Bashar Assad, Party Animal

Syria says it’s allowing the establishment of political parties.

The state news agency SANA said Monday the bill is part of a political reform program, and stipulates that parties cannot be based on a religious, tribal or regional basis. It also says new parties cannot be a branch of a non-Syrian group, or use violence of any kind.

If Israel applied Syria’s own party guidelines to Hamas, would Israel finally recognize Hamas? Nah.

  1. Hamas is a religious party.
  2. Hamas is a branch of the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood.
  3. Hamas refuses to renounce violence.

It’s easy for the Syrian president to talk the talk by urging the world to negotiate with Hamas and hail them as Gaza’s democratically elected government.  

Now let’s see if  Assad will walk the walk and unconditionally treat the Muslim Brotherhood the same way he expects everyone to treat Hamas. Don’t hold your breath.

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