Daily Mail Omits Hamas Man’s Terror Affiliation


Following correspondence from HonestReporting, the Daily Mail’s story now refers to Mustafa Malaka as “an officer in the Hamas security services.”

* * *

The Daily Mail leads its coverage of the Gaza conflict with the dramatic headline and image above. The article states:

A Palestinian father was blasted yards from his house in the Gaza Strip after a direct missile strike that killed his wife and son.

Shocking photos of Mustafa Malaka sprawled in the rubble emerged this evening as Israeli bombing of the Hamas-controlled region intensified.

What the Daily Mail fails to mention is that Mustafa Malaka is not only a “Palestinian father” but also a police officer in Hamas’ security services. This detail appears in both the Daily Telegraph and The Guardian. Clearly, Israel did not target him for no apparent reason.

Not only are we not told of Malaka’s terrorist affiliation but we also have no idea whether or not Israel sent advanced warnings of the air strike, which were ignored by Malaka and his family. Indeed, the Daily Mail carries no references to the well-publicized and extraordinary measures Israel is taking to prevent civilian casualties in Gaza.

Far easier for the Daily Mail to falsely portray Israel as indiscriminately targeting Gazan civilians.

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