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‘Puff Piece’ Praises Extremist, Anti-Israel MK

‘Puff Piece’ Praises Extremist, Anti-Israel MK

The Guardian praises Israeli Member of Knesset Haneen Zoabi, who has built her political identity around proud and open support for terror, violence and anti-Semitism

Video: The Western Wall is an Illegal Settlement

United Nations Security Council Resolution #2334 is worded in a way that creates some very odd results. Yes, the Western Wall is now an “illegal settlement,” and any Israeli activity there is a “flagrant violation of international law.” Cover image: Zack Wajsgras/Flash90 with modifications by HonestReporting  

UN Resolution Unleashes Wave of Anti-Israel Bias in New Zealand Media

New Zealand’s primary role in the passing of UN Security Council Resolution 2334 unleashes a wave of anti-Israel bias and anti-Semitism in the local media.

FAKE NEWS ALERT: IBT Republishes Outrageous Palestinian Lies and Propaganda

The International Business Times republishes blatant Palestinian lies and propaganda statistics relating to Israeli “raids on Al-Aqsa mosque.”