February 20 Links

• Just read that executive editor Amir Mizroch resigned from the JPost for health reasons. For some reason, the simple Hebrew expression, refuah shlaymah, (you should have a complete recovery) sounds more appropo than anything else I can think of in English.

• I’m glad to see this Washington Post telling off Abbas for choosing posturing over peace. He’s desparately stabbing Israel and the US, but only buys himself so much time:

In fact, the U.N. gambit allows him to posture as a champion of the Palestinian cause without having to consider any of the hard choices that would be needed to found a Palestinian state. It enables him to deflect criticism from the rival Hamas movement about his friendly relations with the United States. It might even allow him to head off a popular Palestinian rebellion against his own autocratic behavior – Mr. Abbas has failed to schedule overdue elections, including for his own post as president.

Indeed, Abbas already sent signals that promised elections may not happen, and it won’t take much to spark a popular uprising against the PA. What is he thinking?

• Via ZDNet, Egypt’s supreme military council created its own Facebook page. I can’t read Arabic, but the 380,000 Facebookers who like it can’t be wrong, can they?

Will Al-Jazeera cover Iranian protests like it covered Egyptian revolution?

• Speaking of Al-Jazeera, I gotta give ’em credit. It’s an axiom of journalism that you only write what you know. So with all the conflicting headlines about Iranian warships and the Suez canal, I found their “we don’t know what’s going on” honesty refreshing:

Confusion over Suez ship crossing


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