Boston Globe headlines

HonestReporting subscriber Andy S. compares Boston Globe headlines from Tuesday:

Item 1: A militant Islamic website showed footage of a group of hooded Arab terrorists killing an American man they had captured, then holding up his severed head for the camera.

Headline – Boston Globe – May 12, 2004: “American Beheaded in Video”

Item 2: In the Gaza Strip, Palestinian terrorists blew up an armored personnel carrier, killing the six Israeli soldiers inside. They then collected the Israelis’ flesh and body parts and ran off. Television footage later showed Palestinians sitting around a table with the severed head of an Israeli soldier in the center of it.

Headline – Boston Globe – May 12, 2004: “Ambush in Gaza City Puts Remains of Israelis At Issue”

Andy adds: Initial results show this could very well get the SECOND PLACE award for Lamest Headline in Journalism History — after “Jolted by Fatal Bus Blast, Israel Vows to Seize Land” -Boston Globe, June 19, 2002

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