Bingo in Seattle

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has published an op-ed by Linda Bevis of the International Solidarity Movement. (International Solidarity Movement is the group that gave us Adam Shapiro, the American Jew who ate breakfast at Arafat’s Ramallah compound before marrying his Palestinian girlfriend. Shapiro says the organization is strictly non-violent “but we do endorse legitimate armed struggles.”)

Under the headline, “Israelis Play Sickening Game of ‘Bingo’,” Bevis recounts a whole range of cruel treatment of Palestinians at checkpoints. Bevis provides no balance for why the checkpoints are necessary, and her only words of explanation for the Israeli side is a cynical remark that cheapens Jewish life: “Soldiers insisted that this racial profiling ‘is justified by the end result’ of occasionally catching someone who might bomb children in Tel Aviv.”

At the end of the article, the Post-Intelligencer even includes links to the International Solidarity Movement and other pro-Palestinian groups.

The International Solidarity Movement has so consistently demonstrated its blatant one-sided lack of credibility, we wonder how the Post-Intelligencer editors agreed to print this slur.

This article calls to mind the words of James Hill, the managing editor of the Washington Post Writers Group: “You have to hold columnists to the same standard as anyone at the newspaper. If a column writer is making egregious errors in the process of stating his or her opinion, eventually it’s not the columnist who’s doing that, it’s the paper that’s doing that.”

In the meantime, the Jerusalem Post ( reports that Force 17, Yasser Arafat’s Presidential Guard, has forced 55 Palestinian families out of their homes in the Gaza Strip under the pretext that they are sitting on land whose ownership is at the center of a legal dispute between two wealthy businessmen. HonestReporting asks: Where is the outcry from all the “human rights” advocates who are so quick to criticize Israel?!

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==== UPDATE ====

Following a torrent of complaints from HonestReporting members, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has published an 800-word rebuttal piece, “Israeli Checkpoints Protect Lives.”

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Associated Press published the headline (Feb. 6): “Arab Man Killed in Stabbing in Northern Israel.”

You have to read the article to find out it was the Arab who did the stabbing, and was only killed in order to save the life of the Israeli policeman that he was stabbing!

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