Christiane Amanpour’s Terrible Timeline Tweet

Where has Christiane Amanpour been the last few months? Her promotional tweet for an interview conducted with a Palestinian-American teenager, suggests that his apparent beating by Israeli border police was the cause of the current Gaza conflict.

Not the kidnapping of three Israeli teens nor the barrage of rockets from Gaza.

And it’s not just Amanpour. The CNN story she links to in her tweet begins by referring to:

A Palestinian-American teenager whose savage beating by Israeli police helped set off the current crisis

Clearly CNN and Christiane Amanpour appear to be attributing an inappropriate amount of importance to their interviewee and his very minor role in the unfolding events of the past few months.

The bottom line however, is that in the eyes of Amanpour, it is an act of Israeli brutality rather than Hamas terror that is responsible for the current crisis.


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