Buring the terror

Our communique of 9/29, “Rosh Hashana Nightmare,” addressed BBC and Reuters coverage of the Negohot attack.

Here’s more problematic coverage of this barbaric attack, which didn’t make it into the communique:

— Associated Press headlined their report: “Two Israelis, Attacker Killed in West Bank”
Note the moral equivalence between the “Israelis” (no mention of one victim being a baby) and the terrorist, both of whom were simply “killed.”

— Henry Chu’s LA Times article, headlined “Palestinian Guns Down 2 in Jewish Settlement” had its headline curiously changed upon reprinting in the Boston Globe. The Globe headline: “Attacker kills 2 in Jewish settlement.”
Why did the Globe editors decide to remove the identity of the terrorist, while preserving the location of the attack — a (supposedly ‘provocative’) “Jewish settlement”?

The Age (Australia) and The Telegraph (UK) bury this story at the very bottom of articles on other topics entirely.
The Telegraph describes the victims as “two Jewish settlers, including a baby girl.”
This bio encourages the reader to consider a seven-month-old baby’s place of residence some degree of “provocation” to her brutal murder.