Canadian TV’s Dismal "On Air" Correction

August 25, 2008 22:00 by

HonestReporting Canada’s latest communique brought this shocking error to the attention of its subscribers. The August 14 broadcast of CityTV International carried a short report centered on recent clashes at the construction site of the security barrier near Naalin, in the West Bank, between pro-Palestinian protestors and Israeli soldiers. CityTV host Gord Martineau erroneously reported the following:

“At least 11 people were killed at clashes between Israeli troops and protestors in a site at Israel’s controversial separation barrier in the West Bank.”

To watch the report online please click on the image below.

Contrary to this statement, there were no deaths at that time in Naalin. Instead, several protestors were reportedly hurt during clashes with forces in the area.

This CityTV report left viewers with the false impression that Israeli soldiers killed 11 protestors who were involved in an altercation at the barrier site. In consideration for the especially serious nature of this mistake, HR Canada asked CityTV to issue an on-air correction to remedy this error.

On August 18, the program issued the following “on-air” correction that appeared only in a text-super in the program’s broadcast on other Mideast matters. It read as follows:


To watch the “on-air” correction please click on the image below. (Note: We apologize for the low-resolution image and video.)

If CityTV were genuinely interested in setting the record straight, we would have expected their host to verbally orate the correction instead of carrying it as a short super embedded within another report, this time about Israel’s efforts to release 200 Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails. Most viewers probably didn’t even notice the correction in the first place and even if they did, the language of the correction was so tersely worded that it wouldn’t have even come across as a correction.

Many CityTV viewers are still left with the false impression that Israeli soldiers bellicosely killed 11 pro-Palestinian protestors at last week’s clashes at Naalin. If you feel inclined to voice your concerns about CityTV’s dismal August 18 correction, please send polite, rational, and considered comments to CityTV publicist Veronica Logue at:

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