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For years, local media monitors have submitted complaints to the New Zealand Herald regarding their virulently anti-Israeli editorial cartoonist, Malcolm Evans. Just two months ago, for example, Evans penned a cartoon, which compared Israel to Apartheid South Africa.

In addition, Evans has continually made outrageous comparisons between Nazi Germany and contemporary Israel.

In apparent recognition of Evans’ anti-Israel bias, the editor-in-chief of the Herald recently requested that Evans avoid the topic of Israel in his future cartoons. Evans refused, and the Herald then fired the cartoonist, who had been an employee of the paper for seven years.

HonestReporting commends New Zealand media monitors (many of whom are HonestReporting subscribers) for calling Malcolm Evans’ cartoons into question and demanding editorial fairness from the Herald ? the largest newspaper in the region.

With media bias a persistent problem “Down Under,” HonestReporting encourages all Australian subscribers to subscribe in addition to HonestReporting Australia, which supplements HonestReporting communiques with more coverage of local Australian media.


HonestReporting subscribers will recall the recent HR communique addressing the New York Times Online’s special section on world terror, entitled “Threats and Responses: Targeting Terror.” This section collects recent Times reports on terrorist attacks worldwide and official responses to quell them, yet completely omits Palestinian terror and Israeli anti-terror efforts.

Despite fervent protest, the Times continues to update the section without reference to Israel. The current page includes reports of recent terror attacks and anti-terror efforts in Indonesia and Afghanistan, but Times editors decided to leave out last week’s twin Palestinian suicide bombings, and the IDF’s subsequent anti-terror actions.

HonestReporting asks once again: Why do New York Times editors believe that terror against Israelis “doesn’t count” for an anthology of world terror reports?

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In apparent response to HonestReporting’s critique, the Times has now changed the title of this special section to simply: “Threats and Responses” (no mention of “terror”).


HonestReporting subscribers should find thought-provoking a recent editorial by James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal that addresses journalists’ use of the terms “homicide bomber” vs. “suicide bomber” to describe the inhuman terrorist act.




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