Demonizing Israel? Who, Us?

The Independent’s editorial continues:

Mr Brummer, then, committed two intellectual errors. First, misinterpreting our robust views and scepticism as demonisation; second, conflating opposition to Israeli policy with anti-Semitism. The latter is ironic, given how many Jews, in Britain and elsewhere, oppose the actions of successive Israeli administrations.

Perhaps we could remind The Independent of its infamous and despicable political cartoon from 2003:


The cartoon depicts Ariel Sharon biting into the flesh of a Palestinian baby. The background shows Apache attack helicopters firing missiles, and blaring the message “Vote Likud.”

But how could this sort of vile imagery demonize Israel? Surely not, according to The Independent.

In its editorial, The Independent appears to argue that conflating opposition to Israeli policy with anti-Semitism is “ironic” given the fact that Israeli government policies are opposed by many Jews. Rather than Alex Brummer’s comments, this is the real insult to the intelligence.

Nobody is suggesting that criticism of Israel is automatically anti-Semitic. That Jews, including Israelis, and others can oppose the policies of Israeli governments is a healthy admission of vibrant debate that does not need to descend to the levels of opprobrium heaped upon Israel by The Independent.

To use Jewish opposition to Israeli policies as a get out from the possibility that criticism of Israel can cross the line into demonization is disingenuous.

The Independent is on the list of major international media outlets that we will be sending our petition demanding that they adopt the U.S. State Department and EU Definitions of Anti-Semitism, precisely so that the media will know when they have crossed the line.

Help us by signing the petition and spreading it to your family, friends and colleagues. The Independent evidently doesn’t recognize demonization. It’s time that it did.