Bayefsky speech to UN

Professor Anne Bayefsky of Columbia University delivered a powerful speech at the U.N. conference on Confronting Anti-Semitism yesterday:

This meeting occurs at a point when the relationship between Jews and the United Nations is at an all-time low. The U.N. took root in the ashes of the Jewish people, and according to its charter was to flower on the strength of a commitment to tolerance and equality for all men and women and of nations large and small. Today, however, the U.N. provides a platform for those who cast the victims of the Nazis as the Nazi counterparts of the 21st century. The U.N. has become the leading global purveyor of anti-Semitism–intolerance and inequality against the Jewish people and its state.

If you want a list of all policies and resolutions from the U.N regarding Israel, click that link.