, is the one who claimed that over 500 Palestinians were ‘massacred’ by Israel in Jenin, April 2002. This, of course, was utterly false, yet the media continue to lend credence to Erekat’s statements. Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook of

Recommended from Chicago Sun-Times

Two opinion pieces of note from the Chicago Sun-Times: – Jay Bushinsky on PA intimidation of journalists: The PA’s first decade of existence has been a nightmare for Palestinian journalists, especially the independent thinkers and analysts among them. – Anne Bayefsky on the UN’s policy toward Israel: The International Court of Justice in the Hague

Chicago Trib writer made up names

The Chicago Tribune severed its relationship with a freelance international writer now in Australia, who pulled a Jayson Blair. Reporter Uli Schmetzer has, at the very least, attributed a real quote to a fictitious name. Here is the Trib’s correction. Here is Schmetzer’s original report. Here is ombudsman Don Wycliff’s column on the mess. And

Backspin on RSS feed

Media Backspin is now available as an RSS feed. Don’t know what that is? Read this. Try out a news/blog aggregator like My Yahoo, which is running RSS feeds in beta mode now. Then add our URL to your list of news/blog feeds. This is a great way to see, on one page, all of

Englehart cartoon

Bob Englehart of the Hartford Courant pens this cartoon today: Our take: Englehart is encouraging the viewer to identify with the idea that the recent rise in anti-Semitism is attributable to Israeli policy. Something like this recent column by two Israelis (which doesn’t actually address anti-Semitism), or an inverted version of George Will’s point from

Baltimore Sun on IDF bank raids

A staff-ed from the Baltimore Sun comes out in support of Israel’s raid on Palestinian banks holding terrorist funds: Israel’s seizure of about $9 million in suspect funds may do more to deter future suicide attacks than its targeted assassinations or controversial security barrier. And while Palestinian militants don’t lack for recruits in executing their

Wash Post: Chaos in Fatah, PA

In a recent HR communique, we insisted that the Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades is an integral part of Fatah, and urged media outlets to refer to is as such. The Washington Post’s John Ward Anderson replied to an HonestReporting subscriber’s inquiry on the matter: Our lack of consistency reflects confusion within Al Aqsa itself. On

End Sleaze or Lose Aid

From The Scotsman: The World Bank has issued the Palestinian Authority with an ultimatum to put an end to rampant corruption or lose hundreds of millions of pounds of vital foreign aid. The Bank’s top official in the region, Nigel Roberts, said Yasser Arafat had to stop the handing of large cash payments to his

Compound Interest

According to an LA Times subhead, Israeli police “entered the Al Aqsa mosque without cause” on Saturday. One glaring problem with the subhead is that reporter Ken Ellingwood later buries the fact that Palestinians were throwing stones at Jewish worshippers, (reporting it as a mere “Israeli claim”). But a second, more serious error, is that