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Sign the Petition Demanding Honest Reporting

Israel is currently engaged in a defensive military operation. Its aim is to protect Israeli citizens from rocket attack and the threat of Hamas terrorism. In reporting on the conflict, the media have an obligation to make this clear to the public.


CNN Yanks Reporter For Calling Israelis Scum

CNN removed correspondent Diana Magnay after she called Israelis “scum” in a tweet (since removed). She was in Sderot, on a hill overlooking Gaza, watching Israeli airstrikes in the distance. Off camera, a crowd of Israelis watching the night-time action were cheering, which Magnay described. But Magnay got into trouble for posting a tweet calling


New York Times Graphic Turns Conflict into Game of Numbers

For a while now, the New York Times has been running a daily tally of Hamas rocket attacks, Israeli airstrikes, and the resulting deaths. A cumulative scorecard is published online as an infographic inserted in the paper’s daily coverage of the region. Today’s looks like this:   While the daily articles that contain the graphics