BBC Vows to Fight On

Dear Friend,

We have highlighted a few points from this BBC article that we believe give a distorted view of what is going on in Israel. Please look at our comments and, if you agree that the points are made in unfair way, please forward this email, as an expression of your dissatisfaction, to the BBC at this address:




To the Editors of BBC:

I wish to register dissatisfaction at your October 29 article, “Fatah Vows to Fight On.”

(1) BBC writes:

“But correspondents say there are few signs that either side is ready to take a break from the violence and the chances of meaningful dialogue look increasingly distant.”

I respectfully submit that:


  • Neither the Israeli government nor army has initiated any of the violence.


  • Barak has said again and again that he wants the violence to end.


  • Arafat has openly called for the violence to continue (as mentioned at the start of the article) despite commitments he made at Sharm el-Sheikh. Why, then, does the BBC blame both sides for the continuation of violence?

* * * * *

(2) BBC writes:

“…at least 140 people have been killed… all but eight of them Arabs…”

I respectfully submit that:


  • Virtually every Palestinian fatality has occurred during a violent attack on Israeli soldiers or civilians. These Palestinian attacks include the use of rocks, Molotov cocktails and often automatic weapons.


  • Every Israeli fatality has occurred while defending himself or others, or has been a cold blooded murder. The accurate numbers paint, by omission of significant facts, a distorted picture of Israel as the aggressor.

* * * * *

(3) BBC writes:

“…at a time of intense Palestinian frustration with poor progress in the peace process…”

I respectfully submit that:


  • At Camp David, Barak made far-reaching concessions that surprised the whole world, including Israel.


  • Arafat did not accept these concessions. Yet the BBC’s words, by implication, blame Israel for poor progress.

I believe that the BBC, especially as a public service organization, must try to be more impartial.