Dueling Spin Over Rising Palestinian Violence

These two analyses over the rising violence couldn’t be more opposite. Who to believe?


There is no obvious connection between the suddenly surge of violence and revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Bahrain, or the civil war and Western military intervention in Libya.

Western diplomats Wednesday said they were unable to point with confidence to any particular triggering factor.

Or the Daily Telegraph?

Scared of being engulfed by the popular protests sweeping the region, Hamas is trying to divert its people’s wrath to a common enemy: Israel.

Sadly, Hamas prefers war with Israel to peace with Palestinians.

UPDATE 1:15 pm: After reading this snippet in The Media Line, I gotta wonder about the people Reuters considers its sources for Big Thoughts:

Nevertheless, most analysts link the upsurge in attacks out of Gaza to local Palestinian politics rather than broader regional currents or disappointment over the peace process. In recent weeks, both the Islamist Hamas and its rival movement, Fatah, have come under heavy popular pressure to put an end to their split . . .

UPDATE 3:35 pm: Benny Avni gets it too: Hamas is killing its way out of a political mess.