Context-Free Headlines

Not everybody reads articles. You just see headlines as you quickly your news sites and social media feeds.

Which is why this AP headline contains all the info most people will know about yesterday’s incident at the Allenby Bridge border crossing.

Associated Press

You have to read the article to find out that Raed Zueter tried to grab a gun from a soldier.

“The terrorist ran toward soldiers yelling ‘Allahu akbar’ attempting to seize their weapons,” the Israeli military said. “The soldiers felt an immediate threat to their lives and fired toward his lower extremities. The suspect then began to strangle a soldier and the force resorted to firing again.”

AFP’s no better.

Israeli troops kill Jordanian judge at border crossing

While Zueter’s death has whipped up a predictable firestorm in Jordan, sensationalized headlines like these only inflame tensions even more.

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