Demolition Orders: AP Razes Awareness

Khan al-Ahmar, is a small Bedouin village that some foreign reporters find irresistible. That’s because its ramshackle school lies under the threat of Israeli demolition.

Judging from AP, it’s a story about “Israeli control,” “Israeli settlements,” and “Israeli demolition orders.” Those are the codewords reporter Diaa Hadid takes for granted. It says a lot that Hadid doesn’t explain why there’s a demolition order for the Khan al-Ahmar school.

Hadid’s Bedouins never told her that Khan al-Ahmar is an illegal village. That was context which even The Guardian acknowledged last year:

All the village, not just the school, is unauthorised,” said Lt Col Ofer Mey-Tal of the Israeli Civil Administration. “These people don’t own the land, they just took it. So the village itself is a problem, and the solution is for it to move.”

Talk about razing awareness.

(Image via YouTube/unicef)