Curiyo: Integrating Israeli Start-Up Technology on the HR Website

curiyologoIsrael is rightly known for its technology and Internet start-ups. We’re proud to announce the integration into our site of one of Israel’s newest start-ups – Curiyo.

Curiyo brings you everything you need to know from top publishers, social networks and bloggers. Just click on any word and discover relevant content in a simple popup.

Curiyo automatically identifies the most interesting topics on any page you’re reading and subtly underlines them. It brings information to you, not you to it.

Click on any of the lightly underlined words on a page to open a Curiyo box. For example, try clicking on “Benjamin Netanyahu.”



You can already enjoy using Curiyo on the HonestReporting website but if you want to enrich your browsing experience all over the web, You can download Curiyo for yourself. Simply go to Curiyo’s website and download the add-on. It’s compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari.


You can find out more about Curiyo on its website and the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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