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New communique

We’ve just released a new communique on the media’s tendency to downplay the close relationship between Fatah and the Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade. View it here. To receive HonestReporting communiques the moment they’re released, sign up above.

‘Perspective’ at Chicago Tribune

This morning’s horrific suicide bombing on a Jerusalem bus certainly lends credence to the Israeli government’s case that the security fence is valid and necessary. But readers of the Chicago Tribune don’t even hear that case. The Tribune has not one, but three different columns arguing against the fence, available to see now online: –

HR Canada on Globe & Mail

HonestReporting Canada has a new article on the (Toronto) Globe & Mail, taking a close look at the recent, skewed poll on the Globe & Mail website, and the paper’s record on accuracy in terminology when covering the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Subscribe to HR Canada media alerts at

Jenny Tonge’s debate with Hadassah Doc

The BBC’s Radio 4 has available on their site a very powerful 30-minute debate between British MP Jenny Tonge (see this entry for more on Tonge) and a doctor at Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital. The discussion gets to the heart of the matter of why Israelis — and most of the world — are so utterly

Israel’s Story in Maps

The Israeli Foreign Ministry seems to have invested in improving the quality of their online material. Wise move. They have a very good site on the security fence, and now there’s a Flash feature called Israel’s Story in Maps. Check it out.

Rachel Corrie: ‘Housing Defender’

The (Washington) Olympian reports that Rachel Corrie, the American ‘activist’ who died in a bulldozer accident last year while trying to protect Palestinian weapons-smuggling operations, has won a posthumous award from a “housing rights group”: On Monday evening, the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions presented Corrie’s parents with the first Housing Defender Award given

Margolis mocks WMD ‘hysteria’

Toronto Sun columnist Eric Margolis — no stranger to the pages of HonestReporting– mocks the ‘hysteria over weapons of mass destruction’: No terrorist group is likely to sneak enough chemical or biological material into the U.S. to cause more than localized damage. Attacks like those on the World Trade Center may be horrible, but they

Billboard contest

BlueStar PR of San Francisco is organizing a contest to design a billboard that best illustrates Israel’s positive, progressive policies and achievements. The winning design will be posted on billboards around the Bay Area and its designer will win a big Israel bond: “The billboard will speak for Israel advocates – both Jewish and non-Jewish

Jenny Tonge in Israel

British MP Jenny Tonge was asked to leave Parliament last month after she said of Palestinian suicide bombers: “If I had to live in that situation – and I say that advisedly – I might just consider becoming one myself.” The enterprising BBC saw a great opportunity for a hire, so they sent Tonge to