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BBC: We’re not biased on Israel

Haaretz reports on a gathering in a Jerusalem synogogue with the BBC Mideast bureau chief: Standing in the basement of a Jerusalem synagogue this week, the bureau chief of the BBC’s Middle East desk acknowledged that he was entering a lion’s den…

No ‘Terror’ at ABC

From TownHall: The Australian government officially recognizes Hizbullah and Hamas as terror organizations, but the Australian Broadcasting Corporation has directed its staff not to call them ‘terrorist’ – in keeping with the UN standard: An internal memo to ABC staff reportedly reads: “Please be careful with Middle Eastern references. Several recent slip-ups have attracted justified

Palestinian journalists boycott PA

Palestinian journalists are taking a brave stand against PA intimidation: The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate in the Gaza Strip has called on its members to stop covering events related to the Palestinian Authority’s security forces to protest against continued attacks on journalists. The boycott, which goes into effect on Sunday, is also directed against the PA

BBC breakup?

From AFP: Britain’s government is considering a plan to break up the BBC and remove its independent status in the wake of a bitter row with the state-funded broadcaster over the Iraq war, a report said. Government papers detailing possible changes to the BBC’s structure proposed breaking it into separate regional entities for England, Scotland,

HR communique dubunking ‘Apartheid wall’

An HonestReporting communique clarifying why Israel’s security fence is not an ‘Apartheid wall’ has just been released and is available online here. To receive HR communiques by email, the moment they are released, signup in the box above.

HR cited

HonestReporting’s communique on photojournalistic ethics received a link yesterday from Instapundit — which triggered the coveted ‘Instalanche’. The lead article in the Hartford Courant today — addressing the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s decision to publicize a video of the aftermath of the last suicide bombing — cited HonestReporting as well: “The Israeli government has refrained from

Eyebrow raisers

? Nasty headline of the day, courtesy The Australian: Israel to Cut 100km off ‘apartheid wall’   ? We found the ‘T-word’ in The Independent’s coverage of the security fence – Saudi Arabia’s security fence, that is: The project, involving fencing and electronic detection equipment, has been in the planning stages for several years. It

European media: Israelis not victims

Ze’ev Schiff in Haaretz questions European coverage of the conflict: terrorism against Israeli citizens is seen by many abroad, and especially in Europe, as part of a tribal war in a distant land. That accords with one of the conclusions of a study conducted in Germany (published recently in the professional journal Media Tenor) about

Palestinian Opinion Poll

From IMRA: The lastest poll of Palestinian popular opinion shows a sharp drop in support for current methods of anti-Israel violence. Stefan Sharkansky presents a nice chart of the results, and comments: I don’t know what I find more remarkable, the stunning drop in support for the Intifada and suicide bombings; or the fact that