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Video: Stuff That Israel Haters Say

Video: Stuff That Israel Haters Say

We get a lot of comments on social media. Most are supportive but some are just off the wall. In this video we read and react to some of them. To learn more about what we do click here: http://honestreporting.com/a/signupmr.html


Defining Bias #5: Selective Omission

Part five of an eight-part series explaining The 8 Categories of Media Bias. Violation #5 Selective Omission By choosing to report certain events over others, or withholding key details, the media controls access to information. Carelessly overlooking or excluding key facts is sloppy journalism. Cherry-picking details, at worst, is manipulative. Watch Haviv Rettig Gur of


CNN’s Anti-Israel “Comedian” Rages Against Israel – And It’s Not Funny

CNN published a furious rage against Israel by Amer Zahr, who the network describes as “a Palestinian-American comedian and adjunct professor at University of Detroit Mercy School of Law.” But Zahr’s delusional tirade is far from funny.