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Guest Commentary: Does Israeli Media Need to Be Saved?

Gavin Gross, a New York native who now lives in Israel, is a former director of public affairs at the British Zionist Federation, and is a member of HonestReporting’s Israeli amutah (non-profit governing committee). Anyone who has visited or studied Israel knows that it can be a very tempestuous and argumentative place, with a wide range

Reuters Belly-Flops on Fact-Checking

UPDATE The Jerusalem Post fact-checked Tablet and Reuters on whether or not the Palestinians have Olympic-sized swimming pools by sending reporters to the West Bank to get a first-hand look. Highlighting a problem with Palestinian sources, the Post writes: All claimed to be the “largest in the West Bank.” All claimed to be used regularly

Defining Bias #5: Selective Omission

Part five of an eight-part series explaining The 8 Categories of Media Bias. Violation #5 Selective Omission By choosing to report certain events over others, or withholding key details, the media controls access to information. Carelessly overlooking or excluding key facts is sloppy journalism. Cherry-picking details, at worst, is manipulative. Watch Haviv Rettig Gur of