Capitalizing On The Death of a Hero at The Guardian

In a grave act of disrespect, The Guardian (UK) capitalized on the death of Col. Ilan Ramon to take a swipe at the Israeli government. In a report headlined, “Israel remembers astronaut as Sharon capitalises on US links,” Chris McGreal writes that the Israeli government “used the tragedy to paint Israel as a democratic western nation standing firm with the US against the barbarians.”

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Thanks to HonestReporting member Danny N. for the alert.

===== CANADIAN “POETRY” =====

The Globe & Mail (Toronto) published a vile “poem” accusing Ariel Sharon of bloody war crimes. The article is called “Poetic Justice – The Angel Ariel.” One stanza reads as follows:


It’s said Sharon has changed his ways:
He’s moderate, not like the days
When babies died and girls were raped
And, while the anguished journos gaped,
Israel’s defender passed the time
By shifting blame for his war crime —
But now a bloody resume
Is just the thing to save the day.

The Globe & Mail exhibits an appalling double standard, as no other world leader would be so blatantly smeared, and in such a frivolous manner. We’re not sure how this made it’s way into a major daily newspaper, but the Globe & Mail editors probably have a “creative” explanation.

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