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  1. jim watkins said:

    Defending Israel from media bias? Are you kidding me? This is Canada, the one country that’ll send money to support Israel when it starts to systematically exterminate the leftover Palestinians. That way we’ll never have to face the fact that we exterminated our indigenous population. You don’t need to worry about having support in Canada.

  2. Jerry Salzer said:

    Today I watched CNN. They carried a story saying that the move toward “more reasonable speech” was shattered by a Democratic, Jewish, member of congress. He had said that the Republicans used the same technique that Goebels had used in building Nazi Germany. He siad, “Invent a lie and then tell it so loudly and so often that people believe it!” This, he claimed is what the Republicans are doing. The news story said that he said the Republicans were Nazis! I saw his footage…and no way. Just one more nail in the offin? Sometime we can’t win, no matter what!

    The new website is nice…but should have a space for NEW input, not just comment on what you’ve selected!


  3. robert donaldson new zealand said:

    The first thing that hit me… why use the bottle to celebrate, and secondly the freemasons eye ,…the evil that freemasonry perpetrates brings curses..
    The israel connection is great …keep it simple…. the need for change is not a good thing..
    may God and our Lord Jesus bless you all indeed.

  4. Daniel said:

    Check this video report in the Wall Street Journal taken from Sky Newso ut for it’s absolute subjective anti-Israel posture and outright untruth about Israel. It fits right n with the campaign to delegitimize Israel. Notice the caption below the video that states Israel as illegally occupying a part of Jerusalem. In the video it also states Israel as having the blame for lack of peace in the middle east. It needs a response from HR, to call WSJ on why it repeated this report, and to Sky News for it’s biased and outrageous lying about Israel.

    go to this site:


  5. John Bradford said:

    I’ve just now seen your reporters’ video concerning the ad that was banned in the UK, about the status of the Western Wall and other areas of the Old City.
    I was one of those UK citizens who complained about the ad to the UK Advertising Standards Authority, on the grounds that the ad wrongly implied that the Old City is in Israel. As you say, the objection was upheld and the ad was banned. Rightly so in my view, but you don’t agree.
    OK, but my query with you is not particularly about that, more about the comment that the ad appeared to be successful, on the grounds that all those interviewed said that they were in Israel. Are you saying, then, that those people would not have said what they did if the ad had never been released? I don’t understand. Did you also ask them if they’d seen the ad, and that their minds were thus changed?

    Regards, John

  6. Douglas Green said:

    As a ‘modern Jew’ (Christian) I am delighted to see that people outside of Israel are taking steps to try and create another image of Israel.

    The Middle East peace process cannot move on whilst the Israeli media and government does not take ANY steps to have any other image other than self righteous arrogant bullies.

    This lovely piece of real estate has serious investment potential and is unbelievably actually freehold not leasehold (someone got a great deal)!

    So first things first, dump the Americans! Everyone just thinks they pay for your defence and you develop chemical weapons for them. In return you fund Hollywood on the basis that every blockbuster film must have a token Jew (never understood why statistically impossible considering the population percentages???????)

    Next step, go a bit left wing with your government and sack a few snipers, oh and stop shooting tourists protecting children!

    What next??? Invent something?

    Great country lovely people, except most Jewish people I know would never live there (National Service – the robotic indoctrinated people they met in the army scared the hell out of them)

    More advice on creating a decent image – Teach Arabic in your schools, stop those lunatics running around claiming that Israel deserves everything – remind them that you have to EARN it, and not through things you learn in Histroy classes in school.

    Hope some of this helps. Good luck!

    Kind regards, Douglas.

  7. Dusan Milutinovic said:

    Unrelated to these, all of which is excellent, by the way, I wondered if you were aware of an op-ed that I had read today in the Miami Herald, by Saree Makdisi, which is completely inflammatory by my standards, and which deserves a response or remark. Anyway I wanted to draw your attention to it. Thank you and keep up the good work.

    I am on a time limit for internet usage and it’s almost up. Sorry!


  8. Adam said:

    Let’s be done with the filthy shvatz goyim (Fakestinians) right now. They will use the tumult in Egypt to carry on their Jew hating terrorism like never before. The timing is right to put these crazy cockroaches belly up once and for all.

  9. Carmel said:

    I admire Honest Reporting very much. Having been away, have only just seen your new website. As a journalist, I am taking a professional view as well as a personal. In theory, I like the new website – but I dislike – very strongly – white type on black background. It is very difficult to read properly – and I have very good eyesight! Please re-think this……

  10. Daniel Irwin said:

    The fact this website exists makes me sick. Let’s get one thing PERFECTLY clear… I have no problem with Jewish people, who have a wonderful religion and rich traditions. I have no problem with Israeli people, who are just trying to live their lives just like everyone else who eats, sleeps, and breathes.

    I DO have a problem–a life altering issue–with the government of Israel, the bankers of Europe (mainly the Rothschild family), and those who knowingly aide or assist in their crimes.

    Ever seen how Israel was set up? “Jews” in Israel (Khazars in most cases) wanted to take Arab land in the early 1900’s. They were denied. The Six Day War happened in the 40’s, and the Rothschild family was able to occupy the land, and bribe Harry S Truman into allowing the United States to be the first country to recognize them.

    It serves as not even a hint, but a blatant sign of Rothschild control of THIS WEBSITE due to the fact the logo is the Eye of Horus or the “All Seeing Eye”. Get out of here with that crap.

    The thing that has hit me the hardest over the past few days is seeing the stories of Palestinian children who are killed by Israeli soldiers… pegged off by snipers at over a KM away “for fun”. This kind of news is NEVER in western media because the Rothschild family also control Reuters, and the Associated Press.

    So next time you think about “bias in the media” (I still can’t believe this website has the pure audacity to say something like that…) think about the countless people that die from Israeli’s that we never hear about. Did you know a 17 year old AMERICAN girl was killed by an Israeli tank when she was protesting them stealing land?? OOPS! And yeah it’s on YouTube, go look it up. Dying to hear others thoughts. Thanks.

  11. Akiva Goldberg said:

    The latest BBC blunder can be found at:

    A “Gaza Photo Exhibition” displaying the destruction in Gaza (including, of course, mamed children). Will the BBC ever display photos of Israeli victims of rocket attacks, suicide bombing and other Palestinians attacks against Israeli civilians? I think we all know the answer to that!

  12. Benice Spark said:

    I would like to think that a forum like this could have impact but as a PHd student writing on ethics in a global world (which is changing daily) it seems to me that the hearts and minds (excuse cliche) of the world have been captured by another political position that seeks to sweep everything away in a paradigm shift. Will the activists get what they want? Well power vaccuums always need to be filled and there are plenty of ideologues out there waiting to fill the space. But peace, harmony, togethernesss, the final utopia? No, not possible, just more of the same after the revolution because history shows we do not, cannot learn.We are prone to lurch from one ‘fix’ to another, sweeping away portions of humanity in the process and only the will to power determines the outcome . Gandhi said that violent revolution only leads to a violent state and the blind hatred building up in the world will prove the point. You have my support and I will continue to whittle away, but it was Popper who said you can’t argue rationally with irrational thinking.

  13. Anon said:

    Your site should edit out racist comments such as appear today on this week’s question. Failure to do so is inexcusable.

  14. Beverly Smith said:

    Dear Truthout,

    Try as I do to keep up with abbreviations which seem to be recurring as replacements for speech exchange, I cannot find anywhere the translation for IDF???? Could it perhaps be International Defense Forces? I cannot find it spelled out anywhere!!!! (And, of course,
    there are thousands of others, but this is the latest one.)

    Beverly Smith

  15. Stan said:

    Following the horrific murder of the young family in Itamar yesterday, I turned to Google News for more information. Top ranked was the “keynote address” of a BDS presenter at “Israel Apartheid Week.” After that was an unsubstantiated report that Israel had kidnapped a Gaza power plant engineer in the Ukraine. There was no mention at all of the murderous terror attack.

    Several hours later, the terror attack appeared, but it had a very low ranking and was preceded by the above “news” items.

    How is Google News ranked? Is its “news service” actually just another web site which can be easily manipulated by search engine optimisation techniques of anti-Israel propagandists?

  16. Alex said:

    The BBC is unbelievable! First, Palestinian “kills five Israelis” Israeli Army reports (quotation marks in the original)…

    Why the quotation marks? And why did they add that the Israeli “military” reports it? Apparently it is a not-so-subtle sign to readers: “Please ignore the details of this story, it is another result of Israeli Army occupation”.

    And no details about WHO was murdered in the headline; and in the body it says tyhat “Israeli officials” have blamed Palestinians … Well I guess the BBC reporters’ guess is that it was done by Jewish extremists?

    And the photo, oh, the photo! A BIG shot of Israeli soldiers .. .NOTHING to do with the story really!

    And don;t tell me nonsense about “newsworthy” items; what is more newsworthing nd “cathching the eye” than the bloodthirsty execution of almost an entire family, including small children. Wonder if this happened in Manchester whether they’d just show a photo of a policeman …

  17. John Bradford said:

    The people who were killed shouldn’t have been there – they knew that. And how can they be called Israelis, they didn’t live in Israel.

  18. John Fransman said:

    We see time and again that we do not obtain a morally objective view from the BBC on any subject relating to our existence in this part of the World. Surely the government should consider taking away their Press accreditation and refusing those like Jeremy Bowen and his team of reporters an entry visa. That is within our control.

  19. Marcia Karon said:

    The following complaint was sent to the BBC:
    The BBC has demonstrated over an over again that it has no moral compass. Anyone who could slaughter a 3 month old baby is nothing but an animal, yet the BBC continues to harp on Jews living on the land of Israel. Where was your outrage of the slaughter of the Fogel family? What about the continual incitement against Israel by the PA? If you would do your own homework and research you would know that there was no Palestine since the days of the Roman conquest of the land of Israel, and there certainly was no Palestine in 1946. But it is not laziness that drives you, but pure antisemitism It would be worth you to remember that our Creator told the ancestors of the Jewish people: “Those who bless you will be blessed and those who curse you will be cursed.

  20. John Bradford said:

    Of course it’s terrible, all this senseless slaughter, but any parent who deliberately takes her baby into a region where she knows she should not be bears the responsibility for whatever may happen to he family and herself.

    The BBC quite rightly “continues to harp on Jews living on the land of Israel” because those people should not be there, as you perfectly well know. The military occupation of the occupied Palestinian territories is illegal and should end.

    And since the BBC reporters were presumably not in Israel, but in the West Bank when they filed their reports, what has the issue of visas got to do with Israel? I don’t need the permission of the Israelis if I want to go to Timbuktu, do I? What arrogance!

    This is part of the OCHA report for the week 23rd Feb – 1st March “Israeli forces kill two Palestinians in Gaza and injured at least 55 others throughout the oPt……..”

    Naturally, you agree that the Israeli forces who killed those Palestinians in Gaza are also animals?

    This is a report from Human Rights Watch dated 6th November 2010 “On October 25, a deminer was killed and at least four others were injured when a submunition exploded as their team cleared land near Tyre in southern Lebanon”. That’s cluster bombs to you and me.

    Cluster bombs dropped by Israel on Lebanon in 2006. What sort of animals do things like that, do you suppose?

  21. Leo Costa said:

    I´m sending to you at HR the letter sent to BBC editors.
    I apologize the mistakes.


    Related to the treatment of the murder on 5 members of a family in Israel, I propose this situation.

    I would like to call it “Recreate just one minute (if you can)”. In all situations, the main actors are Muslims who execute.

    Think just one minute what would happen if this murder would happen in the US.

    Now, think just one minute what would happen if this murder would happen in Germany.

    Again, think another minute if this would happen in Canada and France.

    Finally, think just one minute if the murder happen in UK. In the city of London. A family, several children, murdered at London as the Jewish family was last Friday night.


    Now, in this scenario, think one minute if a human live is worthy: a US life, a German life, a Canadian and French life.

    Finally, a Brit life.


    It´s very hard to comprehend the kind of standards of the “civilized” British media, when you have in great esteem the lives of other people. You react harshly against comdemnation over gays, you react harshly against a very tiny event against Palestinians, but you almost don´t react at all when little kids and their parents are stabbed to death. Slashed the youngest.

    It´s very hard to comprehend the role of you all at UK toward these situations: a group is worth to defend for you, but other is just minimized by you. Not worthy at all.

    Astonishingly… several human rights organizations are based on UK soil! And no horror feelings are shown to these barbarian murderers. They are shown as “palestinian warriors”, and “victims”. It´s a new reshaping of the word “victim”, in front of a family killed while they slept on Friday.

    That´s why I began with the example. If you all could even read it or even comprehended it.

    I wrote several months before, a letter to Reuters because it seemed that they were promoting a war amongst Iran and the whole region, putting Israel as the guilty in the news treatment. It seems that all in the media have a covenant against Israel.

    Hope, British, you´ll comprehend the kind of lobby you are playing a long time ago. Since the very foundation of Israel in 1948, until these very moment. Is not surprising, since a new was released a few time ago, depicting the British services avoiding ships to travel to Israel with the Holocaust survivors, those years, even trying to sink those ships. You all received help during WW II, and you paid in this way to a people emerging from destruction. Human rights? Humanitarian feelings?

    If you have a little sense, do not play this game anymore, please. As you could heard, karma retributes very quickly.

    Sometimes, harshly.

    Kind regards.


  22. SBSteelers said:

    Reuters was not much better in their headlines of the murders, described by Reuters as “killed”. Also left out was that the murders took place on the Sabbath. Think for a moment if an IDF movement of any sort had taken place on Ramadan. The BBC & Reuters each go into hyper hysteria. The photo-shopped and cropped pictures are displayed with their phony bylines. But this is what we’ve grown to expect from BBC cowardice and most other western media cowards. It has been apparent for some time that the only time these socially acceptable bigots are happy is never when it comes to Israel.

  23. John Bradford said:


    You’re mistaken, the family weren’t in Israel, they were in the occupied Palestinian territories.

    Extract from OCHA –
    “…an Israeli air strike on the Daraj residential area of Gaza city which killed 14 others, mostly children, and wounded over one hundred…” 20th – 26th July 2002.

    Is that the type of very tiny event against Palestinians that you speak of?

  24. Colin said:

    Why did you not also include the other BBC report which deals specifically with the murders? Apprantly this appeared the previous day earlier, althought the BBC report you quote oddly does not refer to it. Please say why you failed to note the earlier report. I went out on a limb on the basis of your report, which I have never before found to be untrustworthy.

  25. Matt said:

    Regading the BBC, I am pasting my correspondence with them for your perusal and comment. I think the key is the the downplay of a butchering as a “stabbing”. My response is as follows:

    If this had happened in Britain it would be front page
    headlines and every journalist would be on the spot to get full coverage
    of the brutal murder of a baby whose throat was slit. It was a heinious
    crime by barbarians. Had you given some coverage of this event the
    world would have a clear idea that the Israelis are truly up against an
    implacable foe who will never sue for true peace. Their only peace
    offer is the peace of death. The British public would never settle for
    having such people inherit a little bit of their grand isle. Nor
    should the people of Israel have to live with people absolutley
    committed to the genocide of the Jeiwsh people.
    It’s clear that the intent is biased against the Jewish state.

    Their response:
    Dear Mr. Topas

    Thank you for your e-mail. We initially covered the murders here on

    On Sunday, the announcement about new settlers’ homes was made. Our West Bank correspondent offered analysis saying that it was “hard not to see the timing of the announcement as linked to the killings”. We felt it was appropriate therefore to recount the events at Itamar in this context, and the photograph on the page highlighted the importance of the killings.

    However, this was not, as you suggest, our only coverage of the deaths, but the latest version of developments, a normal practice in 24-hour online journalism.

    Best wishes,

    BBC News website

  26. John Bradford said:

    It couldn’t happen in Britain.
    Firstly, you’d need the scene to be set, namely that a foreign government (let’s call it AFG) used its military strength to invade Britain, that it remained in military occupation for over 40 years, despite international condemnation, and that it moved its own citizens into Britain, protecting them against the unsurprising hostility of the British with overwhelming military force. Then you’d need to alienate the British folks further by over 40 years of harrassment, murder, property theft, road blocks, transportation of Britons to AFG’s prisons (eg, British children languishing in AFG’s jails, in chains, for the crime of throwing stones at AFG’s soldiers), etc.
    Then you’d need to have AFG bomb areas of Britain not occupied, using phosporous and other banned weapons, justifying that action on the grounds that the British in the area were resisting the occupation.
    Then you’d need AFG to bomb a neighbouring country (Ireland, say) where many British had been refugees for generations, using cluster bombs that, many years later, were still killing Irish citizens.
    Whilst all this is going on, AFG insists it’s doing nothing wrong!
    Under those circumstances, I suppose the British, or any other nation thus invaded, might well be moved to commit desperate acts.
    You couldn’t imagine any government carrying out such an atrocious policy, could you? Nor could I.
    It couldn’t happen in Britain.

    • andrew o'shea said:

      Oh dear John, a little lost in history, was a time when Britain helped ‘Israeli’s’ and the land was blessed, then ,after the 2nd world war, 1948, they began a persecution of ‘jews’ living in england, though like most ‘white’ nations, we tend to omit these facts or simply deny they ever happened. The people of the day had ‘no homes, the allies and axis took them all, no money, jews were forbidden to have any, restriction of movement, dispossession of goods’ etc.they became ‘a hated people’ so they took to going home, Israel, interestingly enough, this was a desert that “nobody wanted” along comes a people and uses irrirgation, builds homes and all of a sudden, a group of ‘arabs’ decides, “hey, that’s ours, give it back” and lo and behold, the world cries foul. History, england gave their land away in the 1920’s, and further lands in the supposed 1948 Israel, yes, your country has a lot to answer for, God repays, repent John, you have been shown. The world came together and armed the ‘arab’ world to annihilate Israel and lost, all nations who rise against God’s people will suffer, have a look around the world today, do you not see it, glory be to God who was and is and is to come, Holy is thy name ‘o’ LORD. history paints a very bleak picture of how the world has treated Israel, God will reclaim His land, and there is none who can stand against Him, choose this day whom you will serve or perish in your sins, God loves you, only you can make your choice.

  27. Corrine Schlessel said:

    March 17, 2011

    My confusion is heightened by the continually strange rhetoric of the LA Times reports regarding the brutal and senseless murders of
    an entire, and entirely innocent family.
    Even as acts of defiance, the reaction of the perpetrators to Israel building on their OWN land, yet close to those who seek to destroy
    them, is beyond comprehension.
    The expectation of a violent response to these murders is palpable, yet Israel’s response is to continue to build homes for it’s citizens.
    The LA Times seems to think that Israel needs a building permit from it’s neighbors to build on it’s very own land. Which then is the provocative act? Building homes, or the brutal murders of a young, vital , innocent , and productive family sleeping peacefully in it’s own home?
    The rockets red glare over Israel are not the bombs bursting in air , giving proof that the land is still there. No! The glare of rockets are the attacks that the innocent citizens of Israel continue to suffer at the hands of it’s neighbors.
    The LATimes seems to have some convoluted visions of what’s right and what’s wrong.
    Israel teaches love and respect to the children they bare. Islam teaches quite the opposite. The rhetoric in Islam continually batters home to it’s followers that murder, mayhem and hatred, is the course to follow. Islam likes the flow of blood; and makes of peaceful neighbors, red rivers and the stench of death.
    The L A Times encourages this disgrace to humanity by seeking to justify murder.
    The responsibility to report news that is just and fair is always critical.
    Apparently the LA Times thinks otherwise. It is my fervent hope that the L A Times enlightens it’s reporters that the goal of Israel is peace., and that in their reporting, they cease to justify the murders of innocent people.
    Respectfully ,
    C Schlessel

    Hampton, VA

  28. John Bradford said:


    Assuming you’re talking about oPt land, then it’s not Israel’s land.
    Building homes for Israelis on that land is provocative.
    The citizens of Israel are not innocent, as since the creation of Israel, they have consistently voted for governments that flout international law and UN resolutions.
    But you know all that already, don’t you?

  29. Eduardo said:


    I just wanted to point out that the Guardian (a newspaper who never misses a chance to spin the way it reports its news in a contemptible and vitriolic demonisation of Israel) has, to little surprise, decided to completely ignore the attack of 50 or so rockets launched yesterday (March 19th) from Gaza to Israel.

    A quick look at the Guardian’s Gaza page (, for March 19th shows the letters to the editor with the top entry a scathing criticism of the UN for not having intervened in Gaza in 2009, and to a story about a person who may or may not have been switched at birth in Gaza.
    Of the rocket attacks there is absolutely no word.

    I have no doubt that the editors of the Guardian will not change their policy at all, but I encourage everyone to complain and to bring this up next time they spin another article about how the evil Israelis are out to brutally murder the poor, peace-loving “palestinians”.

  30. John Bradford said:

    Rockets are launched from Gaza into Israel by the people and their descendants who were forced to flee there in the late 1940’s and since. They are refugees, and have been, many of them, for over 60 years. They want back their homes and property that were stolen from them in the 1940’s. Not unreasonably, I’m sure you’ll agree.
    According to the Jerusalem Post, following the attacks Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman instructed diplomats in New York to lodge a complaint with the United Nations over the mortar barrage. I’m going to lodge a complaint with my government about why Israel has not implemented a raft of UN resolutions.

  31. Leo Costa said:

    Lodging complaints… logding complaints…. lodging complaints.

    If so, besides of the “normal” complaints on the accostumed issues it would be good to lodge complaints against:

    1) The war crimes the Russians made over Chechnia.

    2) The war crimes the Serbians made in the Bosnian war (not the few weak arguments known in the international courts, but the heavy cases also who were suffered by the Bosnians).

    3) The increasing involvement of China in Africa.

    4) The involvement of European companies in the African wars due to ColTan, the basic component in cell phones.

    5) The code of silence kept by some European countries in the most disturbing wars since 1950 throughout the world.

    6) The code of silence kept by Brittain in many issues: the opium war in China until the delivering of Hong Kong in 1997; the partition of many parts in the world with the boundaries set by them and that are the cause of many territorial wars; the weakening of many countries in their own benefits for their “national interests” has happened to Guatemala with Belize, Argentina with the Malvinas (not “Falkland”, this is the worst absurd thing as many made), India with Gandhi and the terrible things made by the Brits, and so on; the silence during the Apartheid in South Africa when black people were killed by white people, many of them from English ascendant; the most recent scandal on BP pouring thousands of “chemicals” to “erase” the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico (chemicals that disolve the cellular membranes on living organisms, including humans, denoted by an strange itching in the skin tissues); the silence kept on the 1999 issue of the sick cattle with Jakobs-Kreutzfeld disease that endangered the public health around Europe; the treatment on their youth in the military compounds (some of them severely injured when trained to become an uniform man or woman); the high endangering of their own national security due to moles inside the very national security system from 1940s to 1970s until the main responsible was granted on the first years of the 1980s; etc; etc; etc.

    7) The China treatment over Tibet, and over Uigur etnia. Even over their own people on laboral issues and public expression.

    8) The Russian silence over Olga Politkovskaya, and Alexandr Litvinenko.

    9) The European involvement in Ruanda, in 1994.

    10) The English silence the first weeks after the murder of a Brazilian worker on the English police hands.

    11) The English and European silence during the Latinamerican slaughter during the years of mass killings, specially in Chile with Pinochet (the only man who make a worthy labor was Harald Edelstam in Chile, fleeing many Chileans to Sweden, avoiding them to be killed by the Chilean death squads).

    12) The English silence when they tried to sink ships with Jews from the Holocaust toward Israel, the silence they kept whe hidding war criminals in Canada after WW II, etc., etc.

    It´s a very huge list.

    “Refugees”, giving to them in a very subtle way the “right” to launch rockets to towns in Israel? In the subliminal way the media accuses Israel, and defends these “refugees”?

    It´s distorting to call “refugees” to people who launch mortars and rockets over towns and human settlements. It could be good to watch if the refugees from other countries launch artillery over towns, as palestinians do, as to be called “refugees”, i. e.: refugees from Lybia in Egypt over their prosecutors from their own country right now, refugees from Chechnia in Poland over Russian towns, refugees from El Salvador in Nicaragua and Honduras over El Salvador during the salvadorean civil war as palestinians did during the 80s from Lebanon, Jordan and Syria over Israel (by the way, palestinians “refugees” sparked an almost civil war in Jordan in 1970, and were one of the main causes of the Lebanon civil war ignited in 1975 after the episode in Jordan).

    Mainly, it´s distorting to call “refugees” to a people that, until 1994, could work at the very Israel, returning to their homes in Gaza and Cisjordania at night. But, in 1994 when Rabin and Arafat were awarded in Oslo with the Peace Nobel prize, Arafat began to escalate the conception of “peace” and “refugee”, by killing Nissim Toledano in an ambush in a palestinian town. And after that, the cruel wave of attacks on population that revoked the work permissions to many palestinians, after an almost normal labor life (normal completely if they weren´t kept the permanent violent attitude to Jewish), even with the intifada in 1987. After these events, when palestinians became themselves isolated due to their own actions, the word “refugee” over them became a fashion used with fruition in the media campaign. The fashion in which palestinians became “victims”, and israelis became “oppresors from the zionist regime…” and so on, in the very known language, with all its variants.

    This campaign, in which Arafat was the main architect supported in a very subterranean way by the media and other hidden forces, is one of the vehicles seen today. The refugees that attack and inmediately present themselves as victims. The refugess that slaughter many Jews when they begin to arrive to their ancestral land, diminished by the same so called today “refugees”, but that sparked envy due to the Jewish effort to recover a land abandoned by centuries, and only after that, began to claim that land as their property.
    Did they displayed the same effort under British dominion, or even under Turk dominion? No. Only with Israel. Now, this is the fashion.

    Perhaps all these facts were well known, isn´t it?

    Yes or not, there are subtle motifs in struggling against Israel, and defending the slaughters of Jewish people. And giving them rights to attack more Jewish, with the recent rockets, and the last murders of a complete family. As is not enough, a family was killed, and now they launch rockets. And they still are called “refugees”, “victims”, and to them are given “rights” to attack, from others who give them support in their writings or speeches!

    Those motifs, are the real reason to change the meaning of right and wrong. Good and evil.

    Naturally, these last words, for these very people, are worthy of mock, as is the costume in this change of meanings and roles. Those that have been in the mind of mankind to distinguish good from bad, and whose violation has been the reason of many wars. Simply, because when a person is attacked, in any manner, feels the own security broken. And the attacker, under no circumstances, can assume the role as “victim” (or “refugee” with “rights” to attack).
    Would be interesting to apply this focus on the WW II events. Brittain was the guilty to be bombarded by the Germans? Or the Germans were victims, and that was the reason to attack Poland? Did the Polish were guilty to be attacked by the victims, the Germans? Or perhaps, Brittain was worth to blame because Hitler was looking for an aerial and maritime blockade?
    Or, with all the terrible things, Russia was guilty to be attacked by the Germans, and they were guilty for the Stalingrad battle, and the German were victims.
    If so, History should be rewritten, because in every case, the attacker is the real victim, and the attacked, who suffers the attack, is worthy to blame. The guilty (Besides, calling the attack over his people).

    Wouldn´t be surprising if these people, with their thinking fashion, wants to spark these situation in the Middle East using Israel in his constant attacks toward this country.

    “Rockets are launched from Gaza into Israel by the people and their descendants who were forced to flee there in the late 1940?s and since. They are refugees, and have been, many of them, for over 60 years. They want back their homes and property that were stolen from them in the 1940?s. Not unreasonably, I’m sure you’ll agree.”

    “Not unreasonably, I’m sure you’ll agree.” Lies becoming truths, and truths becoming lies.

    What a distortion and blindness!

  32. John Bradford said:

    Are you saying that Avigdor Lieberman should not instruct diplomats in New York to lodge a complaint with the United Nations?
    Are you saying they’re not refugees?
    Yes, many terrible things have been done by many people and nations since recorded history began, the most recent being the Israeli treatment of Palestinians since the late 1940’s. Eg, this is reported today, Sunday:-
    “The bodies of two Gaza teenagers were retrieved by Palestinian medics late Sunday morning, after being killed by Israeli fire some 12 hours earlier in the border area east of Gaza City.
    An Israeli military spokeswoman said Sunday that soldiers fired at two men approaching the Gaza Strip’s border with Israel. The army official told Ma’an that forces identified a hit, but she could not confirm that they were killed.”

  33. Barbara Stone said:

    HR’s expose in its Shattered Lens series is, as you contend, graphic, on-going evidence of the shocking distortion of the IDF and the vilification of Israel via the camera. A picture can be worth a thousand words – or, in the many examples you cite, a thousand lies or half-truths. Yet there is a telltale give-away to this contrived bias and it is to be found in the photo captions…or more precisely their by-line credits. In ever single case the photographer not only has an Islamic name, but he/she is acting in compliance with or the connivance of either the PA or Hamas. If it were the reverse, with images purporting to display evidence of Arab repression against Israelis/Jews and the photo by-lines were in the names of Levy, Cohen or Goldberg, then you can safely bet your last shekel on Reuters, AFP, Getty Images et al asking serious questions about their stringers’ motives and credentials.

  34. Ezra Kattan said:

    I do the Los Angeles Times Crossword puzzle and the writer had a clue “Mid East Poitical group” and the answer was PLO. The writer has a leftist bias and must be of Jewish descent especially for Democrats and is anti Israel. Another clue was “terrorist weapon” where the answer was UZI which is an Israeli submachine gun. This is an insidious way to promote their anti Israel bias by this kapo who writes this puzzle.

  35. John Bradford said:

    Yes, you’re correct there is plenty of evidence of the vilification of Israel via the camera (and many other media, too). That’s because Israel presents plenty of acts that are worthy of vilification.
    Eg, this report datelined today, Tuesday…”A child, teenager and three adults were killed and others injured by Israeli artillery fire which hit a home east of Gaza City on Tuesday afternoon.”
    That’s just happened.

  36. Eduardo said:

    “That’s because Israel presents plenty of acts that are worthy of vilification.”

    That’s rich, especially coming from someone who has come up with the most pathetic excuses to justify the savage slaughtering of an entire family and the launching of rockets on civilian targets.

    Thank goodness for HR; hopefully it will help to reduce the media’s demonization of Israel and, therefore, the mindset of the John Bradfords of this world (although in his case, his hatred of Israel is so atavic that no amount of balanced reporting would change his outlook).

  37. John Bradford said:

    I haven’t come up with excuses to justify the savage slaughtering of an entire family, pathetic or otherwise. What happened was wrong.
    I have, though, come up with a scenario under which such things would never have happened, namely the implementation by Israel of the various UN resolutions which will be familiar to you.
    Launching of rockets? What do you suggest the refugees in Gaza should be doing in order to recover their homes and property. You do agree that there are refugees in Gaza, do you? Israel is at war with the Palestinians, and has been since 1948 – the reduction in the demonisation of Israel will come about when Israel implements the UN resolutions and makes peace. Meanwhile the media and others, including me, will continue to comment.
    I’m afraid that I don’t believe that HR will make much difference to anything; I’m not sure now how I ever came across it. I’d be happy to continue this exchange on Facebook, which perhaps has a wider reach that HR.

  38. Karen said:

    Re: Headline saying “Bomb Targets Jerusalem Bus Stop”
    Actually, I think it is unjustified to pursue media for this as it is common for the media to first mention where an attack took place – whether in Israel, the U.S., London or Madrid. The latter attacks were described as being on the buses and trains – victims there were also not at first mentioned in the headlines. This is not a legitimate complaint of anti-Israeli reporting. However, I was very angry at the first reports describing this attack as perpetrated by “Palestinian militants” and not terrorists. Yesterday, I checked some news sites again and was mollified to see that they had all changed their term and were calling it a terrorist attack. So I hope that the change was due to a huge outcry about their use of the word “militant”.

  39. Steve Avram said:


    I would like to point out the article that appeared in the Montreal Gazette of March 24, 2011 after the bus bombing in Jerusalem. The article is written by Douglas Hamilton of Reuters.

    The article refers to increased violence in the Middle East and presents the sequence of events as if the Israeli air strikes in Gaza caused the retaliation with the bus stop bombing. In this context, it is interesting to note that the stabbing of the Israeli family, which happened before this incident, gets mentioned only in the second half of this report which is half a newspaper page long. Also, when the writer finaly gets to the rocket fire from Gaza, this comes from “defiant Islamists”.

    I would like to see more intervention to ensure the Montreal Gazette practices “Honest Reprting”.

    Thank you.

  40. John Bradford said:

    It isn’t the air strikes in Gaza that caused the Jerusalem bombing, it is the continual refusal by Israel to implement the many UN resolutions outstanding that have been passed by the UN since the late 1940’s

    A quote from UNSCR 446, it calls once more upon Israel, as the occupying Power, to abide scrupulously by the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention, to rescind its previous measures and to desist from taking any action which would result in changing the legal status and geographical nature and materially affecting the demographic composition of the Arab territories occupied since 1967, including Jerusalem, and, in particular, not to transfer parts of its own civilian population into the occupied Arab territories.

    That was passed by the UN in 1979.

  41. Jean Vercors said:


    We Jewish people PROTEST against the existence of a Page on Facebook that promotes the Intifada aka Genocide of Jews.

    We are making a Petition against Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO/President of Facebook to force him to CLOSE immediately the Facebook Page that is promoting the Intifada!!

    Mark Zuckerberg belong to the Jewish People, he must act asap against the promotion of violence and antisémitism

    It is against Facebook’s user agreement –

    since it is “hateful, threatening and incites violence”. In order to open this page, the Muslims agreed to Facebook’s user agreement.

    Now, not only are they VIOLATING this agreement, but they are also threatening Facebook,
    I quote “If Facebook Blocked this Page.. All Muslims Will Boycott Facebook For Ever!”
    Facebook MUST CLOSE THIS PAGE DOWN IMMEDIATELY!!!! It has already caused the death of a young family in Israel and is CONTINUING to cause BLOODSHED!!!!
    Mr. Mark Zuckerberg must CLOSE their page otherwise he is an ACCOMPLICE
    in MURDER OF HIS OWN PEOPLE because of his financial interests with the muslim people.

    Here is the link

    Thank you for your support

  42. Layla said:

    Jerusalem Post’s Khaled Abu Toameh reports the beatings of several Palestinian women journalists by Hamas Security forces during a pro unity demonstration, with one women being stabbed. The internet offers confirmation of this by other diverse websites and news services if you search them out, and many analyse the repressive and abusive methods of the Islamist Hamas regime against its own people since it took power, particularly towards Palestinian women. Where are these reports in my State news services and current affairs programmes? There’s no discussion of this particular form of human rights abuse against the Palestinian people from its own extremists, simply because it is not ideologically expedient to do so for fear it may confound or confuse the far more simpler task of making Israel the abuser alone. And yet, current dire revelations in the Arab states are showing us that Arabs wthin Israel have likely fared better within Israel than the majority of Arabs in their own homelands, with jobs available to them, equal rights to healthcare as well as some political representation. No not ideal, but then, it seems, certainly NOT worse.

  43. Barbara Stone said:

    Layla answers her own question as to why stories of female Palestinian reporters savagely abused by Hamas in Gaza (not too dissimilar to the treatment meted out to European female correspondents during the Egyptian ‘pro-democracy’ rallies) go unreported.
    The simple fact is what Hamas does – whether it raining rockets down on Israel to provoke an IDF response, using children as human shields, tossing political opponents off the tops of buildings or abusing women in general – it doesn’t make good copy for the UK’s Guardian or BBC, The Washington Post or the Canadian media, since it contradicts their own cherished view of the Israel-Palestine situation (i.e. pro-Palestinians, anti-Israel). What Layla may also fairly ask is: When are European and US journos hostile to Israel going to give up the ghost on claims Hamas are a democratically-elected entity? Yes, they were voted in during the (long ago) Palestinian elections, but usurped power in a violent coup-d’etat, which utterly destroyed any pretence of a multi-party representation in Gaza. Finally, I have to ask Layla how many Arab-Israelis she thinks would swap their status for life under the PA, Hamas or any other Arab country’s rule?

  44. Sandra said:

    I’m really pleased the Facebook site on the Palestinians 3rd Intifada has been shut down.
    If you put into Facebook search – hate israel – there are quite a few other sites which need to be shut down!

  45. Raymond Huppert said:

    As we all know, the Temple Mount is occupied by the islamic mosque only.
    This area is holy ground to Judaism as well as to Christianity. As a practising Catholic I cannot understand why the Israeli government has permitted the occupation of this holy ground by the Islamists only.
    There is ample space there to build a decent sized synagogue as well as a nice church.
    Islam has no historical connection with Jerusalem and the Temple Mount in particular.
    Mohamed was never in Jerusalem. Our Lord Jesus was. The Jewish kingdoms were there.
    Can someone please explain it to me ?
    It seems that political pressure by the arabs has again won the day.

  46. Leah Zitter said:

    Your posts reminded me of a recent newsstory (2010): where a Palestinian/ Iraqi-looking man was stopped and interrogated by airline security (Oakland, CA) because he was wearing a t-shirt with Arabic script.

    Do you think they were too strict with him?
    Leah Z.

  47. James L. Berkley said:

    We are now engaged in a pan Islamic war. The enemy’s objective in this war is to establish the Caliphate and to extend its hegemony according to Q’ranic policy. This means either converting to Islam or extorting, enslaving or killing every human being in the world. The war was initiated by Mohammed and his followers in the seventh century and has never ceased. The Khartoum Resolution of 1967 still characterizes the enemy’s position with regard to Israel: “No recognition. No negotiation. No peace.”

    For the last hundred fifty years, a new force has emerged in geopolitics. This is collectivism. It adapts to various forms and operates in various ways according to economic and sociopolitical conditions. It takes the forms of socialism, syndicalism, trade unionism, populism, fascism, national socialism, communism, and social democracy. Its aim is to achieve what is called “social justice,” by means of deception and force.

    Social justice means robbing, enslaving or killing all free and productive individuals, and distributing their wealth “fairly.” In order to do this, their rights must be vitiated. The result is a welfare/security state with absolute power ruling over a population of cowering slaves. This was the object of ther Nazi Holocaust. The pan Islamic enemy made common cause with the Nazis to rob and exterminate the Jewish people. For example, King Adulazziz of Saudi Arabia pressed the Nazis for years prior to WWII to exterminate the Jewish people and offered free access to cheap oil in return. Haj Amin Al Hosseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem held field rank in the SS, commanding a division of Waffen SS which made common cause with Catholic partisans in the former Yugoslavia during WWII.

    In short, the Collectivist cause remains allied today with the pan Islamist Imperialist cause who share the aim of vitiating all individual rights in service of their seperate goals, just as Hitler and Stalin did prior to the invasion of the USSR in 1941.

    Suntze said, “war is the way of deception.” The problem of non existent “moral equivalency” has been fabricated by the pan Islamist enemy as a matter of ‘tacquiya;’ strategic deception, a strategy practiced in modern times by such worthies as John Dewey, John Reed, Edward Bearnais, Josef Goebels, Woodrow Wilson, George Soros, Maurice Strong, Cass Sunstein, Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, Bill Clinton, and Barak Obama.

    Pan Islamic Imperialism requires that Israel; the “near enemy;” the “small satan,” and the United States; the “far enemy;” the great satan,” be defeated and converted, or destroyed. Collectivism requires that private property, free markets, and individual rights be destroyed and their militant defenders killed.

    Simply put, pan Islamists and Collectivists share one essential object in common: global tyranny. They share a common strategy: impoversh all free human beings, and destroy their individual rights in order to enslave and rule them. One effective means of achieving this is to divide and conquer by fomenting division and internal conflict throughout the free world. An effective tactic in service of this strategy is deceptive journalism, which means inaccurate reporting, deceptive analysis and unremitting propaganda. Here is where the alliance between the pan Islamist press and the left wing media is clearest and most effective.

    Yassir Arafat, a product of training by the KGB at Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow, stood before the U.N., a communist, anti Western, anti American, anti Judaic organization, and provided the model of moral equivalency in a simple slogan: “Zionism is racism.” The pan Islamist community and the international left wing press took up this phrase and extrapolated it into a hundred million lies of moral equivalency according to the theory of Edward Bearnais as perfected by Josef Goebels. This big lie is now taught in every UNRA or Saudi funded madrassa, and in every socialist government school system in the western world, according to the theory of Soviet darling John Dewey.

    Opposition to the idea of moral equivalency is simple. The test of justice and propriety provides a clear standard. Justice consists in the proper possession and free exercise of individual rights by persons. These universal, fundamental, perennial rights are Self Possession, Self Direction, Self Responsibility, Defense, and Liberty; freedom from improper coercion by means of force or fraud. Propriety means that the only limit on the exercise of one’s rights is the right other persons, which may never be violated. Thus, action is just when it manifests in the exercise of an individual right; it is proper when it does not violate the rights of other persons.

    When one violates the rights of others by means of improper coercion, ie: by initiating the use of deception and force, one’s own rights are forfeit. Any principle, policy, law or action opposing the just and proper exercise of free will by individual persons; violating their rights through the use force and fraud, constitutes improper coercion. It is therefore the right and the duty of every person who is able, to oppose improper coercion with countervailing deception and force. This is the proper use of coercion and is called countercoercion.

    THERE IS NO MORAL EQUIVALENCY BETWEEN COERCION AND COUNTERCOERCION. Coercion is evil. Countercoercion is good. Coercion is wrong. Countercoercion is right. Coercion is unnecessary. Countercoercion is mandatory. Coercion is unlawful, because in the words of St. Thomas Aquinus, “an unjust law is no law at all.” Countercoercion is the moral obligation of those who uphold the Natural Law; the law of what Thomas Jefferson called “Nature’s God.”

    The Sharia Law of Islam is nothing more than a criminal cult of coercion. The Principles, policies and laws of socialism are nothing more than a criminal code of coercion. Together, the pan Islamist Imperialists and the collectivists form a criminal cult of coercion and conquest.

    Deuteronomy says, “Justice; justice shalt thou pursue.” The Sanhedrin says, “If a man come to kill you, rise up and kill him first.” Pan Islamic Imperialism and collectivism are monsters of injustice who come to kill justice by means of improper coercion. Therefore their rights are forfeit. Any and all attacks upon individual rights by pan Islamists and collectivists, or anyone else, constitute improper coercion and are clearly evil, wrong, and unnecessary. Any and all countercoercion brought to bear against them is good, right and absolutely essential.

    Therefore, when the enemy attacks, it is evil, wrong and criminal. When we counterattack, it is good, right, and mandatory. If we let the enemy defeat us, he will then rule the whole world by means of force and fraud, enslaving all those who submit, and murdering all those who do not.


    James L. Berkley

  48. John Bradford said:

    James, what a load of codswallop.

    If Israel were to implement the many UN resolutions outstanding that have been passed by the UN since the late 1940?s, as it will surely be forced to one day, then this would all be over.

  49. Eduardo said:


    you keep ranting and raving about UN resolutions, all the time forgetting that had the arabs accepted resolution 181 they would have had their own state. Furthermore, there are several resolutions which call for an end to terrorism and the recognition of the state of Israel which you seem to be ignorant of.

    As Golda Meir said, peace will come when the arabs start loving their children more than they hate Israelis.

  50. John Bradford said:

    I don’t rant and rave, I don’t forget things like that, and I’m not ignorant of those other resolutions.

    Yes, in retrospect, acceptance of 181 would have been good. Are you proposing that this should be resurrected? And I agree that an end to terrorism would also be good – no more phosporous in Gaza or cluster bombs in Lebanon. I’m sure you know that those cluster bombs are still killing people. I reckon most people would think that all constitutes terrorism.

    I think that we agree that there are many outstanding UN resolutions that ought to be implemented. Good, how do we get started on that? I suggest implementation of UNSCR 242, (this is about the inadmissibility of acquiring territory by military force – I imagine you agree with that principle) as a good place to start, do you agree?

  51. David Wasserman said:

    Tody I read the piece that the US ia demanding that Israel make peace. Those in non-occupied territories have nothing to loose but everythin to gain.
    Are we in the US afraid of all of the oil countries cutting us off? Are we afraid of loosing face in te eyes of the reat of the wortld?

    The only TRUE democratic contry in tha part of the world is Israel. They aren not playing politics with their people.

    Here in the US, it seems as though our president had forgotten that he promised to be a frienfd and back Israel. Our former presidents chose not to make waves. As for the UN, it should close its doors and say so – long.It has not been a friend of any county that wants to support Israel.

    Franc, and some of the other European countries have cow towed to an influx of foreighers that preach hate towards the Jewish people and nation.
    Are we looking at another secoming of the war yesars?
    Israel has given so much in the way of Medical Advancements, Electronic Industry, Agriculture, Human Rights to name jsut a few. Why can’t the rest of the world just say Thank you for all that you have done to make this a better world?

    Oh well, I guess I have just let off a lot of steam, but we as a nation should be ashamed of our position.

  52. John Bradford said:

    Well, I certainly agree that the US should be ashamed of its position, so if you’re right and Obama is really going to force Israel to stop destroying the lives of large numbers of people, stop dropping cluster bombs, stop dropping phosporous, stop international piracy on the high seas, stop stealing land, stop locking up children (“make peace”, as you so succinctly put it), then that has to be a good thing.

    Make peace, eh? There’s a novel idea.

    Go for it, Israel!

  53. JERRY PARLADE said:

    BIG NO to a Palestinian State! and WHY? view the CNN and BBC news: MUSLIM arabs KILLING Islamic ARABS in Yemen,BAHRAIN,Egypt,SYRIA,Libya, Sunnis KILLING Shi’ites! the U.N. Human Rights advocates are now having a hardtime to determined which side should be called “TERRORISTS” the MUSLIM rebels or the ISLAMIC governments of Yemen,BAHRAIN,Egypt,SYRIA,Libya? if there will be a Palestinian State,it means, we will also view at the CNN and BBC news, “Palestinian MUSLIMs KILLING Palestinian ARABs!” in reality,all of these so-called ISLAMIC-Muslim ARABs are all LUNATIC PSYCHOTIC people roaming around in the Middle East… they hate Israel and they love to hate each other! they simply love to KILL but they dont want to be called a “TERRORISTS!”

  54. Beverly Smith said:

    The time has come to try to make peace and understanding among ALL those mentioned in Jerry Parlade’s small history lesson. HOW do you calm and quiet HATE? My personal knowledge of how a Community Organizer works leads me to believe that President Barack Obama may just bt the man to do this. Quelling hate is next to impossible, of course, but if ANY of our present leaders can get close– it is he!!!!! Let us keep faith with his calm and quiet way of working effectively…. almost unseen, as it’were!!!!!

  55. John Bradford said:

    I’m sure you know your killing statistics, so no doubt you know OCHA’s statistics on killing, but I’ll quote a few for the benefit of others you don’t have your knowledge.

    Conflict-related Palestinians killed in 2010 – 87 Jan – Mar 2011 – 30
    Conflict-related Israelis killed in 2010 – 8 Jan – Mar 2011 – nil

    So the CNN and BBC news headlines will be mainly ISRAELIS killing PALESTINIANS. So I agree with you, BIG NO to an Israeli State!

  56. Eduardo said:

    Indeed, John, accepting 181, instead of getting their chums to launch an all out war against the newly-created state of Israel would have been very good. The so-called “palestinians” would have had their own state too. However, at the time, you will agree that their aim was not to have their own state but, rather, to murder every last Jew and be part of a greater pan-arabic state.

    You will also undoubtedly agree that Israel has already implemented most of resolution 242 by returning the Sinai to Egypt as well as withdrawing from Gaza and parts of the West Bank, making peace with Egypt and Jordan and pulling back to the international border with Lebanon. You will also agree that resolution 242 doesn’t mention the “palestinians” anywhere.

    Which brings us back to the main point, viz. that the “palestinians” should renounce terrorism (slaughtering innocent families, firing rockets at civilian targets, firing anti-tank missiles at school buses, etc.), recognize Israel, and show true desire to live alongside in peace (e.g. stop educating their children to hate and to aspire to “martyrdom”) before there can be any possibility of a true and lasting peace.

  57. John Bradford said:

    We agree on 181, presumably because we both accept the authority of the UN. In which case, I imagine we agree that all other UN resolutions should be enforced. Good.

    I don’t agree that the Palestinians’ aim was not to have their own state.

    I agree that Israel has implemented most of 242, in the sense of ‘most’ land area. I’m not aware that Israel has withdrawn from any of the West Bank. I agree that 242 doesn’t mention Palestinians. So what, what’s your point? It doesn’t mention Syrians, Lebanese or Egyptians either.

    But it does refer to the inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war. And it refers to all Member States accepting the Charter of the United Nations undertaking a commitment to act in accordance with Article 2 of the Charter. Article 2 says that all members shall settle their international disputes by peaceful means. I’m sure you agree that this applies to Israel as well as to all other member states, and I’m sure you’ll also agree that Israel isn’t doing that.

    The main point (indeed, the only point) is that Israel must implement all UN resolutions before there can be any lasting peace. But it must do one other thing in addition to implementing all these resolutions before there can be any lasting peace – it must say sorry to all those whose lives have been destroyed by Israeli military aggression over all these years. And mean it.

    It would also help if all those other countries around the world who have supported Israel throughout all this aggression would also apologise to the Palestinians for that support. And, of course, end their support.

  58. Shimon Cohen said:

    Dear John,

    As before 1948 it was always the case that Arabs did not agree with any Jews in Israel. They thought that the population of Jews in Israel can easily be eliminated and also thrown into the sea. Mind you, arabs where the allies of Nazies. We will never forget it. Arabs still think they will be able to kill all of us. We, yes the Jews who live in Israel (I made Alia from Australia 20 years ago), we shall continue to fight for our life. We leaved Gaza strip and what we got in exchange, over than ten thousands missles on Israel, even on the city of my parents. Do you understand it? Do you understand that every time we made concessions those are used by the Aarb terrorist to take our life?

    What would you do if missiles where fired at you own city? Whould you be so nice as you appear to be when those missle are aimed upon us?

    Never the less, we still provide food to Gaza strip more than other nation which would be under terror attacks over than 60 years. Do you recall recently just a whole family were murdered in west bank (Fogel family). A baby 3 month old were murder in cold blood. How can you justify any of this? Any measure which the Isralie army takes in the west bank is totaly necessary to avoid murder of our people. Stop the hypocrisy and double standarts!

    We shall not be murdered again as was in the holocaust!

    Shimon Cohen

  59. John Bradford said:

    But it isn’t the city of your parents. It’s land stolen at gunpoint from the Palestinians in the late 1940s. The Palestinians, not surprisingly as I’m sure you’ll agree, want the land and property returned to them.

    Israel doesn’t make “concessions”, that’s the wrong word, implying, wrongly, that Israel has the right to make the choice as to whether to make “concessions” or not, as it sees fit. Israel doesn’t have that right, it is obligated to return the occupied territories, so any such return is not a concession.

    What would I do if missiles were fired at my own city? That’s an impossibility, as I’ve explained previously. What would I do if “your” city were where I lived and missiles were fired at it? I’d implement all the outstanding UN resolutions, make peace with the Palestinians, and apologise for the reign of terror imposed on the region over more than 60 years by Israel.

    Yes, I recall the family killed in the West Bank. Imagine that parents would knowingly take their young family into a war zone, to a region where their presence is illegal under international law (the 4th Geneva Convention). I just can’t imagine that anyone would be so irresponsible as to deliberately put their children in harm’s way, can you?

    I don’t justify anyone’s murder. As I’m sure you know, Israel murdered four children in Gaza in March (as well as fifteen adult Palestinians). Like you, I don’t justify that, either.

    Stop double standards? Yes I agree with you totally there. The notion that it’s OK for Israelis to murder Palestinians at will whilst (rightly) condemning the murder of Israelis is a double standard that we clearly both think is wrong, so that’s some sort of progress, I suppose.

    The holocaust? I’m proud of my country for helping to end it. The Jews were the innocent victims of a terrible evil, and I hope that I would be able to help to prevent that ever happening again. What is happening in in the occupied territories and in Israel is entirely the fault of Israel, so there is no parallel.

    • Shimon Cohen said:

      Dear John,

      I would like to take some of your logic to US. According to you the people who were murdered in the west bak or those who suffer from Hamas missiles are to blame. Well should the Indian kill american and draw them out of America? Is it not the same logic?
      BTW, how long is the connnection between American (Europian) to America. Is it thousands of years?

      By the same logic all the Jews who were killed in the haulocaust are to blame as they were in Europe.
      Same on you.

    • John Bradford said:


      Yes, the retaliation by Palestinian refugees is the fault of Israel. They’re refugees – they want their land and property back, as required by UN resolutions. Israeli citizens routinely vote for governments that prevent that happening. So much for Israeli democracy, if Israel were a dictatorship, then you’d blame the dictators, but it’s not, so, yes, you have to blame the voters. I hope we have that clear now.

      American Indians did indeed kill many Europeans many years ago when their land was invaded, and have had much sympathy from many people since. Those wars ended when the European Americans made peace and a one-state solution was agreed, so, no, it’s not the same logic. No-one in America has an army which is brutally suppressing American Indians in defiance of UN resolutions, are they?

      The general view is that Columbus discovered America in 1492, which is about 500 years ago, but many people think that the Vikings went there much earlier, but then left. Europeans first arrived in what is now the USA from about 1600.

      The Jews weren’t to blame for the holocaust, and I’m baffled as to the logic that’s got you to that suggestion.

      Shame on me for what?

  60. Tom Laton said:

    Re: “We agree on 181, presumably because we both accept the authority of the UN.”

    If you accept the authority of the UN, then you must accept its authority to authorize the Jews to create an Independent State, which they did, and you must condemn as an illegal act of war the attack upon that state by five Arab nations, and since that war and attack were illegal, you must accept that the additional lands won in that war of aggression by the Arabs belongs unquesionably to the Israeli nation.

  61. Tom Laton said:

    ” It’s land stolen at gunpoint from the Palestinians in the late 1940s”

    Which land is that? What year is that? Please be more specific.

    How about the lands legally purchased by the Jews from the Arabs–whose land should that be?

    And as for your assertion regarding the “occupied” lands–do you consider them to have been “occupied” by Egypt and Jordan prior to the Israeli military victory?

    How do you feel about Spain, and France and Italy, and other European nations which the Hamas Charter of 1988 claims are also “occupied” lands?

  62. Tom Laton said:

    Just out of curiosity, how do you feel about the lands owned by the Jews in the Arab states that expelled them en masse in 1948? Any problem with that?

  63. John Bradford said:

    Israel has consistently refused to implement various UN resolutions, for which reason the Arab countries felt justified in continuing the war begun in the late 1940s. Not surprisingly, do you agree? The Geneva Convention is quite specific – Israel is acting illegally in continuing to hold this territory. If a country flouts the UN and the Geneva Convention, then it does not have the moral authority to act the innocent party, so, no, the additional land does not belong to Israel, and never will. Nor will this war be ended until Israel recognises that it has responsibilities as well as rights.

    Which land? The land now called Israel.

    Jews can perfectly well own land whoever they buy it from, of course, if it is acquired legally. If Jews wish to buy land in Palestine and live under Palestinian rule – fine.

    Occupied by Egypt and Jordan? It depends on what we mean by “occupied”. I mean the forcible occupation by an invading army against the wishes of the local population. Certainly Egypt and Jordan administered the region prior to that.

    The notion that European countries are “occupied” is ridiculous. What is at issue here is the continuing occupation by the Israeli military in defiance of international law. European countries are not occupied against the wishes of the local population and under military force and in defiance of international law, so there is not the remotest similarity between Israel’s brutal military occupation and Hamas’ daft claim to European territory.

    The Arabs have done some terrible things to the Jews (as have many others), they’re far from perfect. But they have not been in military occupation of foreign territory for many years in defiance of international law. The fact that many Jews were dispossessed was wrong, but understandable under the circumstances of the Palestinians’ loss of land and property in what is now Israel. After Pearl Harbor, many Japanese in America were interned, would that have been acceptable?

  64. Tom Laton said:

    John writes: “Israel has consistently refused to implement various UN resolutions, for which reason the Arab countries felt justified in continuing the war begun in the late 1940s”

    I think you misunderstood my question, or else I misunderstand your reply.

    There was no Israel until the UN voted in favor of her move for independence. That was a UN vote approving the establishment of a sovereign nation. The next day Arab states attacked and a year later Israel had won more land.

    Are you suggesting the war on the state the UN just approved was legal?

  65. John Bradford said:

    Are any wars legal?

    Was it legal for Britain and France to declare war on Germany in 1939, or for Britain, France and Israel to attack Egypt over Suez, or for America to declare war on Japan, or for Israel to bomb Iran in 1981, or for Israel to bomb Lebanon in 2006, or for Israel to invade Lebanon in 1986, or for Israel to allow the phalangists to massacre the refugees in Sabra and Shatila camps, or for Israel to drop phosporus bombs on Gaza?

  66. Tom Laton said:

    First you criticise Israel for not respecting UN resolutions. Then when I point out that the Arabs do not respect the UN either–in fact, BIG TIME did not respect the UN, as beginnign a WAR in response to an act of the UN is just about as disrespectful as a nation can get–or five nations, to be more precise.

    And you respond, in effect: Who does respect the UN?

    That suggests to me that you are trying to have your cake and eat it too. Boo hoo when Israel doesn’t respect the UN, but no big deal when the Arabs don’t.

  67. John Bradford said:

    You agree that Israel doesn’t respect UN resolutions. Good.

  68. Tom Laton said:

    You DON’T agree that the Arab states have dis-respected the UN resolutions. BAD.

    • John Bradford said:

      I can only repeat my question – hich UN resolutions have the Arab states disrespected?

  69. John Bradford said:

    Which UN resolutions have the Arab states disrespected?

  70. paully said:

    I have been close following the events having been taking place daily and am now fully convinced that all that is written in the SCRIPTURES is THE TRUTH THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.



  71. Dave said:

    Regarding the upcoming flotilla- Why don’t we float a couple of hundred mines outside Gaza port- then we’ll see how far the flotilla gets. We won’t even need the navy there.

    • jazz said:

      If they should chose to ignore the Israeli navy’s warnings like those scum on the Mavi Marmara did last year I sincerely hope that the Israeli navy will torpedo their arses instead of putting the lives of their soldiers at risk.

  72. John Bradford said:

    Quite so. For someone who is happy to use expressions such as “scum” and “torpedo their arses”, your opinions don’t rate too highly.
    Scum? An MK, members of the German Bundestag, a passenger from the USS Liberty, a former US Ambassador, Sydney Morning Herald journalists. All scum?

  73. Annie Schlachet said:

    Dear Simon, your latest piece is excellent. MITZUYAN!! I’ve been thinking the same thing for months….that is, that the world is reading the Israeli media’s reporting and doesnt understand the nature of Israeli society the way we (Israeli’s and pro-Israeli Jews as myself) do. Self-criticism is not the same as demonization. Again, I applaud you for writing your letter and I will share it.

  74. harry cross said:

    Is this organisation an “honest” one or does it have an Israeli agenda? The article seems extremely one-sided although that may be due to the truth itself seeming one-sided. I cannot read anything about the situation between Israel and Palestine without throwing my hands in the air in frustration and despair. There are extreme elements on both sides which need to be muzzled so that the more reasonable voices there can be heard. The world, in my opinion, is suffering from something bordering on boredom due to the intransigence on both sides. Global public opinion will never be roused to support one side or the other when it is clear neither side holds the moral right to complain about the other. If the UK and Ireland can come to an, albeit uneasy peace, then so should others be able to. I wish both sides a speedy and effective truce followed by calm negotiations led by people who are untarnished by political hatred.

  75. Monty Pogoda said:

    There are no extremists on the Israeli side. All I want is for all my Arab “cousins” to leave the middle and settle in Siberia.

  76. Monty Pogoda said:

    There are no extremists on the Israeli side. All I want is for all my Arab “cousins” to leave the middle and settle in Siberia. If they can, then let them take their oil with them to keep themselves warm.

  77. MBO said:

    Why not advertise in the western press – the new shopping mall for example, the swimming pool and the SUV`S in Gaza. This would take the steam out of any attempt at a flotilla.

  78. Think!1 said:

    Harry Cross writes: “Global public opinion will never be roused to support one side or the other when it is clear neither side holds the moral right to complain about the other”

    But global public opinion has indeed been roused–sometimes by national needs, like oil, or political needs, like alliances, and sometimes by moral imperatives–but the reporting on the same issue in different parts of the world is entirely different. This is one reason I recommend to everyone–where you can find what the Palestinians are saying to their own people in their own language on their own tv stations and newspapers–often quite different from what the West is told by the same folks.

    • John Fransman said:

      Dear Harry,

      It seems to me that you are in danger of becoming a moral relativist and accepting the tit for tat reporting of the BBC, the Guardiam and the Independent without looking more deeply into the history of who initiates actions. Actions that go back to the original 1917 Balfour Declaration followed by the 1920 San Remo International Conference’s confirmation and the Arab riots that followed, resulting in Great Britain reneging on their commitments to the Jews, firstly by taking 75% of the land to set up the kingdom of Jordan and then working to reduce the remainder ever afterwards into a further partition plan voted upon by the UN in 1948 and rejected by the neighbouring Arab States immediately afterwards by wars of annihilation in 1948, 1967 and 1973 all of which they lost. The British Mandate rule over the 27 years of divide and rule led to ever increasing animosity and resentment by the Arab population and the British Colonialists themselves especially when the Jews eventually forced them out of Palestine in 1948. The Foreign Office has never forgotten nor forgiven and helps to promote a negative view of anything Israeli, just listen to anything FCO Minister Hague says.

      Don’t just take my word but do some background reading; go to the library and read “The Siege” by Connor Cruise O’Brien an Irishman who represented Ireland in the Unite Nations and sat between two other countries whose initials began with I, namely Israel and Iraq, whose judgment could thus be considered neutral to all three parties.

      Best wishes

  79. Beverly Smith said:

    To harry cross…..

    Your comment is SANE and REASONABLE and MAKES A LOT OF SENSE. So I guess we
    cannot expect a sane, reasonable and sensible response, eh? So sad, because original intentions of these actions in the beginning WERE HONORABLE!!! C’est La!!!! dangit!

  80. Ray Sterrett said:

    I am a progressive liberal Democrat and I support Israel. I do not accept the arguements put forth by DemocracyNow or the voices in Liberal media such as Mike Malloy. As much as I do appreciate their views on other issues…Israel has the right to defend itself, God Bless Israel.


    Ray Sterrett
    Turner, OR

    • John Bradford said:

      So if I steal Ray’s land and property, murdering half his family in the process and send what remains of his family and him off to a refugee camp for 60+ years, I have a right to defend myself against Ray when he tries to recover his land and property and seek restitution, whilst all the while claiming I’m the innocent victim?

      Really Ray?

      I don’t think so.

    • J Mishner said:

      And where precisely, and from WHOM do you think the United States obtained the land your very house or tent is on right now? It is on “occupied territory” by your very own definition.

      • John Bradford said:

        Well, I haven’t got any property in the US, nor do I own a tent, but I take your point. In my case it would be that, as an Anglo-Saxon, I stole the land from the Romano-Celts, so I’m living on occupied territory in England. As far as I’m aware, though, there is no English army with its jackboot murdering and terrorising the remaining Romano-Celts, the people we now call the Scots and Welsh and Cornish. I’m also not aware of an American army doing to the native Americans what the Israelis routinely do to the Palestinians. (that is to say, for the purposes of complete clarity, murdering them). How many Palestinians did the Israelis murder in Jan-June 2011? 59, according to OCHA. How many native Americans did the European Americans murder in that period?

        As someone famously said “if two wrongs don’t make a right, perhaps three do”.

  81. Harley Braidman said:

    The trouble with much of the international media is that they are objective against Israel. For instance, the West Bank is territory occupied by trans-Jordan in the 1948 war and King Abdallah promptly annexed it to his kingdom which he renamed Jordan. In June 1967, Jordan went to war against Israel and lost but the international community still refers to the conquered area as the west bank. The truth of the matter is Israel has no secure or recognized borders because the 1967 lines were armistice lines. I dont see any Israeli gov’t going back to those lines cause it would mean transferring over 600,000 ppl over the green line and Israel has not yet succeeded in rehousing 10,000 settlers who were evacuated when the Israelis withdrew from Gaza in 2006.

    • John Bradford said:

      Harley, the Palestinians managed to transfer about that number of its citizens across in the other direction in the late 1940s, admittedly at the point of a gun. Surely the better-organised Israelis could do the same, they could be given the tents that the Palestinians used.
      But perhaps you have a point, perhaps the only way to get the Israelis out of Palestine will be at the point of a gun.

  82. Isaac Azose said:

    In the most recent email I received from HR, when i clicked on any link to READ FURTHER, it took me to relay.­netatlantic.­com/­t/­30846330/­69353961/­22491/­0/ .

    What is going on?

    I. Azose

  83. Joel Bergman said:

    Hi Ho Hari: Plagiarizing Columnist Suspended

    I would love to look at the bank statements of people like Hari & Fisk – just to check the size of the deposits by Israel’s enemies – and Hamas and others…. Have you been reading about media corruption in the UK ?…… It is amazing what money can buy…

  84. Rod Chaffey said:

    The Brisbane (Queensland, Australia) Courier Mail Newspaper carried this article today (Thursday 21 July) with no retractions or corrections. Again, the Australian ms media continues its’ anti-Jewish/anti-Israel bias with no let-up. Could HR hold them to account to report honestly and accurately in relation to Israel?

  85. A said:

    When the media will not be anti Israel biased

    [Thursday, March 22, 2007]

    The day When the media will stop being anti Israel biased

    1) When there is an account of every single Arab Muslim terrorism.

    2) When Israeli victims of terror will turn to human from being “tanks” in media’s dehumanization.

    3) When the (BBC, NPR, etc.) reporter will finally visit an Israeli hospital for a change.

    4) When a rare (if/when) abuse by an Israeli soldier won’t be overblown any more than that of any other westerner’s case.

    5) When those drama words, bigoted slurs (like: “apartheid”, “racism”) invented by Arabism, Palestinianism upon Israel’s war on fascists’ terror won’t be used.

    6) When it will remember to quote the source where it comes from, like a “Palestinian” point of view, stating it as such: “Palestinians” say, not reporting it as “facts”, and use the phrase: “they say”, as the media is always so careful to side it only on Israel’s view.

    7) When the tone won’t be inflating the cult of ‘Palestinian’ victim hood, but reporting dry facts. Or the passion should be used on Israeli victims just as much.

    8) No more “Palestinians” are the bigger picture, When the headlines are the repercussion of both sides, not a headline & main news crying on ‘Palestinians’ and in just small little details something about Israel as well.

    9) When it will finally start mentioning the sacrifice democratic Israel is making in gestures to “Palestinian” Arabs & open borders on the expense of it’s vital security, asides from it’s humanitarian aid.

    10) When it will report the racism, treason & danger from Arabs living inside Israel & it’s establishment’s incitement for Jihad, murder, hatred & terrorism.

    11) No more unequal talk about ‘equality’, When it’s worry for “equality” will finally be fair, it will talk about: “unequal” citizens, the Jews face so often in Israel’s preferential treatment of it’s Arab citizens as first class citizens like: access to holy sites, land issues & benefits of not being obligated to serve in the army, etc.

    12) When it will refrain from calling fear & worry for security as “racism.”

    13) When it will stop dancing around the real issue of the conflict, the seeds of hate, the ‘Palestinian death cult’ indoctrination & it’s child abuse.

    14) When it will talk about the ‘lobby’, no! not the one confined to merely one country alone, the international one, the powerful one, the Goliath one, the one that uses it’s oil & threats of terror, the one that occupies the UN & influences the EU, as well as Washington.

    15) Calling a spade a spade, a ‘Palestinian’ that intentionally harms civilians – a “terrorist” not a mere “militant.”

    16) When it will refer to every checkpoint, be it at any international airport, shopping centers, stadiums, etc. the same way it refers to the ones in the Gaza/west bank, or vice versa.

    17) When it will not let itself to be playing into the hands of radical ‘Palestinians’ & Hezbollah’s use of human shields to make sure their kids die & pin it on Israel.

    18) When talk will come about on the real racism & real apartheid, such as in “Palestine” ethnic cleansing of Jews, anti Christian apartheid, oppression of own people and on minorities, as well as on the entire Arab & Muslim world that practices such heinous crimes against humanity without any ‘fighting terrorism’ or ‘self defense’.

    19) When the most unfair image of “kids throwing stone” won’t be shown unless explained about the adult ‘Palestinian’ gunmen behind them.

    20) When it will stop it’s double standard that any attack on non Muslim infidels in any corner of the world is any different from Arab Muslim ‘Palestinian’ genocide campaign on non Muslim Israelis (A.K.A as “fascism”).


  86. John Bradford said:

    Or, more succintly, when Israel withdraws from the occupied territories and the Golan, implements all the UN resolutions and observes international law, compensates victims of Israeli agression and allows Palestinians to return to the homes that were stolen from them in the late 1940s.

    Then the media will stop being biased. Easy.

  87. Leon Friedman said:

    Very well done. Makes a strong defense of Israel’s territorial rights. We need more statements like those in the video stating the facts simply and factually.

    Well Dpne!

    Leon Friedman

  88. Beverly Smith said:

    My hat is off to Harry Cross’s statement of June 30th. Sanity DOES need to prevail in the midst
    of hot emotions.

  89. Uriahh H said:

    Danny Ayelon’s masterful presentation on the political and actual history of the West Bank was vety well done. It’s long past time for the Israelin Govt. to recognize the “Battle of the Press” and present arguments from its side.
    For way too long the Israelis have believed that they don’t have to fight Arab propaganda because it would fall of its own falsity. It has learned that that is not how the game is played.

    I hope and pray they will launch an ongoing campaign of good PR to refute all the garbage from the PA and the other liars in the ME.

  90. Jerry August said:


    • John Bradford said:

      Just to pick up on one quote from that article – “and it certainly doesn’t account for why coverage of Israel is greater than of Britain”.
      I’d have thought the answer to that one was obvious, but there it is. It’s because Israel has trampled on every recognised international agreement, failed to implement many UN resolutions, and held the Palestinians under a brutal and murderous military occupation for a very long time. Britain doesn’t do that.

  91. Derek Wharton said:

    I was in Beirut in May/June 1982 on a business trip. Before going I knew little of the ten of thousands of Palestinians who have been evicted from their homes in Palestine and had found a sanctuary (of sorts). Nor was I aware that Israeli forces had been bombarding Beirut for some time.

    Very quickly I realised the horrific situation into which I had entered, suffice to say that during a 7-month some 30,000 men, women and children were slaughtered by Israeli forces in what can only be described as one of the most vindictive, brutal, systemmatic actions of modern times.

    The above is factual. A matter of history. A very sad commentary on the evil of mankind.

  92. John Bradford said:

    Derek, you’re right of course, I agree with you. Except your final statement. It’s more a very sad commentary on the evil of Israel since its creation in the late 1940s.

    You’re presumably now familiar with the massacres in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps. Ariel Sharon was specifically blamed for that – he later became Israeli Prime Minister, of course, Israeli voters presumably thought he’d done well in facilitating the murder of so many Palestinians. He was also responsible for the Qibya massacre in 1953.

    • Dr. Avi Shammas said:

      Open letter
      August 23, 2011
      To the editor of NY Times
      referring to your this weeks report about Gaza assault on Israel

      Dear Sir

      With due respect, no offence is meant

      Drawing equivalence between offender and victim is PRESS-TERROR
      Your press has done so by labeling “cross-border exchanges” the case in which 100 and more rockets were fired by terrorist groups of Gaza, randomly over the heads of more than 1,00,000 innocent residents of south Israel, forcing Israel to defend these residents, the victims

      Showing a big picture of agony of one side (systematically the Arab case) , and ignoring the suffering of others is PRESS-TERROR
      You press has done so by showing a father from Gaza who carries his killed child, but failed to do so with a father from Israel who carried his killed child

      Knowingly lying about the order (sequence) of the events in order to put blame on victim rather than the offender, is PRESS-TERROR
      You press has done so by ignoring the Terrorist attacks of Palestinians on the south part of of Israeli boarder killing and injuring tens of innocent human beings, and falsely blaming the defensive measures of Israel to prevent more blood shed “igniting cross-border exchanges…”

      Has your press joined the terrorist groups of Gaza?

      Does your press act so bluntly and cruelly, because of “new fashion of blaming Israel, no matter what she does?”, or “for Arab Money your press so badly is in need of?”, or may be “your press reporters in this part of the world are so ignorant?” or yet , possibly “your press, as a powerful media , finds it amusing to consistently victimize the Jewish state and see the Jews being slaughtered”, something that happened in Germany about 70 years back?

      Well, be at least honest enough to step forward and declare publically and clearly your philosophy of life, as do your dearest friends, the fundamentalist of the Arab and Islamic world, your press so dearly cherish.

      We Israelis suffer from their blunt and inhuman killings, but at same time we appreciate their honesty

      I personally prefer these overt enemies, over covert dishonest enemies who try to act in disguise

      Dear editor, no offence is meant


      • John Bradford said:

        Residents of Israel, south or north are not innocent (except the Arab-Israelis, of course), since they are living on land stolen from Palestinians at the point of a gun in the late 1940s.

        Not surprisingly, the Palestinians want their property returned to them – wouldn’t you?

      • Avi Shammas said:

        Dear John Bradford

        The declaration of the Holy Land of Israel as if it is “Palestinian” Land is as valid as the declarations claiming that Europe is Arab or Islamic Land.

        Those who coined the Philistine label “Phalistine” were dictators of Roman Empire, who 2 millenniums ago, after burning the Jewish Temple of G-D in Jerusalem, the Capital of Yehuda kingdom, wanted to demolish the very existence the Jewish Nation, History, and Notion. They failed.

        Byzantines wanted that too, and failed. Persians, Arabs, Christians, Moslems, Turks, Britain’s did so, and failed.

        • John Bradford said:

          Let’s see if I’ve got this right – Jews can live wherever they like in the world (which they can), but Palestinians can’t?

    • Dr. Avi Shammas said:

      In Sabra and Shatilla, Lebanees-Christians slauterred Pallestinians, and like many other cases in history of Anti-semitism, Jews have been accused of.

      On the other hand, thausands of Jews have been slauterred by Pallestinians, who proudly admit and declair to continue their disdain, and some inhumans, who pretend to act humanity, not only forget that, but actively cover them by false accuasations. Pure simple primitive cruelty

      • John Bradford said:

        Sharon is not accused of carrying out the slaughter, but of knowingly allowing it to happen, when he could have prevented it.

        He was, though, directly responsible for the Qibya massacre.

        The difference between Palestinians and Israelis is that it is the Israelis who have invaded and Palestinians (and Syrians) who have been invaded.

        • Avi Shammas said:

          Dear John Bradford
          Byzantines wanted that too, and failed. Persians, Arabs, Christians, Moslems, Turks, Britain’s did so, and failed.

          Nowadays there are others who try their best. You of course are NOT one of them, or are YOU? Because they are doomed to fail too! My advice? Don’t bet on the false horse.

          The true innocent residents of this land are Jews, while the invaders are those whom you call “Palestinians”. They have invaded only during past 2 centuries under the Othman Empire and later under the Mandate of Britain.

          • Avi Shammas said:

            In-Honest Claims, while using in HR
            Dear JB You use HR as a basis.
            in one of your communications, you have claimed: “Israeli soldiers are good at invading and bombing other countries – Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, the USS Liberty, Avi Marmara, the list goes on and on.”

            Well, based on this line of attack, why did you stop? You easily can continue: “South Africa, North America, South America, Jamayka, North Pole, South Pole, Moon, Mercury…” where no?

            What is that line of thought you express here? Pure simple half truth, and even that, out of context and by altering the direction of events.

            “Why?”, you might ask. Here is a partial list of reasons, if you bother to hear:
            1) “Israeli soldiers … invading … IRAN…”. Wow! When was that? Are sure? Can you show us any basis, except your own imagination?
            2) “Israeli soldiers … invading …other countries… USS Liberty …”. Wow! Since when there has been in existence this country? Where is this country USS Liberty located? Are sure? Can you show us any basis, except your own imagination?
            3) “Israeli soldiers … invading … other countries… Avi Marmara …”. Wow! Since when there has been in existence this country? Where is this country “Avi Marmara” located? Are sure? Can you show us any basis, except your own imagination?
            4) “Israeli soldiers … invading …”Palestine”… other countries…” Wow! Since when there has been in existence this country? Where is this country “Palestine” located? Are sure? Can you show us any basis, except your own imagination?

            By the way, If there is in existence such a country, why is that they want another one?

            Ah, might be by “Palestine” you mean the STATE of ISRAEL. In this interpretation your claim sounds very interesting. By mere substitution your claim reads:

            “Israeli soldiers are good at invading and bombing other countries – STATE of ISRAEL… “. Wow! Wow!! Mr. JB. You are something!

            5) “Israeli soldiers … invading … other countries…” When you so elegantly disconnect items of information, then one might wrongly agree with you and think “Yes! You are right…” This is a very big success of your propaganda line, but in Honest Reporting? It is a very poor achievement.

            Why so? Because:
            a) You fail to inform that (some of) these countries you bothered to name, have time and again, raged Military LYNCH, and international CRIME of sever aggression, against ISRAEL, a member of United Nation Organization.
            b) Not once, not twice, but several times (1948 After UN declaration of Israel’s Independence, June 1967 Nasser of Egypt, Assad of Syria, Hussein of Jordan, and others, October 1973, Sadat of Egypt and Assad of Syria, later Lebanese together with Syrian supported PLO, Later Lebanese and Iranian supported Hizbulla, and nowadays Gaza with Iranian and Syrian supported Hamas…)
            c) You have not (of course) bothered to mention the reason, ISRAEL SELF DEFENCE
            d) Neither you have enlightened the context, Nor the chain of events.

            Might be expect the Jewish State become a Sitting Duck, and let her Jewish residents to be attacked with NO resistance? NO MORE LYNCH and NO MORE POGROMS Sir!
            You use HR as a basis. Is what you claim Honest Reporting? Is it honest at all? NO no!

  93. Eduardo said:

    This page needs some action from the site’s admins. From a feedback page it’s starting to turn into a soapbox for rabid anti-Israeli trolls to propagate their lies and distortions.

  94. John Bradford said:

    Lies? What lies? Phosporous wasn’t used in Gaza? Cluster bombs weren’t used in Lebanon? There wasn’t a massacre in Sabra and Shatila? Ariel Sharon was never Prime Minister? I’m not English? No Palestinians were killed by Israelis Jan-June 2011?

    What lies? What distortions?

    RIP free speech.

    • Avi Shammas said:

      Dear John Bradford
      I humbly admit that I am not as educated or knowledgeable in this matter as you are. But calling Holey-Land by the name of “Palestine”, and calling the Arab invaders “innocent” owners?

      Name any National or Political or King of “Palestine” before Arafat! Nil!

      Now try Jewish ones. Yes dear, you can do that. Don’t be shy! Just open any Religious (Jewish, Christian, or Even Moslem) Holly book, or Encyclopedia (even the short ones for children, you know?), or Historical, Anthropological, or Archeological books. Did you know, dear, that such things, called BOOKs have been around in the human societies during past 3,400 years, long before the “Palestinian People” fiction was born?

      Name any “Palestinian City”, built by “Palestinian People” on this land, or for this matter, anywhere on Earth. ZERO!

      Now try Jewish Ones. Don’t be shy dear! Do as suggested above, and you will (NOT) be surprised.

      • John Bradford said:

        I don’t understand, are you saying that no Palestinians live in the occupied territories and that no Syrians live in the Golan?

      • Avi Shammas said:

        Dear JB
        The Jewish Nation has the ownership over Israel, the invader Arabs in Israel do NOT.

        Jewish people (during past 3,400 years) PERMANENTLY, CONTINIOUSLY, and LAWFULLY have been the only Owners. No “Palestinian People” ever existed, except the Jews of Israel under the Mandate. Those Arab Residents of Israel have invaded/immigrated only recently (about 2-300 years ago) to Israel, and now try to steal the ownership from the Jewish Nation…

        Question: “I don’t understand, are you saying that no Palestinians live in the occupied territories and that no Syrians live in the Golan?”

        No I am not saying that.
        I only assert that these Arab residents have never been the OWNERS of this Land of Israel, they do NOT own it, and they never shall own it.

        Question: “Let’s see if I’ve got this right – Jews can live wherever they like in the world (which they can), but Palestinians can’t?”

        No I am not saying that.
        Arabs have any right to live anywhere, as they in fact do. I only assert that these Arab residents of Israel have invaded Israel only about 2-300 years ago, and can live as minority, but should not claim OWNERSHIP over the Jewish Homeland.

        Incidentally, if you are asking about discrimination, then you can search and find that such discriminating policy has been declared from the Opposite Side. Mr. Abbas the “President”, and some of his assistants have declared that the territories should be “CLEAN OF JEWS”.

        This is an act of aggression of ANTI-SEMITISM, which reminds the Nazi declaration, about 70 years ago, about “LAND CLEAN OF JEWS”.
        This inhuman policy should be banned.

        Nowadays, NO Jew is allowed not only to live in Gaza, but not even to visit there.
        This inhuman behavior should be banned.

        If these are their strategy and way of life, (and not silly mistakes), then in themselves, are other good reasons why these ARAB residents of Israel should NOT get AUTONOMY. EVER.


  95. John Fransman said:

    John Bradford I’m sure you are the quintessential Englishman you claim to be. You are probably descended from that first King Edward who as a rabid Jew hater, expelled all Jews from England in 1190. You clearly inherited his genes.

    • John Bradford said:

      I didn’t claim to be quintessential anything, did I?

      You’re referring to Edward II, he was Norman French. I do study my family history, but I haven’t come across him in my past, at least not yet, and yes, some terrible things have been done in the past. Why do you think I’ve inherited his genes?

      • Avi Shammas said:

        Dear John Bradford
        Name any “Palestinian City”, built by “Palestinian People” on this land, or for this matter, anywhere on Earth. ZERO!

        Now try Jewish Ones. Don’t be shy dear! Do as suggested, and you will (NOT) be surprised.

        Name any “Palestinian” Prophet, Born in this land…

        Now, once again try for Jewish ones! Sure you have heard the name of some of about 100 such Jewish prominent leaders. Incidentally one of them is Jesus! You of-course have heard about him? You should not miss this one, dear… He was a Jewish leader born in the Jewish city of Nazareth in north part of Jewish “Palestine”, raised in the Jewish Cities Beit-Lehem, Hebron, Jerusalem, and other Jewish cities in the Jewish land, which you insist to label “Palestine”

        Incidentally, like tens of thousands of his Jewish brothers, Jesus also was crucified, yes, by those Same Romans who wanted to annihilate the Jewish Culture of Jesus forefathers, by coining “Palestine” you have adopted.

        Can you imagine, dear, where these Jews (including Jesus) were crucified? Good Guess, dear! Yes on the top of hills in Jerusalem, the Jewish Capital of the Jewish State of Israel. Not Arab, not Moslem, Not Christian! but JEWISH!! Surely not “Palestinian”, because this term was not yet invented, not even in Rome of 2,000 years ago.

        The fiction of “Existence” and “Historical Roots of Arab Palestine” is popular, even though has Politically been Coined by new forces that have adopted the old dreams of Roman Empire. You do not happen to be one of them, dear! Are you?

        Historically and culturally, “Palestinian” night bedtime story, is at most an interesting saga like Crusaders’, but doomed to fail too.

        • John Bradford said:

          Ah yes, two thousand years ago. There were no English in the British Isles, so I should probably be sent back to northern Germany at the point of a gun by Welsh soldiers who’ll drop cluster bombs and phosporous on me if I don’t. As for the more recently arrived Normans, they should be forced to go back to France, as should the Hugenots, and all British Jews should be forced to go to Israel, again at the point of a gun wielded by Cornishmen. The Protestant Irish should be sent back to Scotland by the Catholic Irish, and as for North and South America, all non-native Americans should be put in leaky boats and shipped back off to wherever they came from originally.

          And didn’t the Jews/Israelites originally come from Babylon, so should all Jews go back there?

          • Avi Shammas said:

            Back to the Origin
            Dear JB I cite a part of your criticism, As far as I understand the other parts are in the same line, more of the same:
            “Ah yes, two thousand years ago. There were no English in the British Isles, so I should probably be sent back to northern Germany at the point of a gun by Welsh … on me if I don’t. As for the more recently arrived Normans, they should be forced to go back to France, as should the Hugenots, and all British Jews should be forced to go to Israel, again at the point of a gun wielded by Cornishmen…”

            It sounds solid and brisk. You have troubled yourself to elaborate on a clear case that everybody (almost) can agree with you. But you have ignored a few facts and vital questions:
            1) The fact that you English have gone to British Isles, should not violate the right of Britain’s on their homeland. Have you ever demanded that the original owners should be demolish since you English gone there? Have Jews in Britain ever demanded that? If they would, wouldn’t you throw them out by the point of guns? This is the case in Israel: some Arabs have invaded into this Jewish Land, and demand to demolish the ownership of the original owners!
            2) The fact that Europeans have immigrated to Indian Land of America, should not demolish the ownership and the right of existence of Original Indian Americans!

            Or might be I have misread you, and you want to allow the invaders, or newly immigrants wipe out the original owners of the Land?

            Do you agree with that simple demand that no invaders or immigrants should endanger the Original Owners?

            It would be strange (and some would call it dangerous) that an English resident of Britain, for instance, would agree that some invaders (be it Whit/ Black/ Red/ Yellow Indians/ Arabs/ Pakistanian/ Jews, Christians/ Moslems/ Hindus/ Jews Capitalists/ Socialists/ Communists/ or even Anarchists) would be permitted to over-through (“into the sea”, as Arabs plan and declare to do with Owners of Israel).

            3) You elegantly ignore the essential entities of Ownership Over Country:
            a. Origin (homeland): Arab home land is Arabia. Jewish homeland is Israel. Berber homeland is Morocco, British homeland is Britain, English homeland id English (am I wrong?), Indian-American homeland is America…
            b. Time Established: Non-Arab Egypt, China, Assyria, Phoenicia, Babel, Israel, Iran, Turkey, and many more, has been established more that 2,000 years ago.

            Non-Arab Egypt, Assyria, Phoenicia, Babel and many of more than 20 other homelands have been demolished by Arab Invaders about 1,300 years ago, and converted into we know as “Arab States”. You are right Non of those ancient people have had a chance to survive the invasion!

            Fortunately Arabs failed to do so with Iranian, Turkish, Jewish, and many European homelands!

            Now, do you suggest that they continue and “finish the JOB”? Not at all, and of course NOT on Jewish Nations’ Expense!

            If YOU agree that Britain or Europe would be demolished by your minorities, as others have been, it is your own CHOICE! Do NOT dictate this to US the Jewish Nation!

            c. Continuity and Majority: As mentioned above, some nations have been totally demolished (Biafra, Non-Arab Egypt, Assyria, Phoenicia, Babel and many of more than 20 other).

            But others (including your British/English Nation, Iranian, Indian, Turkish, Jewish, Chinese, etc.) have survived.

            What is your idea about the continuation of their existence?

            Do you want, in case of growing immigration/invasion, to prevent from these nations the right of Existence? Of Continuity? Of Self-Determination and Self-Defense? Of their right over their homeland?

            In sum, it is not so simplistic. But, the international law prohibits to demolish an Existing Country (Israel) and sacrifice it to the God of Politically Correctness (Pro Islamic Fashion)!

            P.S. About such and such weapons used, you might be shocked to hear that, last week, UN Officers who examined the war-heads, declared that some Grad and Kasam Rockets thrown on Israeli cities from Gaza, were cluster heads (bombs)…

            At this point I am not quite confident if it is true. But, if it happens to be true, I believe that you would be the first to put it on air in HR, and criticize too! wouldn’t you?

  96. Eduardo said:

    The massacre at Sabra and Chatila was commited by the Phalangists led by Elie Hobeika as is well known, and came as a reprisal for atrocities commited by palestinians against christians. (I am not justifying it, only stating the cold facts). Your implication that it was ordered by Sharon is a crass distortion of facts to suit your warped vision of “reality”; something which you’ve done in every single rant you’ve posted here.

    For example you mention the palestinians killed by Israelis during Jan-June 2011. During this period an entire family (including a three month-old baby) was brutally slaughtered, a bomb was placed at a bus stop in Jerusalem, a rocket was fired against a bus of schoolchildren outside a kibbutz, and hundreds of Kassam missiles and mortars were fired on civilian areas of Israel. All facts which you conveniently “forget” or justify (I haven’t forgotten your pathetic attempts at justifying the family’s murder a few months back).

    You can keep repeating your lies as much as you want. It will not change the reality of things.

    • John Bradford said:

      I said that Ariel Sharon was specifically blamed for the massacres in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps, I didn’t say he ordered it (and I agree, he didn’t, he merely stood by and let it happen – so that’s alright then). That’s not me saying this, it’s the Kahan Commission who said it. I quote “We have found, as has been detailed in this report, that the Minister of Defense bears personal responsibility.” A crass distortion of facts?

      I haven’t forgotten those things, and I have never attempted to justify the Fogel murders because they were unjustifiable.

      • Eduardo said:

        Of course you did.

        This is what you wrote on March 13th:

        “[…]any parent who deliberately takes her baby into a region where she knows she should not be bears the responsibility for whatever may happen to he family and herself.”

    • Dr. Avi Shammas said:

      You blame Sharon by saying that he has NOT ordered, NOR has done it himself, just has stood away and let it happen. OK! As you mention correctly he was brought to Justice in ISRAEL! NOW:

      What does it say about YOU YOUSELF. Might be you have not ordered slaughterring Jewish people. Nor you might have ever slaughterred any one you yourself. But you DO stand away, let it happen again and again, and still NOBODY brings you to justice?

      What Does it say about your beloved Pallestinina Leaders, who DO ORDER to slaughter others? who DO slaughtter others by their own hands? who DO stand away and let it happen? again and again, like a well designed death machind (or camp?) Don’t you, dear Mr. humannist of all mankind, find it wird that they never have been brought to justice?

      Is it possible that from all honnest people of the world, you personally vote for the contiuation of slaughterring innocent people, so far it is carried out by your dearest freind, the Pallestinin Leaders of Terror?

      Or, it might be that you are kind enough to consider jews as angles, rather than people, who have flash and blood, and suffer from pain, and cry over their deads, like you, like your children, like your father and mother and like your beloved freind? Do you think that pain is different for different races? religions? colors?

      • John Bradford said:

        Sharon was brought to justice? By becoming Prime Minister?

        He was blameworthy because he was in a position to stop the slaughter, but he chose not to. I’m not in a position to stop anyone slaughtering anyone else, I only wish I were.

        There’s a difference between Israelis killing Palestinians and Palestinians killing Israelis, which is that it is the Israelis who have invaded and stolen Palestinian (and Syrian) land. It is the Israelis who are committing war crimes and refusing to respect international law and UN resolutions.

        • Avi Shammas said:

          Is not Cahan justice?


          Since the “Palestinian People” has been responsible for many terrible deeds against Jews, since it has been invented, decades after the State of Israel revitalized, in the late 1940s, it’s hardly surprising that many Israelis and honest people of the world don’t like Palestinian Terroists and their allies.

          Most of “Palestinians” simply invaded into Israel, rebelled, and declared war against the innocent Lawful Jewish owners of this land, during past century or so.

          In the late 1940s they decided to get away, in order to enable their Arab Nation, to demolish Israel and slaughter all the Jews here. They failed.

          • John Bradford said:

            They’re not innocent lawful owners of this land, they stole it at the point of a gun, or is that act of robbery with violence legal in Israel?

      • Avi Shammas said:

        The “Palestinian” aggression against Israel failed and those who were part of it remained in their Arab Homeland. They are not Refugees. They are immigrants returning to their Arab homeland.

        Now dear, who are millions of Jews around the world? One day they came out of nowhere and appeared all over the world? They are the true REFUGEES.

        Do you think that Jews one day woke up and decided to leave their homes and property in their Israel Homeland, and go and live in tents, Ghettos, Mahalles, work and death Camps, as a lifestyle choice?

        Did they volunteer to bee beheaded, crucified, persecuted, flamed, tortured, torched, and enslaved in European, Arabic, and Moslem Fundamentalist countries?

        What about 6,000,000 Jews killed in holocaust? What about the other 12,000,000 Jews? Why did they become refugees?

        • John Bradford said:

          Yes, as I’ve said many times, many terrible things have been done to Jews over many centuries, all shameful, but you seem to think that entitles you to do the same thing to Palestinians. I don’t.

  97. John Fransman said:

    The Edict of Expulsion, given by Edward I of England in 1290, expelled all Jews from England. My typo above said 1190.It was 100 years later after his crusading days, where he learnt that it was OK to murder Jews along the Rhine en-route to Jerusalem.

  98. John Bradford said:

    Of course I didn’t.

    I read that very carefully before I replied just now, and I stand by what I said then. Which is not a justification. Because a parent carrying a baby deliberately runs into the road in front of my car does not justify my not altering course to avoid a collision, even if they are illegal immigrants, so in the same way a parent taking a child into a dangerous area where they know they should not be does not justify their murder.

    Now, back to Ariel Sharon. Is what the Kahan Commission said a crass distortion of facts? Yes or no.

    And these lies and distortions. I’ll repeat the question – what lies and distortions?

    • Eduardo said:

      You’re blaming the family’s fate on them being there in the first place; not on the savage who carefully planned and executed their slaughter.

      This IS justifying it, no matter how you try to twist it.

      p.s. Considering your reasoning, you’ll agree that when palestinian terrorists fire rockets on Israeli civilians whilst hiding among women and children they are responsible for the lives of these women and children for putting them in harm’s way.

      • John Bradford said:


        I’m blaming the Fogel family’s fate on their murderers. I’ve told you that several times, this is the last.

        Yes, I agree with you that protagonists in a war who hide amongst civilians are responsible for putting them in harm’s way, although quite what thet has to do with the Fogel murders I don’t know.

  99. Barbara Stone said:

    John Bradford cherrypicks whatever version of events suit his distortions. He should recall the dictum of C.P. Scott, editor of the then Manchester Guardian, who said in 1926, ‘Comment is free, facts are sacred.’ Scott was referring to ALL facts, not a smattering. Pity Mr. Bradford and today’s generation of anti-Semitic Guardianistas have pro-PA tunnel vision and/or amnesia where positive facts relating to Israel are concerned.

    • John Bradford said:

      What distortions? Quote an event and show how your version differs from mine.

      I’m afraid I don’t know anything about “today’s generation of anti-Semitic Guardianistas” (was C. P. Scott one of those), so I can’t comment on whether or not they have pro-PA tunnel vision and/or amnesia”.

      Positive facts relating to Israel? Surely you’re not implying that a whole heap of such facts makes up for dropping cluster bombs on Lebanon or phosporus on Gaza or for a 40+ years brutal military occupation of Palestine or for Israel’s point-blank refusal to abide by international law. Are you?

  100. Monty Pogoda said:

    Your “facts” about cluster bombs and phosphorous and a 40 year brutal occupation must have come from some very pro arab newspaper. These things never were and P.G. never will be. If you had an open mind and were prepared to examine things as they are, without any sympathy to either side, you would see a very different picture. I somehow doubt your ability to do this.

  101. John Bradford said:

    Wherever my facts come from doesn’t seem to me to be particularly significant.

    “These things never were and P.G. never will be.” I don’t understand this sentence. What things never were, and what does P.G. stand for?

    • Monty Pogoda said:

      To say “it doesn’t matter where your facts come from” indicates you don’t care whether they are correct or not. This in itself is expressing oneself as a fool. P.G. stands for Please G – D. Not knowing this indicates ignorance. “never were and never will be” refer to the phosphorous and cluster bombs etc, that Israel was accused of using, which they never did and probably never will do – FACTS that you in your ignorance and foolishness, consider unimportant.

      • John Bradford said:

        I didn’t say that and it doesn’t indicate any such thing. And you’ll presumably be pleased to know that I’m now slightly less ignorant than I was before, as you’ve now told me that PG means please god. At least, I presume that G – D means god.
        Who did drop cluster bombs on Lebanon and phosporous on Gaza then, if it wasn’t Israel? Fatah, perhaps? Or are you saying that no such things were dropped at all?

        • Monty Pogoda said:

          Nobody used phosphorous or cluster bombs. If you haven’t realized it yet, know that the Arab is allowed to, and does lie/ There are also many set up photographs often taken with the willing cooperation of the press, in order to blame us for things we never did. I again ask you to try and be open minded, check all your facts thoroughly,before you write things that could well be very wrong.

          • John Bradford said:

            I don’t think I can cope with this one!

            Nobody used phosphorous or cluster bombs? I suppose you think the holocaust didn’t happen, either.

          • Monty Pogoda said:

            I am a veteran soldier. I know in all certainty that we have not used phosphorous or cluster bombs ever. Recently when we invaded Gaza {Cast Lead} we were reported on by a high ranking American army Captain as “doing more than any other army in history to warn civilians of the other side to clear out of areas that we were going to attack. Examination after the attacks by impartial U.N. officials found no phosphorous or evidence of cluster bombs being used.
            DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR OR READ!! Facts are what matters. TRUE facts– on the ground. At present your view is distorted. Tell me – are you antisemitic? If so, then I can understand your attitude.

          • Avi Shammas said:

            What about what the “Palestinians” use agianst children, pregnant women, and elderly residents? Martirrs, Gas Tanks, Kasam, Grad, kinfe, sowrd,…

            What about those Jews who, despite all atrocities of anti-Jewish forces, resisted in their father land of Israel, and constantly remained in their homeland for past 3,400 years?

            These Jews of Israel, have constituted the Majority of population of Israel during almost all periods of even the past 2,000 years. Even during past 2 centuries, when the Arab “Palestinians” poured into Israel during the Turkish and British Mandate

            What about 10s of thousands of Jews that during past ages, every year tried to return to Israel from their captivity abroad, but were enslaved and/or slaughtered by, neighbors of Israel, who tried everything to prevent them to return to their homeland?

          • John Bradford said:

            Hey, folks, there’s someone here who claims that no phosporous was used in Gaza and no cluster bombs were dropped on Lebanon! Does anyone else claim that?

            Well, at least you agree that you invaded Gaza. Israeli soldiers are good at invading and bombing other countries – Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, the USS Liberty, Avi Marmara, the list goes on and on. Did you murder anyone with your gun? Are you proud of what you’ve done?

            Will you please tell me who the army captain was and who the UN official was.

  102. ARLINE MATHEWS said:

    It is especially difficult to understand the reasons for Anti – Semitism. Is it because the peasant Jews were blamed for the murder of Jesus, and not their rulers and masters the powerful Romans who had a habit of killing people on the cross? is it the success Jews have enjoyed because of their strong belief in education? Is it Jealousy? Is it the way people are brought up? There seems to be no answer. Jews were blamed for the plague in Europe in the middle ages. Even the beloved, compassionate, and brilliant Dickens created Fagin the most despicable, ugly, criminal who trained and sent young thieves to bring back to him their looted goods. Fagin sometimes was referred to just as ” the Jew” . British history is replete with hatred of the Jewish people. With all of their multiple talents, science [ they won more Nobel”s than any other group ] the arts, comedy,
    medical research successes, philanthropy, compassion, involvement in Civil Rights actions and social justice, they are still vilified. It seems they lack one talent only and that is to respond in a meaningful way to unfair slanders, myths, and falsehoods.

  103. LEN WEISS said:

    Everyone who reads this: As one KNOWS, the LIMEYS are a bunch of “two faced MUMZAYRIM”..even in SA one could NEVER trust a “fashtunkenda” Goy/Limey. The only decent one were from WW@ who stood up for what’s RIGHT and many good English with “BALLS” went to War against those “worst Barbarians” of ALL TIME just to DIE for NOTHING because of the USA not joining EARLIER..just like NOW when the World has soooooooooo many SCUMBAGS as leaders………..anyway, GOD said in the OLD TESTAMENT Yesterday iF Jews don’t “observe” he will destroy US & let our enemies rule over us …so WE have to destroy Iran, Syria & the Muslim B/Hood asap as the whole world will suffer.

    Going back to these ENGLISH MUMZAYRIM…….PG the Muslims will take over England and then FINALLY they will have a Civil War & destroy the Muslims, FINALLY. Those Limeys tried to RULE the WORLD and messed it up………….Maybe when WILLIAM is King he’ll destory those Arab trash

    • John Bradford said:

      I don’t see how everyone can know that – for one thing, everyone would have to know what mumzayrim means first. I’m a Limey and I have absolutely no idea.
      Yes, we stood up against Hitler, unlike the rest of the world, and British military did not die in vain – we won, you see.
      I agree the world has many scumbags (I know that word) as leaders, you include Netanyahu in that group I presume – corruption and government contracts, I seem to recall.
      God didn’t say anything, such a thing doesn’t exist, the Old Testament was written by various human beings.
      Israel destroy Iran and Syria? Get real, Israel can’t even destroy defenceless Palestinians, even with the wholehearted support of America and the most modern weapons that American money can buy, and after more than 60 years of trying, so there’s not much hope of destroying anyone, I would have thought.
      We Limeys messed up the world? India, the second largest country in the world and a thriving democracy, messed up? I don’t think so. And the British Commonwealth, which has nearly a third of the world’s population as its members, is a very successful international organisation. I don’t think that William is intent on destroying anyone.

  104. Beverly Smith said:

    Try as I may, I seen unable to find an “unbiased beginnings” version of all this. There is ALWAYS some sort of rant or defense or rabid hate faction to the responses. Anyone got an unbiased version, please? (Starting at the very beginning when the idea of a renewed location for an Israeli Nation began?

    • John Bradford said:

      Perhaps one possibility for a ‘beginning’ is the Balfour declaration, which says “His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country”. That was repeated in the 1920 San Remo Resolution of the League of Nations.
      The second half of that declaration never happened, with consequences that we, especially Palestinians, still live with today.

  105. Beverly Smith said:

    Oops! Didn’t use website….. so here is my reply:
    To John Bradford– Yours seems almost (do, please, note that ALMOST) the only sane and sensible voice on this platform. It’s being used only for their Israel/Palestinian fight, which seems to go on forever. It does seem, however, that no matter where or who or when…..there begins to be a “territory” fight…… Everyone seems to want MORE land, even if it belongs to another country, and they are not willing, or possibly unable, to purchase land. But it seems to me to be the very simple degree of greed or envy or….. you name it, they just gotta get on top of the heap. And what a heap it is!!!
    Thank you, John Bradford. I will check out the Balfour declaration. I do appreciate your knowledge and patience.

    Beverly Smith

  106. John Bradford said:

    You’re welcome.
    The Arab Israeli conflict has gone on in its present form since the late 1940s, which I agree does seem like forever, especially so for the Palestinian refugees.
    Not everyone wants more land, only the Israelis. the Palestinians merely want back the land and property that has been stolen from them at the point of a gun since the late 1940s, and continues to be stolen from them. For example, the European Union has just last week condemned Israel’s approval of expansion plans in Ariel in the occupied West Bank. That’s stealing more land from Palestinians.

  107. Leo Costa said:

    Following this discussion, it´s necessary to give causes, reasons, and evidences (documents) about this series of statements coming from John Bradford:

    1) «The Palestinians merely want back the land and property that has been stolen from them at the point of a gun since the late 1940s, and continues to be stolen from them.»
    The doubt arises from the statement “stolen from them at the point of a gun since the late 1940s, and continues to be stolen from them.” Is there a proof on this issue?
    2) «Just to pick up on one quote from that article – “and it certainly doesn’t account for why coverage of Israel is greater than of Britain”.
    I’d have thought the answer to that one was obvious, but there it is. It’s because Israel has trampled on every recognised international agreement, failed to implement many UN resolutions, and held the Palestinians under a brutal and murderous military occupation for a very long time. Britain doesn’t do that.»

    Doubts arise from the statement “held the Palestinians under a brutal and murderous military occupation for a very long time. Britain doesn’t do that.” In a double way:
    – The role by Israel when “held the Palestinians under a brutal and murderous military occupation for a very long time.”
    – The last assertion “Britain doesn’t do that.” This one: Does it refers to the present, or the past? Is there certainty about this?

    By the way, on issue No. 2, it´s needless to say that, indeed, media have an abnormal emphasis over Israel than other countries, measured not by the times Israel is mentioned, but in the way Israel is focused. And, needless to say, that the cause is not that «Israel has trampled on every recognised international agreement, failed to implement many UN resolutions». I would like to see this kind of statements when Russia was killing thousands in Chechnia, or, when today Syria leaders are killing their own people today, or before, when the past leaders killed thousands of people in February 1982 at Hama. Interesting that by that time the media didn´t give the appropiate importance as did with Sabra and Shatila.
    Please: causes, reasons, and evidences (links to documents) about this series of statements coming from John Bradford.

  108. John Bradford said:

    Beverly, can make any sense out of what Leo has just said, because I can’t.

    • Leo Costa said:

      John, please, don´t ask any other person about the things I wrote, because I´m the responsible on this, not other person you´re asking for. The core (I thought it was obvious, and I will ask again), is this:

      1) «The Palestinians merely want back the land and property that has been stolen from them at the point of a gun since the late 1940s, and continues to be stolen from them.»
      The doubt arises from the statement “stolen from them at the point of a gun since the late 1940s, and continues to be stolen from them.” IS THERE A PROOF ON THIS ISSUE?
      2) «Just to pick up on one quote from that article – “and it certainly doesn’t account for why coverage of Israel is greater than of Britain”.
      I’d have thought the answer to that one was obvious, but there it is. It’s because Israel has trampled on every recognised international agreement, failed to implement many UN resolutions, and held the Palestinians under a brutal and murderous military occupation for a very long time. Britain doesn’t do that.»

      Doubts arise from the statement “held the Palestinians under a brutal and murderous military occupation for a very long time. Britain doesn’t do that.” In a double way:
      – The role by Israel when “held the Palestinians under a brutal and murderous military occupation for a very long time.”
      So, all this is the core. The rest of my post are complements.
      By the way, it´s obvious that documents are needed about the statements you made, on phosphorus bombs over civilians, and other things. Evidences. If all the things you mentioned happened, surely, it has been documented.

      To know the truth, I need to read causes, reasons, and evidences (links to documents) about this series of statements coming from you. That´s all.

      • John Bradford said:

        Merely asking again doesn’t make what you’re saying any easier to follow, but I’m pretty sure that it’s Israeli soldiers in the occupied territories, not British.

      • Leo Costa said:

        John, it´s disappointing you don´t understand (or you do not want to understand) a very easy argumentation. In fact, you arose those questions with your affirmations, that supposedly, lead to the truth. But you don´t offer any proof, any document, and seems you are covering some aspects, and disclosing others conveniently.

        I suppose you comprehend deeply what truth is.

        I suppose you understand perfectly what a proof is, and I suppose you understand that some facts have been documented, as those you´ve exposed through the time. If you understand this, then, you will be able to understand that in sustaining a point of view, specially when evidences exist and are asked for thorough examination, is a matter of very high importance to use them. So, the point of view becomes solid and strong by the reinforce given by evidences, and risk is avoided by building castles in the sand.

        I suppose you understand, that many of your arguments are very serious and involve high degree of graveness, all in order to give a minimum of fundamentals by offering evidences to support what you say. And I presume you take yourself and what you say very seriously, and you are not merely playing. Your reasoning through months shows that you just have not been playing, isn´t it?

        Arguments with evidences, contribute a lot, and the reasoning becomes very valuable. Not considering just one aspect, but the totality, it´s a very big contribution.

        If no evidence is presented, any argument given by you (before, currently or after) due to the graveness of things exposed, such argument is, plainly, worthless. Baseless. Useless. As simple like this. And by putting your own words and suppositions upon the persons you argue with (like this one you pretentiously attribute as if it were mine: “I suppose you think the holocaust didn’t happen, either”), shows, yes, some kind of sophistication proper of your state of mind or culture you feed with, but evidences a clear, clever, astute avoidance in confronting deep facts by bringing truth into light.

        Shows, too, what was seen since you began writing here: bias and hatred. And, in fact, that you have been mixing truths with halves of truths to sustain your arguments, all this leading to fall in the current mediatic fashion of pointing toward only one actor, but not considering the whole things in order to have a solid concept of things.

        And, obviously, sun can´t be covered with one finger. I suppose you understand this very clearly.

        Truth is the truth. If what you argumented is truth, and it´s documented, and plenty of evidences exist and are availabe, then, you perfectly can offer them. Isn´t it? Or not? Or once again you will say «I don’t think I can cope with this one!»?. Or, perhaps, this one «Merely asking again doesn’t make what you’re saying any easier to follow…», or, let´s use your complement «…but I’m pretty sure that it’s Israeli soldiers in the occupied territories, not British» Disappointing and disgusting. I presume you take yourself and what you say very seriously, not by saying this kind of weak things.

        So then, once again, I ask from you evidences, documents, articles, for these inquiries. In a short way so you will comprehend:

        1) Evidences about the stolen land at point of gun by israelis to palestinians, and the continuance in the steal by Israel/israelis.

        2) The brutality and murderous occupation by Israel over the Palestinians.

        3) In conection with the precedent point that Britain doesn´t do that, evidences about this issue. I suppose you understand that evidences are necessary in order to support that Britain did not do this in the present, but this, unavoidable, extends to past also.

        4) The usage of phosphorous and cluster bombs.

        You owe all this to this forum, and it will be to every person you talk with if you insist in your balance of things.

        But, if you avoid once again this issue, or even engage in a whim, a capriccio, or gracious angers (again, due to your state of mind or the culture you fed with) due to this very little challenge, then, again, any further argument given by you cannot sustain by itself. You can talk, of course, and you are free to do so, no one will forbid to you this right (no one has the right to do so, you are responsible for what you do, and, in fact, everyone is). But any further reason, as all the previous, will show the weakness and the lack of balance of your arguments, showing engagement with covering, halves of truth, and your lack of will of bringing things into the light of truth. The plenty truth.

        Finally, nowadays, the internet offers many places where evidences and documentations can be gathered. Links to these evidences are easy to paste. With a very little effort, discussion can improve substantially.


        • John Bradford said:

          Thank you Leo for that thoughtful post, I’m honoured that you have responded in such depth. There are no easy answers here, are there? First the killing has to stop and there has to be recognition that we are all equal human beings living on this planet. Secondly, we can agree that many terrible things have been done by all sides in this conflict. Perhaps a Truth and Reconciliation Commission could be set up to help resolve all this. Who would chair it – Mandela? the Dalai Lama? Aung San Suu Kyi? Many places in the world have been occupied by different peoples at different times, often as the result of war and conquest. We should be beyond all that now.
          I don’t know the answer, but surely a first step has to be to accept that, however the Jews or Palestinians came to be living where they are now, it is unacceptable for one side to say that another side has to move, forcibly if necessary. That’s not reasonable. Is it?

  109. Eduardo said:

    Nope, the “palestinians” want to destroy Israel, murder every last Israeli and establish an Islamic state under Sharia Law. This objective is clearly stated in Hamas charter which I recommend the likes of John and Beverly to read once, rather than parroting the nonsense which they’ve been brainwashed with.

    As for the original refugees from 1948 (who numbered around 700000), most of them left of their own accord or because encouraged to do so by their own leaders, convinced that 7 arab armies could be no match for the fledgling Israeli state. At the same time, around the same number of Jews were expelled from Arab states with all their property confiscated.

  110. John Bradford said:

    Since the State of Israel has been responsible for many terrible deeds against the Palestinians since its creation in the late 1940s, it’s hardly surprising that many Palestinians don’t like Israel.

    Most of 700,000? Let’s say 500,000. Half a million Palestinians simply woke up one morning in the late 1940s and decided to leave their homes and property and go and live in tents as a lifestyle choice?

    What about the other 200,000? Why did they become refugees?

    • Monty Pgoda said:

      A straight question —Are you an anti-semite? – yes or no. Be honest if you can.

      • John Bradford said:

        No, I’m not an anti-semite (although I’m certain anti-the State of Israel because of the terrible things that it’s doing to Palestinians), I respect and admire many who’d call themselves Arabs, Assyrians, Babylonians, Hebrews, Israelites, Chananeans, Jews, Phoenicians, etc.

      • Eduardo said:


        an·ti-Sem·i·tism[an-tee-sem-i-tiz-uhm, an-tahy-]
        discrimination against or prejudice or hostility toward Jews.

        You’re both an anti-Semite and an ignoramus as you clearly do not know the definition of the term.

        • John Bradford said:

          I’ve already told you I’m not the first, but I may well be the second.

  111. Eduardo said:

    So you support Hamas’ objective of destroying Israel.

    Good, I’m glad you made this point clear as it invalidates all the nonsense you’ve been smearing all over these pages.

    • John Bradford said:

      No I don’t, what makes you think I do, and even if I did (which I don’t) why would that invalidate everything I’ve said, nonsense or otherwise?

  112. Leo Costa said:

    John Bradford:
    Yes, Israel used them.
    There´s an article apeared at Haaretz and reveals, in fact that Israel used phosphorous bombs in the last war.
    The link is as follows:
    The article opens with the words:
    « Israel has acknowledged for the first time that it attacked Hezbollah targets during the second Lebanon war with phosphorus shells. White phosphorus causes very painful and often lethal chemical burns to those hit by it, and until recently Israel maintained that it only uses such bombs to mark targets or territory…»
    By tracing the evolution of this armament, the journalist explained that «…Phosphorus has been used by armies since World War I. During World War II and Vietnam the U.S. and British armies made extensive use of phosphorus. During recent decades the tendency has been to ban the use of phosphorus munitions against any target, civilian or military, because of the severity of the injuries that the substance causes…»
    I want to follow this thread:
    When did Britain used phosphorous bombs? (obviously, many governments did, but let´s deal with Britain)
    This is one reference to this issue:
    «The British Army introduced the first factory-built WP grenades in late 1916. During World War II, white phosphorus mortar bombs, shells, rockets and grenades were used extensively by American, Commonwealth, and, to a lesser extent, Japanese forces, in both smoke-generating and antipersonnel roles. The British military also used white phosphorus bombs against Kurdish villagers and Al-Habbaniyah in Al-Anbar province during the Great Iraqi Revolution of 1920…Incendiary bombs were used extensively by the German, British and U.S. air forces against civilian populations and targets of military significance in civilian areas, including London, Hamburg, and Dresden…»

    • Yisroel said:

      Who ever started he bombing of cities? History is written by the victors so we learn about the Confederate States of Americas mistreatment of prisoners of war (POWs) at Andersonville but for the life of me I don’t recall the names of any Union POW camps… So who started it all?

      White Phospherous is not against any laws signed by Israel, Great Britton or The United States and was used during the battle of Falugia in 2004. It’s used to draw fighters out of protected positions where normal heavy explosives (HE) is ineffective. It creates smoke, adds chaos and intensity of action against the enemy. So, the shame is; it is part of modern warfare.

      Wouldn’t it be nice if we had learned the lesson from Torah” where is Abel your brother?”. I suppose he used one of those little stones mentioned in an earlier comment criticizing IDF for defending themselves from rocks hurled at them.

      One state for the Jewish people, Israel, from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River as described by G-d where all peaceable souls can live, study, and pray as they wish.

  113. Leo Costa said:

    Is highly remarkable that Israel makes this kind of honest and plain recognition, but I ask myself if Britain does the same. Until now, the answer is no. In this aspect, there are several reasons to deal with. But, let´s see Britain involvement.

    What was the role of Britain in the region?
    «…An uprising of more than 100,000 armed tribesmen against the British occupation swept through Iraq in the summer of 1920. In went the RAF. It flew missions totalling 4,008 hours, dropped 97 tons of bombs and fired 183,861 rounds for the loss of nine men killed, seven wounded and 11 aircraft destroyed behind rebel lines. The rebellion was thwarted, with nearly 9,000 Iraqis killed. Even so, concern was expressed in Westminster: the operation had cost more than the entire British-funded Arab rising against the Ottoman Empire in 1917-18.
    The RAF was vindicated as British military expenditure in Iraq fell from £23m in 1921 to less than £4m five years later. This was despite the fact that the number of bombing raids increased after 1923 when Squadron Leader Arthur Harris – the future hammer of Hamburg and Dresden, whose statue stands in Fleet Street in London today – took command of 45 Squadron. Adding bomb-racks to Vickers Vernon troop car riers, Harris more or less invented the heavy bomber as well as night “terror” raids. Harris did not use gas himself – though the RAF had employed mustard gas against Bolshevik troops in 1919, while the army had gassed Iraqi rebels in 1920 “with excellent moral effect”.
    Churchill was particularly keen on chemical weapons, suggesting they be used “against recalcitrant Arabs as an experiment”. He dismissed objections as “unreasonable”. “I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes _ [to] spread a lively terror _” In today’s terms, “the Arab” needed to be shocked and awed. A good gassing might well do the job.
    Conventional raids, however, proved to be an effective deterrent. They brought Sheikh Mahmoud, the most persistent of Kurdish rebels, to heel, at little cost. Writing in 1921, Wing Commander J A Chamier suggested that the best way to demoralise local people was to concentrate bombing on the “most inaccessible village of the most prominent tribe which it is desired to punish. All available aircraft must be collected the attack with bombs and machine guns must be relentless and unremitting and carried on continuously by day and night, on houses, inhabitants, crops and cattle.”
    “The Arab and Kurd now know”, reported Squadron Leader Harris after several such raids, “what real bombing means within 45 minutes a full-sized village can be practically wiped out, and a third of its inhabitants killed or injured, by four or five machines which offer them no real target, no opportunity for glory as warriors, no effective means of escape.”
    In his memoir of the crushing of the 1920 Iraqi uprising, Lieutenant-General Sir Aylmer L Haldane, quotes his own orders for the punishment of any Iraqi found in possession of weapons “with the utmost severity”: “The village where he resides will be destroyed _ pressure will be brought on the inhabitants by cutting off water power the area being cleared of the necessaries of life”. He added the warning: “Burning a village properly takes a long time, an hour or more according to size”…»
    Let´s see this other reference:
    «…Rebellion against British rule broke out in July 1920. The causes were diverse…The centre of the revolt was the middle Euphrates. By the time British rule was restored in 1921, some 2000 British soldiers and 8000 Iraqis had been killed or wounded…
    Arthur “Bomber” Harris, who was to lead the bomber offensive against Germany 20 years later, did not conceal the fact that he aimed at civilian targets.
    Harris said in 1924 that he had taught Iraqis “that within 45 minutes a full-sized village can be practically wiped out and a third of its inhabitants killed or wounded”.
    Some other British leaders were equally blood-thirsty. After the revolt of 1920, TE Lawrence – Lawrence of Arabia – wrote to the London Observer to say: “It is odd that we do not use poison gas on these occasions.”…»
    A quotation on a Churchill photograph say: « I´m strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes»

  114. Leo Costa said:

    Let´s go on examining the references.
    What was the use of this weapons made by Britain?
    «..In his 1976 study, Britain in Iraq, Sluglett quotes Member of Parliament Leopold Amery as saying, “If the writ of King Faisal runs effectively through his kingdom, it is entirely due to the British airplanes.”
    Yet, as [Toby] Dodge points out, the airplane quickly demonstrated its limits, in large part because it depended on raw power and fear rather than on legitimate authority. The British used night bombing and incendiary explosives to destroy villages around Samawah in 1923 as a means of forcing the population to surrender its rifles and submit. While the destruction of six villages and the killing of 100 men, women and children terrified the peasants, they simply dispersed from the area and took their rifles with them. The Royal Air Force high command considered following the fleeing Iraqis, but concluded that further bombing would only be a slaughter. According to Dodge, the high command feared that the British public would discover exactly how they were ruling Iraq. ‘
    Indeed, Sir Arthur Harris, who planned large numbers of British bombing raids in Iraq in the 1920s, went on to become the architect of the fire-bombing of Dresden during World War II, which killed at least 25,000…»
    Note the part: «According to Dodge, the high command feared that the British public would discover exactly how they were ruling Iraq.» This is exactly the basement of British foreign policy: they fear the reactions among the British citizens about how they conduct issues, but they don´t fear to carry out all those actions, if they are completely covered from the British public and the world. Double moral, that in some ocassions, have led to very big shames to the prime minister, as with the Crabb incident when Khrushev visited Eden at Downing, or when Blair couldn´t stand for the non existence of mass destruction weapons in Iraq. Shames for England due to the double moral foreign policy, that create a very troubled base for ruling every issue, and no moral authority at all even in the smallest issue.

  115. Leo Costa said:

    Did really Churchill approve the use of this weapon?

    Winston Churchill’s Secret Poison Gas Memo
    [stamp, pen] Serial No. D. 217/4
    [Seal of Prime Minister]
    10 Downing Street, Whitehall [gothic script]
    1. I want you to think very seriously over this question of poison gas. I would not use it unless it could be shown either that (a) it was life or death for us, or (b) that it would shorten the war by a year.
    2. It is absurd to consider morality on this topic when everybody used it in the last war without a word of complaint from the moralists or the Church. On the other hand, in the last war bombing of open cities was regarded as forbidden. Now everybody does it as a matter of course. It is simply a question of fashion changing as she does between long and short skirts for women.
    3. I want a cold-blooded calculation made as to how it would pay us to use poison gas, by which I mean principally mustard. We will want to gain more ground in Normandy so as not to be cooped up in a small area. We could probably deliver 20 tons to their 1 and for the sake of the 1 they would bring their bomber aircraft into the area against our superiority, thus paying a heavy toll.
    4. Why have the Germans not used it? Not certainly out of moral scruples or affection for us. They have not used it because it does not pay them. The greatest temptation ever offered to them was the beaches of Normandy. This they could have drenched with gas greatly to the hindrance of the troops. That they thought about it is certain and that they prepared against our use of gas is also certain. But they only reason they have not used it against us is that they fear the retaliation. What is to their detriment is to our advantage.
    5. Although one sees how unpleasant it is to receive poison gas attacks, from which nearly everyone recovers, it is useless to protest that an equal amount of H. E. will not inflict greater casualties and sufferings on troops and civilians. One really must not be bound within silly conventions of the mind whether they be those that ruled in the last war or those in reverse which rule in this.
    6. If the bombardment of London became a serious nuisance and great rockets with far-reaching and devastating effect fell on many centres of Government and labour, I should be prepared to do [underline] anything [stop underline] that would hit the enemy in a murderous place. I may certainly have to ask you to support me in using poison gas. We could drench the cities of the Ruhr and many other cities in Germany in such a way that most of the population would be requiring constant medical attention. We could stop all work at the flying bomb starting points. I do not see why we should have the disadvantages of being the gentleman while they have all the advantages of being the cad. There are times when this may be so but not now.
    7. I quite agree that it may be several weeks or even months before I shall ask you to drench Germany with poison gas, and if we do it, let us do it one hundred per cent. In the meanwhile, I want the matter studied in cold blood by sensible people and not by that particular set of psalm-singing uniformed defeatists which one runs across now here now there. Pray address yourself to this. It is a big thing and can only be discarded for a big reason. I shall of course have to square Uncle Joe and the President; but you need not bring this into your calculations at the present time. Just try to find out what it is like on its merits.
    [signed] Winston Churchill [initials]
    6.7.44 [underlined]
    Source: photographic copy of original 4 page memo, in Guenther W. Gellermann, “Der Krieg, der nicht stattfand”, Bernard & Graefe Verlag, 1986, pp. 249-251

  116. Leo Costa said:

    Arthur Harris is mentioned several times in this previous writings. Here´s a note about him, amongst the many. I decided to choose this one because of the valuable study about moral actions: we´d rather to point toward one responsible, meanwhile we eagerly cover our own actions. I mean: Israel is now the worth to point toward due to the media fashion, but no the very those who feel pleasure in making accusations and whose governments in the past did terrible things (and perhaps still in the present).

    Arthur Travers Harris (1892-1984), known as “Bomber Harris,” was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Air Force Bomber Command in February 1942. He was the mastermind of the indiscriminate area bombing of German cities from 1942 to 1945, during which time over 850,000 tons of bombs were dropped on German cities by the RAF at night. It has been estimated that 600,000 German civilians were killed in the bombing raids planned by Harris.
    Harris began with Lübeck, a picturesque Baltic port of no military importance. On March 28, 1942, about 400 tons of bombs were dropped on the city, two-thirds of them being incendiaries. The aiming point was the heart of the old town, with its densely packed, half-timbered medieval housing. 3,400 buildings were damaged or destroyed, and over a thousand people were killed. This was followed in April by similar attacks on Essen, Hamburg, Duisburg, Dortmund, and Rostock.
    It was after the devastating attack on Rostock (like Lübeck, a town with many medieval, half-timbered buildings) that the Germans began using the word Terrorangriff (terror raid) to describe the RAF attacks, and began to evacuate their children to the countryside. From July 24 to August 3, 1943, in a series of raids which Harris named “Operation Gomorrah,” nearly eight thousand tons of bombs were dropped on the city of Hamburg, half of them being incendiaries. On the night of July 27 the fires grew so intense that the updraft of hot air pulled them together into a great vortex, creating winds of up to 155 miles an hour. Burning cars and uprooted trees tumbled through the streets, and even the asphalt pavement burst into flames as the air temperature reached 1800° Fahrenheit. Fifty thousand people died in this inferno. The Germans called it a Feuersturm (fire-storm).
    By the end of 1944 many German cities had been repeatedly and massively bombed, sometimes by more than a thousand planes in one night, all carrying incendiaries and directed against the residential areas, trying to reproduce the fire-storm of Hamburg. These attacks culminated in the infamous raid on Dresden on the night of February 13, 1945 (called “Operation Thunderclap”) in which over 130,000 people were killed. Among the dead were thousands of children who had been brought back into the city that night for the Shrove Tuesday festival. Dressed in carnival costumes, their bodies were heaped in great numbers at the train stations where they had been brought to meet their parents.
    During all this time the British government told its people that only military and industrial facilities were being targeted in Germany, but in reality Harris (who by this time was being called “Butcher Harris” by RAF airmen) resisted every attempt to transfer resources from his area bombing of cities to more precise attacks upon military and industrial targets. After the war, when the true nature of this bombing became known, Harris was publicly villified as a war criminal, and in disgrace he left the country to reside for a time in South Africa, but he returned with impunity to England in 1953. He never expressed remorse, and he was never officially called to account for his actions. It seems clear now that, despite the efforts of many military men and politicians to distance themselves from what had happened, Harris had pursued his policy of civilian bombing with the knowledge and encouragement of the wartime Chiefs of Staff and of Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
    After his death, the Royal Air Force erected a bronze statue of Harris outside the RAF chapel in London (St. Clement Danes church). The statue was pelted with paint and refuse by protestors, and had to be put under 24-hour guard.

  117. Leo Costa said:

    I stop the sequence regarding to the usage of bomb by Britain in this point. There is a lot of information of very well documented studies about the issue, with a few made by Brits like the two Englishman journalists with whom I opened the sequence. Any person interested can dig and collect information about the topic.
    Why I made this?
    What I don´t like, is the one side focus over Israel, as if the rest of the government´s countries involved in the region were innocent lambs that have done no evil in the present or the past, and all the guilt is put over, and only over, Israel. That´s not fair. If one thing is true, is that Israel (in view of past events where he was harshly condemned by the world), takes all the measures to avoid civilian casualties. After many bitter lessons, this is one, among many, of the great virtues of the Israel Defense Forces, IDF. Defects, indeed they have, and a lot, but this only aspect, makes the IDF a very conscious army in the world. The path to reach this level has been plenty of troubles and pain.
    As you said before John, Ariel Sharon was responsible for the massacre in Qibya, and almost 30 years after he was charged as one of the responsibles in Sabra and Shatila. And due to this lessons, and the strong antisemitism throughout the world, Israel must walk and take every step with very great care. But, as I said before, is highly remarkable that Israel recognizes his mistakes, and make efforts to correct them. And is higly remarkable that the Hama massacre in Syria on February 1982 (15 000-40 000 civilians killed directly by the leadership) almost did not receive the coverage by the media as they did with Sabra and Shatila in September of the same year (460 from an excerpt from the Kahan report through 3500 accordingly to Amnon Kapeliouk reporting for Le Monde Diplomatique. I took this from the public source Wikipedia)
    Balance is required to ponder facts. Balance, not bias. Why Israel is always condemned, and others happily pass through? That´s not fair at all.
    I know Israel is making very great efforts to proceede in accordance to the right of peoples in avoiding any damage to any person, when as a consequence of attacks over unarmed civilians by trained Palestinians in war.
    By examining thoroughly the news without bias, is very easy to see that Israel do not attack Palestinians unless this people carry out a destructive action over israelis, always civilians. Only when this happens, Israel has to take measures to protect his citizens, and to retaliate when civilians with no weapons die at hands of trained palestinians in guerrilla tactics and almost all kind of weaponry. Or when a small number of palestinians slaughter a family, as happened with the Fogels. No reason can be found in these actions, other than hate to Jews, to carry out such despicable actions.
    These are few reasons why I made this very short exposition about those who eagerly accuse Israel, but try to hide their heads in the ground af if this merely would covert the huge amount of terrible actions made by them in the past.
    Or even the present.
    Does Israel recognizes his mistakes when terrible things are made? Yes, they do.
    Does Britain recognizes his mistakes when terrible things are made? In answering this, I want to recall a paragraph that says: «According to Dodge, the high command feared that the British public would discover exactly how they were ruling Iraq.»
    Fears to be discovered.
    Watching this currently in the Brits, I fear the answer is no. Still.

      • Avi Shammas said:

        Dear John
        Whenever anyone wants you to prove your baseless propaganda, you of course flank away and close up by saying “rubbish”. I assume that such a man of supernatural knowledge can do better than “rubbish”. It only needs you to be a little more knowledgeable Most honest people try that. You can try!?? NO? …

        As of your question “Jews can live wherever they like in the world (which they can), but Palestinians can’t?”

        1) ) As of rights of “Palestinians”: You yourself have been telling us for long, that there live “Palestinians” in Israel (that wrongly you label “Palestine”). So your provocative question seems out of place.

        Of course, Palestinians, as individual can live anywhere, except when they develop illusion as if the ownership is theirs! Humans usually do not want forging people around them.

        (2) As of right of Jews: The same As Palestinians. As individuals they can and should be let to live anywhere. But, look what you and your dearest friend Mr. Abu-Abass, The President of “Palestine” have declared: that the Land Be CLEAN from Jews! (It sounds like what a relative you both, a big brother with small moustache used to say just about 70 years ago)

        You have demanded that … those stealing the country should be forced out… You weren’t referring to those “Palestinians” who are trying to steal the land of Israel from the Jewish Nation, her Lawful Owner? Were you?

    • Avi Shammas said:

      PALESTINIAN AUTOCITIES during past 120 years
      Please be informed that it is not an easy article to read.
      For facts and figures, the curious reader is referred to honest reports in honest News Media during Past 120 years. If you need assistant please refer to your National News Media. They must have at least a partial list of these Palestinian Atrocities.

      Humanistic convention: When one person (not been in danger, no base of self-defense), offends and takes the life of another, the offender is a KILLER.

      Many individual Palestinians have offended and killed people not on the basis of self defense. Thus, they should be considered as KILLERS.

      Humanistic convention: When the offender creeps in your house when you are asleep and takes the lives of your children or yours, then the creeper is a BRUTAL KILLER

      Many individual Palestinians have creped into houses and killed (not on the basis of self defense) people at their sleep. Thus, they should be considered as BRUTAL KILLERS.

      Humanistic convention: When the offender creeps in your society and takes lives of many, then the creeper is a MASS MURDERER

      Many individual Palestinians have creped into cities and killed (not on the basis of self defense) tens of people and injuring tens more. Thus they should be considered as MASS MURDERERS.

      Humanistic convention: When a mob of offenders, attacks one person and kills him cooperatively, it is an act of LYNCH.

      Many individual Palestinians have collectively taken hostages and killed (not on the basis of self defense). Thus, they ALL should be considered as LYNCH MAKERS (COOPERATIVE MURDERERS).

      Humanistic convention: When a killer out of choice, tortures the victim, stubs him tens of times, cuts his throat, cuts his head off, butchers the victims body into peaces, makes sure to kill the victim even when he is totally out of power, or burns him, this is ATROCITY

      Many individual Palestinians have out of choice, tortured the victim, stubbed him tens of times, cut his throat, cut his head off, butchered the victims body into peaces, have made sure to kill the victim even when he is totally out of power, or have burned him (not on the basis of self defense). Thus, they should be considered as WRST MURTHERS BASED ON THEIR ATROCIOS ACTS.

  118. John Bradford said:


    I shan’t be responding to you any more, after your outrageous and unacceptable reference to Hitler. I presume this website is moderated so HR should be ashamed for allowing it.

    • Leo Costa said:

      John, please, do not be disgusting again. Do not manipulate, and do not play the game of “offended” when many of your post were very offensive, in an elegant way proper of you, of course.
      Just ask the question made to you. That´s all.
      And, by the way, HR allowed you all the things you have said. Why are you claiming things that you didn´t offer? Your attitude is becoming ridiculous.
      Just learn to argument. That´s all.

    • Leo Costa said:

      I forgot to say that the word “rubbish” you used to qualify the arguments I exposed to you, yes, indeed, was offensive to me.

      But, by understanding the behaviour underlying the unique word that came to your mind and made to wrote that, is comprehensible. By using “rubbish” seems you became with no arguments, and your national pride was wounded with the reality of facts that largely were persistently covered.

      And, in fact, I should be the offended, and I should address that your posts must be moderated by the website managers (because of your disrepectful answer that equals to garbage an exposition that tried to bring to light things you don´t want to deal with), but I´m not doing that. In fact, I won´t do that. I told you the reasons before.

      So then, let´s show a more mature attitude, and let´s go on with the dialogue. Can you?

    • Leo Costa said:

      I apologize to this forum for my very poor English, but I make mistakes.

      John, regarding to the first answer I gave to you due to your last post, I meant instead of “Just ask the question made to you…”, the statement “Just respond the question made to you. That´s all”.

      The rest of my words remain exactly the same, in spite of more mistakes found.

      • Monty Pogoda said:


        • Avi Shammas said:

          What do you mean: That an antisemite, can never change his mind? I Beleive that Mr. JB is NOT an antisemite, because I read his written anouncement that he is not anti-semite.
          But then, even if he is moderately so, why should I give up on him? He sounds sometimes honnest and a thiking person. He does not always pay attension, nor he tends to answer to the questions of grave importance, and rarely he sets back from attacking attacking attacjing, but he is agood person. He sound curious about Jewish life, and is sorry about what others have done. He has his own facts of Life! Are they developed enoght to cope with realities of life in front of his Nations eyes? We will see

  119. Badr Muhammad said:

    Israelian army killing Palastenian and Libanese kids with internationally forbidden wepons, for some stones !!!!

  120. John E. English said:

    Sending this slide show to friends is only preaching to the choir. I have a blog – In it, I write about numerous subjects, but the violence against Israel is often written about. Although, I realize that I’m not reaching many, there’s a greater potential of reaching people who forward the links.

    Could you help us — show us how / make it easy to put this presentation on our own blogs?

    I live in a city where, 2 – 7 women, stand on a corner every Monday for 1/2 hour with signs and supposedly promote “PEACE”, but the truth is, the city is extremely progressive / leftist, and regarding the middle east, they support the Palestinian Authority, the Flotilla, etc, but people don’t know it.

    When people in the community talk to these women throughout the week, and realize they’re a member of this group, they hear the lies from these women – members of “WOMEN IN BLACK”.

    I decided to stand across the street with a sign 4′ x 3′ – “WOMEN IN BLACK SUPPORT TERRORISM”. You wouldn’t believe the obscene gestures toward me. I’ve decided to add the words (above my sign) “RE: THE MIDDLE EAST”.

    Still, these women are respected and that needs to change. They refuse to spend any time talking as they are solidly leftists and won’t consider that they might be wrong.

    If you can help us across the U.S. to put this up on our blogs, it might help us to reach more people …. Thanks.

  121. Arturo said:

    Letter-mail sent to
    Dear Director,

    Mrs Orr definitively is a twice a piece of shit, she is a bad person, she forgets that british were in Palestina killing people (jews) and UK was allied of arabs.

    Is she from Mars planet ? Why I have to read such nazi person in your newspaper ? are all british nazis or only your “pasquin”.

    Best regards from Chile

  122. joanne Aloni-Boldon said:

    David Hare’s play for TV called “Page Eight”

    This play(movie for tv) is showing on public tv stations in LA right now. It stars Rachel Weiss, Michael Gambon, Bill Nighy, Judy Davis.
    It is a very well done film. The problem is with R. Weiss’s character who is from Syria. Her brother was killed by Israelis when he was standing with a white flag at his house and Israelis mowed the house down.
    This is more Israel bashing.
    With what’s going on in Syria today, there’s no need for David Hare to have put the Israelis at blame….how about the Syrian government. The play is also anti-American, but I don’t mind that as much.
    What could be done about this ? Anything at all ?

  123. Gary Josephson said:

    (This was written to respond to a post(s) at “Mother Jones” Magazine that began as a response to a Romney article by Asawin Suebsaeng and expresses both my views and a policy recommendation:)

    Asawin Suebsaeng quote alluding to his own perhaps closeted hate in objecting to Romney’s “unambiguously pro-Israel” stance is what I object to. This I like about Romney. That’s what tells me he is still in touch with America’s better values. On the other extreme are my old and new left friends who kiss up to the racism and hate of 90% of the rest of the Middle East crowd. The left continues to think the Hitler like-values of the “street” in this part of the world are democratic and can be adjusted and liberalized and the “west” is just without values in failing to recognize these “oppressed peoples”.

    The actual Middle East is better compared with the old south where blacks might occasionally be tolerated, but only if they have no rights. The street Arab is like the poor whites of the south manipulated and used especially in war and hate campaigns when Jews and Israel are involved and their elites feel threatened. Germany and Japan unfortunately required a war and occupation before this enemy was defeated. To reconstruct Iraq properly was the failure of democracy, not the War (why are we leaving?).

    (next post)
    This kissing up to hate and authoritarians under the guise of being a peacenik or liberal will not create peace or a liberal environment where people can thrive. Did you miss WWII? You miss the real authoritarian enemies of peace to not understand the requirement that the left needs to adopt an “unambiguously pro-Israel” clarity or be sucked up like Stalin into thinking his main enemy was Churchill and the West at least until the Hitler invaded. “If only Israel would accommodate” argument is simply the “Munich” of our times.

    Perhaps Romney is like Churchill, a conservative who was wrong about most everything, except on Hitler. Churchill spoke early about what few others, left or right, understood and that was the main enemy was the German hate regime and the need to stand up early to avoid a world war as the correct alternative to war. Yes, a smaller war to avoid a potentially larger one. (Bush had this in mind in Iraq) I voted for Obama because, at least in his words, he clearly seemed to know that Iran was the real issue for international peace, not Israel.

    Obama and Bush both thought that the people of the Middle East are democratically capable, probably Romney thinks the same and so do I. These efforts should be complimented and encouraged, but the solution required is an “unambiguously pro-Israel” stance because if you can’t see what that clearly speaks to, then may I suggest to the “American street” you should ask those who claim democratic credentials and do not support Israel to be seen as what they are. Perhaps, a fifth column of hate, dupes, shills of Autocrats, or simply wolves in sheep’s clothing. Israel is not above criticism, but taking an “unambiguously pro-Israel” stance is the touchstone to finding a democratic pulse.

    (next post)
    In the United States private lands can be seized provided there is compensation. This “apartheid” you talk of is false. This situation is more like the “East Prussians” The Soviet government relocated them all in order to provide no more excuses for starting wars from a population proven to have been largely devoted to hate and killing.
    We should not follow their approach exactly, but the American approach. The Palestinians are hostages first of their own elites, then their neighboring fair weather supporters who keep them enslaved as diversionary propaganda pawns, Finally they are hostages to views, like your own, that describe Israeli’s defense in terms which are patently unfair and hide either your own hate or just an ignorance of the real facts on the ground on the intolerance of Israel’s neighbors and their equipping this population with either hate or weapons while the “good” world turns a blind eye in order to continue the flow of oil or the real threats to peace like Iran.

    If these hostages had a vote they would come to the United States, or move to Europe and only a few would move to countries dominated by their brethren. I propose we rescue them. In your mind it would be from the Israelis, in my mind it would be from the hate regimes they live under. Does it really matter?

    We have open space in the US. Most if relieved of their entrapment would decide to live peaceful lives. But the world continues to fund refugee camps and guns in order to prevent resettlement, compensation or agreements that could bring a lasting peace in short order. Your assumption is that most of these people want to stay there. Most really just want to leave, but you won’t let that happen because it would disagree with who you want to blame. The blame game is the real route to war because it is usually based on a lie.

    “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me; I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

    This may not always be America in deed, but it is a worthwhile solution to all concerned.

    (I added afterwards)
    In the quote from the sonnet I should have included the even more on-point preceding phrasing: “Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”Emma Lazarus, 1883 Since I’m older I also realize that some may not know this is a poem written is at the base of the Statute of Liberty.

  124. Bernard Shuster said:

    Has anyone commented on the McLaughlin Group show on PBS yesterday. The host tried to push Mort Zuckerman to admit that Gingrich only made his remarks about the palestinians to collect money from the Jewish group for his camoiagm, as did every other candidate, that spoke at the Jewish group meeting. Mr Zuckerman seemed quite flustered, as well he should. It was in my opinion close to being anti semetic,fortunately Pat Buchanan was not there to add to this insulting insinuation. Bernard Shuster

  125. Ray said:

    CNN calls Israelis who throw stone at a car terrorists, but calls Arabs who murder Jews militant. And Arabs throw rocks at Israelis, when one killed accidentally by a gas canister CNN reported that a Palestinian was fatally shot as if Israelis shot him with a gun. Also, CNN don’t call Arabs who throw rocks at Israelis either militants or terrorist.

    • Ray said:

      This is simply CNN’s racism against Jews. Why honest reporting doesn’t do anything about this?

  126. American said:

    Zionists are the real Anti-semites, and they are terrorists who are totally against peace! WAKE UP Israel!!! LEARN the FACTS:

    In a tape-recording made by an orthodox moderate named Yitzhak Frankental and later published in the Israeli press, Rabbi Rabinovitch says that if soldiers come to uproot settlers he intends “to scatter the area with roadside bombs like the Arabs do” (quote is his words).

    Zionist Rabbi Schachter says: “It is forbidden to pray for peace in Eretz Yisroel, because the Israeli-Arab wars are the ‘beginning of the redemption’ and if there is peace, it will delay the redemption.”

    Founder of zionism, Theodor Herzl, promoted anti-semitism to further the zionist cause. He states very clearly in his own diary: “It is essential that the sufferings of Jews…become worse…this will assist in realization of our plans…I have an excellent idea…I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth…The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews.” (from Herzl’s own Diary, Part I, p. 16)

    At the Zionist Congress in London in 1937, Dr. Chaim Weizmann established policy with his words: ” The hopes of Europe’s six million Jews are centered on emigration. I was asked, ‘Can you bring six million Jews to Palestine?’ I replied, ‘No’….From the depths of the tragedy I want to save two million young people…The old ones will pass. They will bear their fate or they will not. They were dust, economic and moral dust in a cruel world…Only the branch of the young shall survive…They have to accept it.” (from the book: Holocaust Victims Accuse, p. 25)

    One of the founders of the Haganah (the Zionists’ paramilitary militia-army before the 1948 war), Ze’ev Jabotinsky, declared that settlement of the “land” is the only “law”. He declared: “There is no justice, no law, and no God in heaven, only a single law which decides and supercedes all–Jewish settlement of the land.” (from the book: Righteous Victims, p. 108)

    FACT: real Jews are AGAINST zionism:

    The Rebbe of Satmar, Hungary, Grand Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum, a high-ranking rabbinical scholar of uncontested holiness, is one of the greatest giants in all of Jewish history. He called zionism “the work of Satan”, “a sacrilege” and “a blasphemy”. He forbade Jews to have any participation with anything even remotely associated with zionism and said that zionism was bound to call the wrath of God upon His people. He maintained this stance with unwavering bravery from the very onset of zionism. He wept that the Holocaust was a direct result of zionism as a punishment from God. In his book Vayoel Moshe (middle of Section 110) he states: “It is because of the Zi0nists that six million Jews were killed. The fact is that this is the bitter punishment stipulated in the Talmud (Tractate Ketuboth, p. 111)

    The great Rabbi from Shinova, who was the son of the Holy Sanzer Rabbi of Poland said this 100 years ago, at the dawn of Zionism: “You should know, that when a Jew recites ‘Hear O Israel, G-d is our Lord, G-d is One’ he should have in mind to reject all idolatry in the world, and Zionism is also idolatry, and he must reject it as well.”


    In a letter from Rabbi Aryeh Leib Alter, known as the Sfas Emes, which he wrote early in the Zionist period, the Rabbi says: “Now behold Satan has come and confused the world….A thick cloak rest over the eyes of the leaders of the Zionists. ONLY OWING TO THEIR LACK OF FAITH AND ABSENCE OF BELIEF IN G-D DO THEY FAIL TO REALIZE THE EXTENT OF THE DANGER INVOLVED IN THEIR PROMISES TO THE MASSES OF THE PEOPLES AMONG WHOM WE LIVE, OF ALL THE WORLDLY DELIGHTS PROVIDED THEY GIVE AID TO THE ZIONISTS. THEY EVEN URGE THEM TO EXPEL JEWS FROM THEIR MIDST. Every sensible person will realize the help they are providing the enemies of the Jewish People…. Aryeh Leib Alter”

    In this book, in chapter 26, Rabbi Yitchak Aramah states that the Decree of Exile for the Jewish People is so serious that even if the Jewish People were to terminate the Exile from the Holy land ONE DAY before the willing of G-d, the entire People would be in great danger by virtue of having violated the prohibition of ending the Exile as discussed in the Talmudic Tractate Kesuboth 111.

    Plus…there are so MANY MANY more proven historical documents, records, books, statements, and events, all of which show a multiplicity of CLEAR evidences proving beyond doubt that Zionism is terrorism, against Jews, against peace, and has absolutely NOTHING to do with true Judaism. Read all about it yourself, and you will if you have ANY genuine interest in the real, unadulterated TRUTH!

    • ESLombard said:

      I’m sure that you are wise enough to know that, depending on one’s beliefs, one can assemble learned quotes to support almost any case or cause. You have done an earnest job, but as one of seven generations of Jerusalemites, I don’t accept your position.

  127. White Russia supports Israel! said:

    Love Live Israel!
    ??????? ????? ???????????? ???????.

  128. Mickey Oberman said:

    Please read Haroon Siddiqui’s column “PM apes loony Republicans”
    in today’s (12 January 2012) Toronto Star.

  129. david singer said:

    UNESCO’s decision to admit Palestine as its 195th member was unconstitutional since 129 affirmative votes were required under article II (2) of UNESCO’S Constitution – but only 107 votes were in fact obtained.

    I first drew this matter to UNESCO’S attention more than two months ago and suggested they review the legality of that decision and seek an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice.

    UNESCO has failed to rebut my claim or to justify the legality of its decision. UNESCO has stated it intends to make no comment on my claim.

    This silence from UNESCO convinces me that my argument has substance and merit.

    If the decision to admit Palestine was unlawful and was reversed – then America’s contribution of 22% of UNESCO’s budget would be restored overnight.

    If you agree with me then I would urge you to visit my petition to UNESCO, to sign it and forward it to your friends and associates to also sign.

    Had UNESCO’s Constitution been observed in the first place – UNESCO would not be faced with the huge black hole in its funding today.

    Meantime millions of people world wide suffer the prospect of seeing programs such as literacy, gender equality, and clean water initiatives curtailed through lack of funds.

    Go figure how UNESCO can allow that to happen – rather than immediately reviewing the legality of its decision that has led to this crisis.

  130. joe hrevnack said:

    Truth be known Israel if it was any country other than yours the recent assassination of the Iranian scientist would have been rightly called exactly what it was, murder and terrorism! The man in question was not any high level nuclear worker in the sense that he was irreplaceable in order for their program to continue and your intelligence agencies knew this. Your country is trying to bait America into supporting your cause by throwing gasoline on the fire so to speak and you killed an innocent man that was on his way to work to do it. Shame on you!
    Regardless of Iran’s true motivation for its nuclear program- I certainly believe they are trying to develop weapons or will but only because they are being force into that position by your stupidity – your policy of assassination of anyone affiliated with it is criminal for how do you know what level of knowledge their common nuclear worker really has of the political ramifications of what they are doing? Your country itself has nuclear weapons in violation of international law are your workers to be held to the same standards? You are not going to stop nuclear proliferation of other countries. The cat is out of the bag with nuclear technology and to try to negate this fact you would be to have to control nuclear knowledge itself which can’t be done to the point of stopping your enemies from getting nukes. Again your senior policy makers know this- or at least should- and so the question is: what are your true motivations for your current Iran policy? Your true motivation for this current nonsense is to have the upper hand in terms of foreign policy negotiations by being the only nuclear power in the region but where will this end even if you are successful with stopping Iran temporarily? Is Saudi Arabia next? How about Egypt? Yemen? U.A.E.? Or a host of other potential countries that you view as hostiles that surround you. All of these countries will in all probability be nuclear capable in the sense of know-how if not industrially within the next generation. What then? Try to get America to help you as your doing now with Iran or did with Iraq? (How did that work out?) Do it your selves? You and I both know a country of your size could never do it nor do I really believe you stand a chance against Iran even with America’s Help. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this is simply the reality of the situation and it all goes back to the contradiction of the very founding of your present state.
    The fact is there are only three and a half million or so Jews surrounded by over a billion other non-Jews and you took this land in the wrong way. It is this former fact that makes defense of your nation an impossibility unless you’re willing to resort to cut-throat tactics which apparently you are but even then that will only be a temporarily solution. If you made up for the wrongs your country did in its founding by honoring in good faith something along the lines of U.N. Resolution 242’s general framework it is in my view this would be the only way your nation could be tenable but your false pride doesn’t enable you to do this. Why is there such an objection to a single state solution? Is it that important for the “Jewish State” to be so demographically as well? Do you not know how much G-d loves you! If a demographically Jewish State was a must then why did you pick your current location? What did G-d give the Holy Land to Abraham for it to be His chosen police state and for his decedents to violate just about every command that was given to them by Him? There were other locations your people could have settled the new state of Israel but you chose historical Judea for nostalgic reason but yet you violated the very precepts that G-d gave of you in so doing it and that is what in a nutshell you are currently dealing with and the longer you wait to address this issue the worst it will be. I will pray for you to come to your senses, Shalom.

    • Jimi said:

      Dear Joe,

      come back to enlighten us sinners with your tuppence morality when you’ve found any hard evidence that it was in fact Israel who killed the Iranian scientist.


    • Avi said:

      Dera Lttle one Joe: How do you know all about what you wrote (“Truth be known Israel if it was any country other than yours the recent assassination of the Iranian scientist would have been rightly called exactly what it was, murder and terrorism! The man in question was not any high level nuclear worker in the sense that he was irreplaceable in order for their program to continue and your intelligence agencies knew this. Your country is trying to bait America into supporting your cause by throwing gasoline on the fire so to speak and you killed an innocent man that was on his way to work to do it. Shame on you!”)?
      Are you the spockman of Iran? Arae you their agent? Are you their proxy ally? No matter who you are/ What makes any importance is WHAT you are. No more that an obssessive anti-semite that makes up stories, repeats that, and beives in those fictious stories. If you are religous, you should know by now what G-d reserves for those who blame others fictiously, and put their names and, positions, and possibly their lives in danger. Your fictious stories in this regard is no less and no more that the fictious story about a Roman murder 2’000 years ago, which was later sewitched intenssionaly on the hands of Jews!

    • Avi said:

      Dear Joe
      Can I use your comment to declare: “Regardless of Iran’s true motivation for its nuclear program- I certainly believe they are trying to develop weapons or will but only because they are being force into that position by your stupidity”? To me it sound very appropriate that everybody would tell it to YOU dear Joe

    • Avi said:

      Dear Little Joe
      you have posed an essential question, that is greately appropriate to your owen accusationa:
      ” your policy of assassination of anyone affiliated with it is criminal for how do you know what level of knowledge their common nuclear worker really has of the political ramifications of what they are doing?
      One answer is that not only I do not know, but YOU do not know: whether they have been assasinated foreigners? or by any involvemnt of Israel? or Amaerica? It might be the work of Iranian liberal groups, who are horrified and assasinated by your “little freind” in Iran? or might be the work of surrounding Arab Emirites who are horified by the possiblity that Iran may have that terrible weapon? or possibly by the terrorist groups you so dearly cherish, that want to show their power to Iran and force her to give them the atomic knowledge? or possibly one of your own affiliates that artificially want to put the blame on Israel?
      At any rate, Now there is my question to those little ons like yourself (by shifting a few words):
      – your policy of accusation that brings assassination of anyone affiliated with it is criminal for how do you know what level of knowledge their common Agency workers (Israely or American) really has of the political ramifications of what they are doing, and WHAT YOU ARE SAYING?

    • Avi said:

      Dear little Joe
      Finally I found a sesible question you have posed, that should be answered by any honnest human arround the world:
      “what are your true motivations for your current Iran policy?”
      For your knowledge a few facts:
      1) From the age of Cyrus, Jewish prophets have appreciated the Just policy of Anciant Iranians. The Humanistic culture was shared by both Zoratrian Iranians and the Jewis nation. We all appreciate that even now. The good relationship of Jews and Iranians, lasted for abour 1,300 years [Cyrus 500 bc -Arab-Moslem occupation of Iran 700 ac]
      2) Christian Antisemitism, forced her way into Iran at the end of Sassanites some 1,400 yers ago. Even though the Jewish nation never forgot the blessed policy of Ancient Iranians, and remained faithfull to them. It is OUR way of life to keep being thankfull to humanists of the world for ever
      3) The harshest type of anti-minority, anti-different, anti-human-equality policy was forced into Iran at 7th century. Under their laws, the rightful humans are Arab_moslem, al the rest hve less that 8% human rights. These Masters of the world are defined to be the one and only group who has the right of having self-government/ No other nation, no other religion (Jewich/Chritian/ or thers) have the right of selfe-governing/ All shoul be undre their government. It is nothing that has ever been heard from other nations or religions (possibly by Natzies and/ or Bolshwicks). This policy is not only agains the existence of a Jewish State. It is a policy against any non-meslem state!
      4) Based on this universal un-democratic, unhuman policy, the radical government of Iran has annonce once and again that she is going to “wipe-out, to destroy, to annihlate” the State of Israel as TEST CASE for other states to come. You side them, possibly because you hatred to the Jews is greater than you intelligence to see the danger your state is going to face when Iran goes nuke!
      5) Israel and the majority of Jews have remaind fathfull to the Iranian nation, their tradition if humanism, respect their self determination, have no interest whatsoever to hurt their interests or feellings. But Iranian policy and idealogy is just the negative picture: Formal Iran is hatefull’ is radical, is un-human, is brutal, is dictator, is terroristic, and is lier, not only toawrds Israel and the Jews, not only against all humans of the middle-east, not only against the humanistic world, but also agains her own residents.
      So, dear little Joe: In persian ther is a proverb: Tell me who are your freind, and I tell you what you are. G-d bless your soul!

    • Avi said:

      Dear tiny Joe
      I want to hearyou answer to you own qestion, with a little change:
      “…even if you are UN-successful with stopping Iran temporarily? Is Saudi Arabia next? How about Egypt? Yemen? U.A.E.? Or a host of other potential countries that you view as hostiles that surround you. All of these countries will in all probability be nuclear capable in the sense of know-how if not industrially within the next generation. What then?”
      and I dare adding:
      Is it your dream to have someone who has the final solution for the Jewish “Problem”? Or is it the case that you yourself dream about having a small atomic bomb under your hand, bought from one of these proffelizers, in order to use it against those who see your sinful soul?
      Super Intelligent people, like yourself, who know about the level of knowledge of any atomic scientist in Iran, and knows who has assasinted who in Iran, and who know why? and knows that the only desire of Israel is such and such, and knows about what Iranians really truely have in mind, and knows whay and how America is concerned about Israel and nobody else, this type of Super Duper intelligent person should think at least one step forward and ask himself: “why should we let those terrosts have this terrible weopen that can be easily turned and used agains me? my family? my Stae? My religion< and my human society?"
      But this seems so far drom your lille ones, as east is appart from the west. Too much to ask? isn't it?

    • Jean Vercors said:

      Mr Joe

      Conscience is an aptitude, faculty, intuition or judgment of the intellect that distinguishes right from wrong. Moral judgment may derive from values or norms (principles and rules).

      here are some simple facts you shoul know
      Jerusalem was founded by King David 3300 years ago and the Jews have lived there ever since.
      Jerusalem is mentioned 600 times in the Torah and 140 times in the New Testament.
      Jews have been the largest group of residents of Jerusalem since 1840s.
      The Old City of Jerusalem contains the Western Wall on the Temple Mount. This wall is the last remaining wall of the Holy Temple that was destroyed by the Romans, and as such it is Judaism’s holiest site. In contrast, the Golden Dome and the Al Aqsa Mosque (both are also in the Old City, just above the Western Wall) are only third-holiest in Islam – after Mecca and Medina (in Saudi Arabia).
      Even though Jerusalem is widely regarded as the center of all 3 Abrahamic religious (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) – historically, since its establishment by King David, it has never been the capital of any state other than Israel.
      Israel was defending itself from aggression in the 1948 and 1967 wars, it has the most valid claim to sovereignty over Jerusalem.
      Only since 1967, when Israel reunified Jerusalem in the Six-Day War, has there been freedom of religion and worship in Jerusalem for Christians, Muslims and Jews.

      Israel is a tiny Jewish country that simply wants a fair go. And it’s not too much to ask. Judge for yourself:

      There are 22 Arab states in the Middle East, occupying 99.3% of the Middle East land mass; Israel is the only Jewish state, occupying a mere 0.7% of the land mass of the Middle East. To give you some idea of just how small Israel really is – if the surrounding 22 Arab states were an official-size football field, then Israel would be a little matchbox in the middle of that field.
      Arab League countries cover a global surface of 6 million square miles (10% of Earth’s surface). Israel only covers 8,000 square miles.
      Jews comprise less than 0.2% of the world’s population.

      Biblically Speaking…

      The Palestinians claim that the land of Israel has belonged to them “from time immemorial.” The Palestinian Authority (PA) claims that the entirety of Israel is “occupied” territory. We know what the Palestinians say. But what does G-D say? What does the BIBLE say about the land?

      GENESIS 15:18-21: In that day the Lord made a covenant with Avram (Abraham), saying, “To your seed I have given this land from the river of Egypt to the Great River [referring to the Euphrates River which, during the reigns of kings David and Soloman, formed the northeast boundary of the Promised Land]

      NUMBERS 34:1-12: And the LORD spoke unto Moses, saying, Command the children of Israel, and say unto them, When ye come into the land of Canaan…

      GENESIS 17: 7-8 And I will establish my covenant between ME and thee and thy seed after thee throughout their generations, for an everlasting covenant, to be a G-D unto thee and to thy seed after thee. And I will give unto thee, and thy seed after thee, the land of your sojournings, all the land of Caanan,

      Simple as that !

  131. Mickey Oberman said:

    Why bother.
    Joe’s mind is made up.
    Let’s not try to confuse him with facts.

  132. steve mann said:

    Joe you sound like Robert Fisk of the Independent newspaper-

    Makes many comments but never any substance.

    There used to be another “Lttle” man who sounded much the same back in the 1930`s.

    And folks I reckon Joe will not even return to argue- His type usually “Hit and Run”.
    Lets see!

    So Joe -Israel successfully defended itself against 6 Arab States-in 1948.
    Then again against Egypt, Syria and Jordan on 3 fronts in 1967.

    The Land was under British rule neither Arab or Hebrew prior to 1948-
    Regardless of population – The UN made the end decision in 47 The Hebrews accepted the Arabs turned it down- Then war- The rest is history-

  133. steve mann said:

    And talking about Fisk- On the comments page of the Independent- He constantly demonizes Israel.
    Of recent have found it impossible to argue with him as I can not click onto his “comments” button.

    I wonder whether I have been saying something that has annoyed him?

    • Avi said:

      Dear Steve
      By now you must know this type of men like Joe, who always want to be heared, never to listen!
      Under the British Mandate, like the 20 centuries before that the land of Israel, and Judea hsa always been owned lawfully by the Jewish Nation, only hers, ant ever any other nations. I alwas has been the Jewish homeland, occupied by: Greek, Romans, Persia, Arab’ Turk, and British mikitary forces. Arabs xoccupied this land by force without the permission of its owner the Jewish nation, but never got any kind of ownership over this land. Only in 1970’s apeople was artificially created by PLO under the lable Palesitinian, to make a very simple matter artificially complex and unresolvable. The root of Arab initiation against Jewsih State is not Political, Geographical or Social matters: Rather, it comes from the deepest level of anti-jewish sayings of the their holley book. In this regard, there is little difference between that little one of 1930’s and that of todays anti-Israeli propaganda.

      • John Bradford said:

        “The land of Israel and Judea have always been owned lawfully by the Jewish Nation”

        Who says? What law?

        Define “the Jewish Nation”.

        Does the Jewish Nation “own” anything else?

        • Avi said:

          Dear John, Jan, 2012, comment in HR

          The term “Jew” is the western pronunciation of the Hebrew word “Yehuda”. “Yehuda” is the name of the forth out of 12 sons of Yaacob (usually known as Bnei Israel, “Bani-Esraiil” in the Moslem Books, or “Israelites”, as referred to by Christian Books), from Lea. Its dictionary meaning is “Thanks to G-d”. It is attached to the “Bnei Israel”, because they have been giving thanks to G-d, for ever. Yehuda was born about 3,700 years ago, and his decedents got to the kingdom of Jewish nation, starting by David the Majestic.
          About 3,400 years ago the decedents of Yakove got released from the Egyptian State of slavery. In Egyptian documents they are mentioned as Abiru, Habiro, Avaris, and some times as:
          “The Hyksos first appeared in Egypt during the eleventh dynasty, began their climb to power in the thirteenth dynasty, and came out of the second intermediate period in control of Avaris and the Delta. By the fifteenth dynasty, they ruled Lower Egypt, and at the end of the seventeenth dynasty, they were expelled.”
          The first Jewish State was initiated by Jashua [about 1,400 bc], as a United States of 12 tribe of Bnei Israel, whose constitution was the Laws of Torah, given by all-mighty G-d through Moses (see Holly bible).

          All Jewish Prophets (except Moses, Aharon, Miriam, and Jashaa), including Jesus the Christ, were born in the state of Israel.
          Ancient Israel had 12 States. One of them is “Judea”, (“YEHUDA” in Hebrew), and is OWNED by “Yehuda” tribe. This United States of 12 tribes continued her self enrolment about 1,800 years [1,400bc – 400ac]. Her capital was, and still is Jerusalem. King Saul, King David, King Solomon the Great were some of the Jewish Kings of the State of Israel.
          Like many other countries over the world, great forces occupied the land of Israel: Assyrians, Babelions, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Bezants, Arabs, Turks, and Britain, but none of them owned any part of this Jewish homeland.

          You of course can go back and educated yourself about any one of them, and ask: where did these offenders and occupiers came from? what & where were their own homelands? what were their languages?, and why did they bother to go so far to occupy other nations’ homelands?, and specifically, the Jewish homeland?
          It is written in the history of all those occupiers, and also of course, in the history of Jewish nation.

          You want some definition of the Jewish nation: All those who are decedent of Jacob, or have converted to Judaism, by accepting the Jewish Laws, as defined in the Jewish Bible, the Torah.

          They might be dispersed all over the globes, because they have been forced to, during the terrible times of world tyranny.

          But they have never left their homeland of Israel, not for a second. The Jewish existence in their homeland Israel has for ever been continuing, the majority of the time (if not always), they have been the majority of Israels’ inhabitants.

          Romans, after leaving their paganism, became Christians, which was considered as a Jewish fraction, for almost 300 years. As soon as the Roman Church formally departed from her Jewish mother, she started to call herself the “true Jews”, which Should be a partial answer to your question, how to define the Jewish nation. I could of course, exaggerate by saying the “The Jewish nation is that nation that the Churches, and the Mosques, so strongly want to become”!
          Also I can be playing around and define that the Jewish nation is that nation, those whom all anti-Semites, and anti-Jewish, and anti-Judaisms, so eagerly want to destroy. It seems to me that no intelligent ideologist would chaise to destroy a nation that does not exist… But this is only a teasing awkward way of putting it.

          You are curious to know: Why is that the OWNERSHIP of this land LWAFULLY still in the hands of the Jewish nation, and by which “LAW”?
          The reason is the International law: Any piece of land, is lawfully under the ownership of the last known owner-nation (not occupiers, but OWNER). The international law acknowledges that the last ownership over the land of Israel, Judea, and some parts of Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon (not all of that but parts of), has always been, and still is in the hand of Jewish nation.
          The land of “Palestine”, under the international law, has NOT and is NOT owned by any other nation except for the Jewish nation. It (and any part of it) is NOT “occupied land” by Israel. At most, it is Lawfully a state under “question” (by international law).

          There are some who do not like that. It is understandable. The Jewish nation does not like it, because it puts her ownership under not justified question, because she is confident it is hers only.

          You might find it necessary to inquire about that, by yourself.

          “Palestinian Nation” has no historic existence before 1970s. And even if it had any sign of existence, they define themselves as ARABS.

          The Arabs own their own Arab-Homeland(s), nothing more. Israel has never been Arab land, and since Palestinians are Arabs, they have now share of ownership over a non-Arab land like Israel.

          Their status of Arab minority in Israel, is no different from the Status of Arab minorities who live in France, Sweden, Denmark, England, and united states.

          Spain was occupied by Arabs and Arabs still live there. The same is true of Iran, Turkey, and other (Baltic, e.g.) homelands.

          Would anybody with his right mind, suggest that the ownership of these homelands, granted to those Arab resident? I do not believe you do.

          Do not, mistakenly, take “Palestine” instead of the Biblical “Peleshet”, which was a stronghold of South European shore invaders in Aza area [1,900 bc- 600 bc]. The were Europeans, not Arabs (at those days Arabs were scattered tribes within the Saudi Peninsula only/ Now more), their language was not Semitic as Arabi, their culture was pre-Greek and pre-Roman, and they never owned this land, because they had their own homeland, from where they brought their products, and to where they returned. Their strongholds were mainly military, and their desire was to protect the commerce paths between west and east.

          What else do “JEWS OWN”? You ask:
          They own their lives (it is not so clear to some Tyrants), their (Jewish) religion (the proto-Christian, and pre-Moslem monotheism), their Heavenly Bible called Torah (as you can read in the holly New Covenant and in the holly Quran), their own Shabbat (which is the original motivation for the Western resting day Saturday, and the Eastern rest day Friday), Passover (the original holiday of Christian Pas-ha), Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, Hanukah.

          They also own their own (Hebrew) Language (in which Jesus the Christ and his first 12 followers or so, spoke and wrote).
          They own their al-mighty G-d (who is referred to as “God”, “Hute”, “Chudeu”, “Khoda”, and “Je-va”, after his Hebrew unpronounceable holly name y-h-v-a), their own customs of Brith-Millah (which Moslems have adopted), marriage, Bar-Mitzva (which is adopted by Moslem for the boys to have circumcision).

          They own hundreds of books written by their own prophets (Shemuel, Jermaya, Yeshaia, Daniel, Yeheskel, Habaook, etc. etc.) who are cited to prove that Jesus has been foreseen, or Cyrus is Masaya, Or that Quran is the lost Torah).

          Jews own their own music, philosophy, and culture, and lately they own about tens of Nobel Prizes, and lately they own thousands of Patents written under their names, and own the ownership over thousands of large and small innovations that ease the lives of millions of sick people, and tens of patents, in the majestic modern computer and telecommunication which has brought the human being so close to each other.

          And, of course, they have their own Anthem and flag, and schools, and universities, and banks and representatives, and president, and Parliament, and democracy, and human rights, and thousands of International accords of cooperation, and amendments, and peace making, and of course she has IDF, for defending herself from her black and blood thirsty enemies and Anti-Semites, and Anti Israelies, who have been aggressive against their children,

          What else? They have their own satellites and Space technology, and there are some rumors which insist that Jews have even Atomic, and nuclear technology and know-haw.

          What do Jews Not own? Oil, Energy, the Petro-Dollars that enslave all democratic and non-democratic countries of the world, the wealth of the Catholic and other Churches, any friendship or association with terroristic groups who kill innocent people under the name of ALLAH or any G-d, the desire to own any land beyond their own homeland of Israel, any tendency to take the right of self enrolment from other nations of the world, the tendency to see their place of birth and residency as if it is owned by them, the desire to be enslaved, the tendency to bend in front of any dictator, tyrant, or liar, and of course the slightest intension to disappear!

          … Oh. I Just forgot to mention that this Jewish nation owns the rights of founding the Very Notion of Monotheism: on base of which other Monotheistic religions have been born, and now have a saying about the G-d of Abraham, Etzhaq, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon, and the majority of true prophets of G-d.

          Believe it or not, Jews also own a very acute sense of humor! You ought to admi that, after what you have just read!

          Be the G’ of J’s with you AND Have a very pleasant time

        • Avi said:

          Dear John
          I am sorry about one of sentences not so clearly stated. the sentence:
          “At most, it is Lawfully a state under “question” (by international law). ”

          should be replaced by:

          “What today by media is called “occupied territories”, is NOT defined by international law as “OCCUPIED”, rather is at most, called be at the state of under “question” (by international law).”

          As you can see English is not my first or even second language. My aapologies for linguistic mistakes/

        • Avi said:

          To John Bradford Feb2012 in HR

          Dear John

          You asked about :
          “The land of Israel and Judea have always been owned lawfully by the Jewish Nation”
          Who says? What law?
          Define “the Jewish Nation”.
          Does the Jewish Nation “own” anything else?”

          I hope you got your answer.

          Incidentally I received a link that may be of interest to you and your colleagues. Please watch first the following:
          Listen carefully to this fascinating Lady !!!!

          Now Dear John,

          I re-word your own question and ask you:
          “The land of “Palestine” (= Israel in the Eys of Hamas, and “=Judea, Shomron, Aza”, on the lips of less radicals, and “= 67 occupied area” in the minds of pro-Arab leftists), is owned by the “Palestinian Nation””
          Who says? What law?
          Define “the Palestinian Nation”.
          Does the Palestinian Nation “own” anything else?”

          More so, I ask you:

          “Is there anything in this world, which Moslems do not OWN (at least potentially by Shareya)?”

      • Leo Costa said:

        John Bradford, dear John, it´s good to see you again mate! After more that six months!

        I have read your comments:

        « Comment:
        “The land of Israel and Judea have always been owned lawfully by the Jewish Nation”

        Who says? What law?

        Define “the Jewish Nation”.

        Does the Jewish Nation “own” anything else? »

        Why do you ask “What law”, regarding to the Jews and Israel?

        Hope you won´t say again that my comments are “rubbish”, as happened the last year!

        Take care.


        PS: I´ve seen the answer for you has been amazingly stated. I apologize too, as I did more than six months before, for my poor English.

      • steve mann said:

        Avi- My opinion is that its purely religious-

        The Muslim world , especially in the M.E. “Hates” the idea that there is a non-Muslim democratic state in the area- They attempt to change history- Even without history- The UN granted the land to the Hebrew nation- They tried giving some of it to the Arabs- They turned it down- We are now in the 21st century- Israel once more exists- End of!

        • Avi said:

          Dear steve mann, 30 Jan2012 in HR

          You are “almost” right to state:
          “The Muslim world , especially in the M.E. “Hates” the idea that there is a non-Muslim democratic state in the area”.

          You dear Sir, are almost but not totally right.

          The truth of matter is:
          “The Muslim Religion, as written in her Holly book, not only “especially in the M.E.” but all over the world ( “Hates”) opposes the idea that there is a non-Muslim (democratic or any other type) of self-governing state in the entire world (not only in this particular area).”

          The notion “democracy” is usually used to divide and conquer! It is of little concern. The main issue is the right of self-governing of non-Moslems.

          According to their Holly Book, and as it is taught everywhere by the Sheikhs, every day, Islam opposes the very notion of Equality in Rights, free of religious Discrimination.

          By definition:
          1) At the top, are Moslems, as the Purest and the Most Important people of the world, have the totality of all rights. This includes defining for others their status, their very right of existence, and the very right of self determination!

          2) The second hand people, are defined to be the “Book Holders” (Jews, Christians, and Zorastharians, only), who are given the right to continue their lives, only if they pay Ransom and Protection Fees to Moslems. If they refuse they ought be beheaded, or convert to their religion. Their rights are roughly less that 10% of all possible rights
          3) At the bottom are all other human beings of the world, whose duty is to convert to Islam, or to be beheaded by sword (this group includes, seculars, anti religions, and-non-believers (in all-mighty G-d)

          Jihad is the Holly War to enforce these Discrimination Laws, over the world, if it is possible by negotiation, and when impossible by force and war.

          So, you are quit right by arguing that the Arab, Moslem, and Pro-Moslem, and “Palestinian” opposition to Israel, is purely religious, and discriminatory.

          But so is the opposition to western culture, by bombing (9/11 e.g.), and terroristic attacks, and global political and cultural attack against values of Human Equality, Self determination, and cultures of other nations.

          The Atomic Bomb, in Iranian Hands, is the most devastating weapon against the global order, United Nations, International Laws, and world peace.

          Iran supports and trains tens of Terroristic Organizations (Hamas, Hizbollah, International Jihad, etc. etc.). There is little doubt about the intensions of Iran: attack and destroy every non-Moslem countries, by these terroristic groups, and get shelter under her atomic umbrella.

          After that, to the best my knowledge, the world History as we know it, will come to its tragic end. Please be warned!!!


          • steve mann said:

            Ah! Avi- You talk of Dar ul-Harb Dar ul-Islam-

            After many years of study I too am well aware of the Islamic ideology.

            However I still believe in a democracy- That which allows all to have their say- and others to argue against them- In peace and without fear.

          • Mickey Oberman said:

            “However I still believe in a democracy- That which allows all to have their say- and others to argue against them- In peace and without fear.”

            Such a Utopia can never exist as long as there is a murderous cult that believes in the immutable Koran, a book that exhorts its followers to convert, enslave or murder non believers and to ultimately rule the world?.

      • steve mann said:

        The only Jewish Nation is the land of Israel. Secular, with other faiths ad political diversities as is the United States, Canada the UK and others who are Christian nations.

        In the UK each member of parliament has to swear allegiance to the “Crown”- The “Crown” is the defender of the FAITH.

        The US is allegiance to the “Flag” and in God we trust-

        So when you mention Jewish Nation and own – Is your premise “What do Jews own” ?
        Or what do the inhabitants of Israel own? Of course other than the land that once was , in the main, a wilderness and now n under 70 years a western type metropolis.

      • Mickey Oberman said:

        Another “Dear John” letter.

        You asked about :

        “The land of Israel and Judea have always been owned lawfully by the Jewish Nation”
        There was no Israel before the Jews and the Jews have never relinquished ownership of that land.

        “Who says?”
        God. The League of Nations. The United Nations. And, if necessary, force of arms.

        “What law?”
        Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest.
        Many nations great and small have come, shone for a while, dimmed and vanished from existence.
        The Jews, one of the tiniest of nations, have survived despite being subject for millennia to all the horrors that mankind can devise.

        “Define “the Jewish Nation”.
        nation |?n? sh ?n|
        a large aggregate of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory.
        Try to apply any one of these characteristics to the so called Palestinians.

        “Does the Jewish Nation “own” anything else?”
        A civilized morality that is exceedingly rare among the peoples of this world.


        • John Bradford said:

          A civilised morality?

          Dropping cluster bombs and phosphorus on your neighbours? I’m glad I don’t live next door to a civilised morality so perhaps it’s a good thing that it is exceedingly rare.

          • steve mann said:

            The International Committee of the Red Cross says white phosphorus is being used in Gaza. No question.

            Taken from Christian Monitor-


            But they have no evidence that Israel is using it illegally.

            “In some of the strikes in Gaza it’s pretty clear that phosphorus was used,” Peter Herby, head of the Red Cross mines-arms unit, told the Associated Press Tuesday. “But it’s not very unusual to use phosphorus to create smoke or illuminate a target. We have no evidence to suggest it’s being used in any other way.”

            Cluster Bombs- Well its a war when someone sends 10000 rockets at you- It took 3 years for Israel to respond- I cant see any other country in the world waiting that long. So whatever they used -good luck to them- And Hamas, start building shelters with the UN .
            , EU and USA money you get, if you are going to start a war- not luxury hotels, swimming pools and buying new Mercedes for your officials to drive around in.

          • steve mann said:

            Of course you would say that- You make the points about phosphorus and cluster bombs- to put Israel in a bad light- When you get the response that you dont like its- “I am fed up with your answers etc….

            I think that makes you a “Hypocrite!

            (a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie )

        • Joe said:

          Dear John,

          The day that your neighboor starts launching Katyusha rockets in your direction come back and preach to us sinners about morality, civilized or otherwise.

          • John Bradford said:

            We’ve all been through this daft argument before. My neighbour isn’t going to launch any sort of rockets at me because, unlike many Jews, then Israelis, I haven’t stolen his land and property at gunpoint. That’s what the Jews/Israelis first started doing in the late 1940s and are still doing. The people whose land and property were stolen at gunpoint not surprisingly want it back. If they’re given back what was stolen from them (with an apology – that would be good) perhaps they’ll stop firing rockets.

            Seems obvious to me. Have you never asked yourself why they’re firing rockets at Israel?

  134. steve mann said:

    Well what ever happened to JOE-! I should I be surprised.!

  135. Jules Tabak said:

    In World War 2 I could not get away from Anti Semitism, no matter where I went. I looked at my ass and it looked the same as the ass on my Christian accusers. I looked for something that would make me assinine. Couldn’t find it, either. Would I have been better off not to join the Navy in 2 wars?


    • Avi said:

      From Avi to Jules Tabak Jan2012 in HR

      Dearest Mr. Jules Tabak
      “In World War 2 I could not get away from Anti Semitism, no matter where I went. I looked at my ass and it looked the same as the ass on my Christian accusers. I looked for something that would make me assinine. Couldn’t find it, either. Would I have been better off not to join the Navy in 2 wars?

      No way!! You are my hero even if you do not see that!

      Here I try to hint shortly why:
      1) Niche has said some thing like: “Conscience is a Jewish Invention”. On my part I say conscience, like any human property is distributed NORMALLY, in any community: At one pole, there are those, who have it all, and they are few. On the opposite pole, there are few who do not have it at all (like anti Semites and Tyrants). And, the middle, the majority, own it partially.

      Now usually, the wars are waged and posed on the majority, by the reckless, cruel minority (like anti Semites and Tyrants) whose conscience is NIL, NADA! Absolute ZERO!

      Can you guess who usually succeeds to defeat them? You are right! Those who are at the opposite POLE: those with full size conscience! That is why the first thing the Tyrants an anti-Semite do, is to wipe out as soon as possible those whom they think have conscience.
      You are lucky and blessed to be between those who have it, had also the chance to prove it, and saved others, and of course YOURSELF.

      If we let the NEW wave of Tyranny, Hatred, Anti-Semitism and Radicalism spread again (as it seems to be the case against the Democratic Western Countries, and obviously against Israel) then the coming generations of our children and grandchildren, would face the same bloody war, and worse!

      2) You might have heard the story about the Rabbi who visited a small poor Jewish village. The villagers wanted to give the Rabbi a gift as a token of appreciation. They thought what and how to find the share! So the solution they found was: give the Rabbi a bottle of Vodka, and decided that every family contribute a glass, and all of the, fill together the bottle! One of house wives suggested to her husband to save their glass of Vodka and, give water instead. She argued that when every body contribute the share of Vodka, then their glass of water would go without being sensed!

      When the Bottle was filled by all those families, they found out that it included water only, with no trace of Vodka!!! In that case, it so turned to be, that every one of them put water, relying on others who would put the Vodka…

      What is the point? The 2nd World stopped the brutal enslavement and killing of MILIONS of innocent people!

      If you were not there to win, and others like you would not be either, then we all know what would have become the destiny of this poor planet! Believe it or not, you have saved the world from that terrible destiny, and I personally am sure that you are a hero!

      3) In Talmud, there are sayings that cause many people feel un-easement, because these saying put them in front of the purest mirrors. One of them says: “Be human, where there are no humans!”.

      II World War, was posed on human race by a bunch of inhuman leaders, scientists, officers, reporters, ordinary soldiers, and farmers who had no note of humanism. In that black era that no human could escape from that torch, you and other humans stood up and endangered your self, and proved the essence of that Talmudic saying! BRAVO!!

      4) Unfortunately, even if you won that cruel creature, the humanistic society, did NOT finish the job. It did not ERADICATE the and not even punished those who had put on that fire! These snakes, not only survived, not only escaped punishment, but grow up a new generation of cruel, inhuman, blood-thirsty creatures who plan again to put the whole world on fire!

      You Sir are within those few, the best suited HUMAN who has the responsibility to stand up, and loud and clear raise your voice to tell the whole world NO MORE! NO MORE! ENOUGH of that tyranny: be it by New-Nazis, New Radical Islamists, New Fascists, New Fundamental Leftists, who have, somehow, found each other, and cooperate to bring back that old agony of brutality, enslavement, human slaughter, and new holocaust!

      So be PROUD, do not regret a bit, and go to the new fire-zone and lead us to Victory, of HUMANS with CONSCIENCE over those INHUMANS who have NO conscience.

      Yes Sir!

  136. david singer said:

    1. 900 people from 25 countries have now signed my petition urging UNESCO to seek an advisory opinion from the International Court on the legality of its decision to admit Palestine as a member state of UNESCO.

    2. UNESCO continues to stonewall – but they are feeling the heat as the loss of 22% of its budget in suspended American dues seriously impacts its humanitarian programs world wide.

    3. Read my latest article detailing what has happened to date in my dealings with UNESCO.

    4. Please sign the petition and encourage your immediate family (especially husbands and wives, girlfriends,boyfriends), your friends on Facebook and on other social networks to sign the petition which can be found at:.

    5, Each member of HonestReporting acting together to sign and circulate the petition has the collective power to make the petition go viral. Please let the genie out of the bottle to let UNESCO know you are concerned at its unlawful decision and require it to be reviewed.

    • Avi said:

      High International Legal Forum (HILF) To david singer
      HR Feb2012

      Equality of human rights is the most important amendment. Human rights, need International Constitution. Human Equality must be declared as the first amendment in the International constitution (Law). Then based on this amendment, a high-ranked High International Legal Forum (HILF) must be formed, in which only those nations who abide to this amendment, are allowed to send representatives, as members of this Leal Forum. This Forum (HILF) then may act as jury in the UN Court to judge (individuals and/or Countries) suspected to have committed crime against Human Rights. Then, one can legally prevent from those criminal tyrants/government, to become members of Human Right Organization of UNESCO.

      Moreover, by this constitution, HILF should be empowered to take certain actions/measures against Ideologies, which call for inequality. e.g., boycott against products of those countries whose declared policy and ideology is against equality of human rights…


  137. david singer said:

    To Avi

    No better example of human rights being trampled on can be found than UNESCO’s refusal to try to sort out the mess it has created by the unlawful admission of “Palestine” as the 195th member state of UNESCO.

    Approaching the International Court to determine the legality of its decision is one way to help restore UNESCO’s credibility and its dedication to helping underprivileged people all around the world who are going to suffer as a result of this unlawful decision.

    The sooner UNESCO returns to carrying out its Charter and abandons its attempt to protect its decision on “Palestine” from judicial review – the sooner the expectations of scores of millions of people globally can be raised that their human rights will be restored and their futures positively enhanced.

    I hope all HonestReporting members will get behind this petition, sign it and circulate it to their social networks to do likewise.

  138. Honest Reporter said:

    Honest reporting is based in Israel, not the UK but whats in a name when they say they are hones right

    Behind these people is zionist money that is used to try to hide all the murders in Gaza commited by the terrorist state of Israel and now they want to staert WWIII by attacking Iran on a pack of lies.

    May i remind everyone who’s attacking who and who has 350+ illegal nukes and most british politicians on the payroll.

    Honest my a$$

    • steve mann said:

      Of course this guy will be a “Hit and Run” fool- They usually are- So we can all tell him/her how Hamas uses human shields- etc and prove him /her wrong-

      But I suggest he/she will not be back to read any of it so its a waste of time.
      They are usually cowards ,this way.

      • Avi said:

        In response to Mr. Steve Mann, HR Feb2012, who has said:

        “…this guy will be a “Hit and Run” fool…”, on this imposter ‘Honest Reporter’, who has concluded: “… Honest my…”

        Well, he is a very honest representative of those blood-thirsty groups, that take to themselves all rights, and deny any rights from others.

        He/she believes that killing of Christians, Jews, secular men, and women (even Moslems), is their religious right/obligation.

        People like him/her also tend to believe that their victims do not even have the right of self-defense!

        They count and shout about those on their side who have been injured or killed, during their offence over millions of innocent victims. But:

        They never bother to remember or hear the agony of those millions who suffer from their ill-behavior.

        They consider their act of causing agony, as their privilege and obligation, in order to enforce upon their victims to “realize their wrong doings”, thus to force them “to see the light of the superior system…”!

        Now the question is: what are the sources of this deep dissonance.

        Here are some suppositions, that I find relevant:
        1) Mental sickness or at least disorientation
        2) Personality mania and disturbance
        3) Built-in criminality and brutality
        4) Distorted set of values and belief. For example:
        – assumption that Men should NOT have EQUAL RIGHTS
        – assumption that they are the SUPERIOR Race, Religion, Ideology, Color, Gender, etc.
        – assumption that their “Religion, Idea, Political System, Culture, the like…) is the only legitimate one, which be imposed on all “others”!
        – assumption that all there is in the universe, is at their disposal and ownership (including the lives an destiny of “others”)
        – assumption that the day of Judgment has come, and that THEY have been nominated as the SUPRIM JUDGES
        – … add your own ideas here…

        Any one of these sicknesses alone, and of course their combination, is enough to destroy the human culture as we know it, and convert HUMANITY into SLAVERY, AGONY, and HUMAN SLAUGHTER

        The fascinating fact is that at this particular point of human history, MOST of above-mentioned illnesses, are present in a certain cult who calls herself “Religion”, “Ideology”, and “Culture”.

        This unique cult uses the most devastating tools (including mind washing, two-facedness, explosives, rockets, and possibly atomic bombs) to mass-murder not only “others”, but even their own blood and flash residents, relatives, wives, sisters, and even their own children.

        What can one say?

        FIGHT sick-mindedness before it is TOO LATE, because besides it being too dangerous, it is also contagious! PREVENT this EPIDEMY now!

    • Avi said:

      To “Honest Reporter”, HR Feb2012

      “Honest reporting is based in Israel, not the UK but whats in a name when they say they are hones right
      Behind these people is zionist money that is used to try to hide all the murders in Gaza commited by the terrorist state of Israel and now they want to staert WWIII by attacking Iran on a pack of lies.”

      You question the honesty of HR criticizing the dishonesty of British report. To prove your claim you have given that address of the British report, without realizing that this report is an excellent example on dishonest reporting that HR complain about!
      If you were an unbiased watcher of that report you would soon realize to what degree this report is dishonest. Lets examine some aspects of this dishonesty, you so much cherish:
      a) During the entire report after a footage of bloodshed, the camera immediately changes focus on plates of food and knife and forks, while your “honest reporter” talks about “Israel”. Clearly, this is a miserable abuse of Pablovian mind setting your “honest friend” is trying to create in the minds of millions, at the edge of Nazi Propaganda and the darkest type of Anti-Semitism The underlying message is brisk clear: “…kill and enjoy the meal!” Would any reporter has done such an inhuman linkage about your dear friends, that reporter would have been assassinated long ago. See how European reporters who dared to report from Syria have been gunned down during past days!

      Just to remind you dear “dishonest Honest Reporter”, that during past 4 decades, hundreds of honest reporters have been brutally injured and killed by your dear friends.

      b) All through this “honest report” of your favorite reporter, he dramatically explicates every and any donation made by the Jewish lobby, but he tries very hard to hid and cover from the public eyes, the huge amounts that the Arab lobbies (or as a matter of fact, Moslem and other lobbies) contribute!

      This is a very strong evidence of dishonest reporting, you have presented here! Next time you should better, work harder to find other types of excuses to criticizes HR.

      Or, possibly you are a supporter of HR, and are shy to admit!?

      c) In any decent report media, the honest reporters, try to avoid any frames focusing on the faces of dead people, and specially the faces of children, no matter to what side of clash do they belong. Honest reporters, also do not make close-up on blood, and harsh scenes of fight.

      But, not surprisingly, your dearest “honest reporter” has failed, again, and again, and again, to fulfill this essential humanistic requirement of honest decent reporting.

      d) Honest reporting is about objectively searching and describing for the facts, evidences, and action-reaction chain. Zooming, concentrating, and focusing on one side of the story, while ignoring totally the other side of that story, is one-sided, biased, phlegmatic, and dishonest reporting.

      Facts: Aza authorities at south, (and until recently Hezbollah at north) of Israel, daily shed tens of rockets and martyrs, against Israel, causing, terrible damage, injuries, and killing of men, women, children, and elderly of Israeli residents!

      But this “honest reporter” of yours, completely has ignored these facts.

      Instead, he tries very hard, to twist the action-reaction chain around, as if Israel had acted and Aza has reacted.

      You dear “honest reporter”, are not really so naïve to believe that suck a blunt twist of facts is an honest practice, are you?

      Despite what you, dishonest “honest reporter” try to impose on human minds, honest people of the world demand: Back to the Facts, Ethics, and to Values of HONEST REPORTING!! No more brain wash!!!

    • Avi said:

      To “Honest Reporter”, HR Feb2012

      “… state of Israel and now they want to staert WWIII by attacking Iran on a pack of lies.”

      a) The International Atomic Committee has so far found at least 3 types of evidence, that has been labeled as “Smoking Guns”, by the international community.

      1) A decade ago or so, the members of that UN committee, discovered the Iranian BLUE PRINTS for military atomic weapon. Iran then admitted.
      2) Afterwards, UN search committee discovered a hidden site in Iran that is dedicated to build atomic weaponry. Iran again admitted.
      3) Recently, still another hidden site has been discovered inside Tehran (in the heart of residential area) that is geared to make atomic arms…

      These evidences prove beyond any reasonable doubt, that Iran lies about her intensions to make atomic bomb.

      How many more are there that the UN committee has not discovered yet? Iran, can not be trusted anymore!!

      b) No country of the world, not America, not Israel, nor any other nation, has ever threatened the very existence of IRAN. Nobody has declared that the State of Iran should be evaporated from the surface of the earth!

      In contrast, Iran has repeatedly declared her urge to destroy the State of Israel, who is a legal member of UN, who has friendly, warm, and binding mutual defense relations with many countries of the world. Iran’s declaration is an act of aggression against those friends of Israel as well…

      This action of Iran is an act of aggression and international terror. This is declaration of war. This is an illegal act under the charter of UN. This is declaration of the start of WWIII.

      c) Iran has attacked Israeli Embassies, and Jewish houses and facilities, around the world. It is an act of aggression not only against the State of Israel, not only against the Jewish nation, but also an act of war against the nations, governments, and the pure homeland of those countries, in which these embassies reside. Iran actually has started the WWIII against tens of countries of the world. Iran has converted herself into a state of WW. For the safety of the world, Iran must be disarmed, not only from atomic power, but from any type of weaponry!!!

      d) Iran trains thousands of terrorists on her land and around the world, and arms them with military standard explosives, machineguns, rockets and money, passports, and diplomatic backing. These are preparations on the part of Iran to spread her war against humanity, and continue the WWIII as far as possible…

      These acts of Iranian aggression, is funded on part of the wide-spread poverty of millions of her own residents!

      Iran provides weapon to Syria to actively kill tens of thousands of Syrian residents, and at home, Iran herself starves to death resident of her own land! Iran has lost her sense of decency, humanism, and legality!!

      You, dearest “honest reporter”, see all of that, and joyfully blame Israel!!

      Do not pretend that you do not know all of these facts, dear “honest reporter”.

      But at least you are “honest enough” to disclose your own plain soul and mind, by declaring “Honesty my …$$”.

      Might be you have found the best way to introduce yourself to the public!!! Who are we to disagree with you?

  139. Moll said:

    Love the new format! It makes reading/digesting/searching for stories much easier. Thx. for thinking about your readers.

  140. Mike said:

    I want very much for “Honest Reporting to succeed. I have not seen a single reference to continuous Settlement building in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem.

    Could tell me why there have been no such articles??


    • steve mann said:

      Mike why should there be-?

      All illegal settlements without planning permission have been and or will be evacuated.

  141. Mirian said:

    I am an America. WE LOVE ISRAEL!!!
    I have been kicked off of two blog sites for blasting Obama.
    I was even kicked off Face Book (and yet Terrorists have their own page on Face Book.
    I was only uploading articles from Fox News and Various other articles.

    Please KNOW this. America LOVES Israel.
    Israel is Blessed by God.

    • John Bradford said:

      Gosh, I’d never realised. Are you saying that your god approves of cluster bombs, phosphorus, refugee camp massacres, razing of villages and murder of all inhabitants?

  142. Mirian said:

    How in any stretch of your imagination could you possibly come up with Cluster bombs?

    • John Bradford said:

      Ah, so your god and you are happy with everything else, then?

      I didn’t come up with cluster bombs, America did, who sold some to Israel who dropped them on Lebanon.

  143. Mirian said:

    …from my post of “supporting Israel”??????

    • John Bradford said:

      Because you love Israel and Israel is blessed by god, so presumably god and you love America selling cluster bombs to Israel and love Israel dropping them on Lebanon. It’s a funny old world!

      • Leo Costa said:

        John, dear John, I see you again.

        Several things in order.

        First: respect the Creator who made you. Your breath is in His Hands, and you live by Him. So, in this order, you know is not god, but God. GOD, the One who lives in Heavens, and who created John Bradford, your English country, this planet Earth, and the whole universe, visible and invisible.

        If you don´t comprehend that, is, perhaps, because of your state of mind. Brits, unfortunately, have a powerful trend to play with fire, and when get burn, they blame others, but not watch over their own responsibility. Or, as happened frequently, try to hide the truth, in a very convenient way: an attitude that begun, perhaps, since Hastings. Remarkable in the last five centuries. Not in all things, of course (¿?), but in those that spread through the world, Britain has a very great responsibility.


        I know it´s not necessary to remind you that Britain developed a huge number of modern weaponry used today. Perhaps, it´s not necessary to remind you that one of the greatest statesmen of all time recommended to gas some arabs villages almost a century ago. That man was sir Winston Churchill. And, by the way, one of the personalities of the arabian independency told the same thing: Thomas Edward Lawrence, aka, Lawrence of Arabia.


        You know, from our conversations of last year (yes, my “rubish” arguments that you didn´t replied more), that Britain began to use massively phosphorus bombs in several conflicts. This is one of the facts that were hid by the Brits: their extensive use in WW II. Mr. Harris, was provided by huge artillery that he used in several raids. Perhaps this has already been investigated by the Brits experts in History, without scruples and hesitations, in order to create public opinion of the goods and wrongs in WW II. Was it?


        Much of the weaponry developed by the Brits after WW II, was covertly used in the following conflicts throughout the world, in very sophisticated ways (a Brit distinctive, of course). Ask your government about it. If this is a matter of national concern, they should offer to you, as a British citizen, the necessary probes to affirm or deny any development of new weaponry, or any involvement in posterior conflicts made by Her Majesty services since WW II (not to say years before), in order to test this new weaponry. By the way, there are very interesting books written by some Brits, with detailed explanations of such operations.


        If you consider that your nation is free from any sin to throw the first stone, I suggest you to be very careful. Very specially, in the case of Israel. As I told you the last year, in fact, Israel used phosphorus bombs, and other weapons that brought the nation under severe and harsh international condemnation. They, in their need of defense, used them, and if it was a mistake, this is an issue for another discussion. But, the fact is, that very possibly, England did exactly the same, and much more, without any need of defense from any threat (covertly, of course). This is a very big difference. But, I wonder if the British citizenship made the necessary assessments on their own government as they do with much fruition and pleasure on others, Israel in this case. Did you?


        England has made so many devastations around the world, and to try still to cover them, it´s simply pathetic. Take any History book, and read it. The British Navy seized many lands, many peoples, to favor their national interests. The expansion of the British Empire was made by inflicting a huge amount of pain to many peoples around the world, at least, since the 1500s (not to mention the moment that Hastings changed the things to bring the new British mentality, or perhaps, illness). The climax of the British splendor was very well described by the following words said by Jevons in 1865:

        « The plains of North America and Russia are our cornfields; Chicago and Odessa our granaries; Canada and the Baltic, our forests, wood suppliers, Australia contains our sheep farms, and in Argentina and in the prairies of North America are our herds of cattle, Peru sends her silver, and gold from South Africa flows into London, the Hindus and the Chinese grow tea for us and our coffee, sugar and spices are in the Indies, Spain and France are our vineyards, and the Mediterranean our fruit orchard, and our cotton fields, which have long been in the southern United States, are now spreading throughout the temperate regions of the earth »

        Upon the shoulders, sweat, and blood of many peoples, England built their wealth. And when these words were said, the British Empire began to decline.
        Also, the lack of strength of some statesmen brought even a war. The tragedy played by Neville Chamberlain to surrender to Hitler´s demands, defined the next decades for Europe. What far was this England in the threshold of WW II, from that described by Jevons.


        If your are continuing judging Israel, it´s your own choice. As I told you the last year, nobody will forbid this “liberty” to you. But don´t forget that, from every single word told, we will all render responsibilities in the afterlife. These words were said by the Lord JesusChrist.

        Again, perhaps, this will be hard to comprehend for you, because of your powerful national trend to mock or make jokes, or even ridiculize, many sacred things. Due to this, it´s not strange at all the path followed by Britain more that a century ago, breathing illness and decomposition in the most elementary aspects of human life. It´s not weird at all, but a natural consequence of the centurial and generational disobedience, trying stubbornly to substitute the normal by the abnormal since the British Enlightenment. Look now the results. They are very sad.

        Be awared, and take this as an imploration: please, do not play with fire. If the fire begins, specially by the wrath of God, there´s nothing created or uncreated that will stop it. Absolutely impossible.

        Don´t dare to defy God. What I tell to you, John Bradford, I´m telling it to your nation: Please, do not dare to defy God. Do not do that. Do not fall into judgment by silly (in fact, mad) words or actions. Take care about your words on Israel, avoid that insane fashion flaunted by The Guardian, BBC, et al. Desist from your steps. Perhaps, you will make a good think to yourselves.

        Take care.


        PS: I apologize again for my English.

        • John Bradford said:

          Your English is fine, it’s what you say that makes no sense.

          I think you’re saying that since everyone else over the centuries has done terrible things – including Britain – then it’s OK for Israel to do the same. Presumably, then it’s also OK for the Palestinians to do the same.

          The difference between Israel and the Palestinians of course is that the Jews/Israel started this war when they forced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians out of their homes at gunpoint in the late 1940s, so the Palestinians are perfectly entitled to fight back to try to recover the land and property that was stolen from them.

        • Jean Vercors said:

          Let me state this plainly and clearly: The Jews in Israel took no one’s land.

          When Mark Twain visited the Holy Land in the 19th century, he was greatly disappointed. He didn’t see any people. He referred to it as a vast wasteland. The land we now know as Israel was practically deserted.

          By the beginning of the 20th century, that began to change. Jews from all over the world began to return to their ancestral homeland – the Promised Land Moses and Joshua had conquered millennia earlier, Christians and Jews believe, on the direct orders of God.

          That’s not to say there wasn’t always a strong Jewish presence in the land – particularly in and around Jerusalem. In 1854, according to a report in the New York Tribune, Jews constituted two-thirds of the population of that holy city. The source for that statistic? A journalist on assignment in the Middle East that year for the Tribune. His name was Karl Marx. Yes, that Karl Marx.

          A travel guide to Palestine and Syria, published in 1906 by Karl Baedeker, illustrates the fact that, even when the Islamic Ottoman Empire ruled the region, the Muslim population in Jerusalem was minimal. The book estimates the total population of the city at 60,000, of whom 7,000 were Muslims, 13,000 were Christians and 40,000 were Jews.

          “The number of Jews has greatly risen in the last few decades, in spite of the fact that they are forbidden to immigrate or to possess landed property,” the book states.

          Even though the Jews were persecuted, still they came to Jerusalem and represented the overwhelming majority of the population as early as 1906. And even though Muslims today claim Jerusalem as the third holiest site in Islam, when the city was under Islamic rule, they had little interest in it.

          As the Jews came, drained the swamps and made the deserts bloom, something interesting began to happen. Arabs followed. I don’t blame them. They had good reason to come. They came for jobs. They came for prosperity. They came for freedom. And they came in large numbers.

          Winston Churchill observed in 1939: “So far from being persecuted, the Arabs have crowded into the country and multiplied till their population has increased more than even all world Jewry could lift up the Jewish population.”

          Then came 1948 and the great partition. The United Nations proposed the creation of two states in the region – one Jewish, one Arab. The Jews accepted it gratefully. The Arabs rejected it with a vengeance and declared war.

          Arab leaders urged Arabs to leave the area so they would not be caught in the crossfire. They could return to their homes, they were told, after Israel was crushed and the Jews destroyed. It didn’t work out that way. By most counts, several hundred thousand Arabs were displaced by this war – not by Israeli aggression, not by some Jewish real-estate grab, not by Israeli expansionism.

          In fact, there are many historical records showing the Jews urged the Arabs to stay and live with them in peace. But, tragically, they chose to leave.

          Fifty-four years later, the sons and daughters and grandsons and granddaughters of those refugees are all-too-often still living in refugee camps – not because of Israeli intransigence, but because they are misused as a political tool of the Arab powers.

          Those poor unfortunates could be settled in a week by the rich Arab oil states that control 99.9 percent of the Middle East landmass, but they are kept as virtual prisoners, filled with misplaced hatred for Jews and armed as suicide martyrs by the Arab power brokers.

          This is the modern real history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. At no time did the Jews uproot Arab families from their homes. When there were title deeds to be purchased, they bought them at inflated prices. When there were not, they worked the land so they could have a place to live without the persecution they faced throughout the world.

          It’s a great big lie that the Israelis displaced anyone – one of a series of lies and myths that have the world on the verge of committing yet another great injustice to the Jews.

          In just 50 years, almost a million Jews, whose communities stretch back up to 3,000 years, have been ‘ethnically cleansed’ from 10 Arab countries. These refugees outnumber the Palestinian refugees two to one, but their narrative has all but been ignored. Unlike Palestinian refugees, they fled not war, but systematic persecution. Seen in this light, Israel, which absorbed most of these Jewish refugees, is the legitimate expression of the self-determination of an oppressed indigenous, Middle Eastern people.
          This website is dedicated to preserving the memory of the near-extinct Jewish communities, which can never return to what they once were. It will attempt to pass on the stories of the Jewish refugees and their current struggle for recognition and restitution. Awareness of the injustice done to these Jews can only advance the cause of peace and reconciliation.
          (Iran: once an ally of Israel, the Islamic Republic of Iran is now an implacable enemy and numbers of Iranian Jews have fallen drastically from 80,000 to 20,000 since the 1979 Islamic revolution.

          • John Bradford said:

            A lot of what you say may well be true, but the fact still remains that in the late 1940s, as a result of Jewish/Israeli actions (I put it no more strongly than that), very large numbers (I put it no more strongly than that) of Palestinians became refugees, and are still refugees. Why is that? It’s because Israel point-blank refuses to implement countless UN resolutions and it flouts the Geneva convention. Israel is a member of the UN and a signatory to the Geneva Convention. No wonder Palestinians fight back with whatever weapons they can lay their hands on: I’d do the same if it were me, wouldn’t you?

            Let’s go back to 1945. After a hundred years of talking about it, Jews have finally decided that enough is enough and that there must be a Jewish homeland. Fine, after the holocaust, I’m sure the whole world would have agreed with that, including me.

            The questions then arise, where should that homeland be and what should happen to any non-Jews then currently living in the chosen region? They’re fair questions. The trouble began because, although the first question was answered by the Jews perfectly understandably taking direct action, no-one gave any thought to answering the second question. The Balfour Declaration said, and I quote it in full (most commentators only quote the first part). “His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.” The so-called twice-promised land.

            The second part of that Declaration never happened. That is the cause of the continuing war between Palestine and Israel.

            Your suggestions for a solution are welcome.

  144. Mirian said:

    Damn skippy, Israel is right what she is doing.

    Leave Israel alone!!!

  145. steve mann said:

    Now if the people of the book- as the Muslims say- all believe in the same God/Allah – Then possibly Allah in his Omnipotent way knows the land is Israel and “He” is damned annoyed with these Muslims who want to usurp it . So Allah has pronounced that every time the Hamas, Hizbollah attack Israel- they should respond . And as Col.?Richard Kemp, former commander of British troops in Afghanistan, declared in front of the United Nations Human Rights Council that Israel “did more to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare.”?

  146. Mickey Oberman said:

    John Bradford is one of those individuals whose thinking processes have atrophied to the point that he cannot accept the truth if it differs one iota from what has been carved by hatred in his fossilized brain.

    • John Bradford said:

      What truth is that?
      Israel didn’t drop cluster bombs?

  147. Mickey Oberman said:

    With odds of more than 100 to 1 Israel has done, is doing and will do whatever is necessary for the survival of its nation.
    That, Mr Bradford, is true morality. Something you are unable to comprehend.

  148. John Bradford said:

    I can only repeat – what truth is that?

    That’s not morality of any sort, that’s “I’m going to have my way and I don’t care what the cost is to others”. I can comprehend that attitude perfectly well, that’s why I oppose it.

    So what is this truth that I can’t accept?

  149. Mirian said:

    @ Author: steve mann:

    Logical and to the point.


  150. Mirian said:

    Leo, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your English.

    Your writing is not only factual and interesting — you have a style of your own.
    I think perhaps you would be a amazing in the literary field.

      • steve mann said:

        As fictional as your twisted truth comments!

        • John Bradford said:

          “You make the points about phosphorus and cluster bombs- to put Israel in a bad light”

          No, I make those points because they’re true. I agree they put Israel in a bad light.

          Wilfully ignoring countless UN resolutions and flouting the Geneva Convention also put Israel in a bad light.

          Allowing the Sabra and Shatila massacres to happen also puts Israel in a bad light.

          Bombing the King David Hotel puts Israel’s predecessors in a bad light.

          Need I go on?

          • steve mann said:

            You obviously do not , thoroughly read others posts-
            I gave you the findings of the Red Cross and those of Colonel Richard Kemp-Which doubt on both your statements. Those you chose to ignore , for they fail your bias agenda.

            Israel has not flouted one UN resolution with a clause 7 finding-

            Sabre and Shatilla were not carried out by Israeli troops- as you well know, or should know if you have done your homework. Any way those attacks were in revenge carried out by the Christian Lebanese for the atrocities carried out against them by Arafat and his hordes.

            Unlike the Islamist terrorist- the Irgun gave the GB authorities ample warning of their intention that they were going to bomb the MILITARY WING of the KD hotel.
            Meanwhile the Jihadi suicide bomber targets civilians without notice.

            So yes! you need go on for your rants deviate from the whole truth.

          • Avi said:

            To Jon Bradford HR 4 march 12
            “No, I make those points because they’re true. I agree they put Israel in a bad light.”

            Dear John, I love your sense humor!

            I really missed your show, during those days you were absent. You are fabulous. I ask myself if you do that thought-fully? Or is it your natural personality?!

            Your extravagant selective altruism and analysis can be a very interesting subject of research.

            See how:

            A) Your dear human-right hero, Asad (Bashir) slaughters his own people (about 8,000 death so far), I believe, of your dear cherished Syrian Moslem Arabs. They wanted a tiny bite of human right, and got a big one! Fanny, Ha?

            And still you do not find it a good enough “truth” to bother to mention! In your view it is not bad enough, to shed a bad light on Syria (possibly because all of your bad lights are needed to be put on Israel alone)! Fanny isn’t it?

            B) Your beloved old friends’ father Asad (Hafez) in his “humanitarian manner”, reportedly killed 10,000-40,000 men women and children of his own nation 1960’s.

            At those days the starving people of Syria, asked for a piece of Pita Bread (you can find reports on the old media that has long been forgotten). What did they get? To be torn into pieces like a Pita Bread, by their president! How do you call that? Of course it has no significance to many types of people we meet in this corner, right dear John?. I told you, your show is excellent!

            You see dear John? Something in the world do not change. Believe me! I do not point to you, personally, when I say that! There are some type of “Modern Humanistic Open Minded Human killings” that do not change. They only get new customs (and old customers).

            There is a beautiful line of poetry in Persian literature which says:
            “My father sold the Paradise for two grains of wheat! //
            I would be unfaithful if I wouldn’t sell it for (only) one grain of barley!!”

            Why does anybody expect that Asad the son, would be any different from Asad the father? Fanny, I told you!

            And still, you do not find it a good enough “truth” to bother to mention! What a master of “truth telling” you are! Really!

            In your view, as it comes out from you huge faith to “truth”, it is not bad enough, to shed a bad light on Syria (again possibly because your bad lights have been consumed by your passion to shed them on Israel alone)! What a show dear John! Fanny isn’t it? “Tradition! Tradition! Tradition!”

            The green Arab Spring has long turned out to be brown, grey, black, and red. But your show must go on! Of course!

            Do you want some more information? But remember dear John! Keep going your way.

            None of the following, would count in your liberal eyes as “bad” truths to shed your “bad lights” upon them. Do not waste that “bad light”!

            Save all of that “bad light” to restate the “bad truths” about Israel only! It is your show, dear John! Don’t stop please. Millions of “Liberals” of modern era, depend on you!
            • Try the story of Egyptian mass murder of Yemenites at 1950’s (do you remember the “beloved human-rights modern Abdul-Natzer”?), together with The “Star of Modern Arab world” until recently, President Mobarak, with his share of the mass killing liberals like you and me, at Al-Tahrir Quarters, in Caro Egypt!
            • Try the story of your dear human-rights Moslem-Arab hero in Iraq (Sadam Hussain), pouring tones of poisonous materials, against defenseless Kurds (all Moslems), and also later, against their (Moslem) neighbors the Persians, in 50’s and 60’s.
            • Try the Armenians, mass-murdered by your dearest Flafila boat Heroes, the Turks then, and in past years against (Moslem) Kurds,
            • Try the countless acts of aggression and assassination against News Media Reporters, all over the world, who dare to report “truths” about the Arab-Moslems leaders of Sudan, Libya, Al-Fath, Plo, Hamass, Islamic Jihad, World Jihad, Al Caida, etc., etc., etc.,… you name it

            Now, not only your show is outstanding about “truth that sheds bad light”, but also your other show of analysis (logical ordering of the process) is fascinating. But, as of now?

            You have succeeded to make all of us laugh for one day? one week? Or a moth? Or even for some years.

            Have you ever considered yourself, as brilliant nomination for Oscar?

            Nowadays many “truth loving” reporters, like yourself, are thirsty for shows you put on here, again, again, and again!

            It seems that people like yourself never go away for long. They resurrect every-time anew! Just like “Tradition! Aggression! Tradition Aggression …” that has been going on In Europe and the Middle East, during centuries, as exemplified above.

          • Avi said:

            To John Bradford HR March 4, 2012, 2nd response

            “Wilfully ignoring countless UN resolutions and flouting the Geneva Convention also put Israel in a bad light.”

            UN! Ha Dearest UN. Of course you should defend UN resolutions. If not you dear John, who else?

            What about willfully ignoring UN resolutions that accept the right of ownership of Jews over their homeland Israel (Labeled by your dearest friends as “Palestine”)?

            In this case wouldn’t you continue to shed “bad light” on Jews/Israel why are they so persistent to keep their existence?

            Of course you would be “true” criticizer of any party that willfully ignore 1948 UN resolution, right? Even if it would Moslems, Arabs, Europeans, or even Jews! Right? Would please raise your voice saying “YESSSS” loud and clear? Unfortunately Nobody hears from you that this puts then in “bad light”. Not yet! Might be Never! But who knows? We Jews believe in miracles and continence (after-all we are said to have invented them).

            Of course you, as purest, most honest human right watcher, are shocked every time, Iran, and her Proxies (Moslem leaders in England, Hizbulla, Hamas, Al Qaida, Syria, and even your dearest friend Mr. Mahmud Abbas of Israeli Arabs) deny the atrocities of Nazis in your beloved continent against MILLIONS of human beings (e.g. their own liberals, homo-lesbians, intellectuals, Gypsies, and some (only 6 Million) Jews!! Aren’t you dear John? Except that Your “true” interest lies somewhere else, at least at the Moment…

            It goes by no saying, that you dear John, would shed a very “bad light” on those, who willfully deny the forge “truth”, and re-construct their history of other nations: For example, those Iranian Moslems that want us to believe that non of the ancient kings of Persia ever existed (Cyrus the Great, Daryuse the Magnificent, etc.), the whole Perso-Median Pre-Islamic kingdoms and cultures, never existed. UN resolution has acknowledged the Perse-Polis and several other Persian old sites, as Human Culture Ruminants. Since Persian Radical Moslems willing fully ignore these resolutions, then you could and would put them in “bad light”, but for the moment you are too busy with Israel’s “bad light”. Isn’t it temporary, dear John?

            Incidentally, I agree in advance with you that if Arabs and Moslems willing fully, deny the historic existence of old Greek, Roman and Egyptian, Assyrian, Babelian, and Persian nations, even-though it does not seem to be “ignoring UN resolutions”, god-forbidden, that would be a major reason on your part to shed “very bad light” on them.

            But, at the same time, even thought all these old nations, have left some evidence, which might prove, that they have had commercial, cultural, military, or god-forbidden peace accords with the old residents of Israel, then that would be a major crisis.

            Because, that nation who has been living in old Israel have been Jew, then their historic existence should be ignored, justly, truth fully, and wholeheartedly. Because, otherwise, if there should be found any evidence that the Jews are the lawful owners of Israel, then your world would collapse. And we do not want that to happen, right Mr. John? That would contradict any modern sense of liberal “true” prejudices, fashioned, since the 1970’s when “Palestinian Nation” was invented for the first time in the human history.

            Well excuse me for confusion. Your cultural and religious, fore fathers (the Romans) were first to forge “Palestine” label on Israel to still away the land of Israel from her Jewish owners. Of course as you have so nicely put it: “when somebody comes to still your land you should resort to whatever weapons you have to defend yourself and your land”/ Well this is exactly what Jews have been doing since those days. Except that due to the robbery of the name (Israel), and due to the forging label “Palestine”, then under the occupation of Romans, all the Jews living in that land became the ancient original “Palestinians”.

            At those days (100 BC- 700 DC0 dear John, there were no Arabs around to be called “Palestinian Nation”. Even when The Khalif Omar militarily conquered Israel ( = Roman label “Palestine”) it was a Jewish homeland stolen by the Arab army! So you would agree then, with the Jews to have the right to use “any weapon they has to get rid of these land robbers!
            Then came Bezants, then Persians, the Turks, and then Britain. So according to your own preference, it is heroic that Jews did explode KD to kick the British Land Robers OUT!. You should proud of that!

            Then there came the new Land Robbers, the “Palestinian Arab Nation”. Well no matter whether it was in 70’s or 40’s or even a hundred year earlier, you would approve the actions taken by the Land Lords of Israel (the Jews)!

            UN has prepared charters, to enable honest peaceful countries to use peacefully atomic energy for the benefit of humans, not for enabling irresponsible countries, to build atomic bombs, which enables them to destroy and wipe out from the maps other members of UN!

            As a liberal hero, you are shocked by the recent threats of Iran, that ignores the UN resolutions, and try to deceive the world, and shout aloud that she wants to destroy a member of UN (incidentally, today, it is Israel. Who knows? May be she wants to destroy Britain next? A knowledgeable man like your self, indeed knows what atrocities Great Britain has been carrying out against the Persian People during Past 300 years.

            You should listen carefully what the PERSIANS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THIS Great Britain!! Please be warned! You should be prepared to use “any weapon you could put your hands on to prevent Moslem Iran to steal your country from your nation. They have long announced that among other things, they own also the lands of Europe and England, but you are busy with your bad lights! Thei new missils are Pointed now towards you too).

            I personally really truthfully believe that it is on your agenda, to put Iran in “bad-bad light”! Not only that, you have already advised your Government, to avoid dropping certain types of bombs on Iranian military forces, even if the shells upon London their tens of thousands of missiles, or their Atomic bombs! You are a unique pure soul dear John

            It is the legitimate right of Israel to exist, to defend her land, to safeguard her people, and those who want to still the land of Israel should better know what you have said: “she is entitled to resort to any weapon she has to break the backbone of the offenders: Be it Great Britain at KD, or Al-Husseiny at Jerusalem’s Mufti, Abdul Nasser of Cairo, Hafez Assad the father of Damascus, Sadat of Egypt, Arafat at south Lebanon, Mussavi in Great Lebanon, Mashaal and Hania of Gaza, or Khamenei and Ahnadi-Najad of Tehran!

            You must be proud of this Jewish/Israel resistance, even when you try your best to put them in “your bad light”

  151. Jules Tabak said:

    What were the excuses when during WW2 I ran into so much antisemitism when I put my life on the line? The gentiles were just taken in with hating.

  152. Jacob T Chachkes, M.D. said:

    would be nice if there were a link to Washington Post and other publications so that their distortions could be brought to their attention.
    Could not find the hand for links when tried to get full story about Washington Post. Help.
    I subscribe because you so a wonderful job, thanks!

  153. Avi said:

    To John Bradford HR march 05, 2012 civilized morality
    By Avi

    Dear John. You have written:
    “Dropping cluster bombs and phosphorus on your neighbors? I’m glad I don’t live next door to a civilized morality so perhaps it’s a good thing that it is exceedingly rare.”

    I think you wrote that before what happened in the ME during what is called “the Arab Spring”. Nowadays you of course are busy writing a similar quote, like that:

    I John, as purest representative of civilized morality declare: “Dropping tons of bombs over the heads of (Syrian) residents by their president (Assad)? I’m glad I don’t live next door to a civilized morality so perhaps it’s a good thing that it is exceedingly rare.”

    More so:
    I John, as purest representative of civilized morality declare: “Dropping Atomic bombs over the heads of (Jewish/Israeli) residents by their (Iranian/Moslem) neighbors? I’m glad I don’t live next door to a civilized morality so perhaps it’s a good thing that it is exceedingly rare.”

    What else?
    I John, as purest representative of civilized morality declare: “Dropping Strategic declaration (metaphoric bombs) over the heads of (Jewish/Israeli) residents to wipe out them off the map and evaporate them off existence (= final solution of the “problem”) of a UN member, by their (Iranian/Moslem) neighbors? I’m glad I don’t live next door to a civilized morality so perhaps it’s a good thing that it is exceedingly rare.”

    In my humble view these declarations suit you best as a moralist, but I understand that you, dear John, are shy (or possibly out of your “bad light”?)

    P.S. If you think that these dangers are going to step towards your Country and your Nation, it is possibly more probable than you dare to think. Give it 15-20 years and we may see (unless you wake-up and do try to prevent them NOW). “Those who do not oppose evil, do evil against the honest”

    Sincerely yours

  154. bijwoner said:

    Hallo daar,
    Ik ontvang nu een week dit spul en kom niet verder dan deze intro.
    Dat schiet niet op, maar de mogelijkheid tot opzeggen zie ik hier ook niet.

    Ik was benieuwd of deze site een aanvulling is op de vorige en dat blijkt niet zo te zijn.

    Of u mij wilt schrappen van de lijst.


    • steve mann said:

      This is an open site and all comments are worth reading- If you do not want to subscribe any more -then do not! eventually no one will answer you!

      Go in Peace.

  155. David said:

    Israel,por todos los medios a puesto en claro la amenaza que representa Irán para para su seguridad nacional,el pueblo Judío vive bajo amenaza 24 hrs. Diplomáticos viajan arriba y abajo,las cámaras de televisión maratonicamente corren tras Chavez y compañía,la ONU con medidas leves para pacificar los ánimos del orbe ¿creen que somos ciegos?en ninguna manera.Toda reacción de Israel es cuestionada de inmediato,a si es que la Kneset tendrá que ajustar el cinturón y presionar de otra manera..Di-s es nuestro refugio…Ashem vuelve tu a actuar…..shalom

  156. gabi said:

    Why is it that CNN is never scrutinized by Honest Reporting? Each and every time there are barrages of rocket attacks from Gaza, there are no articles, much less headlines, about the rockets coming in. The CNN news starts reporting with Israel’s first reaction–and writes its headlines as if Israel is murdering Palestinian innocent civilians purposely and without cause. It is all in what CNN leaves out that gives the hundreds of thousand readers the impression that Israel is attacking the “poor palestinians” for no reason. I have not seen a single article EVER about the rocket attack bombardments from Gaza into Israel. They are just as biased as NPR, if not more! Yet I never hear anything from Honest Reporting about CNN OR NPR!!!
    That’s just NOT right!!!

    • steve mann said:


      I daily go onto the CNN site-
      There has been a torrent of discussion (Correction) verbal , childish rants regarding this- Whilst there is a mention within the CNN story that rockets were fired from Gaza- the main headline is always “…Palestinians died in Israeli attack…”

      Please remember CNN has a strong connection to the BBC-

      The pulic broadcasting authority that refuses to publish the Malcom Balen report!

      • John Bradford said:

        Yes, correct, Palestinians have been dying in their thousands since Jews/Israelis started attacking them, murdering them, and stealing their land and property in the late 1940s.

        Did the CNN report happen to say that these people are refugees? Refugees from where? Refugees usually want to return to their homes, Palestinians are no different.

        Thank goodness someone continues to report it.

        • steve mann said:

          Mr Bradford- or are you from Bradford which would say a lot-

          The refugees you shout about were created by Jordan and Egypt- after the end of the 48/50 war they “Shoved” them into refugee camps- instead of integrating them into their “Brotherly” communities.They were the ones that the 6 waring Arab states TOLD them to leave and they would have all the land after the Jews were driven into the sea- (War archives have the flyers sent to these people saying just that).
          The ones that ignored them still live in Israel and have multiplied to 1.5 million.

          The Jews did not steal anything in the 40`s- They purchased land that only 5 Arab land owners had deeds to- Read one of your own-Waleed Shoebatt -anex “Palestinian” self confessed terrorist whos father was one of those 5.

          However I am probably talking to a brick wall- as either you will not even be reading this-(Gay kop en Vant) or you will refuse to believe it! What ever.!

          • John Bradford said:

            Now let me check that I’ve understood you correctly.

            We agree that there are Palestinian refugees, but you say they were created by Jordan and Eqypt, not by Jews/Israel, by shoving them into refugee camps.

            So what exactly happened, I can’t imagine the process. There were many Palestinians living in the land that is currently called Israel, who became refugees. Did Jordan and Egypt pull them out of their homes and transfer them to refugee camps around the region? Why on earth would they have done that?

            The Jews did not steal anything? They ‘bought’ the whole of Israel from five people? Their descendants must be very wealthy.

            My great great great great grandfather was from Plymouth, which is about 40 miles from Bradford in Devon, but as far as I’m aware, he, and therefore I, didn’t come from there. But if I did, how would it ‘say a lot’?

          • steve mann said:

            Sarcasm being the lowest form of wit- You get 1st prize-

            I will pu it in schoolboy language- for your benefit-

            1947- UN resolution 181- Partition of the mandated land Palestine.
            1948- The Hebrews had a land and the Arabs went to war-
            1950- The war was over-
            The Muslims that stayed in Israel- kept their homes- and have since multiplied to 1.5 million-
            Those that ran away by command of the Arab states- got caught up in Egyptian ruled Gaza and Samaria Judea (The West Bank) Thats where they were forced to live in refugee camps.
            And yes (See the works of Waleed Shoebat for reference to the 5 Arab families owning land in the Mandated area and the selling thereof) He was a self confessed “Palestinian” terrorist- whos father was one of the family heads who sold such land.

            Most of the other refugees originated from Egypt, Iraq and Syria, Arafat was an Egyptian as an example- But his uncle and hero was the Mufti of Jerusalem a great friend of Adolf Hitler.. The bulk of the Mandated land was baron-
            The Sabra (Hebrews) also resided in the area and had done for millenia.

            trusting you have been able to absorb this information.

          • jean vercors said:

            What about the Jewish refugees ?

            Following the 1947 United Nations vote to partition Palestine, Arab violence against Jews erupted throughout the Middle East and North Africa where more than 870,000 Jews were living (1945 estimate).

            Many of the Jews resided in communities with a continuous Jewish existence for 2,500 years or more.

            Israel absorbed the Jews who fled Arab countries and millions of refugees from Nazi and Soviet Europe in the same time. After brief periods of adjustment, the Jews fleeing life-threatening conditions in other lands became indistinguishable from other Israelis. Today tiny Israel, with relatively few resources, has no “refugee problem” while the wealthy Arab countries, with vast lands and oil riches, cannot find a way to help the Palestinian Arabs


        • Avi said:

          To John Bradford HR 12.3.12
          From Avi

          Dear John:
          “Did the CNN report happen to say that these people are refugees? Refugees from where? Refugees usually want to return to their homes, Palestinians are no different.”

          Indeed they should better go back to their original homelands: Iran (Ajamis), Egypt (Al-Mesri), to Yeman (al-Yemani), to Moroco (Marakeshi),etc. etc. These so called “Palestinians” are mostly decedents of Arab and Moslem refugees who had fled from many countries and stolen the land of Israel from the Jews who are the only lawful owners of this land (Please go back to our past discussion, and do your homework again, in case you have already forgotten that).

          No war is clean. No war can be one sided. When you attack and kill, do not be surprised to be attacked back and killed!

          No refugee is justified. One act of refugee should not justify another act of refugee. The following passage is not aimed to tell you that earlier sufferings justify later ones. The following list is brought as a measure or criteria against pre-judice.

          Persians have a saying that you might love (or hate?). They say: “if one should arrest a drunk, all drunks should be arrested”.

          Are you ready?

          It is interesting that your memory cut-off point of this regions history is 1940. If you could stretch back only a little, say even one year earlier, 1939 when thousands of Jewish residents of Israel were attacked, raped, slaughtered, fired at, or beheaded by these “pure poor Palestinians”, your dearest friend I suppose, you judgment might have been different (or NOT?). Go back there, and enrich your knowledge by reading about what these “Arab refugees” of yours did in Hebron, in Galil, in Beer-Sheva, and Jerusalem.

          During 1800s, under Othman Mandate over Israel, thousands of Jewish residents of Israel where raped, disabled, forced out as refugees, or forced to change their religion.

          During past 1,000 years Millions of minorities (Christians, Jewish, Zoroasteris, and even Sunni Moslems, were slaughtered by Iranian Shiites. Simmilar tragedies occurred to Kurds, Azeries, Armenians, etc. in this part of earth…

          Where were you then? Where are you now? Where would you be when you soul would stand before your creator, and ask about your humanity?

          Of course, we should accept your agony about “Arab Refugees” only, you are devoted to. Your humanistic care stops at the Jewish step-doors.

          Actually, your weep about “refugees” is limited only to “Israeli Arabs”.

          Your moralistic stand, stops not only when you see Jewish refugees, but also other minorities of the Middle East. According to your sacred UN reports, since 1900, yearly about 1-4 million people (most of them minority residents at their homelands) have been expelled, by Arab/Moslem countries (Persians/Ajamis from Iraq, Kurds from Iraq/Turkey/Iran, Berbers from Morocco/Tunisia, Kopties from Egypt, Christians from Lebanon/Syria/Egypt/Sudan, Armenians from Turkey, etc. etc.).

          But are they humans for you to care about? Millions of minorities have been raped, injured, and killed by Arab/Moslem fundamentalists. But why should we expect from you to consider them as human-beings?

          You, dear John, have your own definition of HUMAN, HUMANITY, HUMAN RIGHTS, and MORALITY. Incidentally, it almost coincides with the way these concepts are defined and understood in some outstanding regimes in past and present. But, we cannot blame you for their selections.

          YOUR selection is no different from that carried out in 1930’s, first by your beloved “Palestinians” and then, by others in Europe!

          Your choices of viewpoint, of dates, of subjects, of races, of religions, of colors, of tribes, of places, of facts, and of care, are all selective.

          So are your Ignoring(s)!

          You seem to be a very acute and experienced selector…

          • John Bradford said:

            Ah yes, go back to their original homeland. So the Canaanites go back to Canaan, the English go back to North Germany, the Scotti go back to Ireland, and all Europeans leave North, Central and South America. The Australians and New Zealanders go back to wherever they came from. Likewise the Mongol hordes. I suppose on the basis of your argument, we all go back to Africa, and leave the rest of the world to the Neanderthals.
            “When you attack and kill, do not be surprised to be attacked back and killed”. Quite. So Israelis should not be surprised that Palestinians attack back, after Jews/Israelis attacked them in the late 1940s, thus creating the refugees who are attacking back.
            “No war is clean.” True, but Israel is a signatory to the Geneva Convention, the provisions of which it ignores.

          • John Bradford said:

            I don’t understand why, but there is no “reply” link on Jean Vercors’ post of Mar 13, 2012. He said…..

            “What about the Jewish refugees ?

            Following the 1947 United Nations vote to partition Palestine, Arab violence against Jews erupted throughout the Middle East and North Africa where more than 870,000 Jews were living (1945 estimate).

            Many of the Jews resided in communities with a continuous Jewish existence for 2,500 years or more.

            Israel absorbed the Jews who fled Arab countries and millions of refugees from Nazi and Soviet Europe in the same time. After brief periods of adjustment, the Jews fleeing life-threatening conditions in other lands became indistinguishable from other Israelis. Today tiny Israel, with relatively few resources, has no “refugee problem” while the wealthy Arab countries, with vast lands and oil riches, cannot find a way to help the Palestinian Arabs


            That, if I may say so, is a reasonable, polite and helpful post. There’s no exaggeration, there are no insults. Why aren’t all posts like that?

            I think that’s all true, except that Israel does not have “few resources”. It has the backing of the USA, which pumps massive resources into Israel.

            Yes, Israel did indeed absorb many refugees, but that was the whole point of the creation of Israel – to do just that – so it would have been very odd if that hadn’t happened.

            I agree it’s odd that other Arab countries don’t help the Palestinians more, but I’m not an Arab, and I don’t understand the culture or background. Perhaps to outsiders, Europeans appear to be very similar to each other, but in fact, we’re not, so perhaps it’s the same in Arab countries, and perhaps they don’t care particularly about Palestine. There have been plenty of occasions when one European country has not helped another in the past.

            I also agree that Arab violence erupted against Jews after partition, Jews who had nothing to do with Israel, and were entirely innocent. But given the backdrop of Palestinians being robbed of their land and property at gunpoint and becoming refugees, I think it’s understandable that there was a backlash against Jews wherever they were in Arab countries. Understandable, but wrong, I agree. Easy to say with hindsight. All Germans were interned in Britain at the start of WW2, as were many Japanese in America after Pearl Harbor.

            But all this misses the point. Which is that large numbers of Palestinians have been dispossessed, and are entitled to redress. Israel is on probation. It is required to implement various UN resolutions, which it refuses to do. It seems happy enough to be a member of the UN, but doesn’t want to accept the responsibilities of membership. It is a signatory to the Geneva Convention, but ignores it. All that has to change.

            On a slightly different note, are we getting to the point where a one-state solution is beginning to make sense? If you haven’t already, you should read Ali Abunimah’s book.

          • steve mann said:

            But there are no Canaanites- There are no known Engles- etc- But there are , is and always has been the Hebrew- The Sabra is proof of that.

            Jewish DNA
            There is now new DNA evidence for common Jewish origin—not just among Cohanim, the Priestly Class, but among Jews scattered all over the globe.

            Recently published research in the field of molecular genetics—the study of DNA sequences—indicates that Jewish populations of the various Diaspora communities have retained their genetic identity throughout the exile. Despite large geographic distances between the communities and the passage of thousands of years, far removed Jewish communities share a similar genetic profile. This research confirms the common ancestry and common geographical origin of world Jewry.
            Jewish men from communities which developed in the Near East—Iran, Iraq, Kurdistan, Yemen—and European Jews have very similar, almost identical genetic profiles.
            “Despite their long-term residence in different countries and isolation from one another, most Jewish populations were not significantly different from one another at the genetic level. The results support the hypothesis that the paternal gene pools of Jewish communities from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East descended from a common Middle Eastern ancestral population, and suggest that most Jewish communities have remained relatively isolated from neighboring non-Jewish communities during and after the Diaspora.”
              (M.F. Hammer, Proc. Nat’l Academy of Science, May 9, 2000)
            The basis of this new field of population research is the study of the Y-chromosome, which is passed virtually unchanged from father to son. The rare mutations—which are changes in the non-coding portion of its DNA—can serve as markers, which can distinguish peoples. By studying the genetic signatures of various groups, comparisons can be made to determine the genetic relationships between the groups.
            Y-chromosome research of the Jewish people began as an outgrowth of the study of Cohanim—the Jewish priestly family (Cohen.) These studies showed a very high genetic affinity among present-day Cohanim, indicating that they do have a common paternal ancestor, estimated to have lived some 3,000 years ago. (See The Cohen DNA Connection)
            The most recent genetic research consists of obtaining DNA samples, and doing laboratory analysis and comparison of the DNA markers on the Y-chromosome—which is passed from father to son, and on the mtDNA (mitrocondrial DNA)—which is passed intact from mother to son and daughter. This genetic anthropology promises to be particularly informative for tracking the history of Jewish populations, and helping to resolve the debate on the origins and migrations of Jewish communities in the Diaspora.
            The researchers proposed to answer the question whether the scattered groups of modern Jews can be identified as the descendants of the ancient Hebrews of the Bible, or whether their common ancestry has been diluted through influx of converts and through intermarriage so that little remains of their “Jewish genes.”
            The complex recorded history of dispersal from the Land of Israel and subsequent residence in and movements between various countries in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East is expected to produce a complex pattern of genetic relationships among Jewish populations as well as between them and the non-Jewish peoples among whom they lived.
            The research was based on samples from 29 populations, 7 Jewish, categorized into five major divisions: Jews, Middle-Eastern non-Jews, Europeans, North Africans, and sub-Saharan Africans.
            The findings were that most Jewish communities—long separated from one another in Europe, North Africa, the Near East and the Arabian Peninsula—do indeed seem to be genetically similar and closely related to one another, sharing a common geographical origin.
            These Jewish communities are more closely related to each other and to other Middle Eastern Semitic populations—Palestinians, Syrians, and Druze—than to their neighboring non-Jewish populations in the Diaspora.
            The results also indicate a low level of admixture (intermarriage, conversion, rape, etc.) into the gene pool of these various Jewish communities.
            Among the Jewish communities sampled, North Africans (Moroccans, etc.) were most closely related to Babylonian (Iraqi) Jews. These populations may best represent the paternal gene pool of the ancient Jewish/Hebrew population dating back to the First Temple period, before the Babylonian exile (approx. 2,500 years ago).
            The Y-chromosome signatures of the Yemenite Jews are also similar to those of other Jewish and Semitic populations. In contrast, the paternal gene pool of Ethiopian Jews more closely resembles that of non-Jewish Ethiopian men.
            Although the Ashkenazi (European) Jewish community separated from their Mediterranean ancestors some 1,200 years ago and lived among Central and Eastern European gentiles, their paternal gene pool still resembles that of other Jewish and Semitic groups originating in the Middle East.
            A low rate of intermarriage between Diaspora Jews and local gentiles was the key reason for this continuity. Since the Jews first settled in Europe more than 50 generations ago, the intermarriage rate was estimated to be only about 0.5% in each generation.
            The Ashkenazi paternal gene pool does not appear to be similar to that of present-day Turkish speakers. This finding opposes the suggestion that Ashkenazim are descended from the Kuzars, a Turkish-Asian empire that converted to Judaism en masse in or about the 8th century CE.
            The researchers are continuing and expanding their studies particularly of the Ashkenazi community. They are hoping that by examining the DNA markers in Jewish populations from different parts of Europe, they will be able to infer the major historical and demographic patterns in Ashkenazi populations.
            In addition to questions of medical interest, there are many interesting possibilities concerning the origin of Ashkenazi populations and how they migrated in Europe. It seems likely that Jews began to arrive in Europe perhaps 1,000 to 1,200 years ago, when settlement was already sufficiently developed to provide them with opportunities to make a living.
            One theory claims that the Jews of Eastern Europe derive predominantly from Jewish migrants from the Rhineland or from Italy, being fairly direct descendants of the original ancient Jewish/Hebrew populations.
            A second theory suggests a northerly migration from the Balkans or from Central Asia, with the possibility of large-scale conversions of Slavs and/or Kuzars to Judaism.
            This argument parallels the controversy over the origin and development of Yiddish—the language of Eastern European Jews. One theory proposes that Jews, migrating from the Rhineland and neighboring regions spoke an old form of German which provided the basis of Yiddish.
            Other scholars reject the German origin of Yiddish. These linguists see Yiddish grammar as fundamentally Slavonic, with modern Yiddish developed by incorporating large numbers of German and Hebrew words into the context of a basically Slavic grammar and syntax.
            There has not been enough historical evidence to decide between such theories. Now, with the newly developed genetic methods, it is possible to test these ideas, for example to see if there was a significant Slavic contribution to modern Ashkenazic Jewry.
            The researchers plan to continue their research by investigating genetic variation in populations that can trace their Jewish ancestry to localized communities of Europe, in order to better understand the history and development of Ashkenazic Jewry.
            These genetic research findings support Jewish tradition—both written and oral.
            After over 1,000 years of history in the Land of Israel, Jews dispersed to many and distant locations throughout the world. Some Jewish exile communities were relatively stable for two millennia—such as in Babylonia (Iraq) and Persia (Iran). Others developed centuries later, following successive migrations to North Africa and Europe.
            All of these communities maintained their Jewish customs and religious observance despite prolonged periods of persecution. Jews remained generally culturally isolated from their host communities. These genetic studies are a testimony to Jewish family faithfulness.
            Only the Jewish people in the history of mankind has retained its genetic identity for over 100 generations, while being spread throughout the world—truly unique and inspiring.
            Perhaps, even more unique and inspiring, is that this most unlikely scenario was a prophecy and a promise.

        • Avi said:

          To John Bradford, HR 13/3/12 Cluster-Rockets
          From Avi

          Dear John;

          Dropping Cluster-Rockets, on the head of neighbors (Israel) by offenders (from Gaza)? Is that a moralistic action? You must be very fortunate and happy to be far from the south part of Israel. You must be doubly satisfied that it is rare, otherwise you would find yourself in a very awkward position to be forced to criticize the offenders…

          For your knowledge, in past 4-5 days, Gaza has fired hundreds of rockets in clusters of 2-10 at a time, towards 1,000,000 residents of south Israel.

          Some of these rockets, include clusters of still balls and nails that may cause huge numbers of multiple injuries…

          These warheads are at least as dangerous as “cluster-bombs” you so just fully and harshly have been criticizing. According to the same laws of justice and morality, these rocket war-heads are illegal, inhuman, and forbidden.

          But since these have been manufactured by Islamic Republic of Iran, sent by them to Jihadists, and aimed and shot by “Palestinian Refugees”, over the head of “Jews”, residents of Israel, then, all moral laws, and humanistic protests, should be forgotten and forbidden!

          Thus I believe, you would rationalize by arguing: “CNN, BBC, and other international channels, are forbidden to mention that, are forbidden to report facts of life and are obliged to mention the Arab Narrative only, and that … because “Palestinians” have been killed in 1940s, their lands have been stolen, and they have been pushed out as refugees!”

          And I am sure that nobody, possibly except me, would be surprised, if you do or do not argue like that.

          • John Bradford said:

            “happy to be far from the south part of Israel”. Yes, otherwise I imagine I’d spend my time wondering whose home and property I was living in that had been stolen from some hapless Palestinian who was now a refugee in Gaza.

      • Gabi said:

        And even worse, Steve Mann– two days ago an NPR report said, “…in the conflict which started when Israel attacked and killed…” you know the rest. It’s ridiculous. Still no answer from Honest Reporting why they consistently have absolutely no criticisms or responses to NPR (or CNN)!

    • Avi said:

      To Gabi HR 12.03.2012 CNN bias
      From Avi

      Dear Gabi;

      You ask:
      “Each and every time there are barrages of rocket attacks from Gaza, there are no articles, much less headlines, about the rockets coming in. The CNN news starts reporting with Israel’s first reaction–and writes its headlines as if Israel is…”

      I have no direct answer for you, but can guess (and am ready to appologize if I am proved to be wrong. May be some new-moralists can carry out some independent, unbiased, and objective research on the following issues, to enlighten us all. Some of them appear to be active in this forum):

      Europe, as a whole, has been self-interest-oriented for so long, that it has become a second nature to them. The calculation is rather simple:
      • Arabs, count for more than 300,000,000, Moslems count for more than 1,250,000,000, and growing fast.

      CNN’s rating is based on these figures and, their proxies (Old Nazis, New left, good old “moralists”, and supporters of one-sided paper-cut peace).

      Whereas, Israelis are only a small fraction of these figures. And the Jewish population, has stopped growing during past 6 decades (constant ~= about only 12 million).

      The vast Market is there, not in Israel and Jews of the world! Israel is tiny, and they are LARGE!!!

      Large numbers of people and communities, can change the essence of philosophy, strategy, narrative, dignity, objectivity, morality, and of course, the meaning of “truth”… Sad! Isn’t it?

      • Arabs and Moslems cover about 1/3 of the Earth Surface. They are expanding fast into India, China, Africa, and of course into EUROPE. Where-ever there appears to be a large Moslem Community, sooner or Later that place will be owned by them (as their universal-prophet-promised “homeland”).

      See what happens in Norway, Denmark, Belgium, parts of France, parts of England, and even some districts of USA, and of course in Israel.

      They have a strong sense of “Moslem Brotherhood”. Thus, any criticism of “Palestinian” aggression, is immediately considered as offence against all Moslems, including European ones.

      As a reporter and broadcasting station, you do not want to be sued, to European and International courts, do you?

      Size, should and does count, according to European New Age! Their land is vast and rich and constitute for 100 nations at least.

      Whereas, the land of Israel is less than 0.001 of that, and constitutes one nation only (the tiny Jewish nation).

      You see the proportions, and ask yourself “my Gosh! Why shouldn’t CNN and others, be overwhelmed? Just to be OBJECTIVE? It does not seem to be so important anymore, is it? Really? … Sad! Isn’t it?)

      • Arab and Moslem wealth (Mostly black oil $$ and sometimes ransom) has grown so much during past 50 years, that it is ruling over the heads of all nations of the world. They can afford to, and do buy many thing, some of them Reports and Reporters, Stations and their Editors, History departments and Historians, … (one may be seduced to copy and say “Protocols of Arab-Moslem Elderly”, but we do not do such things).

      Europe is becoming, more and more, dependent on them, and is paying more and more petro-$$s to Arab and Moslem oil rich countries.

      Now, imagine what would they be demanded to pay as penalty, if their Telecommunications (CNN, BBC, etc.) would dare to be Objective and draw just judgments, based on reality and pure facts!

      They are scared to death from revenge!

      • During past 50 years hundreds of reporters of the world have been kidnuped, injured, killed, slaughtered, and gone for ever (see death toll of reporters in Syria alone). As far as we know, a large group of them have been shot, beheaded and torched, by Terrorists affiliated with fanatic Arab-Moslem organizations and countries (Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Al-Qaida, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, etc.).

      Open, Objective, and equalized report, is forbidden by some laws of Sharyia, based on the Islamic fundamental belief that, non-Moslems are not eligible to have rights equal to Moslems (non-Moslem Testimony is not accepted by Moslem Courts). Islamic narrative is chosen to be the ONLY Legitimate Narrative.

      You, dear Gabi, do NOT really demand from the CNN reporters to put their life on line, for such esoteric, illusive, and fantastic concepts, such as “objective-reporting”?

      Especially, if they dare to defend “Israel” and “Jewish” narrative, who in this part of the world, has been chosen to be considered as the “biggest small devil”!

      • Gabi said:

        Dear Avi,
        Thank you for your passionate response. I hope the people who need to hear your message read it! in the meantime, my post was meant to stir a response from Honest Reporting, a group I’ve been following and supporting in every way possible for many years. I am disappointed that no one, apparently, at Honest Reporting anyway, is reading their own article comments. A shame. I’d volunteer to do it for them, free of charge, if only they were truly paying attention.

  157. Elaine said:

    I , here in the U.S., DID hear about what happened in Israel. We made it viral what happened. I have 26 people on my email list as well as 6 Tea Party Leaders….Each person I have on my email list “ALSO” have 25 to 40 people.

    We made sure that everyone knows what happens in Israel. YOU have friends in the U.S. that you will never meet who support you in our thoughts, prayers as well as defend you against toxic remarks.
    God Bless Israel..

  158. Elaine said:

    Obama may not be a friend of Israel…Citizens of the United States ARE.
    Many of us receive online news from Israel to keep up with what is going on.
    From what I read two days ago, the U.S. is now 37th on the list of not having freedom.

  159. Jules said:

    I am a veteran of two wars. Three years ago President Hussain Obama took away all veterans free health care. President Obama is a Communist who was trained by a Russian trained mentor. His wife’s thesis in college(Michelle) was: Hate white people. American people are not the same Americans I grew up with

  160. Badr Muhammad said:

    I want my email back, please I’ll never say the truth that you are the biggest terroristic society in the history again, so please return my email or activate it again.

    • steve mann said:

      Dose that exclude-

      Carnage in New York, Washington, London, Istanbul, Bali, Beslan, Buenos Aires, Jerba, Jakarta, Jerusalem, Madrid, Mombassa, Moscow, Mumbai,
      Yemen, Dafur, Nigeria, Kashmir, Zhengzhou,

  161. Gabi said:

    Wow, lots of answers to my post, but not a single one that answers my question, which was why HONESTREPORTING fails to publicly scrutinize CNN. I don’t need everyone’s opinions on what’s happening in Israel or why, I asked why CNN continuously escapes HONEST REPORTING’s scrutiny, and I did mention NPR- they also evade HONEST REPORTING’s radar. So an ANSWER from HONEST REPORTING would be nice and a change in their behavior would be even better. It is sickening how many people listen to and read their blatantly biased reporting and think they are getting news! WELL, HR? It’d be nice to hear from YOU!

    • Gabi said:

      And what does that have to do with the current discussion, Mirian? Perhaps consider expressing your news reactions somewhere relevant.

  162. Avi said:

    To John Bradford HR 15.3.12 Jews under Custer Rockets
    From Avi

    Dear John;
    You haven written:
    “…the English go back to North Germany, the Scotti go back to Ireland, and all Europeans leave North…”

    And also:
    “I’d spend my time wondering whose home and property I was living in”

    You may need indeed to ask yourself at least the following:
    1) In whose land do you really live now, Mr. John? You have stolen, as you admit other’s land. Your original land has been stolen from you, as you argue, by other thief like you. So you are even.
    2) You say your original land has also been stolen from you. What would you do as a moralist, under the daily attack of Rockets? Possibly shot by those who have stolen your land? Or those who are now doing their best to still it from you? Jews of Israel are now under such attack of thief.
    3) You point is that what has happened is a fact. The transitions can not and should not be reversed. If these transitions of your life are irreversible, why do you demand that for Arabs it would forcefully be reversible? You declare that you are NOT and ARAB. You don’t happen to be pro-Arab, are you? Or possibly anti-Semite? As a moralist you should have been sensitive to Jewish and Israeli right at the same token? But you are from that. You are a unique kind of Moralist, dear John
    4) You do know and repeat and admit that, it is impossible for those nations of the world to go back. Why is it that you suddenly demand that a non-nation which artificially is labeled as “Palestinians”, who have stolen the Jewish land only recently, should be let to legitimize their theft, and let to rob from the real landlords, the lawful owners, the Jews, their homes, property, land, and homeland, and liberty?

  163. Avi said:

    To John Bradford HR 15.3.12 Jews under Custer Rockets
    From Avi

    Dear John;
    You haven written:
    “…the English go back to North Germany, the Scotti go back to Ireland, and all Europeans leave North…”

    And also:
    “I’d spend my time wondering whose home and property I was living in”

    continue 1

    5) What a comparison is there to bear between all those nations you have taken the pain to mention, and the Jewish refugees? As you know, Jews, have been forced to immigrate to all countries all over the world. But the never have given up their homeland Israel. Jewish existence and persistence has continues everywhere, INCLUDING THEIR OWN LAND ISRAEL. Please do not tell me that you, a knowledgeable man, fail to know that, or see the differences.
    6) Who are the Jewish residents of Israel? In Other countries Jews have been living as minorities, as refugees, in their communities, with (limited) autonomy practicing their own Laws of Torah (which happens to be your old testimony, and the origin of your friend hollybooks), and dreaming and acting for the survival of their own Homeland, Israel, and their Jewish brothers who have tide their lives to that promised land. The Jewish community in their homeland Israel, almost always (3,400 years) constantly has constituted the MAJORITY of residents in Israel.

  164. Avi said:

    To John Bradford HR 15.3.12 Jews under Custer Rockets
    From Avi

    Dear John;
    You haven written:
    “…the English go back to North Germany, the Scotti go back to Ireland, and all Europeans leave North…”

    And also:
    “I’d spend my time wondering whose home and property I was living in”

    continue 2

    7) And how do YOU prefer to describe them? Your description of the Jews of Israel as if ALL being outsiders, is based on nullity! You as a “polite knowledgeable, moralist” could and should, at least, inquire about the facts of life before you shout out your anti-Jewish claims and slogans. Since some Jews have come to Israel as “Jewish Refugees”, you wrongly conclude that all Jewish Residents of Israel are refugees. This is contrary to the facts of life. As said before, Jews of Israel have constantly been there and have been majority, and demanded and fought for their legal rights, under the siege of invadors
    a. Greeks (2,400 years back),
    b. Pagan Romans (2,100 -1,700 years back),
    c. Christian Romans (1,700-1,400 years back),
    d. Persians (1,400-1,200 years back)
    During all these centuries, your fellow Arabs live in Saudi and ignorant paganic Tribes (Al-Wuhush, meaning wild, as are described in the holy books of Islam), who are accused by their own prophet, to be burying their own daughters alive, and raging on each others and stealing from each other humans, property, and land. Since then they have raged and “stolen” (to use your terminology, tens of countries from other nations, annihilating their people and converting to “Arab-land” (Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Sudan, etc. etc. (Some things do not change ha, Mr. John?).
    And then Jews of Israel fought the new invaders:
    e. Arabs who wanted and still plan to concur any piece of land over the world (1,300- 900 years back)
    f. Persians again (for a short time),
    g. Afghanis (for a short time),
    h. Turks (until British Mandate), and finally against
    i. ruthless offenders (much befor your favorite date of 1940’s until now), like Britain’s, “Fadain” or “Palestinians” (as you label them), Egyptians, Syrians, Jordanians, Iraqis, Lebanese (Hezbollah) and nowadays Gaza (Terror organizations: Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc. etc.)
    The older enemies have been overturned, and so will do the new ones. Dear John, you should cope with these realities!

  165. Avi said:

    To John Bradford HR 15.3.12 Jews under Custer Rockets
    From Avi

    Dear John;
    You haven written:
    “…the English go back to North Germany, the Scotti go back to Ireland, and all Europeans leave North…”

    And also:
    “I’d spend my time wondering whose home and property I was living in”

    continue 3

    8) Should we be polite and based on facts? You have demanded from others to be polite to you and base arguments of facts and morality, haven’t you? But then, where do YOU, Mr. Bradford put yourself? If you do not bother to search for truth and facts, continue to pour on others (Jews) your pre-judgments, constantly, and rootlessly and ruthlessly, and rudely, and time after time blame them to “have stolen”, then do not blame others who may think you are rude and blunt, and react to you at the same token
    9) Who really, do you think you are? How dare you blame The Only Law-full Owners of this land, the Jews so brutally and one-sidedly?
    10) Who gives you the right to be so, so, rude and think-less to accuse millions of Jewish civilians, under daily Cluster Bombs and Cluster Rockets, again and again, and justify that as if they should be punish for coming back to their own homes? That, while ignoring the data that others so politely have offered to you, to educate you and your clans, and still you continue to say such terrible things about Jews? Who is your God? Your Inquisitors, Your Church? Your dear Friends who daily slaughter your brothers and sisters in Europe, America, Middle –East, India, Africa etc.? Or your older leaders of 1930’s? You owe apology, to Jewish people and to all humanists of the world, and the sooner the better.

    • Gabi said:

      Dear Avi and everyone else,
      Please forgive John who has been helplessly brainwashed. Worse, he is passionate about his “truth”! What can you do? Send him a copy of “From Time Immemorial” to let him read a about somewhat not dissimilar from himself, who had bought into the tremendous and pervasive “Palestinian” propaganda and, upon researching the history found out that the truth, found in the texts and documents of Arabs themselves, proved that her former very shallow beliefs were incorrect: a product of deliberate Arab misinformation. The author, who had been a staunch and self-righteous defender of the poor “Palestinians” realized she had been thoroughly bamboozled and wrote her book to help others who had also been suckered into the lie that is “Palestine” wake up and see reality.

  166. Mirian said:

    Ya know, Gabi, you are absolutely right. I should go to a better place where someone’s thoughts are taken into account.

  167. Gabi said:

    Mirian, if you truly want your thoughts to be taken into account, you may want to consider posting comments that are relevant to the discussion you are posting your thoughts to. This discussion had nothing to do with what you posted. Your latest comment makes you sound whiny and immature and I presume that was not your inention. It’s not a matter of finding “a better place”, Mirian or “having someone’s thoughts taken into account”. It’s a matter of staying on track with the thread. Pretty straightforward.

  168. Mirian said:

    Thank you, I will think about what you said; and yes, it was very very valid.
    Perhaps, I will just read and learn.
    I am specifically interested in this site due to “a different view on issues in Israel” than the crap I read in other places.
    My weakness? You, all of you, know soooo much more than I do in Israel, etc. In the States, we get such a watered down version; and I want to heart it “Straight!”
    For example, (excuse me for saying “ya’ll”, I am from Texas.
    I read what ya’ll say, and am shocked how little we know here in the States…so I take it back as “new” knowledge to let others know what is “really going on in the Middle East and Israel.”

    I think I will just observe. Thank you VERY much for your response.

    • Avi said:

      Dear Miriam
      It is not you fault if you do not have enough information about the facts of life here in the Middle East. The Trajedy is that many of those who pretend to know present to others twisted picture of of reality, their own pre-judgement, and mis-judgement as an “absolute truth”, thus, distorting the facts.

      Last night I went to live show in a Jewish Resturant, in Jafo strict of Tel-Aviv. The Narrator, whom I call here as S.P., simply talked about his life and his family and his precedents. He noted that he is the 20th genaration of Jewish residents in Isarel. if we count a generation as 20-25 years, that makes his residency in Israel as time span of 2,000-1,250 years. He talked about his enlarged familly wo have been living in Isarel which counts to 10s of thousands. Thes are Israeli Jews who have not come from outside, thus are not “Jewish Refugees”, or “Haulocast assylems”

      Incidentally The beautiful siger at that resturant said that she and her brothers are decidents of Jewish residents of Israel for 7 generations.

      It was funny that they gave the chance to some other guests. about 20 out of 60 have strong roots of Jewish residency of this holly land/

      Statistically, one can dare to postulate that at least 20% of close to 6,000,000 Jews who live in Isarel are Isrealis for more that 500 years. this constitutes about 1,200,000 Jewish original Israelis who have been in this Jewish homeland before any Arab “Palestinian” ever was born. Neither in in Israel nor anyelse!

      But what can you do with misinformation? Out of those 1,000,000 residents of south part of Israel who have been under Cluster Bombs and Cluster Rocket poured by Hamas who governs over “Palestinian” Gaza, statistically, there are an estimated of about 200,000 Isreli Original residents of “Palestine”/

      Have ever heard, any body who has come forward to defend their legal rights? Has Mr John, Yess the dearest moralist of all, condemned the shootings of “Pallestinain” Rockets, endangering, scaring, injuring, and traumatizig these innocent original residents, their elderly? their women? their innocent chkidren? their newborn infants? NO and whay do you ask? “because the should think from whome the have stollen their homes!” Can you beleife such a discrimination between blood and blood, by nobaody else rather thate the “polite Moralist” whos main aim is to dehumanize the Jewish nation, no matter how many of them are innocent?

      So I woul welcome you not only to sit back and listen and learn the information. But please feel free to ask questions, put everything you read under objective criticism and demand proof, from all parties. Feel at home, but be relevant to the main Issue: How can we defend the concistance and validity of data from unwanted noises and polution.
      God Bless you and all of your freinds in Texas and in USA/

  169. Mirian said:

    Avi, thank you so much for responding to me. I feel so ignorant of Israel but have feelings of pride, respect and Love for Israel, and yet, I have never been there.

    I apologize for interjecting this video. It is scaring all of us in the U.S.
    Obama is now taking over more as a Dictator.
    He recently by-passed Congress, etc. to sign in Executive Martial Law in the U.S.!!!
    He is taking over everything in the Country just like Stalin, Hitler, etc.
    Please take time to watch it. We are very very afraid. The way things are going, we WILL NOT have an election:

    • David J. Brien said:

      Shalom! Mirian; What is with you and President Obama?? You sound Absurd and Paranoid!!……..give your Kopf a shake,have a cup of Tea or take a seditive, Your about to have a brake down,if you don’t learn to Relax,maybe you would rather have a Santorum or Romely,or Gingrich or Paul???….It may not be obvious,But!! I believe that Oboma,is very Supportive of Israel!! I’m sure that you will disagree, doubt!,…. But!… by your own admission, you are quite Ignorant!! Wishing you Well. Shalom! D.J.Brien, Vancouver,CVanada.

      • Mickey Oberman said:

        David J. Brien,

        Have you been on Mars since Obama assumed office?

  170. Mirian said:

    I will, more than likely, just read the posts closely…then ask questions.

    I do appreciate you taking the time out to explain things to me.
    By the way, I live in Texas. I was born and raised in Texas and have always been here with the exception of living off base in Oceanside, California when my husband was in the Marine Corp.

  171. Mirian said:

    Avi, we do NOT hear a word about the bombings in Israel. Obama has us cut off. We do hear about the “poor, poor, little Muslims; and we all see straight through that.
    He is threatening to “take our internet away.”

    I uploaded some comments about what people here were saying about Israel being bombed since it “was NOT” on our TV news channels. Israel has respected and great support from U.S. Citizens.

  172. Mickey Oberman said:

    Mirian and Avi,

    Thank you both for your wonderful, civilized and enlightening discourse.

    I have learned a great deal from both of you.

    You have shown that there is no need to resort to profanity or invective as so many commenters are prone to do.


  173. Mirian said:

    Mickey, heck no…no profanity. IF one has to resort to that — you’ve already lost.
    With what little I have to offer — I am just a student here; and appreciate the patience more than I can say.
    That is…unless I am talking about Obama…then I do tend to lose it.

  174. Mirian said:

    correction…”i am just an OLD student here…” lol

    I’ll learn.

  175. Jean Vercors said:

    Four shot dead at French Jewish school

    TOULOUSE, France | Mon Mar 19, 2012 10:03am GMT
    (Reuters) – At least four people, including three children, were killed, when a man on a scooter opened fire outside a Jewish school in Toulouse in southwestern France on Monday, officials said.

    The attack also left several injured, two of them seriously, and followed the killing of three soldiers in two separate shootings in the same region last week by a man who escaped on a scooter.

    BFM TV news channel said that the gun used in the attack at the Ozar Hatorah school was of the same calibre as that used in the soldiers’ shootings, but a spokesman for the interior ministry could not immediately confirm this.

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    President Nicolas Sarkozy cancelled other appointments and was on his way to Toulouse on Monday morning, accompanied by Education Minister Luc Chatel and the president of the CRIF French Jewish association, Richard Prasquier.

    “I saw two people dead in front of the school, an adult and a child … Inside, it was a vision of horror, the bodies of two small children,” a distraught father whose child attends the school told RTL radio.

    “I did not find my son, apparently he fled when he saw what happened. How can they attack something as sacred as a school, attack children only sixty centimetres tall?”

    Several other people were injured, two of them seriously.

    A rabbi at the school, identified as Rahamim Sabag, told Israel’s channel two television that the dead were a 30-year old rabbi who taught at the school, the rabbi’s five-year-old son and two eight-year old children, one of them the daughter of the school’s principal.

    A spokesman for Israel’s foreign ministry, Yigal Palmor, expressed outrage at the killings: “We are following with great shock reports coming from Toulouse and we trust the French authorities will solve this crime and bring those responsible to justice.”

    A spokesman for the interior ministry said that security was being tightened at all Jewish schools in the country.

    About 50 investigators are already looking into the killings of two soldiers on Thursday in the town of Montauban, close to Toulouse, as they tried to withdraw money from a cash machine close to the barracks of the 17th parachute regiment.

    A third soldier was killed the previous weekend in Toulouse. Investigators had already confirmed on Friday that the same weapon had been used in both incidents.

    (Reporting by Guillaume Serries in Toulouse, Thierry Leveque and Nicolas Bertin in Paris, Jeffrey Heller and Maayan Lubel in Jerusalem; writing by Daniel Flynn and Leigh Thomas; editing by Geert De Clercq/Patrick Graham)

    • Mirian said:

      I have no words of any “real” importance; except to say, they all will be in my prayers tonight.

  176. steve mann said:

    Have you noticed – not one person has mentioned that and someone must of seen the “Mombser” who did this-
    It was broad daylight- was he masked? was he tall, short or fat? Was he white or black?

    Unusually on every media sight not one journalist has asked these questions- which would usually be the first ones they ask.

  177. Mirian said:

    I apologize for interrupting…just got this in my inbox…and wanted you to know what the hell Obama is up to now!
    You, more than likely, know a lot more about it than we do here in the U.S. I just wanted you to know that we are behind you and praise you for all that you have to put up with. I cannot imagine what you go through in Israel.
    “Obama Advisor Wants Syrian Resistance to Israel”.

    When it comes up on a more popular site, I will copy and paste the comments to show you how American citizens have you in our thoughts and prayers.

    • Miran said:

      Recently, mr. obama (deliberately in lower case) had a little chat with the UN about “hate speech.”

      I am in the USA, and there is a large uproar right now…but I did want to stop by and tell you that.
      The same thing is happening here in the States.

  178. Miran said:

    I know the world probably wonders why the stupid Americans voted Obama in. WE DID NOT.
    We LOVE Israel. Obama hates us; hates Israel.

    This is a video from the Vatican about all of the voter fraud here. It has been going on for a while.

    “Media Knows the Results in Advance. The entire thing is a Hoax

  179. Miran said:

    @David, we are not paranoid. I know you have your hands full in Israel. Seems you don’t know any more about us than I do what is “really” happening in Israel.

    How could we be paranoid? Hasn’t he made it obvious to you that he has no use for Israel and Loves Islam and anyone connected to it that gives him $$?

    It is a mess over here.

    “Media Knows the Results in Advance. The entire thing is a Hoax

  180. steve mann said:

    No “mine” less antisemitism.!

    No “mine” less ignorance!

    No “mine” the Israeli`s would not have to spend 60% of their GDP on defense!

    No people like “mine” and there would be less LIES told about Israel!

  181. Jimi said:

    “No Israel = No apartheid practicing, rascist, supremicist, ignorent […]”

    IgnorEnt indeed.

    What a dunce!

    • Mickey Oberman said:


      May I suggest a long holiday for brain reconstruction.
      Perhaps then you will learn to spell and usr correct words.


    • M. Sphardi said:

      Were you speaking to me as acting as though I live in Israel? The hours given suggest that you were. Many generations of my family have preceded and succeeded me there and I have spent many long years on the HU faculty in Jerusalem as well as made almost yearly visits since 1952. I am looking forward to retiring and making my aliya in a few weeks.
      My chief preoccupation regarding Israel is calling to world attention the unacknowledged injustice done our Mizrahim. No attempts at negotiations are plausible without including the situation of the Mizrahim. I may be simple minded, but I believe that Jordan is welcome to be apartheid Judenrein, but Judea and Samaria should be part of Israel.

      • John Bradford said:

        OK, you make your position clear – you think the occupied Palestinian territories should be part of Israel.

        What should happen to the people who live there now, in your view?

        PS – can you, M. Sphardi, answer my question – Where does it say that the promise of a Jewish homeland included what are now both Israel and Jordan, and who are the “we” who all know that?

  182. Jules Tabak said:

    Obama has proved that he is an evil menace to any and all good people. He tried to get Israel to commit suicide last year. At last the American people are starting to wake up (they still have a ways to go.)

  183. steve mann said:

    No- I mean on defense-

    1948 attacked by 6 Arab states.

    1967- Egypt, Jordan and Syria plan to-gether to attack-Egypt`s Abdul Nassar masses his troops at the Israeli/Sinia border and orders the UN observers OUT.

    1971- Egypt attacks across the Suez canal.

    Suicide bombers from Islamic Jihadi groups within Gaza and the West Bank attack civilians in Bus Stations , cafe`s and on buses.

    Sharon gives Gaza to the PA- pulls out every Jew and Israeli- And then rockets are fired on a daily basis.

    That in my book is 60% on defense-
    As has been said –

    If the Arabs were to get rid of their weapons there would be peace-
    If Israel were to- There would be no more Israel.

  184. steve mann said:

    I am sure Jimi can speak for themselves-

    However it is only in recent years that these have had to “PopUp2
    To counter the “LIES the Mis Information” that people like you (And you come over as a Jihadi Islamist- Dar ul-Harb Dar ul-Islam) Have been spreading for years.

  185. Avi said:

    Dear mine-headed mindless MINE
    Your immoral fathers used to use “No Jews”. Now that they have been exported to their proper hell, you have invented the new substitue “No Israel”

    But it seems that the black whole of your mind and soul, has swallowed the fact that when your granees declared “No Jews”, the Formal State of Israel was not yet revived. and what was the life like? Let’s explore:

    “No Israel = No Humanity”
    “No Israel = No houner”
    “No Israel = No morality”
    “No Israel = No safety”
    “No Israel = No truth”
    “No Israel = No freedom”
    “No Israel = No honesty”
    “No Israel = No concience”, etc., etc,
    and above all
    “No Israel = Nobody to blame for your (and your dearest terrostic freinds) criminality, distortion, lies, shamelessness, stupidity, ignorance, blood thirst, immorality, inquisition, law of sowrd, slavery, dictatorship, arrogance, and evility…”

    If this is your way to revive your fathers “No Jews” and label it “No Isarel”, then you should know that the way you end is the way your fathers have ended…

  186. Avi said:

    To Miriam & Those who care about Facts

    Moslems of Israel: New immigrants
    Refugees from the Arab/Moslem World, during past century.

    Facts of life in Israel (“Palestine”) taken from John Pitters book “From Time Immemorial”, 1984

    Before Zionism (1897), at year 1859, within the city of Jerusalem, the number of Moslems scored only 4,000, and constituted only a minority of 30%. The number of Jews scored 6,000 and constituted the MAJORITY of population. They all grow: Moslems to 10,000 at 1912, scoring only 14% of the population. Israeli Jews to 45,000 absolute MAJORITY of 64%

    TOTAL Jews Moslems Chritians Year
    13,340 6,000 (45%) 4,000 (30%) 3,340 (25%) 1859
    45,420 28,112 (62%) 8,560 (19%) 8,748 (19%) 1896
    45,596 28,288 (62%) 8,560 (19%) 8,748 (19%) 1900
    70,000 45,000 (64%) 10,000 (14%) 15,000 (21%) 1912

    The Majority of today’s Moslem residents of Jerusalem have come AFTER the initiation of Zionist Movement, due to the prosperity that Jews have brought to Israel.
    They have smuggled into Israel, to find job and income, similar to today’s Sudanese who cross the border from Egypt to Israel.
    The “Palestinians” of Israel are refugees from Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Saudia, North Africa and other Moslem Countries.
    The boom started during 1940’s. This is why they never talk about 1930’s and earlier years.
    During past centuries, the POPEs of Vatican used to send delegates to estimate the various populations who resided in Israel. In 1690’s according to POPE’s report, the Moslems who lived in entire “Palestine”, were less that 1%. The Majority of “Palestinian” residents were Jews. The largest minority then were Christians.
    At 1690’s only 10 families of Moslems (refugees from outside) lived in Um-El-Phahem, with no Mosque, and one Christian Church.


    • gabi said:

      Avi, Thank you for this excellent post. I always refer people to From Time Immemorial, Joan Peter’s book because not only is it full of facts based on multiple sources of written documentation, including Arab sources themselves, the author actually began writing her book from a perspective that was very much aligned with the “poor suffering palestinians” and went through a major transformation when she dug into the FACTS. A great book and a great way to become informed in a factual way instead of trying to understand the situation just reading current news which is infected with layer upon layer of propaganda that has been repeated so many times, some of it people believe only because they’ve seen it so many times in print– that doesn’t make it true, but you wouldn’t know it! My advice: don’t base your opinions on the distorted views on the internet and the news, read a book like “From Time Immemorial” and check out Peter’s sources: you will find them to be accurate and if you go back a few decades you’ll see that Arab newspapers, government papers, studies and books verify Joan Peter’s very well written, stringently documented book. Get informed somewhere besides the media before you form your opinion! Gabi

      • Avi said:

        TRUTH and FACTS vis a vis MAJORITY and NARRATIVE

        Hi Gabi & all those who care about FACTS of life
        HR 26.3.12

        Here you got me unprepared to hear from a prominent knowledgeable man like you, such a complement. Appreciate it very much.

        What are FACTS and NARRATIVES about “Palestine”?

        There seems to be an essential gap between terms like “Truth, Facts, Reality, Objectivity, Reliability, Accountability, the like” on one hand, and “Ideology, Narrative, Majority, Desire, Belief, Legality, Subjectivity, Legal Rights, Custom, Culture, the like”, on the second hand.

        Incidentally this type of contrast has been documented in Jewish literacy (in Gmara), about 1,800 years ago.

        The story goes like that:
        A Roman Governor of Occupied Israel (before Islam was launched, or any Arab had any “legal rights” over this land), invited to dialogue, with a 10 year old Jewish student, whose name is RAV.

        But the messenger was ordered not to tell where the governor would accept the kid. Young RAV asked the first guard where to go. He said to the Garden. RAV asked the second guard. The answer was in the Main Hall. RAV asked a third Guard. He pointed to the Garden.

        So RAV went to the Garden and met the Governor.

        The Roman Governor asked RAV how had he found out where to go? RAV described what he and the Guards had exchanged.

        The Governor asked: “Then you admit that MAJORITY has convinced you to find the meeting place?” Young RAV agreed.

        Then the Governor concluded: “You, Jewish people, who believe in one God, are only a small minority. We the Pagans, on the other hand, are the MAJORITY. Thus you should accept the MAJORITY vote and leave MONOTHEISM. You admitted that the MAJORITY determines…”

        Young (10 year-old) RAV said: “MAJORITY accounts and determines, only where the TRUTH is not known”…


      • Lynette said:

        You may want to change the conversation about Israel. Many people are not in interested in reading facts but they may be interested in knowing what Israelis are doing for the world right now. Our free weekly news of Israel’s humanitarian work, innovations and achievements that have positive benefits for everyone can be found at

        Hope you will subcribe to this fascinating free newslettter and pass it on.

        • Jules said:

          While serving in WW2 as an 18 year old I discovered so much hate. And then it occurred to me that the Goyem had so much hate in their ‘souls’ they had to go after a minority who were highly vulnerable to spew their hatred against. By the way I’m glad I wasen’t filled with hate against my oppressers. You see I also volunteered in the Korean War
          Jules Tabak

      • steve mann said:

        Just one minute correction-

        “From Time Immemorial ” was written by Joan Peters and not John Pitters- (Understandable error)

        The reason this New York journalist embarked on her quest was that she could not understand how the refugees of the Palestinian Mandated land could exist for over 50 years.
        Her book is very explicit- She consulted many avenues including papers and documents from the UN . She classify`s all her work –

        The anti-Israeli Journalist Chomsky made attempt to rubbish her findings- but fails miserably.
        He never attempted to check the documents quoted- He just used rhetoric and sound bites.

      • M. Sphardi said:

        Peters’ book is one of my favorites and I’d like to believe that hers is a completely accurate account. It isn’t quite although I love it dearly. Were I new to the book, I would read it a couple of times and then check with some of her critics because one doesn’t wish to be caught arguing from flawed accounts. She is wonderfully persuasive.

    • Mirian said:

      THANK YOU!!!! I do appreciate your statistics very very much!

  187. Gabi said:


    ——————- I’m not a MAN ————–

    But thanks for the response.

  188. Gabi said:

    I liked the Rav story, thanks. It would be great if the truth held such sway today. Let’s just keep at it, plugging away and maybe truth will become fashionable again someday.

  189. gabi said:

    Dear “mine”,
    I can’t imagine how many incarnations it will take for you to correct the hatred you carry and spew into the world. May G-d help you.

  190. Jules said:

    I remember the British and their military men as evil monsters when it came to aiding the Jews. The British are, after all, the Nazi’s cousins.

  191. Mickey Oberman said:


    Why is this piece of garbage permitted to vomit his filth on this site?

    What does his vile input do to advance the discussion?

    This is not freedom of speech.

    This is a perpetuation of Naziism.

    Please cleanse this thread of his hatemongering garbage.

    • ESLombard said:

      I would guess that British anti-Semitism is less insidious than that found in many other countries, but it has had a very obvious place in British literature for seven hundred years from Chaucer through Shakespeare and Marlowe through the 20th century. There has been a mutual admiration between the British of certain classes and the Germans. Several British royals have included Germans. It may sound somewhat poisonous the way the matter was stated, but…

      I am more concerned with a list of the 400 highest earners in the US in 2010 on which, considering the per cent of Jews in the US, only 10 names should have appeared. Incomes were derived from fortuitous investments. This can only fill folks with pride in some circles and deepest resentment in others. I think that it’s wonderful that some are so creative and do so much to stimulate economic growth at a time when it is so sorely needed.

      • ESLombard said:

        I’m sorry. In my effort not to be inflamatory, I neglected to suggest that among the 400, there were more than ten times as many uncommonly high earners among those identified as Jews.
        This was an article in a fair minded Jewish publication.

  192. Jimi said:

    From your moronic rants it sounds like you’ve been sniffing too much glue lately.

    Now be a good lad and go back to playing blind man’s buff on the motorway.

    • Mickey Oberman said:


      The word is “Bluff”.

      But then how would you know?

  193. Jimi said:

    Don’t worry laddie; I’m certain that your attempts to become a Darwin Award winner will be rewarded eventually.

  194. steve mann said:

    This guy “mine” amuses me. One voice he praises the Brit soldiers and rightly so, for assisting the liberation of Europe and hence the ending of the concentration camps- To which over 60,000 Jewish soldiers lost their lives in the operation of:

    Then blames the Jews for having a land that the British Minister Balfour promised to them.
    When the time came for that to happen- The British government RENEGED on its promise-
    and chickened out.
    This of course after in 1920 80% of the land promised was given to the Hashemite tribe from the Sahara Desert- now known as Jordan- This we hear very little about- no one ever says- Hashems go back to Saudi where you come from- this land is Palestinian!-do they?

    • M. Otero said:

      What is usually forgotten is the role that Chaim Weizmann played in the matter of the Balfour Declaration. He was a very successful chemist, and when the British lost their acetone source during WWI, they solicited a substitute product to fire they cannons. For his success, Weizmann was granted his wish and the Declaration followed; however, as we all know, the promise of a Jewish homeland included what are now BOTH Israel and Jordan. Perfidious Albion!
      That’s the British idea of diplomacy and the world is still suffering from it today: Iraq, Iran, etc.

      • John Bradford said:

        Where does it say that the promise of a Jewish homeland included what are now both Israel and Jordan, and who are the “we” who all know that?

        Yes, the British did some terrible things in the past.

        • steve mann said:

          Read the Balfour declaration-

          Then read the Curse of L & A by Jack wheeler-
          Who opens the door on Lowell Thomas and his connection with Captain T.E Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) which he mortalised- And Lawrences connection with the Hashem tribe from the Hejaz-(Sahara) Hence you will learn why Trans Jordan came about!

          • John Bradford said:

            You haven’t answered my question – Where does it say that the promise of a Jewish homeland included what are now both Israel and Jordan, and who are the “we” who all know that?

            Most of my questions on this site don’t get answered, odd, that. Well, perhaps it’s not odd that this question isn’t answered, since there is no answer.

          • steve mann said:

            “His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment***** in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people*****, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

            See the bit between the *******

          • John Bradford said:

            I view with favour the establishment***** in London of a national home for myself*****, and will use my best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object…

        • Mickey Oberman said:

          In 1917 Palestine included the West Bank and all of what was eventually to become Trans Jordan.

          The Balfour Declaration (dated 2 November 1917) was a letter from the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Baron Rothschild (Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild), a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland.
          His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.[1]

          • John Bradford said:

            No, it didn’t.

            Thank you, I am already aware of the details of the Balfour Declaration. This is a declaration created by a Btitish government which some posters here seem to regard as anti-semitic. Odd, that.

          • Mickey Oberman said:

            “This is a declaration created by a Btitish government which some posters here seem to regard as anti-semitic.”

            Another Bradford invention.

        • steve mann said:

          Dear Lord Rothschild,

          I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty’s Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet.

          “His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

          I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

          Yours sincerely,
          Arthur James Balfour

  195. steve mann said:

    And I do not want to see his posts deleted- let him rant-
    To those who are less bias it shows the kind of mindset that the Israelis have to put up with.

  196. Gabi said:

    And the saddest part is, “Mine” doesn’t even know he’s insane! I agree that it is important that whoever comes to this post sees the kind of sick hatred that we have to put up with–some people have no idea. They should be given the opportunity for a “balanced” exposure to the reality Jews live with — and if you think it’s just a lone demented person – check out sites like “jew watch” and youtube–you’ll realize that this insane with hate person “mine” has others–lots of them–who “think” in nothing but violent and hateful terms.

    • ESLombard said:

      I’m sure that you understand that the insane don’t KNOW that they’re insane; otherwise, we wouldn’t label them insane.
      One of my friends, who is married into a family of conspiracy theorists, find her one-quarter Jewish blood an endless stimulus for hostile Jewish references often framed as humor.
      They are otherwise well educated but see all manner of conspiracies everywhere and are particularly proud of what remnants of German heritage remain.

  197. Kyra Ann Parker Nelson said:

    I would like to recieve Honest Reporting Daily News Stream at my e-mail address. I was receiving, but not any longer. Kyra “Annie” Parker Nelson,

  198. steve mann said:

    He would need a brain to be that clever!

  199. steve mann said:

    Wow- the”mime” speaks- And what knowledge-

    The Hashemites were from the Sahara Desert- Abdullah their leader assisted Lawernce in fighting the Turks to oust them from Palestine-
    After the success and Britain ruled the area- Lawrence persuaded Wimston Churchill to give the Eastern side of the River Jordan to Abdullah and his people- nothing to do with the French- The French “Pinched ” the area now known as Syria- The place where their leader has killed 10000 of his own people, nice guy. So your history lesson to me was “Crap”-
    And keep it up I just find you so amusing in your obvious childish hate- There are those who want to ignore you- I dont- I just laugh at your infantile rants- “Just found an Israeli demonstrator, so I smashed his face in with a rifle.” Doesn`t that just show others how your mind works-
    You probably have never held a rifle in your life-
    And you would probably mess your pants if you ever had to look down the barrel of one!

    Cant wait for your next rant- As Nothing funnier on the TV.

  200. Jimi said:

    Why am I not surprised that you fail to grasp the irony of comparing Jews to Nazis while at the same time making antisemitic comments yourself?

    Could it perhaps be due to your single-digit IQ…

  201. Mickey Oberman said:


    Ignore the ignoramus.

    Don’t give him the satisfaction of arousing your ire.


    • steve mann said:

      Micky- Thats what the Jews in Germany did- They ignored Hitler- thinking he would “go away”

      We dont lay down anymore- We slag these vermin off in any way possible-
      He/she irks me not- I amuse at its pathetic nonsense- and it shows others who use this site, those who are neither for or against- just what the Jews and Israelis have to challenge.

      • Mickey Oberman said:


        Evil though he was and warped as it was, Hitler had a brain.

        Mine, to quote one Steve Mann, who correctly assessed this perverted degenerate, “He would need a brain to be that clever!”

        Mine only gets his lascivious thrills from irking others.
        Don’t assist him in his masturbatory efforts.



        • steve mann said:

          Actually Micky- I have been looking over this “Things” posts.
          I have and I think justifiably, come to the conclusion that it is a British Muslim of Pakistan descent.

          These guys are cowards and thats why “It” tends to portray itself as a disgruntled ant-Semite.
          of a fascist background. And “It” will not be very old-

          Its an interesting hypothesis- And “Its” words and attitude fit the M.O.

        • Mickey Oberman said:

          That fits the MO of a
          “drooling simpleton spawn of a marriage between two first cousins.”

          “Agree or Disagree:”


    • ESLombard said:

      I haven’t seen any reference here to the fact that Chaim Weizmann’s invented a substitute for unavailable acetone during WWI at British request. It was an essential ingredient for their big guns. When he solved the problem and was asked by Balfour how he might be repaid, Weizmann asked that the century old British idea (Churchill’s ancestor in 1842) of a Jewish homeland be granted. It included Palestine and Jordan, but Churchill in the best British tradition in 1922 saw fit to redesign that ME map. He hoped to win favor to secure the exchequer post.

      Incidentally, in the matter of 242, I’ve heard that the misunderstanding of its implication derives from an ambiguity of language. Reportedly, the absence of a “the” in front of “territories” in English is a source of misunderstanding and discussion as here. I believe that the French translation necessarily includes the French equivalent of “the” les.
      The real sorrow is that the Palestinian Arabs did not accept the generous UN proposal for two states and attacked a sovereign Israel. Had they stayed exactly where they were nothing could have happened. It was the enmities that ensued that led to the 700,000 Arab refugees, BUT it was the Arab League’s military revenge and failure that caused the 850,000 Arab Jews’ 1948-67 (Mizrahim) expulsion from N. Africa. “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” How about calling it a population swap?

  202. steve mann said:

    I luv it- better than “Dads Army”-

    Though I am a bit disappointed that you have not thought up a better line than the last one.

    I think you need someone to feed you some better sound bites- Try an editor from the Di Sturmur.
    No! that’s to complicated for you to understand- The Beano Comic might be more to your mentality-

    Hey how about knocking on Mossely`s coffin- I know consult Amerdinijad or Assad –

    I await the next installment. with bated breath. Thank you for the entertainment.

  203. Avi said:

    Iranian-Islamic Justice
    To MINE HR 2012–04–18 By Avi
    Dear MINE
    The following report is taken from “IRAN Human Rights” site, whose address is
    The whole site, and this report, might be of interest to those twisted minds like your-self. You are even invited to move and live in Iran to witness (and most probably enjoy) these Islamic-Iranian daily “Actions”. Then you can complain about Jews, why do not they satisfy you like your dearest friend in Iran!?
    But be careful there, because you might very well be one of them…
    “2011: The highest number of annual executions in the past 11 years Sources: Amnesty International (AI) and Iran Human Rights (IHR):
    • 2000: 165 (AI)
    • 2001: 75 (AI)
    • 2002: 316 (AI)
    • 2003: 154 (AI)
    • 2004: 108 (AI)
    • 2005: 94 (AI)
    • 2006: 177 (AI)
    • 2007: 317 (AI)
    • 2008: 350 (IHR), (346; AI)
    • 2009: 402 (IHR), (388; AI)
    • 2010: 546 (IHR) (adjusted to 646)*
    • 2011: 676 (IHR) : Official: 416 non-official: 260
    * 100 of the 140 executions in the province of South Khorasan (Birjand) that were confirmed by the Iranian officials have been added to the 2010 numbers”
    Of course, this is nothing as compared with Syrian Asad who has killed so far about 9,000 men, women, old, and young and children of many Syrian Tribes. You seem to be very proud of your dear friends…

  204. Avi said:

    To MINE, HR APRIL 23 2012 By Avi
    Documentary of Moslem brutal attack on Graves of Australian Defenders

    Dear MINE and all those who think like you

    You will probably enjoy every second of the following documentary evidence. You probably count it as a celebration when the Moslems destroy the Australian War Memorial Toombs and break the Christian and Jewish Memorial Stones of those who have sacrificed their lives to Protect Humanity from the Sadists of the last century.

    Watch below and enjoy it:

    You criticize Jews and Israel as much as you can. What would you do if some Jews would do what some of Moslems do?

    As you can see in the documentary, not one Moslem, not a pack of them’ but a cult of them act so brutally against the dead, against other’s symbols, believes, culture, and heritage. And YOU dear mindless MINE, not only have no word of criticism, but most possibly enjoy and even support their primitivity and brutality!!!

    Offence on graves of death, is a starting point of offence against humans.

    There is a saying: “where books are burned, humans will be burned”

    I say: “Where the graves are attacked, humans will be attacked as well”

    I also say: “Where the symbols and signs of a culture are attacked, eventually also humans will be attacked”

    So stop the “symbolic” attack before it is too late! NO tolerance and no forgiveness for verbal mines of mindless “MINES”.

    • Dusan Milutinovic said:

      No, the media has largely ignored this one rather than ‘overlooked in mainstream media’ for PC reasons, or fear of their lives if they report from those countries or deal with those same Moslems, because ‘that religion of peace’ values death of its detractors even if the criticism is obvious, rational and well-documented. Also, isn’t it easier to criticize one that doesn’t fight back with murder and terrorism in reply to such commentary?

    • ELombard said:

      A fair assumption is that these little Palestinian boys are just imitating their elders with little expectation of a sometimes fatal blow. But these stone throwing practices are frequently highly skilled and deadly/. Once you’ve experienced it yourself, you will be forever shocked at how a mere child can be so lethal. If the reports are accurate, although they’re so easily contrived lies these days, we all bemoan any cruelty particularly to children and women, but sadly not when they are capable of such unjustified cruelty to innocent others. Of course, one’s uninformed historical and political views may often revert to puerile sentimentality, not full understanding of the complex issues

  205. Harry Lax said:

    No amount of media manipulation will alter the fact that Zionism results in rank discrimination and eventually persecution of non-Jews. It’s clear that the majority of Jews are rejecting Zionist principles. How many Jews have you heard about lately who are “making Aliyah” i.e. emigrating to Israel? Instead, large numbers of Israelis are constantly leaving Israel for other countries, even Germany (!). The time is coming when this social experiment, Zionism, will find up on the same trash heap with the other social experiments of the 20th Century (Socialism, Communism, etc.)

    • steve mann said:

      So “Harry” In that case explain the existence of the 1.5 million Israeli Muslims (Out of a population of 7 million)

      Across the board -In the Judiciary, the Knesset, the universities, the military, in medicine, sports and the arts.

      With positions of judges, MP`s, Mayors, lecturers, generals and majors.

      In fact it was a Muslim judge that tried and sentenced Katsav the Israeli ex- president for rape!

      SO HARRY BOY EXPLAIN!!!!!!!!

      • Jan Freed said:

        Sorry, but that is simply not the case. Obama is a Christian. But, don’t let facts get in your way.

    • Yaakov Hillel said:

      Why is an answer necessary. After you will read the book by the Journalist Joan Peters, “from time Immamorial” you will under a bit more of why there are muslims In Israel. The reason is better than why is France today more than 10% muslim every other child born in Spain and Holland is Muslim. England is not in a better situation. The spider legs of Islam is choking the world. and if somebody doesn’t do something about it all the countries in Europe will have a Muslim president like the United States of America.

    • M. Sphardi said:

      Israel is suffocatingly tiny and a large number of Israelis get away, if they can, for months at a time. There are, I hear, thousands of Israelis working in the Silicone Valley and at universities all around the world. A great deal is shared to mutual advantage and to Israel’s reputation in basic and applied science, having won alrady more than 7200 patents. Other isms were chiefly socio-economic experiments. Zionism has synthesized the wisdom of millenia; it evolves and is not rigidly stagnant but is available to the world, not imposed like other isms.

  206. Mickey Oberman said:

    Zionism asks only that the Jews have their own state. Had it not been for Zionism there would be no Israel and Jews would forever be subject to more holocausts.

    Zionism does not as you falsely state lead to discrimination against non Jews. But non Jews and, indeed, Jews who deny Jews their own state and wish to annihilate that state can not and should not be treated with kid gloves.

    I would like to know where you get your statistics about the numbers of Jews immigrating to and emigrating from Israel. If there are such stats they probably come from the same sources as your other anti Israel misinformation. Those sources that you prefer to believe and there are many are the real manipulators of information. As are people like you.

    • John Bradford said:

      We’ve been here before….

      Zionists asking that Jews have thier own state is perfectly reasonable, it’s how that was done and the aftermath that has created the problem.

      It’s not perfectly reasonable that Zionism should ask that Jews have their own state if that means that millions of non-Jews should have their lives destroyed for generations. Do you agree?

      • Mickey Oberman said:

        “It’s not perfectly reasonable that Zionism should ask that Jews have their own state if that means that millions of non-Jews should have their lives destroyed for generations. Do you agree?”


        Millions of non Jews were not displaced as you imply. The pseudo Palestinians for the most part left at the behest of their leaders, hoping to return in days to grab what the supposed-to-be dead Jews left.
        The PP’s are the only refugees in history that, thanks to the UN and their brother Arabs, can pass their refugee status to their descendants.

        Approximately 700,000 Arabs became refugees. Approximately 850,000 Jews from Arab lands became refugees.

        They are the only refugees in history that have not been able to integrate within a single generation with the populations of the countries to which they fled.

        The Jews have all been settled and integrated, mostly in Israel but also in some other countries.
        The PP’s cause such disruption and turmoil that they are unwelcome wherever they go. Their Arab brethren want them kept as refugees so that their willing tools like J.B. can use them against Israel.

        • John Bradford said:

          But it’s extraordinary that you don’t agree. You’re saying then, I think, that the creation of a Jewish state would be reasonable even if that meant uprooting millions of non-Jews?

          We’re not yet at the point of discussing whether or not any of that actually happened, merely the theoretical point of whether such a scenario is reasonable. You’re saying that you think it is, I’m saying that I think it isn’t.

          The Balfour declaration said “… being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine….” Do you think that’s reasonable, I do.

          • steve mann said:

            The Balfour declaration said “… being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine….” Do you think that’s reasonable, I do.””” That is perfectly correct- And considering the existence of the 1.5 million Israeli Muslims (Out of a population of 7 million)

            Across the board -In the Judiciary, the Knesset, the universities, the military, in medicine, sports and the arts.

            With positions of judges, MP`s, Mayors, lecturers, generals and majors.

            In fact it was a Muslim judge that tried and sentenced Katsav the Israeli ex- president for rape!

            I think the Israelis have honoured that- dont you!

      • steve mann said:

        We sure have been here before- so here is the same answer as before-
        56 Islamic states- of which 12million Indians were displaced to invent it- Should that go back to the Hindu`s?
        49 Roman Catholic-
        20 Protestant
        12 Eastern Orthodox
        4 Hindu.

        You object to ONE Jewish state!

        • steve mann said:

          56 Islamic states- of which 12million Indians were displaced to invent Pakistan- Should that go back to the Hindu`s?

          Correction to other post.

        • John Bradford said:

          I don’t believe that I’ve said I object to a Jewish state. I can’t imagine why I would, because I don’t.

          Let me rephrase the question – “is it reasonable to create a state for a group of people when that causes distress to others?”

          I think the answer to that question, which in essence is the one I posed, must surely be no, mustn’t it?

          • steve mann said:

            There is barely a country that failed to come about without someone being “Inconvenienced”

            So I ask you again-

            Pakistan was created out of India- 12 million Indians displaced- 1 million died in the process-

            Is that similar to your analogy?

            Should Pakistan not be an Islamic state?
            Should all the Hindus rejected from West and East Pakistan as it was- be returned?

  207. Jules Tabak said:

    Zionism is not the point. The point is hate directed towards Jews. I am 85 years of age and have the experience of knowing what I am writing about. WW2 was a grand experience in that respect. I never witnessed more hate than that period. But, proudly, I did not let hate consume me. For the second time I enlisted in another war: The Korean War


  208. Mickey Oberman said:

    John Bradford,

    “But it’s extraordinary that you don’t agree. You’re saying then, I think, that the creation of a Jewish state would be reasonable even if that meant uprooting millions of non-Jews?”

    NO. That is what YOU are saying.

    You have invented a hypothetical case that can never happen.
    WHY have you done this?

    “The Balfour declaration said “… being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine….” Do you think that’s reasonable, I do.”
    Yes I think it is reasonable assuming that the Arabs do nothing to prejudice their own and the Jews’ civil and religious rights. They have, however, done that from well before the founding of the state of Israel and continue increasingly today.

  209. John Bradford said:

    You’re not saying that it is reasonable and you’re not saying that it isn’t?

    But at least you agree with me that the Balfour declaration is reasonable, that’s a start.

    • steve mann said:

      John when are you going to answer my question-?

      • John Bradford said:

        Because there was no reply button next to it, for some unknown reason, that’s happened before now.

        There is barely a country that failed to come about without someone being “Inconvenienced”

        That may be true, although I can’t immediately think of any others in modern history that parallels what’s happened here over many years now.

        So I ask you again-
        Pakistan was created out of India- 12 million Indians displaced- 1 million died in the process-
        Is that similar to your analogy?

        I cannot think why that’s relevant, but I’m happy to answer. No, it’s not similar, the power that created the mess – Britain – didn’t stay in permanent military occupation of a subjugated people, as has happened in Palestine, in flagrant violation of many UN resolutions.

        Should Pakistan not be an Islamic state?

        Pakistan can be whatever sort of state it likes.

        Should all the Hindus rejected from West and East Pakistan as it was- be returned?

        Yes, If they want to return. I have no idea what the situation is in that regard. Similarly, Muslims who fled to what became Pakistan should be allowed to return to India if they want to, perhaps they are so allowed, I don’t know.

        • steve mann said:

          You mean its not relevant because it fails your agenda-

          However read your answer again- and think-

          Why were there no UN resolutions re- India under British rule?
          There were no UN resolutions against Britain when Palestine was under its mandate was there?
          And what resolutions has Israel not adhered to that hold international laws- certainly not 242!
          And what about the 1st UN resolution 181 to whit the Arabs refused to accept.?

          It would appear that you expect more from Israel than you do from her adversaries-

          And this is the problem with you thesis-
          “Fri. 29 Jul. 2011 @ 13.06 –

          Hamas foreign minister reiterates Hamas’ rejection of two-state solution and commitment to gaining ‘Palestine in its entirety’ by force.

          Hamas’ foreign minister, Mahmoud Al-Zahar, recently conducted a television interview in which he once more set out Hamas’ rejection of Israel’s right to exist. He argued that ‘Palestine in its entirety is Islamic waqf land, which cannot be relinquished’:

          ‘At this moment in time, we say to you, first of all: We want Palestine in its entirety – so there will not be any misunderstandings. If our generation is unable to achieve this, the next one will, and we are raising our children on this. Palestine means Palestine in its entirety, and Israel cannot exist in our midst.’

          Al-Zahar also declared that Hamas would view any Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank, or a compromise agreement with the Palestinian Authority, as only a ‘first stage’ towards the destruction of Israel in its entirety. He asserted that this was the key difference between Hamas and their secular rivals, Fatah.”
          When you can Israel how to resolve this- then I will listen to your views- Until then I suggest you visit the pro Hamas web sites and persuade them to change their attitude.

        • M. Sphardi said:

          In reply to your reservations regarding the pain that is implicit in nation building, you have only to begin with the embattled nations of Africa and the relatively new nations cut out of the Middle East. Syria’s minorities and others of neighboring Arab countries are other cases in point.Incidentally, when you speak of the discomforts that Israel imposes on recalcitrant Arabs, do consider please what Syria is doing to its own minorities and what it would gladly do to the Jews of Israel. In our studies we consider the barbarism of past ages and some of us fail to realize the same kind of barbarism lurks in many regime’s breast this very hour.

    • M. Otero said:

      I’m not convinced that the Balfour Declaration was more than a proposal representing the best British instincts and gratitude. It had no legal validity and it was issued with the whole of Palestine and Transjordan in mind. By 1922, with the creation of TransJordan, the possible Jewish homeland was reduced by 80%. With the British Mandate, thousands more Arabs poured in from neighboring states seeking employment and further reduced the size of the prospective homeland.
      And today, we note that many thousands of NGO sponsored African Moslems are pouring across the Sinai into Israel and demanding refugee status. Note the riots in south Tel Aviv!
      Since 1902, so many cunning conspiracies….

  210. John Bradford said:

    No, I don’t mean that.

    Why were there no UN resolutions re- India under British rule? I don’t know.
    There were no UN resolutions against Britain when Palestine was under its mandate was there? I don’t know.

    It would appear that you expect more from Israel than you do from her adversaries, because it’s Israel that’s got the guns, and refuses to implement many UN resolutions and flouts the Geneva Convention.

    As you say, certainly not 242. Nor many others that you’ll be familiar with.

    • steve mann said:

      John you must really read the actual convention- Not just listen to what you have been told.

      “No. The relevant clause, Article 49, prohibits the “occupying power” from transferring population into the “occupied territory.” Aside from the fact that the territory is not occupied, but disputed, Morris Abrams, the U.S. Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, had pointed out that the clause refers to the forcible transfer of large populations. By contrast, the settlements involve the voluntary movement of civilians. The U.S. Department of State, accordingly, does not view Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention as applicable to settlement activity in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. For that reason, the official U.S. position has been over the years that settlements are legal, even though successive administrations have criticized them on political grounds. (Only the Carter administration for a short time held that settlements were illegal; this position was overturned by the Reagan administration.) “

    • M. Sphardi said:

      I don’t have the exact figures on hand, but Israel has grown bitter about the scandalous UN partiality and the many Islamic members who time and after time manage topass resolutions perhaps 20 or 30 times as for any other nation. There are obvious bloody outrages occurring elsewhere that are never the victims of UN resolutions. It’s a newspaperman’s dream: the country is so small, there are so many points of view expressed with vivid, unafraid intensity in many western languages. Jews by their very culture allow for all kinds of advanced and colorful ideas that make the correspondents’ job all the easier. The media certainly have missed the big
      story: the neglected Mizrahi Jewish refugees

      • John Bradford said:

        Yes, <> is correct in the sense you meant it. Most native English speakers don’t understand how to use the apostrophe correctly, although the rule is simple (with a few exceptions, mainly related to pronouns and proper nouns), it’s just not taught in schools for some mad reason. If the word does not end in s, then add ‘s. If the word does end in s (as with your word, regimes), then add an apostrophe on its own (there’s an exception – possessive pronouns such as its don’t take an apostrophe – but it’s does, when it’s an abbreviation for it is).

        Scandalous UN partiality? Why? How many other countries are in military occupation of a neighbour and have been for generations?

        • John Bradford said:

          For some reason, the word regimes’ did not appear inside the angle brackets

        • steve mann said:

          There is no occupation- You can not be occupying a land that the original ruler did not want-ie Jordan.

          However better examples are Yemen, Nigeria and Sudan- Theydont occupy anyone- They just kill them or drive them out to another country.

        • M. Sphardi said:

          I understand that you think that you are attempting to be objective, but perhaps you would be better served by first reading Joan Peters’ book with its minor faults. I think that you are hiding behind fences that you yourself set up against a comprehensive, balanced view of all the facts and issues involved.

  211. John Bradford said:

    I don’t believe that the Palestinians have moved voluntarily. The territory is occupied by Israelis, they should not be there. The territory is not disputed, even if it were, which it is not, why would anyone think that Israel had any rights over it.
    I’m not interested in the US position, I’m interested in what the world, through the UN, says, and, as you said, resolution 242, and many other resolutions, say the Israelis should not be there.

    • steve mann said:

      Oh dear! I can see that whatever I say you will never accept- However-

      Lets exclude the American take- Here -Resolution 242 para 1- calls for respect of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of every state in the area and their right to live in peace within secure and recognised borders.
      There is absolutely no call in the resolution for a return to the armistice demarcation lines.

      So now to basics- who were Palestinians? for there are no such people now- The people you seemed to be talking about are the refugees who were left after the 48/50 war- for it was not only Muslims who were given the name Palestinian- There were Hebrews, Christians and others pre 47.

      And who created these refugees- Jordan and Egypt. What part are they being asked to play in the statehood of these people- None- Why? Only Israel is being asked to give, give, give. and she has.

      Israel land mass under 8000 square kilometers-
      Jordan land mass 34500 square kilometers
      Egypt land mass 387000 square kilometers.

      I know you keep saying it was their land- Well it was not.
      However Israel has now relinquished the Gaza to these refugees-
      And has recognized the Palestinian Authority with Abbas as its leader-

      Its time for Jordan to surrender part of the East Bank to assist in facilitating a new state- So that Israel can have defensible borders- For as sure as there are little green apples- When this new state comes about Hamas will surely take it over- as in Gaza- and Israel will have yet more rockets fired on her.

      If , now after 67 years

      • John Bradford said:

        Well, never say never, and we do agree on the Balfour Declaration, but you’re probably right that I’m unlikely to accept much of what you say.

        Resolution 242 says, as you well know, “Withdrawal of Israel armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict”. You do know that, do you?

        We both perfectly well know the people we’re talking about – the people living in what is now Israel in the few years after WW2. I agree with you that these people included Muslims, Jews and Christians. Let’s call them “Palestinians” as a nice simple, short term, shall we.

        Now here’s a difficult one – you say that Jordan and Egypt created these refugees. Really? The refugees fled in fear of attack by Jordanians and Egyptians? Really?

        What have land areas got to do with anything?

        Where did I say it was their land? Whose land did I say it was?

        It’s time for Jordan to surrender part of the East Bank? Really? Who says so? Why is it time?

        And yes, Israel is likely to continue to have rockets fired at it until it implements the many and various UN resolutions, conforms to its international treaties, returns stolen land, etc etc, you know the rest.

        • M. Otero said:

          You appear to me to be stubbornly wrongheaded. Take just your interpretation of 242. It says ‘territories”. Had it said THE territories, you might have had some possible justice on your side, but it doesn’t so that it is generally interpreted as “some part of the territories” and not ALL of the territories. That was resolved some time ago.
          Arabs fled the Haifa area, for example, although they were firmly advised by both the British and the local Jewish leadership to stay put. Notice that UNRWA has specified Arabs who were resident 1946-48 as being qualified. Had they said 1900 or 1880, there would be some justice.

    • M. Sphardi said:

      Please don’t invoke the holy name of the UN. It has become a farcical, impotent, corrupt body.
      How about implementing 1701 in Lebanon for starters as stipulated?! I used to have vanity plates on my car with UNESCO for a license. Thirty years ago, I realized my misplaced idealism. The plates must now be in a county landfill no less estimable than the UN.

      • John Bradford said:

        I agree that the UN has become a farcical, impotent, corrupt body.

        Just look at this resolution, drawn completely at random from the many that apply to Israel. It’s perfectly clear, so why isn’t it enforced, that’s what I want to know, and I’m glad you agree…….

        “Israel, as the occupying Power, has failed to provide adequate protection to the civilian population in the occupied territories in conformity with the provisions of the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War”. Resolution 471. I won’t go on.

  212. steve mann said:

    242 is absolutely clear-
    It says “Withdrawal from TERRITORIES”
    And simultaneously the ceasing of hostilities against Israel- Both Arafat in his time and certainly Hamas have sworn that hostilities will never cease until Israel is demolished.

    These other areas are surely key to a settlement- More and more and from within Jordan there is talk of the West Bank refugees being part of Jordan.

    “Jordanians, for decades, were avid proponents of the ‘Jordan is Palestine’ position. They used that position as justification for the annexation of the West Bank, arguing that Palestine was one single, indivisible unit, and that Jordan was the legitimate governing body of Palestine…

    ‘We are the government of Palestine, the army of Palestine and the refugees of Palestine.’ Prime Minister of Jordan, Hazza’ al-Majali, 23 August 1959

    ‘Palestine and Transjordan are one.’ King Abdullah, Arab League meeting in Cairo, 12 April 1948

    ‘Palestine is Jordan and Jordan is Palestine; there is one people and one land, with one history and one and the same fate.’ Prince Hassan, brother of King Hussein, addressing the Jordanian National Assembly, 2 February 1970

    ‘Jordan is not just another Arab state with regard to Palestine, but rather, Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan in terms of territory, national identity, sufferings, hopes and aspirations.’ Jordanian Minister of Agriculture, 24 September 1980

    ‘The truth is that Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan.’ King Hussein 1981”

    Since then whats changed!

  213. Paul Hoffman said:

    Here’s an idea for turning up the heat on news media when a story is inaccurate or biased: You can add useful information to your webpage automatically. Every subscriber will be provided lists of names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. that he/she can click on. For a subscriber, sending an email or finding a phone number will be as easy as pie. Your effectiveness will be multiplied greatly.

    In what follows, I’ve enumerated the simple steps you can use to implement this. It’s not the only way to get it done easily.

    When sending out a call to your subscribers, i.e., to encourage them to write letters, etc., you would ordinarily generate a message about a given dishonest news item and post it on your website. You would be asking them to write to their congressman, their editor, a journalist, a local TV or radio station, etc. The problem is that 95% or more of your subscribers will read your webpage and think that is a good thing to do, but will do NOTHING, because of the difficulty of finding the names, addresses, email addresses or phone numbers of their congressman, editor, etc…. and because they just don’t simply “have the time right now”

    Here’s how to MULTIPLY your effectiveness by attaching a unique “response page” to the above webpage:

    1. Prepare a master address book in which each item is the name, address, zip code, phone number and email address of a publisher, a correspondent, a politician, an organization. Try to make it inclusive of all such persons or organizations, in any particular order. These are people and organizations that ought to be alerted to the false stories honest reporting uncovers.

    2. Update the list from month to month. It could turn out to be a file of several thousand entries.
    Note: These two tasks are easy. May require 0.10 FTE per year to staff it.

    3. Have your programmer write a program that will automatically create a random sample of, say, 50 names drawn from the complete file, plus up to 10 names drawn from that file that are in a designated State or Zip code area.

    4. Give this program the capacity to implement the following actions:
    1) check your present list of subscribers, choose the first subscriber, identify that subscriber’s State and/or Zip code;
    2) draw a random sample described in 3. above; 50 names from the master list.
    3) from that sample, generate three lists to be attached to your webpage
    a. name and address
    b. name and email address
    c. name and phone number
    4. Also from the master list, draw a random sample of 10 names with the constraint that they contain the State or Zipcode of the subscriber, and do not duplicate the 50 names already selected. Add them to 3a, 3b and 3c. or display them as three more lists.
    5. Repeat these steps for each subscriber. Implement steps 1-5 above in order to produce randomly selected lists tailored to each subscriber’s location.
    In short, the process will tailor your webpage to your subscriber’s location, giving the subscriber up to six lists to choose. If the subscriber elects to write a letter, the name and address list (3a) can be used for easy merge-mailing. If he or she elects to send email, list 3b can be used. If he or she elects to phone, list 3c is right in front of one’s nose.

    1. A subscriber has the capability of choosing any number of persons or organizations to contact, up to the 60 contacts provided. It is as easy to write to all 60 as to write to just one.
    2. A subscriber can decide whether to use letter, email or phone, or all three.
    3. Because of the randomization process, recipients of mail will receive different mail from different subscribers at different times; i.e., there will be greater diversity of response and greater amounts of local (constituent) interest, as well as greatly increased volume of mail or phone calls.

    Paul J. Hoffman
    1120 Royal Lane
    San Carlos, CA 94070

  214. steve mann said:

    “Uploaders’ Comments (krimane )

    I have been arguing Israels case on the You Tube video of Finklestien on BBC Hardtalk. This is the response from its uploader: and I have now been blocked!

    @mombser2 – Please stop abusing the comments section with your understanding of history. the audience is quite capable of making their own mind about what is happening in the middle east and we’ve had enough of your rants. I dislike removing comments but you’re pushing your luck sir.! so please,? enough!

    what abuse I gave I do not know- My history taken from well known articles of Joan Peters- Nonni Darwish- Waleed Shoebatt- and HR information-
    Who said freedom of speech was dead- ME.

  215. Phil said:

    I loved the media watchdog slideshow. Wonderfully clear and organized.
    I’d suggest, however, that one slide might need reviewing.
    One slide said:
    Fact: Polls demonstrate Israelis support peace.
    And there were two bars on the graph that were labeled: “Israelis in favor of a two-state solution” and “Israelis opposed to a two-state solution”

    One can come away from this slide that the majority (“in favor of a two-state solution”) wants peace while the people who oppose a two-state solution don’t want peace. I don’t think this is the implication you wanted to make. I, for one, am not in favor of a two-state solution, but I definitely want peace.

    Again, great slideshow!

    • John Bradford said:

      If you’re not in favour of a two-state solution, does that mean that you’re in favour of a one-state solution or that you prefer the status quo, ie no solution?

      • Phil said:

        I’m not sure. Whatever it takes to increase peace in Israel. My feeling is that the two-state solution won’t do that. I still wonder how many of my cohorts in the 37% who don’t favor a two-state solution would bristle at the implication that they don’t support peace.

      • steve mann said:

        Until Israel can be guaranteed secure boarders 1 state , 2 states or a dozen states- is irrelevant talk.

        Words of Mahmoud Abbas – from a disatation of a thesis whilst studying at Moscow University. – “The architect of the strategy for the destruction of Israel – not with one stroke, but gradually…”

        Here I quote from The Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement. (HAMAS)

        “Our struggle against the Jews is very great and very serious. It needs all sincere efforts,
        . The Islamic Resistance movement is but one squadron that should be supported… until the enemy is vanquished and Allah victory is realized. It strives to raise the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine…….” “There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavours. Palestine is an Islamic land”…..

        Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood and the rest of Jihadis in the Middle East all say the same-
        So until that attitude changes- if ever- then there can not be any genuine peace.
        Unless you have a different solution?

        • John Bradford said:

          Why should Israel be the only state in the world with “guaranteed secure borders”?

          And why should Israel be the only state in the world that is allowed to inconvenience its neighbours in order to achieve that unreasonable and unattainable goal?

          • M.Sphardi, PhD said:

            We have been the victims of a carefully contrived Moslem strategy and public relations campaign no less skillful than MacDonalds. Given its promised Judea and Samaria, Israel has generally very defensible borders.

            The Moslems are still licking their wounds from having lost Spain and Israel; they’re determined to get them back.But please do read background materials and do acknowledge that 850,000 N.African Jews were made refugees while 700,000 Arabs became refugees. Both issues must be publicized and settled.

          • steve mann said:

            You actually talk like you have been there.
            Why would any country compromise if it could not secure safe borders- You make no sense!

            Inconvenience- What do you know- With the help of Israel, the US and the EU in 2008 the PA gdp was higher than that in the UK. Inconvenience- just because Israel keeps people waiting at crossings checking for suicide bombers- you call an inconvenience-
            Go to Syria there you will see inconvenience.

          • ESLombard said:

            The inconveniences are directed AT Israel; Israel would rather not be forced to remind craven cowards and misguided bullies that Israel is to be respected. I’m no authority on the subject, but my understanding of “eye for an eye” in its full sense was intended as “NO MORE than an eye for an eye.” That injunction was meant probably as incumbent upon all Jews in dealing with each other. My own observation is that Israel, in dealing with its sometimes horrific neighbors,
            must always be prepared to take far more than one eye. The Arabs have been so misguided by their malevolent leaders who use a strong brew of hate to control the Arab street!

  216. M. Sphardi said:

    In a series of documents beginning in 1842 and 1913 to 1920? it was repeatedly PROPOSED that the area in question, Palestine and TransJordan, be a Jewish homeland. By 1922, only what we call Palestine was contemplated as a Jewish homeland. All the British good will evaporated when the political wrangling prevailed. I can’t give time to researching the ambiguities and niceties of British politics, but all through history, I think you’ll agree, proposals mean little until facts on the ground are established. It is my perhaps quirky thought that it is justice for BOTH peoples that must be meted out: justice for the Jews from Arab countries AND justice for the Arabs from “Palestine”.

  217. dbdent said:

    16/6/12 I have just read todays Yediot. Please refer t pp 18-19 and the article by a thoughtless, if not stupid reporter called AKIVA NOVIK [ and I think I shall include the editor as well ] on how cetain Jewish persons are showing young children in the Gush how to use guns
    Only 2-3 weks ago we had the regular complaint against the Gazan childrens summer schools teaching their tiny tots to be good shaheedim with army uniform and guns.And we know these kids are brainwashed!
    Why o-why if we have some idiot on our side doing something similar must it take up a 2 page spread ? How can I plead pro Israel advocacy with such articles in a prime Israeli newspaper?
    Why indeed publish it?

  218. ESLombard said:

    Much as we certainly deplore anything said or done about the Jews or Israel or Zionism or…., it is the sign of a FREE society that one may do or say both brave and craven things. Do think of all the societies in the world where that is not possible, and celebrate, if you can, that Israel has the freedom to be human in every sense of the word. Be proud in spite of the embarrassment. Would you prefer, as in Russia or most of the Moslem world, that such news be suppressed? Maybe it would be more comfortable, but it certainlty would not honestly allow for the rich diversity of humanity and humane expression that is Israel.

  219. dbdent said:

    When our enemy has the finger on the pulse of world media and many left wing revisionist ears it behoves a free society to have a greater modicum of common sense. A free society always has a degree of censorship. Occasionally it has to be used.

  220. ESLombard said:

    We all know that Israel has practiced military censorship from the very beginning. Censorship of regrettable minor events would better be reported with wit, clinical analysis, ridicule, etc. There are plans afoot within Arab ranks to develop a well produced TV program directed to the larger world. That’s something that Israel has attempted via radio, but a Jon Stewart like program directed at the widest possible audience and as a kind of duel with the Moslem world might go a long way toward a modicum of understanding without the warfare. A few commercials might even make it profitable instead of as costly as bombs and lost lives.

    • steve mann said:

      If it is so- and as Beverly Smith says- The environment often dictates certain actions that we find unthinkable- And whilst I am not giving any “Buts” per sae` – Can you imagine what would have happened to an Israeli boy caught in Gaza or the PA controlled area-

      I can well believe this youth was throwing stones at the soldiers- and unlike in the UK teaching a lesson to this type of hooliganism isn`t carried out with an ASBO. or a putting on the “Naughty Step”

      • Avi said:

        To Gloria Lenon, HR, 2012–07–08
        “I need to know if this is true or not”

        Last week, before I got your question at HR, I happened to meet a Jewish Rabi at my age born and raised in Esfahan, Iran. On his forehead I saw a sign of old injury. I was curious to see whether it had been caused by any accident.

        But I was NOT really surprised when he told me how as a small boy at sleep, in the hands of his father, he got injured, by a stone which had been thrown at his head, by a Moslem Youngster.
        What is the “real truth” behind Moslems throwing stones at non-Moslems?

        How did the photographer, at that scene in Hebron, knew
        • when to look?
        • where to stand?
        • at where to look?
        • what…

    • Avi said:

      To Gloria Lenon, HR, 2012–07–08
      “I need to know if this is true or not”

      Dear Gloria
      I also would, whole heartedly, join you in the quest after the truth. From time to time, after even 60 years or so, that has past since then, I still feel a sudden pain on my scull where, as a little Jewish boy in Shiraz, Iran, felt the blow of a stone thrown upon my head by a Moslem boy at my age.

      Almost every other Jewish boy at Moslem countries has experienced at least once a blow like that. Nobody has ever filmed these. Neither the countless times that we have been, humilated, beaten up, and chaised away.

      Now, that I am old, I think that we Jews do not have a good PR practice!

  221. Beverly Smith said:

    Those types of situations are existing in an environment where hate and control is upsetting to any environment, and the obvious reaction is bound to be anger– on both sides. That’s why so few of us “like” war of any kind!!!

  222. Avi said:

    To Gloria Lenon, HR, 2012–07–08
    “I need to know if this is true or not”

    One might continue to ask: How did the photographer, at that scene in Hebron, knew
    • what to search for?
    • How long to remain there?
    • At what stage start to make the photography?
    • … Especially one can add:
    • What parts of the scene have been NOT photographed? And how much of that has been edited, cut out, ignored, and changed?

    You, of course can become irritated by these questions, ignore them and let my comments go unread, un-answered.

    But I do believe that these are some key questions to pave any type of way to investigate your honest request.

    Can you, Gloria, imagine, what is the philosophy of Is

  223. Avi said:

    To Gloria Lenon, HR, 2012–07–08
    “I need to know if this is true or not”

    Can you, Gloria, imagine, what is the philosophy of Islam, behind throwing STONES, at members of other religions?

    Can you answer why those “Ruthless Youngsters” throw stone only on “others”, and not at their “own” Moslems?

    Will you kindly, ask yourself, if the phenomenon of “Stoning” foreigners is so common within the Moslem “Shabab” (= restless youngsters) and children, who is responsible for it (Fathers? Mothers? Imams? Educational system? Value system? Mass Media? Writers? …) Who?

  224. Avi said:

    To Gloria Lenon, HR, 2012–07–08
    “I need to know if this is true or not”

    Let me share with you some of my conjectures, based on my personal experience, and some other people whom I have asked, during my past several decades of life:
    • The wholly book of their religion, compares Jews (and Christians, as they are perceived in Islamic Studies as a late brunch of Jews) with Apes, Monkeys, Pigs, and of course, see them as SATAN (devil).
    • All non-Moslems, even in their own homelands, are labeled as “FOREIGNORS”, and as such are perceived to be “SINFULL” and impure, which must be chased away.

  225. Avi said:

    To Gloria Lenon, HR, 2012–07–08
    “I need to know if this is true or not”

    • So it is not an accident, nor a new phenomena to label America as the “Big SATAN”, and Israel as the “Small SATAN”.
    • At Moslem Hajj, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the pilgrims are obliged to STONE the SATAN, by circling the Black Stone of Kaabe, and throwing stone inward to the center. They believe that by throwing stone they expel the devil.
    • During past 1,300 years, Many “Akhund”s and even “Imam”s, have adopted to call “foreigners” evils, devils, traitors, spies, etc. etc. whose punishment is humiliation, torture, stoning, beheading, and torching. Millions of “foreigners” have so far been expelled as refugees.

  226. Avi said:

    To Gloria Lenon, HR, 2012–07–08
    “I need to know if this is true or not”

    • Not only Millions of “foreigners” have so far been expelled as refugees from the Moslem world, but millions have been slaughtered.
    • In their Fundamentalist Mosques, almost everywhere, they do preach for such inhuman treatment, not only towards infidels (pagans), but also against the founders of Monotheism, the “Beholders of Devine Books”: Jews, Christians, and Zoroaster’s.
    • May fundamentalist Adults, encourage their young children to attack verbally and physically, “foreigners”. They achieve several goals

  227. Avi said:

    To Gloria Lenon, HR, 2012–07–08
    “I need to know if this is true or not”

    • By encouraging the “Restless Youngsters” to Stone “foreignors” they gain several goals:
    o They fulfill their Religious duty, to humiliate non-Moslems
    o They wait for reaction. If you, the foreigner, go away without any reaction, then they praise themselves for expelling the devil. If, on the other hand, you dare to react, then they have good excuses to blame you as assaulting Islam, and cooperate to kill you (lynch).
    o By this practice, they train their next generation, to actually gain practice and experience in carrying out the wholly war of Jihad:

  228. Avi said:

    To Gloria Lenon, HR, 2012–07–08
    “I need to know if this is true or not”

    o For Jihad, the youngsters need to learn: How to dare, how to overcome shame and fear, how to take position, how to plan attack and refuge, how to gain military power and leadership. Very soon, these children become excellent Gorilla Warriors.
    o All of those thousands of Moslem Terror organizations, spread over the whole world, are flourishing by this type of in-house training. Did you ever know that?
    o Nowadays, by this type of education and filming, they hope to rage a new form of war (Media Jihad).

  229. Avi said:

    To Gloria Lenon, HR, 2012–07–08
    “I need to know if this is true or not”

    The Media Jihad is the War over the Image in Media and International Public Relations.

    In the ME it is carried forcefully against: The “Small Satan” (Israel the sole Jewish State), and

    In other parts of the world, it is carried out firmly against: The “Big Satan” (USA, as the leading power of the Christians).

    So, dear Gloria. Let us ask, together, again: What is the truth behind the scene?

    Are all “documentary films” indeed, honestly, DOCUMENTARY? From the beginning to the end? Are they all “innocent” as they want us to believe?

  230. Avi said:

    To Gloria Lenon, HR, 2012–07–08
    “I need to know if this is true or not”

    Once I read, a saying: “Nobody has ever measured how many accidents have been prevented, due to high velocities”. Weird as it may sound, in some sense it is true…

    Would you, dear Gloria, agree to join in, and say: “Nobody has ever measured, how many Palestinian films have been shot, in the hope to blame Israelis, but never found any violence, thus never published!?”

    How many favors have the Israeli Arabs and Moslems have been granted by Jews in Israel, or outside, during these 200 years. In Health, Agriculture, Sciences, Technology, Democracy, etc. Have they ever mentioned any? No Gratitude. All critic.

  231. rabbim.friedman said:

    Israel is our religious,historical and national land. Global anti-Semitism is personified by not one country recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Israel should give notice to all who have diplomatic relations with it,unless you move your Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Israel shall move its embassy from their capitals to another city! Watch and weep! Every Wednesday New York Time 10;00am & 6:00PM GO TO when it populates click on “BCAT TV network’. When new page opens scroll to channel 2, and click on arrow in black box, and click beneath it,’watch now.’ On Thursday 12:00 PM, go to ,when it populates go to number 4,click beneath it, ‘watch now’.

    • rabbi m friedman said:

      Regarding exact details of JUDAISMairings: Every Thursday 12:00 noon,New York Time, go to when it populates on top half ,go to number 4 and click beneath it ‘watch now’. In addition, Every Wednesday New York Time go to, after it populates , click on small window “BCAT TV network” Next page opens, scroll to channel 2, and click on arrow in black box.

  232. Mickey Oberman said:

    Honest Reporting’s comments section has gone the way of that section in so many media including The Jerusalem Post.
    It has become a soapbox for people who in their own minds must be heard and are willing to monopolize the comments section of a particular medium.
    Their multiple and usually lengthy battles with other soapbox orators degrades the medium which they are abusing and abuses those who want information about a particular subject.
    The blatherskites have become epidemic because the moderators of the afflicted media are failing to do their jobs.
    Why not limit the posting in any thread to three letters per person and if they get vulgar cut them out completely.

    • steve mann said:

      I totally disagree with you- Yes sure there are those who like to hear their own voice or see their name in print- Those with really nothing to say are soon filtered in ones own mind and disregarded.
      But free speech should mean just that-

      First you soon become aware of their agenda. Then, regardless of language you can determine their intelligence or whether they are just prejudiced liars.

      And as long as one has the opportunity to counter any allegation which is spurious then all is fair in “Love and War”.

      • Mickey Oberman said:


        When freedom turns destructive it becomes anarchy.

        Those back and forth, back and forth, tennis ball letters destroy the original intent of a particular thread and, ultimately, if left unchecked and unmoderated, will destroy the very medium that carries them. They do nothing but give voice to over inflated egos who do nothing at all to address the subject matter of a thread.

        Unlimited freedom is anarchy.

        • steve mann said:

          As long as one keeps their cool- You simply ignore them- they become a bore and you stop reading them- I wonder how many follow such a to and fro conversation that leads no where-

          Anarchy ! “1. Absence of any form of political authority.
          2. Political disorder and confusion.
          3. Absence of any cohesive principle, such as a common standard or purpose.”

          1- That happens when a country goes into disarray-
          2- In most governments –
          3-I often wonder whether the political world is at that stage now!

          However I shall now end otherwise this to and fro will become one of those conversations that you you call a “Soap Box” – for philosophy!

          • Mickey Oberman said:

            “However I shall now end otherwise this to and fro will become one of those conversations that you you call a “Soap Box” – for philosophy!”


  233. Inessa said:

    These are the first lines from the only report I could find on the terror attack in Bulgaria in the Melbourne Age, by Ruth Pollard:
    “Israel has threatened to “settle the account” with those responsible for an attack that left at least six people dead and dozens wounded, most of them Israeli tourists…..”
    She then describes the responses of Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, and Hillary Clinton. Only then, does she give a description of the events of the attack.
    Instead of focusing on the fact that innocent people, holidaymakers, were murdered, for being Israelis, the article starts with bringing up the image of the vengeful, blood-thirsty Jews.

  234. steve mann said:

    Please, Cema dont take it to heart-
    This “Old Fart” is an oldtime Soviet supporter- he hates America as much as Israel- Never forgiven Israel for befriending the US instead of the USSR-

    He even has said that the attack on Osama bin-Laden in Pakistan never took place and bin-Laden died in 2001-

    He just never says how he knows this-

    Same camp as Finklestien and Chompsky- So dont lose any sleep- he should die very soon!

  235. M.Otero said:

    Every day that we fail to “get the message out clear and loud” more killings will occur on both sides. Yes, Palestinian Arabs suffered losses, but their losses have only been multiplied and prolonged for generations by the relentless Arab League itself. A greater number of Arab Jews who had lived in the Arab world far longer and suffered far greater losses in expropriated lands, homes, and businesses but we NEVER hear about them. That’s one of the essential differences between the Arab and Jewish mentality: an obsession with honor. Israel could have created camps for the Arab Jewish Mizrahim and insisted on UNRWA aid and the humiliation of its refugees, but they are now half of Israel.

    • Mickey Oberman said:

      M. Otero,

      The Islamic concept of honour is so far removed from the Judeo/Christian concept that even speaking of it is completely futile.
      One can not appeal to an honour that does not exist and that is incomprehensible to those being addressed.
      Islamic honour consists of people/individuals dominating, ruling and making life or death decisions over others. That “rule” extends from the head of a country or religion (Islam) all the way down to the tribal leaders and, indeed, the family members and its head, the father.
      Islamic honour considers anything done by or said by its founder, that murderous, lying, pedophiliac Mohammed and by his later interpreters, to be honourable and acceptable.

  236. M.Otero said:

    It’s just that every time they, as a group or as individuals, lose face, their vindictive rage expresses itself in generally subversive and unproductive ways that are savagely cruel and only beget more unrelenting savagery from others. The cyclic of violence and the everlasting enmity that it invokes makes any extended peace unlikely. A poor, uneducated man has nothing but his pride, his honor for himself, his family and his tribe. How do you deal with him as required by modern societies? So far, in most cases, you just can’t. And certainly, outsiders or colonialists are suspect now more than ever. It’s not necessarily hopeless, but requires boldly new thinking and solutions.

  237. Eliot Katz said:

    I have completed the HR annual survey. 1 question asks for the most common cause of anti-Israel media bias. I chose “anti-semitism”, but there is another factor which was not listed. We are witnessing a sweeping liberalization that has broken down social barriers. We are headed towards a society which many consider ideal, i.e., where all peoples live and mate freely without regard to race, religion, etc. This is laudable but creates an inherent conflict with the desire of many Jews to preserve their heritage and prefer their children marry other Jews, and likewise when Israel desires to retain its Jewish character. Well-meaning liberals object, possibly explaining some anti-Israel bias

    • M.Otero said:

      Perhaps this erosion has accelerated, but the ultra-orthodox Jews manage to hold back the tide. Consider that in Jesus’ time, it is assumed that 10% of people living around the Mediterranean rim were Jews and although their numbers dwindled, nonetheless one always seems to find a strong core of Jews in surprising places. At our local synagogue, many of the key figures are recent converts to Judaism and so it goes. I noted just today, a former Catholic priest who married a Jewish woman, had two children and is active in our synagogue. Worry not.

  238. Avi said:

    re: Katz, HR, 23 July 2012
    “…most common cause of anti-Israel media bias…”
    I tend to agree with your two reasons. I would like to bring up still another factor. Lets call it “Fastest Cowboy Chased and Challenged over and again”.

    Historically, Jewish people, has long become the “SMALLEST-WEAKEST-STRONGEST People” of the entire world.

    She has magically become “the unconquerable” weak-force of them all, attracting huge forces to challenge her, and her very continuing existence.

    Thus, it is not surprising that the most dangerous dictators of the world have been seduced to try and annihilate the Jewish nation by war or diplomatic /philosophical weapon.

    The shooters now are MEDIA

  239. M.Otero said:

    I find it hard to imagine an end to anti-Semitism because it is self-perpetuating, e.g. Jewish women should stop eating healthful foods and stop nourishing their children properly, stop being educationally ambitious for their children or teaching them music, cease stimulating table talk, cease mixing with stimulating, cerebral people, stop splitting verbal hairs, stop being demonstratively loving to their children, etc. Can’t be done! The result is that you get profound jealousy from others for your abundant gifts to the world….and rewards.

  240. Avi said:

    Re: M.Otero 23 July 2012–07–23

    “I find it hard to imagine an end to anti-Semitism”

    Most anti Semites have not traditionally been anti-humans who are “strangers.

    Both Traditional Christian- and Moslem-Anti-Semite, love those Jews who depart from Judaism and convert their religion. In this regard the Arian Genetic Anti-Semitism is unique and shared by some fractions of Arains in Germany, in Iran, and some parts of India.

    Thus, their enmity is toward JUDAISM, as religion, Tradition, Culture, Way of thought and life, and concepts.

  241. Avi said:

    Re: M.Otero 23 July 2012–07–23

    “I find it hard to imagine an end to anti-Semitism”

    If I may add:

    There are so many disturbed minds that cannot absorb the thought that JEWISH straight and factual TRUTHS, be the Standards by which they can measure themselves and their disturbances.

    I suspect that when their conscience wakes up, they are ashamed of themselves, so much that when they look at themselves as reflected in this pure, crystal-clear mirror called JUDAISM, find no way out but breaking the mirror.

    For them, Anti-Judaism is a MUST. They have nothing more.

  242. M.Otero said:

    It’s only an opinion, but I can’t conceive of an anti-Semite ever being ashamed of his anti-Semitism, and if he later finds himself to be Jewish or part Jewish, he can go either way: more or less full of hate. It becomes a sustaining, driving force in his life, gives it meaning, and seeks fellow haters to socialize their inadequacy together.

  243. Ziva Fain said:

    it about time the British nation and its official broadcast service will recognized their shear in what happened in the Middle East and especially between Israel and the Palestinian. the were always every civilized and left civil war in all their colony. they blessed us in the first Holocaust in the middle ages. they Blessed us with Haj Amin el Husseini which the Palestinian today carry his uncompromising believes. Jerusalem was and always be the hart of the Jewish people and the capital of Israel. it always had Jewish residence except the 1948-1967. they have to pace their on hypocrisy and miss deed and look first on their own action before they preach to other.

  244. M.Otero said:

    What the Brits should do and what they do do are very different things. After all, they believe themselves to be the most civilized folks on earth and, this is just a guess, they can’t stand the thought that “mere Jews” could be far more creative, civilized, and enriching to the human race than they are. I had the mixed blessing of traveling tourist class aboard the Queen Mary across the Atlantic. If that is the backbone of the British nation!!!! or whilst driving about the British countryside, listening to call in talk radio….!!!!!!

  245. u gonna be burnt, Israel said:

    u do not tell the truth and u know about the massacres committed by your soldiers more than the Arabs themselves
    down with Israel

    • steve mann said:

      I know I should not respond to this “Child” for it is unlikly to read my response-
      However in case there is any one else reading it-

      E v W Pakistan- 1250000 dead
      Iran v Iraq 1million dead
      Rwanda 900000 dead
      Iraq 300000 Kurds dead +20000 Shias every (Average) by Saddam
      Tajikstan 50000 dead
      Jordan v Arafat 25000 dead
      Syria v Hamas 20000 dead

      I could go on
      However during all the Israeli v Arab wars only 3500 killed.

      ie: More Muslims die at the hands of other Muslims than any one else.

      • jean vercors said:

        The Algerian Civil War was an armed conflict between the Algerian government and various Islamist groups ( GIA ) which began in 1991.
        It is estimated to have cost between 250,000 lives

    • jean vercors said:

      some 11,000,000 Muslims have been violently killed since 1948, of which 35,000, or 0.3 percent, died during the sixty years of fighting Israel, or just 1 out of every 315 Muslim fatalities. In contrast, over 90 percent of the 11 million who perished were killed by fellow Muslims.”

      Education is not a sin

  246. Neville Alperstein said:

    Why are we asking for 1 minute of silence for this Olympic Games. There should be a minute of silence at every Olympic Games going forward.

    • steve mann said:

      This morning I went to a service and held a minutes silence at 11 am-

      Can any one tell me since that terrible incident at Munich has there been any demand to any other country since then for a minutes silence- from Japan to the USA.?

      Has any country hosting the Olympics since Munich actually had any representation for the murdered Israeli athletes.?

      If not why now?

  247. Gil David said:

    Israel (and Israeli in general) do not know HOW to communicate nor APPEAL to the world media in an attractive, elegant and positive way. Our ancestors communicated via influential Torah. Living outside Israel, I see media bias both ways. Both anti and pro-Israel can be highly displeasing and arrogant with old prejudices. Israeli education should focus degrees on our broadcasting a positive identity, confidence, self-assurance, but not arrogant or full-of-ourselves. This fuels the worst media and turns people off regardless of nationality or tradition. HR can tell successful stories of each culture not just Israel’s. Appreciation not denounciation will boomerang appreciation. Think about it.

    • Avi said:

      Re :G. David Jul28,2012 HR
      “Israel do not know HOW to communicate nor APPEAL to the world media in an attractive, elegant and positive way”
      I am totally jealous of your pure innocence.
      There were times that the media was “the watch dog” of Human Rights, Reality and Truth, Legality and Honesty, etc.
      That age has long gone and with that Honesty, Truth, Legality and Humanity.
      Now the era is of Arab-Moslem Wealth which buys everything: false Agendas destructive to world, Group Self centered Narrative, Attorneys, Reporters, Media Advisors, Public Relations, and tons of Re-Constructed INVENTIVE History!
      Israelis have only their TRUTH and demand HONESTY. We do NOT BUY! do not SELL & OFFER.

  248. M.Otero said:

    Might I add that many Jews too often tend to communicate with a disrespectful intimacy and familiarity that probably is inappropriate even within families much less with strangers. While employed at Hebrew U. 60 years ago, I was asked to consider how we might “teach Israelis good manners.” It may just be a matter of both our making some more respectful alterations in the way we speak to each other and being aware of how impatient we are when strangers “just don’t seem to get it.” (They’re often not as bright, flexible, and uninhibited as we are). Orwell observed years ago, that British subject colonials had the advantage of learning not only a second language, but another cultural pattern.

    • steve mann said:

      I dont think it matters-
      Why should anyone have to change their cultural ways- If people are good communicators then they should understand others ways-
      The Brits are known to be reserved and stand in line or que-
      The Americans are “Gung Ho” and extrovert .
      The Asian community some what arrogant-

      So- we should all put up with each others ways.

  249. Mickey Oberman said:

    Have you ever been in the mess hall of an IDF base?

    Hundreds of bright, intelligent young people enjoying their meals (or not) and sitting there for 1/2 hour or more.

    What a wonderful opportunity to teach these folks manners of all kinds.

    But the teaching must be done with sensitivity and humour, not forced upon them.

    Give them reasons, and there are many, why good manners would be a lifetime asset to them.

  250. M.Otero said:

    Thanks for the great idea, but it’s not just table manners, but respectful and effective listening and speaking that is the ultimate goal with respect to our more successful foreign relations and world image. Not only do we end up with a “smoother style”, but we better achieve both our proximal and long term goals. The story is that Edward Bernays was a successful public relations man in the US and asked his uncle Sigmund to share his relevant psychoanalytic findings. It proved to make Bernays a master at his craft. I suggest that we study his works or at the very least use Dale Carnegie for starters.

  251. Mickey Oberman said:

    I did not mean solely table manners but person to person manners as well.

    If successful such informal sessions might be carried into other fields too.

    There are no limits.

    I just observed the three weeks I was at Julis that the meal times could be used constructively.

    I think that once several people in a group show an interest it might snowball to the benefit of many.

  252. M.Otero said:

    Good idea and I agree, but at age 87, I don’t have plans for mess halls, but it may be time for an Israeli tv comic to produce a series. I’ll be m aking aliya shortly and will look into it. Thanks again.

    • Mickey Oberman said:

      I was 59 in 1991 when I volunteered with Sar El.
      I’ll soon be 80 so I am catching up to you.

      I admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the mess hall food but was surprised at the table manners. It was explained that their families were too busy fighting wars and building a country and earning a living to have much time for the niceties of society. I fear the same may apply today.

      You should visit a mess hall when you are there. Those kids and they are kids are, despite table manners, something very very special.
      The name Sabra is not used very much any more. It should be.

  253. Avi said:

    Re: S Mann, HR July 28, 2012
    “Has any country hosting the Olympics since Munich actually had any representation for the murdered Israeli athletes.? If not why now?”

    My questions are: What if?
    * What if Among the victims there were a few Non-Jews? Say European, Asian, African sportsmen killed?
    * What if the victims of that Islamic Terror were SOLELY non-Jewish?
    * What if the Terror was non-ISLAMIC killing? Say Radical Left? Right?
    * What if the Victims were Moslems? Arabs? Persians?
    * What if, G’-d forbidden, such terror was carried out by Jews/Israelis?
    How the world would behave?
    What can we expect from this humanistic world, where it is NOT any of What ifs?
    Honesty, lies here!

  254. M.Otero said:

    As a youngster back in the ’30’s and ’40’s, I used to read the Hollywood gossip columns and innocently believed all those planted stories and fabrications of the Hollywood press agents until I grew up and understood that we were faced with an industry of make believe.
    Nowadays, I find myself confronted with an industry of political lying and propaganda of the most insidious sort, even more outrageous than the wildest imaginings of those old time Hollywood press agents. I am mindful now of an intelligence officer colleague who once explained to me that he never read the press, just the history books. I try to remember that with each day’s clamorous media outpourings of propaganda.

    • Jan Freed said:

      Well said; and by the time some of us old guys catch on, the young ‘uns will have to learn how not to be conned all over again. Even Fact Check and Politifact is irrelevant to many. Some don’t really care if something is true or not. They are merely looking for vindication of their views.

  255. M.Otero said:

    We’ve exhausted the land for peace diplomacy; why don’t we declare a negotiating position of land for land? Ron Prossor said it at the UN April 24: the Arabs stole Mizrahi lands 1948-67 amounting to territory four times the size of Israel. The various Muslim lands can have the Mizrahi assets in exchange for Arab-free Judea, Samaria, Gaza AND Sinai.
    Let’s sit down with the real puppet masters, the Arab League, and settle our differences openly and honestly without all this behind the scenes, sneaky game playing. History has it that, in reaction to Herzl’s dream, the Arab leadership in 1902 cunningly began urging landless farmers from Egypt and Syria to populate and farm what is now Israel

  256. michael said:

    Ask the Europeans for the name of the Palestinian Capital – they should say Jenin – but they’ll say Jerusalem – Antisemites…

  257. John said:

    No Michael, it is actually Amman but they won’t say it.

  258. Mickey Oberman said:

    Capital of what? A non existent country?
    Palestinians? A non existent people?
    Why perpetuate these terms by using them?
    Pseudo Palestinians may be accurate.
    PP sounds more accurate.

    Bad habits are hard to break but let’s give it a try. It might catch on.

  259. Saul Grossman said:

    What would be wrong if they made Tel Aviv the political capital of Israel, and Jerusalem the religious capital of Israel? Politics is, by nature, a dirty, secular business, and to have that kind of activity carried on in the city of Jerusalem takes away from the holiness of that city. Having two capitals in one political entity is not uncommon in the US. Quick now, what is the capital of New York State? Albany, of course, not New York City. What about Pennsylvania? Harrisburg, of course, not Philadelphia or Pittsburgh. What about Texas? Austin, of course, not Dallas or Houston. What about California? Sacramento, of course, not Los Angeles or San Francisco or San Diego.

  260. Mickey Oberman said:


    With the possible exception of Rhode Island each of the US states are considerably larger than tiny Israel. The system of government is different and reasonably workable and, indeed, preferable in such a large country although individual states are often in conflict with each other and with Washington. Washington is not situate in any of the states. As well, each city/town/village has its own municipal government. Each of the political entities has jurisdiction over certain specific elements of governance.
    Israel has always been the capital of all of Israel.
    I see no reason to introduce divisions of jurisdiction which could lead to strife as well as greatly increase expenses.

    • Saul said:

      Thank you, Mickey, for sharing your thoughts. As far as I know, no one ever left a kvitel in the grill-work of the iron gates of the Knesset, but millions have been left in the spaces between the stones of the Kotel. There is something different about Jerusalem, different from any other city in the world, and we should strive to revere it for the qualities of its uniqueness. Oh well, I tried. Ofra Haza would have been proud of me.

      • Mickey Oberman said:


        I fully agree with you about Jerusalem being different.
        The differences are in the stones of its buildings, the layout of its streets, its colours, its ancient walls, its unparalleled history, its archaeological sites, its sounds, its tolerance, its homes, its shops, its people and even its air and light.

        These are all compelling reasons for it to be Israel’s political as well as religious capital. If representatives of other countries were obliged to stay and work in Jerusalem they would see for themselves the great heart of Judaism.

        Tel Aviv is special in its own right but it is not suited to be the dignified capital of the Jewish state.

  261. M.Otero said:

    May I repeat myself? Instead of the formula “land for peace” we should remember Ron Proser’s recent UN observation that the Arabs have been holding Mizrahi lands four times the size of Israel. So we should be negotiating with our true adversaries, the Arab League, and insisting on “Land for Land” i.e. all of Samaria, Judea, and maybe Gaza and the Sinai. That’s about four times the size of Israel OR they can give us back all the Mizrahi lands that they confiscated in Egypt, Tunis, Morocco, Iraq, Iran, etc. 1947-67. Fair enough?

  262. M.Otero said:

    May I repeat myself? Instead of the formula “land for peace” we should remember Ron Prosor’s recent UN observation that the Arabs have stolen Mizrahi lands four times the size of Israel. So we should be negotiating with our true adversaries, the Arab League, and insisting on “Land for Land” i.e. all of Samaria, Judea, and maybe Gaza and the Sinai. That’s about four times the size of Israel OR they can give us back all the Mizrahi lands that they confiscated in Egypt, Tunis, Morocco, Iraq, Iran, etc. 1947-67. Fair enough?

  263. Avi said:

    HR [Honest Reporting], August 2 2012 HR

    What do say about that?

    If your stomach is weak, you are advised NOT to open that!!!

    If it is true, then we can say
    “Goodbye HUMANITY, farewell HUMAN-RIGHTS. GOOD NIGHT WESTERN CULTURE, take a deep breath, for thousands of years until you resurrects! The IRANIAN-ISLAMIC DARK AGES have already begun!

    Sorry dear sleepy fellows, to have disturbed you shiny dreams. Stand by and let HUMANITY go down the drain. In the meanwhile, you conscience can be easily cleaned up by constantly CRITICIZING ISRAEL, ignoring the facts about Islamic Jihad…
    Keep criticizing Israel so that you can SLEEP TIGHT!

  264. Avi said:

    HR 2012–08–07
    Whom is to blame?

    It is clear and brisk in the Pro Islamic world (Media too? Can it be?)
    * Palestinian husband cut his wife’s throat? “Israel Mussad”
    * Irani woman is stoned on treachery?
    * Islamic Republic hangs, hundreds, her own smugglers?
    * President Assad murders his own Syrian residents?
    * Jihad of Lebanon with Syrian Army depresses Syrians?
    * Hamas of Gaza and Al-Qaida Attack Israel border?
    * Pakistani Intelligence and Islamic Terror kill 160+ in India?
    * Al-Qaida topples Twin Towers in NY?
    * African Wars?
    * Arafat’s dead?
    * Munich Olympic Terror against Israeli Sportsmen?

    Isn’t it clear? Israeli Mussad! GOOOD Night WORLD! Honest Reporting has to rest

  265. kenneth gregory said:

    The city of jerusalem is not only the capital of israel,but it will be for all eturnity,the capital city of the new heaven and the new earth,and the God of israel will not be engaging in any arguement with any one,about it.He as been speaking about it throughout the scripture and he will not add another word to it.The bible discribes jerusalem as,The eturnal city,The city of God,The city of the great king. Revelation 21 v 1-27,22 v1-10. whilst the present jerusalem was built by man,however the new jerusalem is build by God himself Hebrews 11 v 10.

  266. Lujack Skylark said:

    Palestinian terrorists are rewriting Israel’s ancient history blotting Israel’s history from Middle-East textbooks. To counter Palestinian claims google:(Assyria,Babylon,Biblical,Cush,Egypt & Elam Confirmations) and witness five ancient nations having historical connections with Israel.

    • Mickey Oberman said:

      “Middle-East textbooks” will continue to blot Israel from their pages of history as long as those textbooks are produced by Muslims.
      They will continue to instruct Muslim students about the glories of dying.
      Generation after generation of Islamic youth will waste their pathetic lives seeking not to build a civilization but to destroy one and destroy themselves as well to gratify their sexual desires.
      The Children of Israel wandered in the desert for forty years until all the sinners had died.
      The children of Islam are going to have to wander for a much longer period to erase all those who have been corrupted by Islamic textbooks – at least forty years after the last textbook is destroyed.

      • Lujack Skylark said:

        Palestinian terrorists continue writing textbooks blotting out Israel’s ancient history. Counter their propaganda. Google: (Assyria, Babylon, Biblical, Cush, Egypt & Elam Confirmations) Show the world the history the terrorist don’t want known.

  267. anereva said:

    “Kol hakavod” for your work. Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel
    I think the Jews in England and the whole world still suffer on the “ghetto-syndrom” and are therefore afraid to speak what they think. They are afraid the “world” could come back on them and make them suffer more!

  268. Mickey Oberman said:

    What you say is true for some Jews but many of us are more than willing to speak out and fight against antisemitism and anti Israelism.
    It took us 2000 years to learn that silence is not golden and today we are putting that knowledge to good use thanks in large part to the moral support provided by the very existence of Israel.
    Yes, there are far too many timid and indifferent and foolish Jews but their numbers are diminishing and will continue to do so. Some, too many, will lose their Judaism but our numbers in all our variations of religious practice will continue to increase. We have outlasted many mighty civilizations and will continue to do so. We are here to stay, anareva.

  269. Jules said:

    Now we have to worry about the greatest danger, not only to Israel but to the West including America: Hussain Obama……Anyone who hates the American veterans (I am a two war veteran) is evil beyond comprehension. But this Horrible Communist has a goal in mind: Break American and hand the pieces to the Russian Bolshevicks. Rememer, his mentor: Alfred Marshal Davis was trained by the Russian Communists.
    I am afraid that history will repeat itself: The world is asleep while the great anti Christ takes over the free.

  270. greta cohan said:

    I ‘d like to know why Honest Reporting doesn’t refer to the Israelis’ attitudes and behavior toward refugees, especially those from North Africa or other non-white places. I so approve of the news I do get, news that is otherwise
    often distorted by media,or ignored, or made light of. Still, Israel is far from perfect in its treatment of Palestinians and those who come for shelter and aid from other countries. Wouldn’t your reporting be more honest if it included some negative, yet truthful news about Israel?

    • Mickey Oberman said:

      Just how many refugees from Arab decimated lands do you suggest tiny Israel accept? Who is going to pay for their maintenance? Saudi Arabia?
      The wealthy Gulf States? The world’s 1.3 billion Muslims? The United Church of Canada? The Church of England? The Vatican? The UN? The EU?
      Don’t you dare bring colour into the discussion. Israel has gladly accepted thousands of people of colour, given them citizenship and all the rights and privileges of any other Israeli.
      As for Israel’s treatment of Pseudo Palestinians. When they unreservedly
      support Israel then they can expect to be treated as they like. But when every PP is a likely killer Israelis must be reservedly cautious.

    • Dr.ESLombard said:

      110,000 Ethiopian Falashas were flown into Israel, and thousands more in Africa whose tenuous claims to Judaism are under consideration. Many hundreds of Sudanese, non-Jews have sought refuge in Israel with some preying upon the Israeli public. They were simply shot by the Egyptians. It’s the official policy and steps taken by governments that count, not the temporary irritations of the citizenry. I recall the radio talk show call in rage of Brits when Indians were being expelled from Africa and were expected to return home to Britain. There was general hostility to mere thoughts of their return. I recall well the intensity of anti-Semitism of the 1930’s; I sense its growing return.

    • Avi said:

      RE: HR 20-8-12
      “Still, Israel is far from perfect…”

      Only the best can be compared to PERFECTION! It is a huge complement
      An actual society should be first compared with other actual societies:
      • Moslem world has so far murdered more that 11 million Moslems.
      • They killed and injured Thousands of non-Moslem tourists
      • Sudan-Moslems murder thousand of Eritreans and South-Sudanese
      • Syria kills daily toll of 100-200 citizens
      And you dear Greta, teach the world Standards of Humanity, by criticizing Israel because she is “far from perfect”.
      It is true, as compared with the Ideal Behavior you expect only from the best there is. Thank you for your complement

    • Avi said:

      RE: HR 20-8-12
      “… Israelis’ attitudes and behavior toward refugees, especially those from North Africa …”
      • Hezbollah attacks everybody and anybody who is any different
      • Iran works hard to achieve Atomic Bomb to destroy the West “Big Satan”, then Israel (Little Satan), then the Arabs, then the Sunnites of the world
      • Pseudo-Palestinians, keep their own people in Ghetto’s called “Refugee Camps”
      • Arabs of Israel expel those North Africans you talk about and chase them down as infidels
      And you dear Greta, teach the world, Standards of Humanity, by criticizing Israel because she is “far from perfect”.
      It is true, as compared with the Ideal Behavior you expect only from the best!

    • Avi said:

      RE: HR 20-8-12
      “Honest Reporting doesn’t refer to the Israelis’ attitudes and behavior toward refugees, especially those from North Africa …”
      • Greek, Italy, Spain, France, and many other European (white’s) send back and forth thousands of those the same refugees that you so perfectly care about, without any hesitation or HR criticism
      • US chases illegal refugees from Mexico/ south America
      • China and Russia chase opposition
      Happily, You do OUR job, by criticizing Israel because she is “far from perfect”. It is true! We all should respect human rights.
      Those who are frustrated from Big Powers of the world, still have the chance to criticies the best target ISRAEL! Thanks.

  271. Lujack Skylark said:

    Jews come in many shades of color from black skin Ethiopians to white blue eyed blond Europeans. Jews welcome all Jews back home while Arabs let Arabs settle in the refugee camps unwilling to help their fellow Moslems.

  272. Dr.ESLombard said:

    There is some consolation in the Muslim persistence in deluding themselves with lies. When one is in the habit of not considering all relevant facts, one is in grave danger of being unprepared for on the ground realities of war. This proves to be of major advantage to Israeli forces in the event of war.
    This doesn’t mean that we should not be making every effort to provide facts to those disinclined to delude themselves,e.g. those generally unacquainted with the fact of the “other Nakba”, the 850,000 Mizrahi Jews expelled from Muslim world in revenge for the defeat of the five invading Arab armies of 1948 or the expropriation of Jewish properties there, lands four times the size of Israe

  273. steve mann said:

    Well Greta- You have had many answers to your questions- how about responding to them-
    Do you agree with what you have been told- Do you understand what you have been told-do you now agree with what you have been told?

    I am sure we all wait with baited breath.!

  274. PISS OFF said:

    FUCK RACIST ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TERRORISTS, EVEN THE STATE DEP’T SAYS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • steve mann said:

      Not that I expect this moron to come back-
      But I am glad that they communicated in the way they have- I wish that they would go public with that type of utter vile rhetoric on the main media- For it shows what Jews in general and Israel in particular have had to put up with for generations-

      No argument, no “Rhyme or Reason ” to their rant-
      Plain garbage-

    • M.Otero said:

      To say “fuck Israel” speaks to me of an understandable frustration with a very complex set of issues most Westerners are not equipped to sort out with wisdom. If we observe the events as a kind of careless cat and mouse game, then the game winner will be sure to conclude that “fuck Israel” is the answer. However, the scrupulous examination of diverse sources might conclude that both parties are right and both parties have poorly processed the remains of the defeated Ottoman empire.And since then both sides have abused the uses of information, misinformation, disinformation and shameless propaganda. This is a learning opportunity. It’s not anti-Semitism, just wretched scholarship.

      • Mickey Oberman said:

        It speaks to me of a vulgar, ignorant boor who, with his filth, has nothing to contribute to any civilized discussion.

        If the moderator of this site were not asleep he/she would have removed that moronic message.

      • Avi said:

        Re: M.Otero, 10-Sept-2012
        “To say “fuck Israel”…It’s not anti-Semitism, just wretched scholarship”

        Since Israel is considered a holly land in the Eyes of about 3 billion believers of Almighty G’ (Moslems, Christians, Jews, etc.) then the parallel should be not any land, but those which are considered to be holly:
        Vatican (for Christians(
        Mecca/Medina (for Arabs/ Moslems(
        Ghom/Mash’had/Karbella for Shiite Moslems,
        Carmel and Baha Tomb for Baha’is,
        Geneva/UN NY for humanists of the world, etc.
        Now let’s do a guess work.
        What you would say then, if that no-person would utter the same, but pulling out “Israel” and inserting one of these other holly places?
        Would s/he remain alive?

        • Mickey Oberman said:

          ““To say “fuck Israel”…It’s not anti-Semitism, just wretched scholarship”

          I fail to see how you can connect those words with scholarship. They indicate an almost complete lack of education except, perhaps, what was dredged up from some filthy gutter.
          Just look at what piss off has written. He fails to make a coherent statement, indeed, he is probably incapable of so doing. Hence he resorts to the only language he knows just to voice off.
          I would say it is the language of a bigot. An incoherent, frustrated, ignoramus as are so many of his kind.

      • Avi said:

        Re: M.Otero, 10-Sept-2012
        “To say “fuck Israel”…It’s not anti-Semitism, just wretched scholarship”

        Since “Israel” is the name of Jacob the prophet, father of the Jewish Nation, and the name of the Jewish nation and, then the parallel cases are:
        “Christians”, who follow Christ,
        “Muhammadians” who follow Muhammad,
        “12-Imamians” (Shiites) who believe in their 12 Imams,
        “Baha’is”, who follow Bahia-e-din,
        “Buddhists” who follow Buddha,
        Now let’s do a guess work:
        What you would say then, if that no-person would utter the same, but pulling out “Israel” and inserting one of these other followers…

        Would you still call it “not anti-X, but wretched scholarship”?

        • M.Otero said:

          I had a rare phone conversation today with an old and dear friend who had been an OSS operative during WWII in Europe. Somehow we’ve never discussed the Palestinian-Mizrahi issue and, bright as she is, she’d never delved into the matter sufficiently to be anything but unalterably supportive of the Palestinian position: “When are those people going to make peace?” was her naive question. Of course, the answer is “never.” Most liberals simply can’t conceive of any problem being so intractable that no solution is possible. There is only the most remote possibility that concurrent negotiations of the two “Nakbas”: the 1947-67 expulsion/flight of the Mizrahi Jews and of the Palestinian Arabs.

        • M.Otero said:

          When people sound as they “don’t know any better”, I am disinclined to sink to their level.
          I find myself thinking of my own personal claim to Israel having more to do with the place of my ancestors and well over a hundred years of my family’s rebuilding the Land and its institutions.Although some of my heirs are ultra orthodox, I am disappointed in the ultimate misuse of all religions. I believe that our rights to the Land have been challenged by malevolent, greedy autocrats in the Muslim world with crass manipulation of the media and such outrageous lies that lazy, naive minds take for truth. Unfortunately, the fabricators of the lies come to deceive themselves as well.

      • Beverly Kurtin, Ph.D. said:

        There are several apartheid states in the Middle East: Israel is not one of them. ALL Arab states ARE apartheid. They do not permit any religion other than Islam. All others are prohibited. ALL Arab states are Judenrein. Israel, on the other hand, is multi-cultural and accepts all religions to exist within her borders. They do not treat the so-called Palestinians equally because THEY ARE NOT CITIZENS OF ISRAEL! Does the United States treat non-citizens the same as its citizens?
        The Arab states have said NO to the three items that would assure instant peace. They have said NO to recognizing Israel, NO to peace with Israel and NO to negotiating with Israel. Israel’s hands are tied, period.

  275. Lujack Skylark said:

    Just like the Palestinians do-ranting and raving. They try and replace Israel’s history with their own manufactured revisionist propaganda. Those who love Israel should GOOGLE:(Assyria, Babylon, Biblical,Cush,Egypt and Elam Confirmations) listed under raptureforums July 3, 2012 for full text. Fight the Neo-Nazi terrorists whom try to eliminate Jewish history as well as plotting against the Jews. Show the research supporting Jewish history to the entire world. Isn’t the Holy Scriptures worth fighting for?

    • Mickey Oberman said:

      Sob. Sob. Sob.

      She willingly broke Israeli laws.
      She willingly put herself in harms way.
      She should not have been where she was.
      She willingly committed suicide.

      Try sitting in the seat of one of those bulldozers. Visibility forward is severely limited.
      The driver was doing his duty and attending to his job.

      There were more than enough warnings except for the fools who chose to ignore them. They got exactly what they wanted – a figurehead for that ship of fools. They rejoiced with crocodile tears.

    • M.Otero said:

      There are reports that she had undertaken the project for college credit which may explain her foolish zeal; however,her staff advisors did her a terrible disservice in not making sure that she was equipped to understand the historical background of the relevant facts. Assuming just the Arab activist perspective showed both her college and staff unqualified to make such an
      assignment. If her parents want to sue, they might well take up the matter with the college and advisory staff and seek grounds for their dismissal on grounds of incompetent scholarship and irresponsible student guidance on projects. It looks like a clear cut case. Attorneys??

      • Mickey Oberman said:

        I wonder what marks her college gave Rachel Pancake for that project.
        I should think there were no projections at all after doing battle with a bulldozer.

  276. Motti said:

    Excellent site, keep up the good work.

    I have over the years emailed the PM’s office the foreign Ministry in Jerusalem etc to have a satellite programme directed to Europe and elsewhere to put forward Israel’s point of view. hopefully a nationalist one, nopt directed by the Labour party thank you.

    I am in the middle of a fightback in a local paper against Israel haters. The latest one was a Christian Rev. I have put both in place and expect to carry on. more Jews should do the same and not wait for others to do the job for thme. In Britain the official Jewish body is afraid of a backlash against the Jews/ How ridiculous and what rubbish. Fight, fight and fight until the idiots stop.

  277. Jules said:

    I have often wondered. If all the Jews were killed who would the world then turn to to hate?
    P.S. You just can’t turn off hate. It has a life of it’s own

    • Mickey Oberman said:

      “I have often wondered. If all the Jews were killed who would the world then turn to to hate?”

      They would have to invent us Jews or wind up murdering each other.

      When there are no Jews within the grasp of Muslims so that is precisely what they are doing now.
      I say “Keep up the good work fellows.”

  278. M.Otero said:

    The Jews are like a long and carefully bred species of flower. Currently, there is no other flower to replace it. Centuries of similar breeding would be required to create another such a flowering. Imagine the frustration of the mentally defective and self-haters in finding another such object of jealousy. It would take thousands of years to match the creative genius of the Jews.

  279. Avi said:

    Re: M.Otero HR 8-Sept-2012
    “… negotiations of the two “Nakbas”: the 1947-67 expulsion/flight…”

    Many problems can be made flat, simplistic, and “nonsense”-ic. NOT the Israeli-Arab problem. Since, it is not:
    Israeli-Palestinian, rather Judaic-Islamic
    Borders, rather, Jewish Homeland
    Compensation, rather, legal right of Jews to be
    Signing accord, rather, deep pledge to peace

    Jewish “Nakba” started 68 AC (not 1947/67), when Rome destroyed, 2nd Temple , Jerusalem, expelled Jews from their homeland, and falsely coined philistine label “Palestine”
    Arabs since 623 AC, centuries later, follow-up Rome, flatten, and ridicule all of us, and some buy it! Philistine Islamic demands should STOP

  280. Beverly Margolis-Kurtin said:

    It is sad, indeed, that the world chooses to listen to foul-mouthed, ignoramuses liars instead of checking things out for themselves. Hitler’s propaganda ploy of the BIG LIE was adopted by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem during WW2. He spent the majority of his time in BERLIN, GERMANY as the guest of none other than Adolph Hitler himself. His closest friend, one SS-Obersturmbannführer Adolph Eichmann, the architect of the mass murder of eleven million innocent men, women and children. It was something called the Holocaust.
    How ANY INTELLIGENT AND HONEST PERSON CAN DENY HISTORY is beyond my ability to comprehend.
    But Jew-hate and anti-Israeli feelings is at the bottom of it all.

    • Avi said:

      Beverly: HR 15-Sept-2012

      Child intelligence growth is wonderful. Most believe intelligence growth is step-wise: ego, constancies, consequences, “other”, equality, integration, meta-physics, etc.
      But, you find adults stuck forever, in one of early infant stages.
      Biology, nutrition, diseases, cultural influence, drags, and education, are suspected as major factors.
      Some societies enforce brainwash to imprison natives at earliest infantile stages. This ensures the leaders long-standing tyranny.
      Simplest is undifferentiating OBJECTIVE/SUBJECTIVE world. By History you mean OBJECTIVE description of past events. They are SUBJECTIVE.

  281. Beverly Margolis-Kurtin said:

    The people for whom I feel sorry are the innocent people who are being kept prisoners by their own leaders. However, NO to recognition of Israel. NO to negotiating with Israel. NO to PEACE! That translates into NO freedom for their own people and NO to Israel permitting freedom of movement from Gaza/Judea-Samaria into Israel.

    It is not hard to understand their frustration but to blame Israel for their woes is patently absurd. The security fence that Israel built is no more of an “apartheid” fence than is the border fences that the United States is building between its borders and Mexico’s northern border.

    Will there ever be peace? Israel is willing. The Arabs don’t. What a shame.

    • Avi said:

      Beverly: HR 15-Sept-2012
      “… innocent people who are being kept prisoners by their own leaders …”
      I would add:
      “People who imprison themselves by their own”:
      1) Molla in long tow for bread, lied to those in front: “In Friday-Mosque free meal is served”. People left & run to Mosque. Molla also left the line without bread, followed them for free meal, believing in his lie:
      “If so many believed, then it must be true!”
      2) In a village the rumor said LION has been seen. Honest Jerry believed so much that he got scared and hided in 2nd floor room. He imagined that the lion would enter and tear him apart. So much that, when his wife entered, he jumped out the window, to his death.

  282. M.Otero said:

    A bit of irony: Goebbels learned his tactics from the writings of Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, master publicist and public relations man. The Zyclon (sp?) gas used in Hitler’s ovens was invented years before by a Jew whose own wife was gassed many years later.

  283. Avi said:

    HR 14/9/2012
    Have you read ?
    Dr. Salim Mansur’s new book Delectable Lie: A Liberal Repudiation of Multiculturalism is cited:
    “The worm inside the doctrine of multiculturalism is the lie that all cultures are worthy of equal respect and equally embracing of individual freedom and democracy. The concerted assault by the Islamists on the essential and life-affirming values based on individual rights and freedom is proof of this lie.”
    Are there boundaries of equilibrium between Globalism, Uni/Multiculturalism, & Liberalism?
    How to balance society in one piece, in peace, the rights of minorities, homeland-owners’, & universal humans’?

  284. Jules said:

    I sent this some time ago but it’s ageless. I served in two wars. In WW2 I ran into antisemitism continually. I couldn’t escape it. Looking back it was quite a situation. Here, I was facing the same dangerous situations that my Christian navy mates faced but that didn’t matter. But I wouldn’t trade that experience for all the tea in China. I was lucky I wasn’t born a Christian and had all that hate installed in me
    Jules Tabak

    • Avi said:

      RE: JULES HR 15-Sept-2012
      “I was lucky I wasn’t born a Christian and had all that hate installed in me”
      Dear Jules
      You are lucky also to have many Christians who are honest and do not have that hatred in their hearts.
      You must be also lucky that you “were not born as a Fanatic-Islamists and have all that hate installed in you” towards Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Buddhists, Hindus, Bahaiis, liberals, democrats, freedom fighters, etc.
      And of course, you are lucky also to have many Moslems who are honest and do not have that hatred in their hearts.
      As experienced Jews we all know that: “BAD-PEOPLE are bad, not ALL PEOPLE.”
      Happy New Rosh Hashana to all honest people of the world!

  285. roslyn orenstein said:

    I’m subscribed to your newsletters and the last one I received was on 9/27/12. I tried to resubscribe and it didn’t go through because it said I was already subscribed. Please send the newsletters. Thank you. I sent a donation by regular mail.

  286. M.Otero said:

    I sometimes consider how many fellow Jews disappeared down the dustbin of history through intermarriage or? Consider that 35 million folks in Central and South America probably have Jewish blood. Or that 10% of the population living around the Mediterranean Sea in ancient times were Jews. Or that in 1933, 44% of Jews were marrying non-Jewish Germans. Or that 20% of Spaniards can claim Jewish ancestry. etc No point.

  287. Saul Grossman said:

    Surprise! In Maureen Dowd’s latest column (My Mitt Fantasy, October 23, 2012), She reverts to one of her favorite themes, namely, the “neocons”, as in it’s-all-the-Jews’-fault-that-Romney-is gaining-in-the-polls. This time, it’s Bill Kristol who receives her particular condemnation.

    In the surest sign that Mitt had donned a more soothing costume, he even made a flattering reference to the United Nations, the bête noire of his hawkish neocon foreign policy advisers.

    But it was no doubt the neocons who coached Romney to sheath the bayonet to neutralize Obama charges of warmongering. In The Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol urged Mitt to be “pre-presidential” (Sort of like pre-emptive war.)

    • Saul Grossman said:

      The comments that I made, above, about Maureen Dowd should have quotations surrounding the last two paragraphs inasmuch as they are quotes from Maureen Dowd’s column and not my own thoughts.

  288. David Goshen said:

    Vincient Browne as a Christian does not know that there is one basic cause of unrest in the Middle East with its Muslim majority and that is their belief that all other faiths have no place in the region.
    All minority faiths Christians,Copts Behais,Jews,etc are to be ethnically cleansed-the process is in full operation.There are vitually no Christan Arabs left in the PA & Gaza.!
    Others who are to be got rid of are homosesuals,freemasons,communists,freethinkers,human rights
    When the cleansing is complete the final battle for domination will be between the Sumis & the Sheites.

  289. Rachel Mishory said:

    I really like the new format. wish your web designer was affordable-so I could redesign my own web site. Much easier to click on and follow. could be a danger to my productivity!

  290. Wilhemina Bothwell said:

    Great new website, easier to navigate and see items instantly…

  291. Beverly Kurtin, Ph.D. said:

    A “Palestinian” state could exist tomorrow if the Arabs would reverse their three big NOs:

    NO recognition of the State of Israel.
    NO peace with the State of Israel.
    NO negotiations with the State of Israel.

    Israel WANTS and NEEDS peace with their Arab neighbors. Most of their neighbors do NOT want peace. They want the entire State to disappear. Their concept of “Occupation” means every square micrometer of Israel. Get it now? Israel is ready to negotiate…the Arabs will NOT do that. Until they do, there will be no lasting peace.

    The ball is ENTIRELY in the hands of the Arabs.

    Israel is the ONLY democracy in the Middle East. Yet so many hate their guts because of Jew-hate.


    • Avi said:

      RE: Beverely HR Oct 29 2012:
      “…Most of their neighbors do NOT want peace.”
      But why?
      A possible avenue is to ask who else tried to annihilat Israel/Jews? Extrapolate:
      – Pharo of Egypt TYRAN
      – Amaleq kins of blind BLOODSHED and HATERED
      – Bonapal of Asyria Lord of SLAVERY
      – Nebu of Babelinia msater DISTRUCTION & THEAFT
      – Haman of Persia the INSANE COWARD tricker
      – Greece/Rome/Church (inquisitioners) of European COLONIALISM & DICTATORSHIP
      – Some older insane pervert FANATICS of SLAVERY warshippers
      – Hitler the SADIST and MASS-MURDERER NAZI

      It is Palestinian and Arab CHIOCE to join these sickminded tyrans.
      They do not seem to miss any chance to MISS –
      Tyran REPLACEMENT !?!

      • Mickey Oberman said:


        You have omitted a few notorious Jew killers.
        Here are some more.
        There were many others.

        Marshall Pétain of Vichy France
        Torquemada of the Spanish inquisition
        Bohdan Kmelnytsky of The Ukraine, their present day national hero who murdered over 100,000 of us.

        I do believe that in the 1400 years since the arrival of Islam the Muslims have probably murdered more Jews than any of the others.

        And the list goes on.

        • Avi said:

          RE: Mickey Oberman HR 30 Oct 2012
          “You have omitted a few notorious Jew killers”
          Sure! Admit (the feild of comments is only 700 charactors!)

          Here are some names without their features from the middle-east:
          Sassanide Firuz, Prophet Mohammad, Imam Ali, King Esmaiil, King Abbas’ All Safavi dunesty, almost all Khalite Omaie, almost all leaders of Esmaillie’ almost all dynesty of Ghajarieh, etc. etc.
          During the 10-11 century, due to countless barbarrian attcks on Persian Jewish community their number reduced in Iran from 1,000,000 to 300,000!

          Afterwards Iranian Moslems gradually killed so many jews so that at the middle years of 19 century, Jewish population reduced to only 120,000 !

    • steve mann said:

      In reality a “Palestinian state already exists- Its called Jordan and this point is always overlooked-
      It was 80% of what Balfour had in mind for the Jews-
      Most of the descendants who lived there then and indeed those who live there now were resident of the area.

  292. S. R. Peterson said:

    The New York Times is right in stating Israel is responsible for the lack
    of peace between Israel and Palestine. You cite Abbas for turning down
    Netanyahu’s supposed offer to negotiate but never mention for over forty
    years Israel has not given up land for peace but instead continues expanding
    illegal settlements on Arab lands. The last progress toward peace was with
    Rabin who saw the writing on the wall and conceded there is no chance for
    peace or justice while Israel expands its illegal settlements.

    Important to note: when Rabin was murdered for his peace with Egypt the
    assassin was an Israeli. With such fanatics Israel’s enemies are within.

    • steve mann said:

      SR Peterson- I do suggest you read up on the History of the Israeli Arab turmoil .
      Without taking you through a comprehensive essay- Let me point out just one item which I hope will make you reconsider.
      !978/9 Israel gave back to Egypt the whole of the Sinia complete with a working oil field and a newly constructed tourist resort. In exchange for a piece of paper- written on it the word PEACE.
      This was countersigned by President Anwar Sadat of Egypt-
      His reward for signing such a paper was assassination by the Muslim Brotherhood-
      Thus I ask – who desires peace?
      I hope you continue to read and discuss the issues at hand on this site- I look forward to a sensible debate.

    • Beverly Kurtin, Ph.D. said:

      You are both a liar and a deceiver. You have twisted the truth to make it a lie. Nice to know that some people never learn from history. Your idiotic view of history shows that in addition to not knowing the truth, you have proven yourself to be a fool. Want to sue me? Go ahead. I own nothing and that is what your illegitimate besmirching remarks are worth: NOTHING.