Blame Israel for HamasCare

Gaza’s children deserve better health care, and I wish their medical care could somehow be separated from the security situation.

But if The Guardian’s going to break out the violins, I think it’s warped to film a video in — of all places — the Rantisi Pediatric Hospital for Children. The hospital’s named for Abdel Aziz Rantisi, a Hamas terror leader and pediatrician who ultimately found himself on the wrong end of a 2004 Israeli air strike. One man’s targeted assassination is another man’s assisted martyrdom.

Here’s The Guardian’s video.

The Rantisi name represents everything warped about Palestinian health care. It doesn’t take a surgeon general’s warning to know that suicide bombings are bad for your health, but Dr. Rantisi dispatched them by the dozens. And  The Guardian’s own Rantisi obituary noted that he condoned killing Israeli children:

Once, the former paediatric doctor said he condoned the murder of Israeli children, if that would secure the future of young Palestinians.

Other great moments in HamasCare:

  1. Wafa al Bis trying to blow herself up in an Israeli hospital
  2. Hamas leaders hiding in bunkers under Shifa Hospital
  3. Hamas stealing donated medicine
  4. Inflating casualty counts
  5. Freeloading Red Cross protection
  6. Smuggling gunmen and rockets in ambulances
  7. Abusing Israeli medical permits
  8. Shelling the Erez crossing during a medical transfer.

Need I go on?