Daily Telegraph’s Journalistic Naqba

Heads up from a sharp reader who spotted a deeper problem with the Daily Telegraph than the headline  which Simon Plosker blogged a short time ago.

If your borders are being stormed, who should the headline identify as the attacker, Simon wondered.

Commenting on that post just minutes ago, Mordechai Bendon points out another significant problem with the Telegraph’s dispatch — correspondent Adrian Blomfield’s failure to disclose full info about a source. Blomfield writes:

“The people came in a peaceful way, they had no weapons,” said Taiseer Maray, who runs a medical charity that treated the wounded. “In a peaceful way they stated that they had waited for 60 years and wanted to go back to their homes. But the Israelis shot directly at the people, even though they posed no threat.”

Dr. Maray is no ordinary medical source. He founded Golan for Development as a way of “resisting the occupation.” In 2008, Maray told the BBC:

“This is Syrian land and we have the right to take it back,” says Mr Maray.

“If there is to be peace, Israel should give back all of the properties and land which was taken from the Arabs. Land and water,” he says.

Maray’s entitled to his views, but Blomfield should’ve disclosed that his source has an agenda. Full stop.

No matter how Maray spins the events of yesterday, storming a border fence en masse is hardly a peaceful way to come, irrespective of whether the infiltrators were armed with guns, stones or bare knuckles. Let the reader beware.