Dominic Waghorn’s Evil Twin Reporting From Syria

Sky News has twin reporters in Syria named Dominic Waghorn.

The Good Waghorn says there’s a double-standard in the way the world treats Israel and Syria:

If these were Israeli tanks and troops storming Syrian towns and killing hundreds you could predict the outrage. If Israeli forces were shooting unarmed Syrians on the streets, cutting off food, water and electricity, using helicopters to storm a mosque there would have been immediate calls for condemnation at the UN and swift action.

But when the UN human rights council met to condemn Syria on Friday, Qatar, Bahrain and Jordan did not even turn up to vote: Saudi Arabia abstained and post-revolutionary Egypt asked for amendments to water down the resolution.

But Waghorn’s evil twin says Israel is just as bad as Syria:

Neighbouring Arab countries have been mute in their criticism, in contrast to their ready willingness to condemn Israel when it uses tanks and soldiers to kill Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank.

What Israeli incident really compares to Bashar Assad’s policy of shooting anything that moves (with Iranian assistance), while gallingly pushing for a seat on the UN Human Rights Council?


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