Bad Timing at the UN

As HR’s Managing Editor, I take every opportunity to find out what’s going on in Israel so that our team can address the issues from a position of knowledge. Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a briefing (thanks to the American Jewish Committee) at the historic UN building in Jerusalem where I heard from Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Robert Serry.

As the briefing was off the record, I’m afraid I can’t tell you any exclusive revelations. I did, however, take this photo of the clock on the wall in the conference room:

Israel, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt are all in the same time zone but according to this UN clock, the time is different in each country. While I’d put Israel a few light years ahead of its neighbors, politically, technologically and economically, I’m not sure that this is what the UN is hinting at.

Either a symbolic illustration that these Middle East nations are not in sync with each other or perhaps just an example of the UN’s bad timing?