Commiserating With Chile’s Media Frenzy

Chilean_miners In 2004, we learned that Israel receives 75 times more coverage than any other area of equal population, and 10 times more coverage by population.

There have been cuts in news bureaus since then, but the sheer amount of reports filed from Israel is still, uh, disproportionate.

Fortunately, Jerusalem never resembles the media frenzy AP describes in Copiapo, Chile (via Romenesko), where rescue workers are almost ready to begin extracting trapped miners, surrounded by 750 accredited journalists:

Hundreds of journalists jostle for position, shout over each other's questions, walk into each other's camera shots and battle for space for motor homes and tents . . . .

But there are so many journalists on the story that the trapped men's relatives largely stay away except for on weekends. The few families that have zealously maintained a vigil at the mine since the Aug. 5 collapse are swarmed by the swelling media here.

Unlike Israel, though, Chile's flood of reporters will eventually leave.