Credit for Not Hitting Libyan Civilians?

Sky News reports that an RAF mission to hit Libyan targets was aborted:

The Ministry of Defence said Sunday night’s planned attack was called off as Tornado jets neared their undisclosed target.

Strategic communications officer Major General John Lorimer said: “As the RAF GR4 Tornados approached the target, further information came to light that identified a number of civilians within the intended target area.

“As a result the decision was taken not to launch weapons. This decision underlines the UK’s commitment to the protection of civilians.”

Forgive me for not getting excited. The Israeli Air Force has aborted countless missions when Palestinian civilians have been identified in the vicinity of a legitimate target even to the point of diverting missiles already in flight.

I don’t expect the IDF to get credit from the media for doing its utmost to avoid civilian casualties. After all this is merely the right, proper and ethical way to behave – something I’d hope that any Western air force, be it British or American, would follow.

So why then does the RAF’s behavior even warrant headline news while the IDF’s extraordinary measures are routinely ignored? Is this another double standard at work?


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