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Flying in the Face of BDS: What Fuels the Hate?

Flying in the Face of BDS: What Fuels the Hate?

Following his appearance at an anti-BDS conference in Jerusalem, HonestReporting CEO Joe Hyams explains in The Times of Israel why the BDS movement thrives on more than anti-Semitism, cash and ill-will.

From JK Rowling to Helen Mirren, UK Artists Slam Cultural Boycott

The cultural boycott is the most insidious part of the BDS strategy against Israel. There is no pretense of economic or political pressure. The only aim of a cultural boycott is to proclaim that Israel has no place among the nations. And increasingly, British culture figures are having none of it. First, Harry Potter author

BDS: Lost Palestinian Jobs at SodaStream are Worth It

As SodaStream, the top target for the BDS, shuts its West Bank factory and moves over the Green Line – taking hundreds of well-paying jobs with it – debate has raged over the true impact of the BDS. And the evidence increasingly points to one set of victims – the Palestinians. Does the movement care? Not