Following Up On NPR’s Bloodletting

NPR’s going to be cleaning up the mess from that undercover video for quite awhile. CEO Vivian Schiller’s ouster is just the start of things.

A quick followup on yesterday’s events, particularly my concern about who NPR chases after for money.

I have to credit PBS caution for keeping itself out of trouble. The NY Times explains what happened when James O”Keefe tried to sting PBS too:

Ms. Bentley said that Mr. Reddington came back from the lunch with “profound concerns about the organization” and began what she called a routine vetting process “when there is an appearance of a conflict of interest and to ensure they meet requirements of transparency and openness.”

“Attempts to confirm the credentials of the organization proved unsatisfactory and communication was halted by PBS,” she said.

Jonathan Capehart lists four red flags NPR missed in its vetting.

NPR’s finances are going to be up for discussion for the foreseeable future. If there were other ethically questionable donations, it won’t be long till we find out.