Crunching Numbers With Deborah Orr

gold bar

AP reports that Al-Qaida is offering three kilos of gold worth $160,000 to anyone who kills the US ambassador to Yemen. A bounty of $23,000 was also placed on the lives of US military personnel there.

Somewhere out there, I suspect columnist Deborah Orr is seething at Israeli “racism” and the idea that Israeli lives are “worth” more. Last year, a Saudi prince offered $1 million to anyone who kidnaps an Israeli soldier.

So when you do the math and apply Orr’s twisted logic (from the Gilad Shalit exchange) to today’s Al-Qaida bounty, you find that one Israeli soldier is “worth” 6.25 US ambassadors or 43.48 American soldiers.

Never mind that the Arabs are the ones setting the bar on lopsided prisoner swaps and vile bounties.

(Image via Flickr/Ironchefbalara)


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