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BBC to Livni: “Would You Describe Your Parents as Terrorists?”

BBC to Livni: “Would You Describe Your Parents as Terrorists?”

In an interview full of leading questions, the BBC’s Evan Davis asks Israeli politician Tzipi Livni whether she would describe her parents as terrorists.


Pulp Content and the New York Times’s Dead Palestinian

Editors tend to view wire copy as pulp content. You either edit the material to the length you need, or you can copy and paste key info into your own original content (with appropriate attribution, of course). Local papers use the reports differently, so editors tailor the headlines to fit available space in their print


Cleaning Up a Big Orange Mess

Whether BDS is responsible for the sequence of statements, recriminations, and apologies centered around French telecom company Orange remains disputable. What’s certain, however, is that the matter has given the movement a boost through the reams of publicity Orange has received in recent days. The issue started last week when Orange CEO Stephane Richard declared