German to be released

A British paper – Somerset News – has the full story of the German national, Stefan Smyrek, who will be released as a part of the prisoner exchange, and will apparently return to the UK, where he previously dwelled:

Authorities would be powerless to stop him from returning to the UK, despite the fact that judges in Tel Aviv warned he could attempt a terror strike at any time.

“He has an enormous hatred of Jews simmering inside him,” they said at Tel Aviv district court in 1999.

“He does not regret what he wanted to do. He would do it again. He has an obsessive urge to carry out a suicide attack on Jews.”…

His mother Karin told how he had been “brainwashed” by Muslim extremists. He had become obsessed with Islam, even adopting the Muslim name Abdul Kerim.

“Before he changed his religion he was always smartly dressed, always wearing expensive clothes,” she said. “Afterwards, he spoke in riddles, quoted the Koran and studied the Arabic language.

A disturbing story, and another aspect of the exchange not covered by the major media outlets.