‘But Mossad rarely leaves tracks’

MargolisColumnist Eric Margolis (pictured) gives a soapbox to former US ambassador John Gunther Dean, who blames Israel for the mysterious death of Pakistani dictator Gen. Zia Ul-Haq. As if that’s not enough, Margolis also accuses Israel of trying to assassinate Dean himself:

Israel’s Mossad had apparently tried to assassinate Dean while he was serving as Ambassador to Lebanon. Dean had been reporting to the State Department about Israel’s attempts to subvert Lebanon and turn it into a protectorate -and the Israelis and their friend sin Washington were not amused. After making his claims about Zia’s murder, Dean was removed from his position, declared mentally unfit -shades of the Soviet Union – and then forcibly retired.

In fact, there was nothing wrong with Dean except for being too outspoken. He became a marked man by the powerful Israel lobby, which swiftly ended his diplomatic career.

We previously noted that Dean offers no proof of Israeli involvement in the 1988 plane crash, which was widely attributed to hydraulic failure. But Margolis isn’t concerned about that point:

I wish Amb. Dean would come up with more details for his claim. But Mossad rarely leaves tracks and, like the old KGB, from which many of its officers and killer toxins have come, is very good at making murder look like an accident.

Earlier this year, Margolis suggested Israel was also responsible for the death of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri. We hope he reads the full Mehlis Report to the UN on the Hariri assassination.