BBC: Coverage of Fogel Family Massacre Was Weak, But . . .

The BBC conceded its Itamar massacre coverage was lousy. The Jewish Chronicle writes:

In her response Ms Boaden said: “I agree with you that the significant nature of this murder of an entire family meant it should have been included on our television news output.”

However, she denied that the BBC had ignored the story “either because we did not care or because we pursue an anti-Israel agenda”. She instead blamed “a remarkably busy weekend” because of the disaster in Japan, events in Libya and the spring meetings of the Liberal Democrats and the SNP which had to be covered “to ensure due political impartiality”.

“[These] left little room in the main television bulletins for a host of competing stories”.

Ms Bagshawe said: “I’m not wholly satisfied with the answer which does not reflect the gravity of the lack of coverage. I would consider the matter finished if the BBC gave an expression of regret because of the hurt they have caused the Jewish community.”

Boaden’s excuses would explain why the Fogel family massacre would get a low priority. But they don’t explain why the brutal murders got no coverage from the publicly-funded news service.

Despite developments in Japan, Libya and UK politics, more than 2,400 people found a few seconds to comment on Bagshawe’s commentary calling the Beeb on the carpet. Too bad the BBC couldn’t find even a few seconds for the Fogels.


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