Economist Goes Off the Wall

The latest print edition of The Economist examines Israeli reactions to the Islamist election victory in Egypt. Included in the article is this snippet:

Israel’s generals are already battening down the hatches. They have speeded the construction of a vast concrete wall along Israel’s 240-km (150-mile) border with Egypt and deployed another brigade to patrol it.

“Vast concrete wall”? According to the IDF:

The fence is expected to stretch for the 240 kilometer-long Israel-Egypt border, from the Kerem Shalom area until Tabah. Part of the border will include a physical fence, while the other part of the fence will be equipped with alerting devices.

Could it be any clearer that this particular barrier will not be one long concrete wall? Where did The Economist come up with this or is this merely a repeat of the media’s misrepresentation of Israel’s West Bank security barrier, which is less than 3% concrete wall.