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The Ripple Effect of Media Bias

The Ripple Effect of Media Bias

The way news spreads through the Internet guarantees that once a major publication publishes an error, no correction will be able to stop it from spreading. The Irish Times has now published the original New York Times story without the correction. And odds are against them being the only ones to do so.


Why I’m Calling It an Intifada

It’s true that journalism is the first draft of history. And it’s also true that it takes some distance in time before we can look at events and place them in a proper historical context. But it’s also true that journalism has a responsibility to put developments into a meaningful context for readers. Here. Now.


Is the PLO Dictating AP Content?

The world’s leading wire service, the Associated Press, can’t seem to name a flashpoint holy site revered by millions of Jews, Christians, and Muslims around the world. What gives? Last November, the PLO warned foreign reporters not to use the words “Temple Mount” when referring to the Jerusalem esplanade that houses the Al-Aqsa mosque and