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Latest European Poll

In yesterday’s communique to subscribers (didn’t get it? sign up above!) we made reference to the latest poll of European opinion on Jews and Israel. According to the Independent, the Italian newspaper poll also included some basic questions on the Middle East: The people polled were asked four questions about the Middle East conflict. Nearly

German to be released

A British paper – Somerset News – has the full story of the German national, Stefan Smyrek, who will be released as a part of the prisoner exchange, and will apparently return to the UK, where he previously dwelled: Authorities would be powerless to stop him from returning to the UK, despite the fact that

Background on prisoner releases

As Israel’s prisoner exchange with Hizbullah nears completion, news outlets have provided the raw data of the deal – 435 Arab prisoners (400 of them Palestinian) and one German convicted of spying for Hezbullah, in exchange for Israeli Elhanan Tanenbaum and three IDF soldiers abducted near the Lebanon border in 2000 and assumed dead. (This

BBC paying off Google?

Recently we’ve run separate critiques of BBC and Google. Now this Guardian report comes to our attention: Just 48 hours before Lord Hutton delivers his verdict on the controversy surrounding the death of Dr David Kelly, the BBC has begun an advertising experiment that involves buying up all internet search terms relating to the inquiry.

Montreal Gazette on CBC, ‘T-word’

Great staff-ed in the Montreal Gazette today on the CBC’s absurd refusal to use the word ‘terrorist’ on their TV broadcasts: CBC news writers, and presumably the executives to whom they report, do not like the T-word. They believe that by calling a terrorist a terrorist, they would be choosing sides in the divisive conflict

Lopsided Prisoner Exchanges

As the deal with Hezbullah nears completion, Associated Press released a list of some previous Israeli-Arab prisoner exchanges. The article begins with this line: Israel has carried out many prisoner swaps with Arab countries since declaring independence in 1948, almost always giving more prisoners and bodies than it got in return. ‘Almost always’? Not one

‘Snow White’ Creator Stole Music

From Jerusalem Post letters page: Sir, I am CEO of Scandinavia’s largest Classical Music Record Company, BIS Records. I visited Dror Feiler’s “Snow White” installation and was deeply disgusted with it. An integral part was the use of an aria from Bach’s Cantata No. 199, Mein Herze schwimmt im Blut (My Heart Swims in Blood),

Absurdities at the NY Times

* British journalist Boris Johnson was asked to write an op-ed for the New York Times last year. He relates the Times’ absurd process of rendering the column politically-correct enough for print: I had said something to the effect that you don’t make international law by giving new squash courts to the President of Guinea.

Jihad Unspun on Google News

Our communique to subscribers yesterday — questioning the presence of Jihad Unspun on Google News — is available online here. To receive HonestReporting communiques by email, just type in your email address above.

Recommended Reading

* Reuters on a new Israeli system designed to beat bus bombers: The new system lets the driver block anyone he thinks is suspicious by hitting a red button to close a turnstile. Electronic gates will be installed at back doors, which have been used by bombers to sneak on without the driver knowing. A