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Wash Post: Chaos in Fatah, PA

In a recent HR communique, we insisted that the Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades is an integral part of Fatah, and urged media outlets to refer to is as such. The Washington Post’s John Ward Anderson replied to an HonestReporting subscriber’s inquiry on the matter: Our lack of consistency reflects confusion within Al Aqsa itself. On

End Sleaze or Lose Aid

From The Scotsman: The World Bank has issued the Palestinian Authority with an ultimatum to put an end to rampant corruption or lose hundreds of millions of pounds of vital foreign aid. The Bank’s top official in the region, Nigel Roberts, said Yasser Arafat had to stop the handing of large cash payments to his

Compound Interest

According to an LA Times subhead, Israeli police “entered the Al Aqsa mosque without cause” on Saturday. One glaring problem with the subhead is that reporter Ken Ellingwood later buries the fact that Palestinians were throwing stones at Jewish worshippers, (reporting it as a mere “Israeli claim”). But a second, more serious error, is that

We’re Back Up!

The blog has been down, due to technical difficulties, since Wednesday. We’re still working out some kinks, but we’re essentially back in action. Apologies to our regular readers!

Job-Hunting Journalists

This just in from AP: In other developments, Palestinian gunmen in black ski masks burst into a Gaza office of the Palestinian Broadcasting Corp. on Saturday and demanded work, a day after the mayor of the West Bank’s largest city resigned to protest Yasser Arafat’s failure to stop such violence. But did they bring references?

Europe Funds Palestinian Propaganda

IMRA notes that the salaries of the top two lawyers directing Palestinian propaganda effort in The Hague are funded by British and Swedish taxpayers. The European Institute for Research on the Middle East has completed a study of the Palestinian Negotiations Support Unit, created in 1998 and funded by British and other governments, for technical

Al-Jazeera Expands

Al-Jazeera, long criticized by the US government and the subject of a recent HonestReporting critique, is expanding to offer English language broadcasts, among other new services. Last year, efforts to bring the the Qatar-based news service to Canada met stiff resistance. The English language broadcasts begin in May. No word yet if any Western cable

Noam Chomsky in NY Times

The New York Times today grants MIT radical Noam Chomsky op-ed space for a characteristic screed against Israel and the security fence. The heart of Chomsky’s attack is a comparison to apartheid South Africa. The security fence, he claims, will turn Palestinian communities into dungeons, next to which the bantustans of South Africa look like