Formal Inquiry Into BBC Liberal Bias

The BBC’s under the microscope for liberal bias. The BBC Trust is setting up an independent review of its coverage of religion, immigration, and Europe. The Guardian writes:

It may also include coverage of Islamophobia . . .

The inquiry will be led by Stuart Prebble, the former ITV chief executive and World in Action editor. He will examine whether the BBC gives due weight to a range of opinions on sensitive topics and whether editorial decisions to omit certain perspectives have been carefully reached.

Prebble will investigate whether the opinions of viewers and listeners who participate through phone-ins are given appropriate significance. The review will look at whether the BBC has ensured that those who hold minority views are aware they can take part in on-air debates.

Heh. Just a few weeks ago, the Beeb invited Twitterers to ask questions to Mideast editor Jeremy Bowen — scheduled during Rosh HaShanah, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar. A heckuva way to dodge uncomfortable questions about Israel and let the Jewish community feel the Beeb’s cold love.

Will Prebble’s investigation confirm out-of-touch political correctness, groupthink and self-censorship? Stay tuned . . .