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How far should an organization like HonestReporting go when it comes to fighting anti-Israel bias?

Are there times when we must go further than articles and videos and take steps — including legal action — that no one else is willing to take? At times, do we dare take risks to ensure bias is not allowed to stand?

How about when the issue is the legitimacy of Jerusalem?

$15,000 of new donations will be matched!

When The Guardian — the third most read news website in the world — claimed that Tel Aviv was Israel's capital, we initially could not change their stance, no matter how much pressure our readers applied.

We took the next step and filed a complaint with the UK's Press Complaints Commission (PCC). But when the PCC sided with The Guardian, we were left with a dilemma:

We could just move on. OR we could take legal action — the only avenue left to reverse their claim.

Legal action is not something we expect of our subscribers. It's not something we expect from other organizations either. Because quite honestly, it can be costly.

But we felt that we could not allow the PCC and The Guardian's position to stand. We could not have millions believing that Tel Aviv is Israel's capital and Jerusalem just a city whose status is “in dispute.” It would give all those who seek to deligitimize Israel and the Jewish connection to Jerusalem a huge victory.

Left unchecked, it is a short distance from media bias to public policy.

So we took the risk and stood up to them.

And that's when they admitted they were WRONG. That Tel Aviv is NOT Israel's capital.

This is a significant victory. But it's not over yet. Our legal team is pushing for a clear PCC ruling that will bury The Guardian's lie forever.

The case proves that fighting — and winning — against anti-Israel media is possible, but it takes effort and it takes resources.

$15,000 of new donations will be matched!

We are seeking to build a $100,000 fund so that we can pursue the most effective efforts to counter anti-Israel bias, even if that means legal action. The next time we find that the courts are the only recourse we have, we want to make sure we have the right tools for the fight.

Can we count on you in this effort?

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Joe Hyams, CEO

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$15,000 of new donations will be matched!