Bibi and the Press Corps Under the Gun

3D-printed gun

A plastic gun made by a 3-dimensional printer.

It’s been quite awhile since Prime Minister Netanyahu’s over-zealous bodyguards vs. the press corps was an issue.

But I wonder if Channel 10’s investigative journalism described by the Times of Israel might turn back the clock.

Reporters managed to smuggle a home-made plastic gun into the Knesset with little difficulty, and pulled it out only meters away from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The correspondents from Channel 10’s nightly culture and technology program “Tzinor Layla” printed the gun using instructions downloaded from the Internet on a three-dimensional printer . . .

On another occasion, the program’s reporter, Uri Even, brought the gun into a Knesset ceremony featuring Netanyahu, where he sat less than 10 rows away from the prime minister. When Netanyahu rose to speak, Even took out the gun without the barrel attached, held it close to his lap, and even pointed it toward the prime minister.

I’ve seen plenty of media investigations testing security at different places.

None ever involved pointing a gun at the nation’s elected leader. This gives the term “news bullet” a whole new context. There’s no doubt Channel 10 crossed a line.

But which one?

Was this an incredibly gutsy way to draw attention to the legitimate security threat of undetectable, home-made guns?

Or was this an utterly overboard attempt to draw attention to Channel 10?

(Image via YouTube/Mashable)

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